Arms of an Artist Part 6


Part 6


(Zan’s POV)

I had a hard time sleeping, and it was only partially because my angel was in a bed down the hall instead of in my arms. All night my mind had been going around, thinking over the events of the party, and I’d been getting more and more angry about what Liz’s parents had done. I couldn’t stop thinking about how they had dangled her in front of those guys like a piece of meat and how horrified she’d been.

I’d expected them to give me a bad time, and I knew it wouldn’t be easy to change their minds about me. They’d been hostile to me, Mr. Parker warned me off, tried to bribe me and make me feel out of place. And all of that I could handle.

It made me angry that they wouldn’t even give me a chance and were willing to go to such lengths to get rid of me. Basically they were treating me like scum, but I’d been able to deal with it. I just kept telling myself that it was for Liz and I could put up with whatever her parents did to me.

But what happened last night was over the line. They’d treated their own daughter like a prize to be won by the highest bidder. They acted like she wasn’t capable of making her own decisions and living her own life.

Liz is young, but she is an intelligent, capable woman, and for anyone to treat her otherwise just infuriated me. I couldn’t stand that they’d upset her, and it seemed even worse somehow that it was her own parents.

In my mind I kept seeing Liz’s father practically shoving her at those men and how some of them had looked at her, and touched her. And by the time my alarm went off, I’d worked myself into a fuming rage.

Stripping off my boxers, I stepped into the shower, trying to get myself under control.

I still couldn’t believe her parents were willing to interfere in her life so much, but obviously they didn’t trust her judgment. They treated Liz like she was a very young child and not the woman she’d become.

I was sure her parents meant well, but they’d gone about it completely the wrong way, and I wasn’t going to let it happen again. They had to know.

It’s not like I wanted to argue with her parents, I wanted them to accept me, but Liz’s feelings were more important to me. Her parents wouldn’t like it, but I had to tell them how they’d made her feel. Liz deserved better than that from them.

Yes, she’d kept our relationship a secret, but her parents were really overreacting, and Liz was an adult. They shouldn’t interfere in her decisions.

Washing myself quickly, I leaned against the shower wall and let the water run over me for several long minutes. I needed to stay calm.

By the time I dried and dressed myself, I thought I could have a rational discussion with the Parkers.

As I exited my room, I glanced toward Liz’s, noting that her door was still closed and she was still inside. My temper flared as I stood there, remembering what had happened.

What I planned to do, the Parkers would probably never forgive me, but I couldn’t just let it go. I wasn’t going to let anyone treat Liz like that, not even her parents.

I could hear them in the kitchen, and as I took the stairs I clenched my fists, willing myself to calm down. I couldn’t allow myself to get angry.

Going into the kitchen, I was glad to see both Mr. and Mrs. Parker. I might as well confront them with this now.

“Good morning,” Mrs. Parker greeted me coolly.

“Morning,” I replied, allowing my irritation to show.

Mr. Parker looked pleased with himself. “How did you enjoy the party?” he asked.

Did I mention that Mr. Parker was direct? It made me smile in spite of myself.

I shook my head. “I’d have enjoyed it much more if Liz hadn’t been so upset,” I said, jumping in.

There were twin expressions of shock on their faces.

“What do you mean?” asked Mrs. Parker.

It was my turn to be surprised. Surly her parents had seen what it had done to Liz, but maybe they hadn’t.

“Liz was really embarrassed last night,” I said, not giving them time to respond. “She was hurt and upset that you offered her up like the special of the day to all those guys. And not all of them were gentlemen about it either,” I continued angrily. ”I had to stop a couple of them pawing at her.”

Mr. Parker looked like he was turning purple. “Did Liz tell you she was upset? She didn’t say anything to us.”

“She didn’t have to tell me,” I said. “It was written all over her face. She was horrified.”

Mr. Parker pulled himself up to his full height, looking as angry as I felt. “How dare you! Who do you think you are? I think I know my own daughter,” he growled softly.

“Do you?” I asked angrily. I was going to tell them exactly how it was. “You…”

I was cut off by Liz’s voice behind me. I hadn’t even heard her come in. She must have been listening outside.

“Zan’s right, daddy. I can’t believe you and mom did that to me. I was so embarrassed.”

(Liz’s POV)

I’d come down the stairs ready to confront my parents when I heard Zan already berating them. It made my heart swell that Zan was standing up for me with my parents.

I listened outside the kitchen just for a moment until I couldn’t stay silent any longer. My parents really didn’t know or trust me.

“Liz,” my mother started as she took a step toward me, “we were just trying to show you that you have options. You’re young…”

“By putting me up for the highest bidder?” I asked angrily.

“LIZ!” my Dad snapped.

“That’s what it felt like,” I told him. “Like you were offering me as some kind of prize.”

“Of course we weren’t doing that,” my Mom soothed, reaching out to me. “We just invited some of the sons of our friends and business acquaintances so you could meet them.”

I stepped back away from her, closer to Zan.

“Don’t do it again,” I said, looking from my Mom to my Dad, “I’m still embarrassed and hurt you did that to Zan and to me. We get it. You don’t approve of him. You don’t have to shove it down our throats.”

My Mom actually looked a bit sheepish. She knew it was bad manners no matter what she thought of Zan.

I slid my hand into Zan’s and continued. “I’m not going to change my mind about being with Zan,” I said firmly, “no matter how many other guys you shove at me.” I looked at each of them. “I love Zan and I’m going to be with him no matter what you say.”

“But Liz,” my mother started again.

I cut her off. “This is why I didn’t tell you about him, because I knew you’d do this. You’re trying to control me and I’m an adult now. I make my own decisions about my life and you need to respect that even if you don’t agree with them.”

My father spoke up. “Liz, if we don’t think you are making good decisions we have to tell you. We love you and we want what is best for you.”

I shook my head “You assume I can’t make a good decision, and you don’t even know Zan,” I said. “You haven’t even tried to see what he is like. You just automatically judged him, so how do you know if he is good for me or not.”

“Liz, no,” my mother said. “We just want you to see that you don’t have to rush into anything. You have your whole life ahead of you and there are a world of possibilities.”

“How about you get to know Zan before you make up your minds about him?” I suggested. “Stop trying to get rid of him and talk to him.” I motioned to Zan. “I told him how you would be and that you’d try to force him out of my life.” I shook my head. “He wanted to come here so he could show you he isn’t such a bad guy, but you haven’t even given him a chance. He’s a good man.”

My parents didn’t say anything and I wondered if they were shocked into silence by my standing up to them.

