The Artist Series

AUTHOR: RoswellOracle

RATING: ADULT for language & sexual situations

CATEGORY: UC, L/Z (Awakened Dreamer) � AU no aliens
(No Max bashing in this fic so don't worry. Max doesn't exist in this universe.)

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Roswell, the characters and the story, are owned by Melinda Metz, Jason Katims and Fox Studios (although the way that they have abused them I don't think they deserve them) and are used here purely for entertainment purposes.

Any additional characters or situations not mentioned in the show are the creation of my dementia.

SUMMARY: Zan Smut!
Liz is a straight 'A' student at NYU. Zan is a bad boy artist.

Hands of an Artist
Nude Studies #1
Complete - Sept/2005

Eyes of an Artist
Nude Studies #3
Complete - Feb/2006

Mind of an Artist
Nude Studies #5
Complete - May/2008
Body of an Artist
Nude Studies #2
Complete - Nov/2005

Mouth of an Artist
Nude Studies #4
Complete - July/2006

Arms of an Artist
Nude Studies #6
Complete - Feb/2014
2008 - © RoswellOracle &


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Feedback for the Artist Series


Do you not know that RoswellOracle reigns the UC board?
- KiaraAlexisKlay


I love this series and to see this was awesome more then awesome there are not words.
I am alway reading this series over and over. I can't get enough.

I have been here since the beginning and have loved every series.
- Natalie36


I love these stories and I'm so glad that your back. I can't wait to read more.
Come back soon!!!!!
- flyawayraven


So I just found this yesterday and finished reading the series up to this point.
It's my first ever strictly Z/L fic. I love it!!! I'm totally love this Zan.
My favorite was Eye of an Artist. Love seeing Zan all jealous and possessive.
They make a hot couple. Can't wait to see this fic through. Awesome job!

Thanks for sharing this great series with us. It's been so fun to read! I love the picture you have painted of their life together.
- Alienfriend


I just found this series and I LOVE IT! I can't believe I'm so addicted to Zan
after being so devoted to Max for so long! But, this UC board is really
starting to rub off! I hope you update soon! Can't wait to see what you have
in store for the two love birds!
- temptationK


The artist series are absolutely wonderful! You write it so well that I just
feel like I AM Liz and I'm feeling and seeing everything she is.
- Amber


I love this series and anything that has to do with Zan.
- Luna_Seer


This is such a sexy series, but so sweet at the same time
- Whimsicality


This is one of the first roswell series I ever read. And I loved it. You made me like zan/liz fics. THANK YOU!
- alisakuya


I just wanted to say that I love your writing!
The Artist Series are my favorite stories to read and re-read.
- Amy


The perfect ending. Outstanding series, Thank you for your talent and sharing,
- Carolyn


I was reading RO's Artist Series and nothing penetrates my brain when I read that!!
- Janetfl

Nominations & Awards

***Roswell Fanatics***

2006 - for:
I Never Read UC Until This Fic
Favorite Series
Favorite Portrayal of a Dupe (for Zan)
Favorite UC Story
Best Fluff Fic

Voted 2006 Round 9

Favorite Portrayal of a Dupe (for Zan)


2006 - for:
Favorite Portrayal of a Dupe (for Zan)
Best Fluff Fic
Fic You Can Read Over & Over

Voted 2006 Round 10

for Zan

***Roswell Heaven***

March 2015 - for:

Best Heart of Mine
aka Best UC/slash fic
Favorite Vision of Zan
in a fic
Best UC/slash Banner that Fits or Tells the Story

Voted 2015


2007 - for:
The Interruptus Award
aka Fic that almost convinced you to change ships

Voted 2007 Round 1

***Roswellian Chronicles***

2006 - for:

Best Portrayal of the King
aka Best Portrayal of Zan

Runner Up
Best Portrayal of the King
aka Best Portrayal of Zan


2006 - for:
Guiltiest Pleasure
Best Portrayal of the King
aka Best Portrayal of Zan

Voted 2006 Round 2


2006 - for:

Best Zan Fic
Best Series

Best Zan Fic

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