My heart was beating a million miles an hour. I was still afraid that they would somehow chase him away or force us apart despite my brave words.

“And,” I added while I still had my courage, “Zan and I aren’t going to work today. I haven’t had a vacation for almost a year. I even went to school through the summer, and we both deserve some time off. So today I’m going to take Zan and show him around and then we’re going to the beach.”

My Dad’s neck was red, and I could see he was struggling not to snap back at me. “We didn’t expect you to go in to work today, honey,” he said softly. “You know I usually take Sunday off.”

“I think that is a great idea for you to take Zan out,” my Mother said soothingly.

“But we are shorthanded at the Café,” my Dad continued, “and we do need you to work the breakfast and lunch shifts this week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.”

I opened my mouth, about to tell him what he could do with those shifts, but he quickly continued, “but you will have all the afternoons free for your vacation.”

“Da-aa-ad,” I whined.

“I know it’s inconvenient,” he said, “but we need your help.”

I wanted to refuse, but I thought of what Zan had said earlier about getting my parents to accept him. If I did refuse to work, they would probably blame Zan. “Okay,” I agreed with a sigh.

Zan squeezed my hand as he spoke up. “We’d be happy to help out at the Café, Mr. Parker.”

My Dad couldn’t refuse free help, but I could tell he wasn’t pleased. He nodded. “Okay,” he said stiffly, “who is ready for some breakfast?”


Breakfast was fun.

After the confrontation we all tried to calm down, but it wasn’t quite normal. Everyone was stiff and quiet and the whole room seemed to be filled with tension.

Despite the fact that Liz’s parents were in the room, I took Liz in my arms because I knew she was upset.

I was so proud of her for standing up to them even though she was still scared of what they might do. I’d felt her hand shaking when she’d held mine, but she was brave enough to do it. And it was good that she’d confronted them. She was the one who needed to set boundaries with her parents.

I held her to me, stroking her hair. “It’s okay, angel,” I whispered as I placed a chaste kiss on her head. It was completely non-sexual, but I saw her father glaring at us. I was taking away his little girl.

Everyone put on a pleasant face, pitching in to help make breakfast and clean up afterward. We even had a little awkward conversation. Liz’s mother was making an attempt to be friendly at least, but her father was sullen and kept giving me looks.

I could certainly tell our earlier conversation hadn’t done anything to soften him toward me.

Mrs. Parker was really trying hard to keep the conversation going. “So Zan, how do you like the rental car? A convertible seems like a fun choice.”

“Yeah,” I said smiling. “Since I was a kid I wanted a Mustang convertible. I saw one in a movie and thought it was the coolest thing ever, so it really is a fantasy car for me.”

“What kind of car do you have in the city?” she asked.

“I’ve never owned a car,” I explained. “Usually I take cabs or the subway, sometimes a car service. But it’s been so great driving here, I might just consider getting a Mustang like that one.” I chuckled. “It would probably cost more to park than to buy it though.”

Mr. Parker looked up from his breakfast and scowled at me again, and I wonder if he thought I was foolish.

Mrs. Parker flinched and changed the subject, asking Liz about school.

After breakfast, Liz and I headed upstairs and I hoped to talk to her, but her father was right behind us, so instead I simply said, “Ten minutes?”

Liz nodded, giving me a small smile before glancing at her father and hurrying to her room.

Heading into my own room, I packed up my sketchbook, swim trunks and a few other things I thought we might need on our day out, stuffing them into my satchel.

It took me less than two minutes and I moved around the room for a couple more, frustrated and anxious. I really wanted to get Liz out of the house to make sure she was okay, so I hurried out of my room and down the stairs hoping she was already waiting.

I didn’t see her and moved toward the kitchen, but stopped when I heard Liz’s parents talking in low voices.

“…she’ll be tattooed, pierced and pregnant and have to drop out of school,” her father growled.

I had to admit I wasn’t surprised, but it still caught me off guard to hear.

Her father continued, but he moved or turned and I only caught mumbling noises. I thought I heard him say something about drugs. Inching closer, I tried to catch her mother’s reply, but just got the end.

“…we do?” she said.

“We have to do something now, that is for damn sure,” her father said.

“We’re risking pushing our little girl away,” Liz’s mother said.

“We have to be firm with her,” her father argued. “We can’t let her ruin her life with that punk no matter how much money he has. He’ll go through it in a year or two and be out on the streets. For all we know he beats her. Liz deserves better than that.”

He paused, and then started again, talking quickly. “School is over in a couple of weeks. When she comes home for Christmas we’ll tell her that we’re cutting her off and not paying for New York any more. We’ll send her to school here where we can keep a better eye on her.”

“But Jeff,” Liz’s mother said, “she’s in love with him. If we make her choose, what if she chooses him? Maybe we should...” she trailed off, and I wondered what kind of look her husband was giving her.

It seemed like Mrs. Parker might be willing to give me a chance, even if it was for the wrong reasons, but Mr. Parker was a completely different story. He wasn’t going to change his mind about me easily.

I wanted to hear his reply but instead heard Liz’s footsteps coming down the stairs. I stepped away from the kitchen to meet her at the bottom of the stairs.

Liz smiled when she saw me, throwing herself into my arms.

“Ready?” she asked.

I smiled too, kissing her quickly. “I’m always ready for you angel.”

She called out, “Bye Mom and Dad. We’ll be home before dinner.”

Putting am arm around her, we headed out to the car, storing our stuff in the trunk. I opened the door for Liz to get inside the car, and went around to the driver’s door, getting in and putting the convertible top down. And the whole time my mind was on overload.

I had an engagement ring in my bag, and more than anything I wanted to propose to Liz. But now just wasn’t the right time. She was upset and the problems with her parents really had to come first. It’s not like I had a schedule for getting engaged, I just wanted to belong to each other completely.

But I had to wait.

I also wanted to tell Liz what I’d just heard her parents discussing but I wasn’t sure I should. It was one of the things she’d been most scared of, her parents somehow forcing her to move back home. Of course I’d never let it happen. If they actually went through with it, a little money would allow her to stay in New York, and I wouldn’t hesitate to provide it. The money was nothing to me and Liz was everything.

I didn’t even want to mention it to her because I was worried it would alienate her from her parents even more. But we’d promised to share everything and I already felt terrible for keeping from her the fact that her father had offered me money to leave her.

Liz shouldn’t have to choose between her parents and me, and I certainly didn’t want to be the thing that drove their family apart. If I kept it from her, I could save her the heartache of knowing what they were capable of and maybe someday they’d change their minds about me, and Liz would never have to know.

Then I realized I was doing exactly the same thing that her parents were. I was making decisions for Liz. I had to tell her the truth and we’d deal with the consequences together.

It had been a stressful night and morning, so I thought I’d let her calm down a bit before telling her the bad news.

Turning to her, I took her hand and brought it to my lips. “Are you okay?”

She gave me a small smile, nodding.

“I’m proud of you, baby,” I told her sincerely. “It couldn’t have been easy to stand up to your parents.”

She let out a deep breath. “I still can’t believe I did. I was so mad about last night and I was going to tell them, and then I heard what my dad was saying to you and it just kind of all exploded.”

I could tell she was embarrassed by her outburst. “I think it was stuff they needed to hear,” I said, squeezing her hand.

She met my eyes and nodded, seeming a little more relaxed. “Yeah. I think you’re right.”

I kissed her hand again. “Well, we have the whole day to ourselves and I think it should be all about you. We can go wherever you’d like, shopping, take a drive, relax on the beach, anything you want. So what do you want to do, baby?”


I already had some things in mind for the day, and I didn’t want the confrontation with my parents to spoil the time I had with Zan. There were so many things I wanted to show him.

I took him to a couple of the best galleries in town. We leisurely made our way around the first one, looking at the art, and the whole time Zan never stopped touching me. He held my hand, or put his arm across my shoulders, or he would embrace me from behind as we stopped to study a painting.

I knew he was trying to comfort me after the argument, and it was working. I always feel so safe and calm in Zan’s arms, and I started feeling better.

But in the second gallery, I was having a hard time keeping that calm. One of the women who worked there was staring at Zan so openly that I felt like slapping her.

Women look at Zan, I’d be an idiot to think it wouldn’t happen. He is so damn sexy and handsome, who wouldn’t want him.

I’d even noticed one of the waitresses and a bartender at my parents’ party last night scoping him out and trying their luck.

Most of the time it doesn’t really bother me because Zan doesn’t pay any attention to other women. But today it just really pissed me off that the gallery worker was staring at him when I was so obviously with him.

Maybe it was because I was already upset, but every time I caught sight of that immaculately groomed redhead looking at Zan, it just made me even angrier.

It seemed like she was stalking us. I swear I could feel her eyes on Zan, and every time I turned around she was peeking out from behind a wall or pretending to be doing something while watching Zan. It was kind of creepy.

I think Zan could feel I was upset too, even if he didn’t know what was causing it. He was completely oblivious to the woman, or at least was ignoring her. He stayed even closer to me, rubbing my arms, stroking my hair, giving me wicked little grins and winks. And it was helping. I couldn’t stay mad when he was flirting with me so outrageously.

After several minutes, the redhead approached us with a sort of awestruck grin on her face. And I swore if she flirted with Zan I was going to start ripping out handfuls of those perfectly arranged auburn waves.

She looked directly at Zan, completely ignoring me. “I’m sorry to bother you,” she started, “but are you Zan, the artist from New York?”

That was certainly not what I’d been expecting her to say, and apparently she caught Zan off guard too.

“Uh, yeah,” he said, obviously surprised to be recognized.

“I knew it,” she said enthusiastically. “I was at one of your shows a couple of months ago. I love your art. It’s just so different and raw,” she purred, looking him up and down.

“Thanks,” Zan said, raising an eyebrow.

I knew he hated people making a fuss over him.

She seemed to see me for the first time and actually had the tact to look a little embarrassed. Immediately she went into businesswoman mode. “Well, we’d love to represent your work exclusively in Florida. We can offer you an excellent deal. If you have a few minutes…”

Zan held up a hand, shaking his head and scowling. I could tell he was really annoyed. “I’m here on vacation and I don’t want to talk business. I only make deals through my agent anyway. You can give him a call.”

I didn’t think he’d be making any deals with the gallery.

When she left, we tried to look at the rest of the art, but neither of us was in the mood any more. Wrapping his arms around me from behind, he leaned in, kissing my cheek. “Do you mind if we go?”

I shook my head and turned in his arms to face him. “How about somewhere people won’t bother us and we can be alone.”

“Exactly what I was thinking,” he purred.

I smiled. “I planned to have a picnic later. I even ordered lunch already, we just have to pick it up and we could go there now and just talk or hang out until we get hungry.”

“Sounds perfect,” he said with a smile.

Leaning in, he kissed me lingeringly and we left the gallery to get in the car.

After a brief stop at the restaurant, we were on our way to the place I’d chosen for our picnic. It was just outside of town in a wilderness area where the local kids went to make out at night. It was on a hill that overlooked the ocean, where you could also see the lights of the nearby towns in the darkness. And I happened to know that hardly anyone went there during the day. I thought it would be the perfect place to have a picnic with Zan.

Taking the blanket I’d brought, the lunch, and the stuff Zan brought, we walked the short distance to the spot I’d chosen. It was in a bit of a clearing on a hill, overlooking the ocean, and nearby was a large shade tree.

It was too early to eat, so we put the lunch aside, spread out the blanket in the warm sun to sit down together. Zan took me in his arms and I put my head on his chest as we looked out to the ocean.

“This place is beautiful,” he said, stroking my hair.

“I used to come here to be alone sometimes,” I said.

“Is that what made you think of coming here today,” he asked, kissing my head, “because you were upset?”

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “I wanted to bring you here even before any of that happened. I thought it would be a great place to have a picnic alone.”

“It is,” he agreed.

We sat in silence for a while and I thought about how wonderful it was to just be with Zan. We didn’t have to be doing anything. Just being in his arms was perfect.

He laid back, taking me with him, and I rested my head on his chest.

“I’m sorry I ruined our day by being in a bad mood,” I apologized.

“Nothing’s ruined,” he said, rubbing my back.

“But you didn’t get to see anything,” I reminded him, stroking his chest. “I had a whole day planned, places I wanted to take you and things I wanted you to see.”

He kissed the side of my head. “Angel, I don’t care what we do as long as we’re together. And we’ll have other days to do things.”

“If my parents let us,” I pouted.

“Well, they did say we’d have our afternoons free,” he reminded me.

He kissed my head. “Baby, there is something I have to tell you.”

The tone of his voice scared me a little, and I sat up so I could look into his face. “What’s wrong?” I asked shakily.

Liz’s face drained of color as she looked at me, and I realized I’d handled the situation the wrong way.

“Nothing, angel,” I assured her, sitting up and reaching out to touch her face. “Everything’s fine. It’s just that didn’t tell you something your father said to me because I didn’t want to upset you. But I realized it’s wrong of me to keep it from you. We promised to share everything.”

She looked like she was hardly breathing and I quickly went on to avoid upsetting her even more.

“When your father and I were talking in his office yesterday, he offered me money if I’d break up with you.”

“I knew it,” she said, shaking her head. “I knew he’d do anything to break us up.”

Tears started in her eyes and I took her back into my arms. “We knew it might not be easy,” I reminded her.

“What are they going to do to us next?” Liz asked harshly.

I opened my mouth to tell her what I’d overheard in the kitchen, and then quickly closed it. Maybe I shouldn’t tell her. Her parents hadn’t actually done those things, and maybe they wouldn’t. They had just been discussing it and maybe they would completely change their minds. It really wasn’t fair to them to tell Liz about something they might or might not do, and I would hate to disillusion her even farther if it wasn’t necessary.

I stroked her hair as I continued to hold her, and the thoughts flew through my mind. Finally I had to be honest with myself. It was true that I didn’t want to upset Liz further, but I was also thinking of myself. Maybe it was that insecurity coming through again, but somewhere in the murky depths of my thoughts, I was considering my proposal.

If I told Liz her parents might cut her off, it could influence her decision to marry me. She might unconsciously feel she had to marry me to justify my financial support.

I shook my head. I knew it was stupid. Liz loves me, and I was sure she wanted to spend her life with me. But I wouldn’t tell her what I overheard and I’d propose and Liz would be free to make an unencumbered decision.

“It doesn’t matter what they do,” I said, answering her. “I promise they can’t do anything that will keep us apart. No matter what happens, I will make sure we’re together.”

Zan held me for a long time, and I completely lost track of how long we were there. I was upset about what he told me, but it didn’t surprise me a bit. I was just horrified that my parents would really do something like that.

I almost wished he hadn’t told me. I was just so glad that Zan was there for me.

Finally he spoke. “Are you okay, baby?”

I hugged him tightly and nodded. “Yeah,” I said. “I just wish my parents weren’t such jerks sometimes.”

“They love you and want what is best for you,” Zan reminded me. “Even if they go about it the wrong way sometimes.”

“They don’t listen to what I want,” I sighed. “They never have.”

“We’ll change their minds,” he assured me.

I nodded. “Let’s not talk about them any more,” I suggested. “This is our time.”

“Okay,” he agreed. “What would you like to do?”

I sat up, smiling at him. “I think we should take a walk and then eat lunch.”

We walked around, holding hands, admiring the view. We laughed and I pushed playfully at Zan when he tried to take me into his arms. He chased and caught me, swinging me around and kissing me. It was so wonderful and romantic.

Finally we got hungry and sat down on the blanket to have a leisurely lunch. The day was warm, the food was good and we talked, laughed and flirted and had a great time.

It was so nice to just be alone together. We’d had a stressful morning, but all that was forgotten now. We just wanted to be in the moment and revel in each other.

As we ate, we exchanged smoldering looks and soft caresses. Zan couldn’t seem to keep his hands off me, touching any part of me he could reach, especially my bare legs where my skirt revealed them. I traced the muscles on his arms, and leaned in to place soft kisses on his chin.

When we came to dessert, I broke off a piece of chocolate chip cookie and held it out to Zan. But instead of taking it from me, he leaned forward eating it from my fingers, licking and sucking them as he held my gaze, and just like that the mood went from flirty to sensual.

I have to admit I’d planned it that way.

Smiling, I moved closer, kissing the lingering chocolate from his lips. He growled, wrapping his arms around me, kissing me hard.

I climbed into his lap, straddling his legs as the kiss deepened, and after just a moment I was shivering with desire.

Sliding my hands across Zan’s chest, I reached down, grabbing the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head. He broke the kiss briefly to let me toss it aside and took my lips again with a growl.

His hand brushed over my breast, moving down my stomach and sliding under my skirt. He slipped inside my panties, making me gasp as he touched my clit. “Zan.”

He stroked over me softly as his lips attacked my neck and I leaned back to give him room.

It was amazing to me how Zan could make me feel so incredible, like my whole body was melting and pulsing, coming alive under his touch. I started to move my hips, riding his hand and he sped up stroking me exactly where I needed him. His talented fingers slid over my clit and lower lips until I thought I would go insane with the pleasure.

“Oh Zan,” I gasped, “please.”

“Yes, angel,” he growled.

Concentrating on my clit, he rubbed it in quick circles and in just a few moments I came apart in his arms.

Resting my head against his chest, I took in deep breaths as he placed soft kisses on my neck. After a moment, I started to kiss his chest. Running my hands over his pecs, I laved his nipple with my tongue.

With another groan, he brought my lips back to his, kissing me hard. I reached down and quickly unfastened his jeans, reaching inside to grasp him. I knew he’d be hard and stroked the length of him as we continued the kiss.

Zan pulled me closer, and his hand sneaked under my skirt again, pushing my panties aside. I knew he meant to have me, but I only let him hold me for a moment before I pushed away and stood up.

He looked at me, grinning wickedly. “Where you going, baby?” he purred.

I smiled back. “Nowhere,” I assured him. “I just want to do this right.”

He watched as I reached up, pulling my shirt over my head, and raised an eyebrow as I shimmied out of my skirt. I tossed my shoes aside and motioned to him. “Your turn.”

In a flash, he was off the blanket and wrapped me in his arms. Kissing me, he reached for the front fastening on my bra, but I pushed his hand away.

“I mean it was your turn to get undressed,” I said playfully.

He smiled. “I like undressing you much better, baby.” Again he reached for the fastening on my bra, and this time I let him.

Letting it drop to the ground, he leaned in, taking my breast in his mouth. I gasped, clutching at his shoulders and he picked me up, taking us both back to the blanket. Kissing me again, he knelt, placing me softly down.

Before joining me, he kicked off his own shoes, and disposed of his jeans, then he lay beside me.

It wasn’t a hot day, but the sun was bright and warm on my skin and it felt perfect. I knew Zan loved seeing me this way.

Propped up on one elbow, he let his eyes and hand roam over my body, stroking me everywhere. “Beautiful,” he growled.

I couldn’t stop looking at Liz’s beautiful body illuminated by the light. It was incredible to see her that way, and it had been a fantasy of mine for a long time, since we’d had a picnic in a park near our house.

Stroking across her skin, I wanted to touch every inch of her. The sun was warming her, making her almost glow.

I’d thought she wanted a quickie with our clothes on, but instead she was offering me a feast.

Moving my hand across her stomach, I followed the line of her body, caressing her hip and down her thigh, before coming back up the other side. I didn’t have to look at Liz to know she was enjoying it. Her body moved to my touch, rising to meet me.

Cupping her breast, I stroked over her nipple immediately making it harden.

She reached for me then, grasping the back of my neck to bring me down to her lips, her body arching up. I was already hard for her, but seeing her response to me always made me desire her even more.

Stroking over her skin, I continued to caress her as I took her lips in a deep, sensual kiss. I wanted to devour her, but I also wanted to savor the moment. It isn’t every day you get a fantasy played out. But then again, every day with my angel is a fantasy.

Our lips moved together, tongues dueling until we were both gasping for air. Leaving her luscious mouth I dipped lower to sample her sun-warmed skin. Sucking and laving my way down her neck, I kissed a trail to her breast, taking it briefly inside my mouth, before circling her areola with my chin stud.

Liz shivered under my touch and I flattened my tongue to brush it over her hard nub.

Moving lower, I nipped softly at the skin on her stomach, making her gasp with desire. I allowed my hands to follow along the same path, cupping both breasts before stoking over her nipples.

Liz arched into my hands and I played with her sensitive nubs as my mouth went lower, kissing and sucking her skin along the line of her panties. I could smell her sweet arousal and it made me want her so much.

Leaving her breasts, I slicked my hands down her sides until I reached the thin strap of her panties, and with a smooth motion, pulled them off.

Looking up the length of her body, Liz seemed shy to be completely exposed in the bright light, but I thought she’d never been more beautiful. With a blush, she parted her legs for me and when I saw the moisture glistening on her puffy lower lips, I couldn’t wait any longer.

Grasping her thighs, I caressed them wider as I went directly to her core. I didn’t tease but took a long lick of her, gathering as much of the sweet liquid as I could. My tongue slid through her wet folds and up to her clit, circling around.

She shuddered and gasped and I smiled as more moisture gathered.

“Yes angel,” I growled, “this is exactly what I’ve wanted,” and then I plunged inside her.

As I dipped my tongue into her again and again her soft thighs brushed my face and her hand tangled in my hair. I always knew how much she liked what I was doing by how hard she grasped, and I loved that I could make her lose control.

Her velvety pussy pulsed around me and her hips started moving with my rhythm. I stroked into her faster and faster and the quick gasps and little noises she made let me know exactly how much I was driving her wild.

Have I mentioned how good I am at making her cum? I know just where to touch her, just what she likes. I know every inch of her body.

She started to arch her back as she moved with me and her hand tightened in my hair. “Oh Zan,” she whimpered. My angel was close.

I thrust my tongue into her even harder and faster as I reached up with one hand, going for her clit. Rubbing it in quick circles, I angled my tongue up to hit her G-spot.

Her gasps and whimpers of pleasure came out almost like small cries of pain, and I knew she was so close to cuming. I rubbed her clit even harder and she stilled for the last few strokes as I pushed her over the edge.

She cried out, collapsing, her whole body going limp. I left my tongue inside her as her walls pulsed around me. I knew it extended her pleasure to have me there while she was coming down, and I loved feeling the proof her orgasm.

As she gasped for air, I continued to gently stroke her clit, sending shocks of electricity through her. Giving pleasure to Liz was my favorite thing in life.

Her hand loosened its grip on my hair as she got her breathing under control and I withdrew my tongue to lap up any moisture I’d missed.

I knew Liz loved having my tongue and mouth on her and with just a few more strokes of my chin stud on her clit, she was writhing with desire beneath me again.

Kissing my way up her body, I covered her completely, fitting our bodies together. When I reached her mouth, Liz kissed me lingeringly. She angled her hips so my cock was pressing against her sweet pussy and her fingers grasped at me, trying to bring me closer.

She started pulling at my boxers, my only remaining clothing. “Come inside,” she invited.

It is so completely intoxicating knowing she wants me so much.

I smiled at her. “Are you sure you want to do this here?” I asked, looking around. “We’re out in the open.”

“I don’t care,” she said, boldly. “And it’s not like we’ve seen anyone the whole time we’ve been here.” She kissed me quickly. “No one ever comes here in the day.”

Again she pulled at my boxers and this time I let her take them off me. I smiled. I was beginning to suspect she’d chosen this place so we could do exactly what we were doing.

I got Zan’s boxers past his knees and pulled him to me again. “Come inside,” I demanded. I was desperate to have him. The two orgasms were wonderful, but I needed the hard length of him completely inside the next time I came.

He fitted himself to my opening and kissed me. Our bodies rocked together for a moment and I arched into him and he slid home.

Kissing him hard, I took a moment to savor having him and being joined so completely. It was the closest two people could be and I was so happy to have found Zan. I wanted to be with him like this always.

Then he started to move and the rush of pleasure drove all other thoughts from my mind. He surged into me again and again, setting a steady but slow pace. I was already so aroused that I felt like I could come again at any moment.

He felt amazing inside me and my passage pulsed around him. I wrapped my legs around his waist, moving to his rhythm. My fingers dug into his shoulders, holding him tight.

My body arched back and he leaned down, taking my breast in his mouth. He laved my nipple, sending shocks of energy through me.

He kept his pace slow, drawing out of me in a long stroke but slamming back inside, taking my breath away each time.

“Oh,” I gasped, “Zan, you feel so good!”

Growling, he surged into me again and again as he switched to my other breast, sucking it hard. My body writhed uncontrollably beneath him as I felt myself reaching the edge.

“That’s it baby,” he purred, into my neck. “Take all of me inside and I’ll make you cum so good.”

My hands clawed at his back, trying to bring him closer. “Yes,” I gasped. “Yes, Zan!”

With the next thrust, his hand was on my clit, rubbing it quickly and I arched back as he slammed into me one last time, sending me instantly over the edge.

I cried out my pleasure, holding on to him as the orgasm rushed through my body in wave after wave of electricity.

But Zan only gave me a moment to recover.

He gripped my hips and sat back on his knees, pulling me with him so my butt rested in his lap. He was still inside me and he hadn’t come and I knew he wanted see my body in the sunlight as we made love.

This time he didn’t start out slowly but plunged into me hard and fast and I moved with him, meeting his strokes. I was instantly half-way to another orgasm and I felt like I wanted him to go even faster.

His gaze slid over my body as we moved and I knew he was memorizing the moment to paint it later, and I was so glad I’d brought him here to give him this fantasy.

And while he was looking at me, I was definitely looking at him. His strong arms bulged and flexed as he held me. His chest and stomach looked like a chiseled statue and he was so beautiful he took my breath away.

He sped up suddenly, holding my hips tightly and I knew he must be close too. His eyes slid from my bouncing breasts to my eyes. One corner of his mouth raised in a wicked smile that made my whole body pulse. “Zan!” I gasped.

His smile widened and somehow he went even faster, pistoning into me, groaning with the effort.

I couldn’t reach him to grasp onto him, and my hands clung to the blanket beneath me. My hips surged into his, meeting his every stroke, and the pleasure was so intense that my head thrashed from side to side.

Just when I thought I couldn’t stand it any more, the orgasm took me. My passage squeezed him tightly, making him growl.

“Fuck, angel, fuck!”

He slammed into me again and exploded deep inside. Arching back with pleasure, he gripped my hips almost painfully as he moved against me, emptying himself completely.

I reached for him and he covered me with his body, kissing me so sweetly.

“It’s been too long,” he purred. “The quickies have been great, but we haven’t been able to just savor each other.

I stroked his face. “I know. I miss it too. It was wonderful.”

Zan kissed me again. “Mmmm baby, I’m glad you happened to choose such a remote area,” he said with a wink.

I smiled. “I planned the whole thing,” I said. “I saw the drawing you did of us making love outside, and I knew you’d love it.”

He chuckled, nuzzling my cheek. “My wicked little angel.”


(Liz’s POV)

We didn’t get home until almost six o’clock.

After we made love, we got dressed and lay together for about another hour, talking, kissing, caressing. It was so nice. We’ve both missed just being together and being able to touch each other like we want.

Finally it started to look like rain and we packed up and headed back to the car. Zan suggested taking a drive so I could show him all the places I grew up. He wanted to see my schools, where we used to hang out, and anywhere that was special to me. I was so touched that he wanted to know everything about me and I was glad to take him. We spent the rest of the rainy afternoon just driving around, talking and telling stories about our childhoods.

Pulling into the driveway, we got our stuff and walked to the door hand-in-hand. I felt closer to Zan than ever, and for the first time since we’d arrived I wasn’t worried about what my parents might do.

But somehow I wasn’t surprised to see my mother waiting for us when we went inside the house.

“Oh there you are,” she greeted us pleasantly. “Your father and I were hoping you’d get home soon and would go out to dinner with us.”

I was completely shocked. “Really?”

She smiled and nodded. “I know we haven’t been very welcoming to you, Zan,” she said, looking at him, “but we want to try and change that if you’d like.”

Zan’s crooked grin raised one corner of his mouth and he squeezed my hand, glancing at me. I nodded, relieved, and Zan turned back to my mother, answering for us. “Thank you, Mrs. Parker,” he said. “We don’t have any plans, we’d love to.”

“Good,” she said, looking relieved. “We’ll leave about seven.”

Zan took my bag as we went upstairs and came into my room where I shut the door, turning back to him. “Was that because of the fight this morning?” I asked.

He shrugged, putting the bags down and sitting on my bed. “Maybe they are finally realizing that they don’t want to force you to choose between me and them.”

I sat down next to him, putting my head on his shoulder. “I notice my dad wasn’t there.”

“Yeah,” Zan said, wrapping an arm around me. “Maybe it will take a little longer for him to change his mind. At least they’re trying.”

We talked for about half an hour and then I went to my room where it didn’t take me long to get ready. I had a shower and washed my hair, then rubbed a towel over my head to dry it. I’d gotten my hair shortened up a bit before we left New York and the new length was kind of convenient. It took even less time to deal with.

Squirting some product into my hand, I pulled it through my hair, taking a quick look in the mirror to make sure it wasn’t sticking out at weird angles. I thought the shorter length made me look a little older and maybe even a bit more respectable. My agent would hate it, and I wasn’t sure I liked it either, but you have to try new things sometimes.

With a shrug, I turned to the closet looking for something to wear. I really didn’t have any suits. I wouldn’t wear a suit jacket if my life depended on it, but I wanted to look a bit dressed up for Liz’s parents. I chose black slacks, a charcoal gray shirt Liz bought me, my short motorcycle boots, my nicest leather jacket, and I was ready in no time.

I wasn’t sure what Liz’s parents had in mind for the night, but I was sure I wanted to stay out with Liz after dinner. We could go to a club and maybe even find a quiet corner for some alone time. So I grabbed my car keys with my wallet, stuffed them into my pocket and headed out the door.

I knew it would take Liz longer to get ready and it would leave me alone with her parents for a few minutes, but that was okay. I wanted to talk to them anyway.

Heading down the stairs, I was glad to see them near the door. Mr. Parker was taking umbrellas out of the front closet and with a nod, he handed me one of them.

I recognized the gesture for what it was, a silent agreement we would try and get along for the sake of the women.

Taking the umbrella, I spoke. “I wanted to apologize to you both,” I said. “The discussion this morning got out of hand. I was just concerned for Liz.”

Mrs. Parker answered. “Thank you, Zan,” she said stiffly. “I think we are all concerned for her and that is why it got… um, heated.”

I nodded and smiled, and she smiled back, a genuine smile for perhaps the first time since I’d met her. She was a beautiful woman, and I could certainly see Liz in her.

Mr. Parker stayed silent, but I really didn’t expect anything from him.

I heard Liz’s footsteps on the stairs and turned to see her, and the breath was practically knocked from me. It still amazed that after all this time I still got a rush of excitement when I saw her.

As she walked toward me, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She seemed to get more beautiful to me every day. She was wearing a deep red dress that hugged her slim figure and brought out the amazing color of her eyes. Her hair was down, just like she knew I loved it, and a slight blush colored her cheeks when she saw me. A smile lit her face and I felt my heart leap.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs, I went forward to take her hand. “You look incredible, baby,” I greeted her, kissing her cheek.

Her smile widened. “Thanks. You look great too.”

Mr. Parker cleared his throat. “Are you ready to go?” he asked coolly, and we headed out the door.


After a bit of a discussion with her parents, Liz and I took my car and we met them at the restaurant. It was still raining hard and I made sure Liz was completely covered by the umbrella as we went inside.

Her parents were waiting for us and I noticed that Mr. Parker seemed to be watching us closely.

We were seated immediately, and since it was a nicer restaurant I held out Liz’s chair for her and pushed her in to the table. Not something I do every day, but it was appropriate for where we were. Yeah, I do have a few manners. Possibly Mr. Parker was thinking the same thing because I was pretty sure I saw a look of approval in his eye for just a second.

The waiter quickly brought us drinks and bread and we discussed the merits of different dishes on the menu until he returned to take our order.

When he was gone, I thought I’d break the ice. “So, Mr. Parker, what do you do when you’re not working?”

He looked at me surprised. “What?”

It was a strange reaction. I wondered if he thought I was trying to humiliate him somehow. “Well,” I started again, “I know you’re interested in the space program, do you have any other hobbies? Golf? Fishing?”

He seemed to relax. “I do both occasionally,” he said. “What about you?”

I shook my head. “No, I’ve never done either.”

A look of surprise crossed his face again. “You never went fishing, even as a boy?”

“Never had the opportunity, growing up in the big city,” I said.

For a moment, he just looked at me and then nodded. “So what do you do beside your art?”

My thoughts immediately went to sex with Liz, but I couldn’t tell her parents that. “I like to read, see movies, check out all the things available in New York where I can get ideas for my art. And I like to spend time with Liz,” I said, taking her hand.

She smiled at me, lacing her fingers with mine.

I continued. “I show her my favorite places; bookstores, galleries and museums, restaurants, parks and clubs. And we discover new places together. And I like to help her study.”

“Isn’t that boring for you?” Mrs. Parker asked. “It’s not like you’re taking classes.”

I met her eyes. “I’m learning all kinds of interesting things,” I said with a smile. “And it helps me better understand Liz and her love for science.”

Her parents didn’t seem to know what to say to that, so I continued. “What about you, Mrs. Parker?” I asked. “What do you like to do?”

“Well,” she said, “I…”

She was interrupted by the arrival of our dinner.

We talked more as we ate, and I thought it went pretty well, although it felt like the longest job interview ever. Liz’s parents asked all about the foster homes I grew up in and I was truthful about everything even though I was aware it might not earn me any points with them.

I caught Mr. Parker looking at me a few times and wondered what he was thinking. Was I making a good impression or was he dreaming up more ways to get rid of me?

Of course I was on my best behavior as far as Liz was concerned. She looked so beautiful that I wanted to take her right on the table, but I kept my hands to myself except to touch her hand a couple of times and to put my hand on her knee once.

I also tried to keep the lustful glances to a minimum, but I don’t know how successful I was. I couldn’t stop thinking about Liz’s beautiful body in the sunlight just a few hours before. She’d given me a fantasy and I wanted to do it all over again. I also knew what my next painting of her would be and I was already picturing it in my mind.

Finally dinner was over and when the bill came, I motioned the waiter over to give it to me. “Please, Mr. Parker,” I said, “let me get this to thank you for allowing me to spend the holiday with your family.”

For a moment I thought he was going to argue, but he shrugged. “Sure,” he said stiffly. “Thank you.”

After I paid, they went home with a warning to us not to stay out too late, and Liz and I headed to the car. I took a deep breath, feeling like I’d been holding it all night.

Liz smiled. “Was it so bad?” she teased, touching my face.

“I’ll survive,” I said with a smile. Leaning in I kissed her. “I’d face lions and tigers for you, baby, and your dad isn’t anywhere near that bad.”

I kissed her again. “I didn’t get a chance to tell you earlier how damn sexy you look in that dress,” I growled. “When I saw you it took my breath away.”

She shoved playfully at me. “No it didn’t.”

I caught her hand, bringing it to my lips. “It’s completely true,” I told her solemnly. “Every time you are away from me, even if it’s only for a few minutes, when I see you again I get that same jolt in my stomach as the first time I saw you.”

She looked amazed. “You do?”

I nodded and she smiled, closing the distance between us and putting her hands on my shoulders. “So do I,” she said. “I can’t believe how sexy you are and how much I want you every time I see you.”

I kissed her hard, letting her feel my desire for her and she kissed me back, climbing into my lap as far as the instruments in the car would allow. I cupped her head, sweeping my tongue into her mouth and growled when her tongue touched mine.

I wanted to rip her clothes off right there, but was suddenly conscious that we were in a restaurant parking lot, and started to slow down. “Baby,” I rasped between kisses, “we probably shouldn’t get caught making out here right after we had dinner with your parents.”

She kissed me one more time. “Yeah,” she agreed. “We were planning to go to a club,” she smiled shyly. “Maybe we can find somewhere there to be alone.”


By the time we got to the club, the rain was slowing and we hurried inside without getting too wet.

It was a place I’d never been before, but had heard about from some people at my parents’ party last night.

When we opened the door, the pounding music assaulted us along with the smell of alcohol. For a Sunday night it was busy, certainly busier than I expected.

I looked around quickly. There was a bar along one side and a stage at the back where a DJ was working. Sofas and armchairs were arranged in groupings, and against the other walls tall tables were in place for people to stand around. But there were hardly any seats available or any places to stand near a table. The dance floor in the middle of the club was full too, and dancers had spilled out into the walkways and among the chairs.

I guess everyone was taking advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday.

With an arm around my waist, Zan took us onto the crowded floor.

We danced to the pounding beat, moving close to each other because of the crowd. It was hot and humid from of the rain and the press of all the people.

I watched the movement of Zan’s body greedily. He is so strong and ripped and the long-sleeved button down shirt did nothing to disguise that. If anything, it made him even sexier.

Our eyes met and I could see the heat in his gaze. A wicked smile raised one corner of his mouth. Reaching for my hips, he pulled me to him so we moved together for a handful of moments before separating again.

For several songs we danced and laughed and flirted, touching each other, our bodies brushing together, and sharing long sizzling looks. I loved dancing, but somehow all I could think about was being with Zan.

Even though the next song was fast, Zan held me to him, nuzzling my neck and I knew he was thinking the same thing.

We swayed together, arms around each other. I ran my hand down his chest and up his arm, and he kissed my cheek. Our bodies pressed together and I could feel his erection.

I put my hands on his shoulders, standing on tiptoe and pressing our bodies even closer together. “Where can we go?” I asked him, knowing he would understand me.

Zan held me tight as we continued to slowly dance, speaking in my ear. “It’s too busy in here,” he said. “No dark corners or secluded areas, and the only doors are the staff areas.”

“Outside,” I said. We’d had many satisfying encounters in alleys and behind buildings.

“It’s too cold and probably still raining,” he said, rubbing my back, “and I don’t know the area anyway.”

“What about the bathroom?” I suggested.

He turned us so I could see the bathrooms. “See all the people hanging around and going in and out,” he said. “It’s too fast for them to be using the facilities. There’s a dealer in there.”

I nodded. Not something I wanted to do, having sex with a drug dealer in the room. I smiled as a new thought occurred to me. I’d considered it before, and I was saving it as a surprise for Zan. But now was as good a time as any.

Caressing his chest, I spoke in his ear. “We should go back to the car,” I purred.

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow. “Where do you want to go?”

I smiled and continued. “The Mustang,” I started, “it’s been your fantasy car since you were a kid.” Moving my hand lower over his stomach I rested it on his waistband. “Surely in all that time your fantasy included having sex in the back seat.”

A fire seemed to ignite in his eyes and a smile lit his face and I knew he thought it was a great plan. He kissed me. “What a perfect idea,” he growled.

The first thing I noticed as we walked out the door was that it had stopped raining. Everything seemed so clean and fresh. I always loved the scent in the air after it rained.

The asphalt had been washed free of dirt and looked brand new. The plants and trees glistened with raindrops and the moon came out from behind the clouds. It was a beautiful night.

We drove for a few minutes until we found a secluded area and Zan parked behind some trees. Getting out of the car, I took off my jacket, leaving it in the front seat.

The rain had made everything clean but it had also left a chill in the air and I shivered as my heated skin was exposed to the night air.

Zan came around to my side of the car, pressing me against the door and kissing me hard. I melted into him, wanting to be as close as possible. I was desperate to have him and shivered against him, but this time with desire.

“Are you cold?” Zan asked kissing my neck.

I nodded.

“Do you want to go?”

I shook my head. “No,” I said gruffly. “You can keep me warm.”

“Mmmmm,” he hummed against my skin, “I will do my best, angel.”

Zan helped me into the car ahead of him, and he slid in and shut the door.

We attacked each other instantly, our lips crashing together as we reached for each other. He grasped my hips, pushing up my skirt as he pulling me into his lap. I straddled his legs and he cupped my butt and held me to him, pressing my pussy against his erection.

And without breaking the kiss I settled on him, starting to move slowly against him. He groaned into my mouth and our tongues slid together as we attempted to breathe.

Only my panties were covering me and his hard length felt so good against me. I’d had visions of seducing him slowly, but now that we were actually here together, I didn’t seem to be able to control myself, and I didn’t want to wait any more.

Brushing my hands over Zan’s chest, I made sure to graze his nipples as I made my way down to his pants. Working the fastening, I had them undone in world-record time and reached inside to grasp him.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his erection and slowly caressed up the length of him, before I pulled him out.

When my angel took my cock in her hand, I swear I nearly exploded. I needed to be inside her. Reaching under her skirt, I grasped her panties. “I’ll buy you a new pair,” I growled and then ripped them off her.

She gave a gasp of surprise, but immediately took advantage of the situation by lifting up and sinking down on me, taking me inside her.

I sighed with the sensation of being completely surrounded by my angel. She is so warm, soft, wet and greedy for me. She shows her pleasure and her love so openly. Nothing is better.

Her eyes slid shut as I filled her, and she grasped my shoulders, arching into me. “Oh Zan,” she purred.

Cupping the back of her head, I stroked a palm over her breast. “Do I feel good inside you, baby?” I growled.

“Oh yes,” she sighed.

Loosening the zipper of her dress, I pushed it down to expose her breasts and smiled in satisfaction when I saw she had no bra. Leaning down, I kissed from the top of her breast to her areola. “I knew you couldn’t be wearing a bra,” I said, licking her nipple. “I’ve been trying not to stare at you all night.”

I took one of her soft mounds into my mouth, sucking it hard and felt Liz’s pussy clench around me.

“Aaaahhhh,” she gasped, arching against me. “I can’t wait any longer,” she said huskily as she started to move her hips. “I need you so much!”

Placing hands on my shoulders, my angel started to undulate her hips back and forth, making me move inside her

Have I ever mentioned how fucking sexy it is to watch my baby riding me?

To see her impaled on me, hovering over me, every inch of her sexy little body moving and working to bring us both so much pleasure is just amazing.

As she continued her motion, I wasn’t idle. Supporting her neck with one hand, I put the other to even better use, caressing as much of her as I could touch. I started out with her face, tracing her parted lips, down her throat to her beautiful breasts.

Grasping one, I took the other in my mouth, licking, sucking, concentrating her on hard little nubs. I brushed one nipple with my thumb and laved the other with my tongue, making Liz whimper and speed up on me.

As her pleasure quickly grew she arched back into my hand and I caressed down her body, pushing the material of her dress to pool around her waist. I stroked over her stomach and up her side, smoothing a palm over her breast before moving down again.

Her sex-drugged half-lidded eyes met mine and a wicked little smile curved her mouth a second before she started moving even faster.

Each time she lifted off me, her pussy clenched around my cock, squeezing it until I thought I might burst. “Oh fuck, baby!” I groaned.

I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer at this rate.

For the first time I thought about the fact that we were having sex in the back seat of my dream car, and I felt an even greater rush of pleasure. Glancing quickly around, I noted the interior, our reflection in the rear view mirror, the slight squeak of the seat, and the fleeting thought crossed my mind that it was just how I’d always imagined it. But the fact was that having sex anywhere with Liz was amazing.

I could tell she was getting close because she started lifting herself off me and plunging back down, taking me completely inside

“Fuck, angel,” I groaned as I started losing control. I couldn’t stay still any more and thrust my hips up to meet her every stroke.

I wanted to slow down and prolong our pleasure but neither of us could wait, and she sped up even more, crying out each time I filled her again. I reached down under her skirt, stroking her clit, sending shocks of electricity through her and making her movements jerky.

Arching back even farther, she gasped for breath. I growled, trying to control myself as my hips pumped up into her but it was no use.

I felt my angel’s pussy clench hard around me as she came, and seeing her pleasure made me follow her a moment later, growling my completion as I emptied myself into her.

Liz’s body went limp and she collapsed into my chest, and I held her to me as we both worked to catch our breath.

Stroking her hair, I couldn’t help but thinking how beautiful she was and how perfect we were together. I brushed her temple with my lips. “That was perfect, baby,” I breathed against her skin.

“I’m glad you liked it,” she purred into my neck

As our hearts raced together and we tried to catch our breath, we clung together for long moments. I wished we could stay exactly like that all night and wake up in each other’s arms.

Cupping her head, I lifted her lips to meet mine. I kissed her gently, slowly, showing her my love.

She caressed my face as we broke the kiss, her eyes shining with her love. I turned to kiss her palm and then met her eyes with a smile. “Two fantasies in one day,” I rumbled. “How did I get so lucky?”



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