Arms of an Artist Part 3


Part 3


(Two Weeks Later)
(Zan’s POV)

I sat with my arm around Liz, watching the snow through the huge terminal windows. It was already dark but the bright lights outside illuminated the swirling flakes.

Shit, it was coming down hard.

Liz had just finished her last final this morning, and we’d rushed to the airport to catch our flight. The plane left JFK on time, but our connection out of DC had been postponed because of the heavy snow.

We’d been in the terminal for a few hours now because our departure had been pushed back three times. It was going to take forever to get to Florida.

That’s where Liz’s parents lived, and where we were headed.

When Liz and I finally called her parents, she told them all about me and our relationship. It hadn’t been easy for Liz, as scared as she was, but I’d held her hand the whole time. I’d even talked to her parents.

We apologized to them for not telling them sooner, and I could hear the obvious disapproval in their voices. And when Liz told them she was bringing me with her for Thanksgiving break, the line had gone completely silent for several long moments.

I certainly wasn’t welcome in the Parker house, but I’d tried to reassure Liz we’d done the right thing after we got off the phone.

“It’s better that we told them, baby, instead of them hearing it from someone else, or having it slip out accidentally.”

“I know,” she said, “I just wish we didn’t have to tell them at all.”

I kissed her head, holding her close. “I wish we could just live in our own private world too, but your parents are an important part of your life.”

“Not as important as you,” she said.

Her answer made me smile, but I shook my head. “Angel, you shouldn’t have to chose between me or them. That’s why we’re going down, so I can meet them and convince them that I’m an okay guy.”

She looked down. “I just hope we aren’t making a huge mistake. I don’t want to lose you.”

I wrapped my arm around her. “You’re not going to lose me,” I assured her. “It will all be okay.”

That’s what I’d told Liz, but I wasn’t so sure. One thing I was sure about though, I wouldn’t give up on her parents. I was going to be in Liz’s life, and I’d spend the rest of my life trying to win her parents’ respect if I had to.

With flashing lights, the digital departure board above us updated again and I let out a sigh. It now said our plane was leaving at seven o’clock. That was another three hours.

It was bad enough knowing I was walking into an unfriendly situation, but we had to wait to get there.

I kissed the side of Liz’s head. “Do you want to go look at a few more shops, and then we can have some dinner.”

She nodded. “Yeah, airplane food is terrible.”

(Liz’s POV)

Zan and I got up and we clasped hands as we headed for the shops. We’d looked around a little already, but it was like a huge mall inside the airport. There were so many stores, which was a good thing, because I needed to be distracted. I had a lot on my mind.

I know Zan keeps saying that everything will be okay, and I want to believe him, but he doesn’t know my parents.

They won’t approve of him, and I know they will do anything to break us up. Nothing could make me leave Zan, I just hope there is nothing my parents can do to make him leave me.

What they would do specifically I wasn’t sure, but I knew they weren’t above using dirty tricks. I prayed they wouldn’t do anything that would hurt Zan. He might decide it wasn’t worth the trouble or heartache of being with me.

He loves me, but can he really deal with my family?

After Zan and I called my parents, we talked for a long time. I told him what I thought we could expect from my parents, and then we discussed our relationship. I could tell that Zan was disappointed with me for keeping us a secret.

“I’m so sorry, Zan,” I’d told him again. “I never meant to lie about you, or what we have. I love you.”

“I know you do, angel,” he said, “and I don’t blame you for being scared of your parents. I’m certainly not perfect, and I don’t expect you to be. I know you were trying to protect me and our relationship.”

He stroked my hair gently as his eyes held mine. “I just wish you’d told me your fears. I want to help you, and support you with everything in your life. I want you to feel that you can be open with me about everything, the good and the bad, and I’ll do the same with you.”

I nodded as tears filled my eyes.

He continued. “We’re both new at this relationship thing, and we’re learning as we go. It will only bring us closer if we can talk about anything.”

“I should have told you,” I said guiltily. “Especially after you opened up to me about your past, I should have said something, but I was just so scared. I thought you’d be mad.”

Smiling, he nodded. “We can disagree and argue and even get mad at each other, and it won’t mean the end of us. It’s going to happen occasionally, and when it does, we’ll work through it. What we have is worth it.”

I felt a rush of relief. Zan is wonderful to me, and I know he loves me, but everything did happen so quickly between us, and we really are still getting to know each other.

“You’re right,” I said. “What we have is special and worth protecting, and we shouldn’t keep things from each other. I promise it won’t happen again.”

Zan kissed me tenderly. “I promise too, baby.”

I intended to keep my word but I was still worried about what would happen with my parents. Zan said they couldn’t chase him away, but would he still think that after he’d met them and they tried to get rid of him?

As we continued through the mall, I think Zan could feel my nervousness. He held me close as we looked through the stores, constantly touching and soothing me. He even stole a couple of chaste kisses.

I was surprised he wasn’t his usual sexually flirtatious self, and I guess he could see it in my eyes. A wicked grin raised his mouth and he leaned in close, whispering. “Baby, I would take you right here on the floor if I didn’t think we get arrested by Homeland Security.”

He made me feel better immediately, and I smiled widely, hugging him. “I love you so much, Zan,” I said in his ear.

(Zan’s POV)

Hours later, we finally got on the plane. I was excited as well as nervous because this morning had been not only my first flight, but it was the first time I’d ever been out of New York.

I found the delays annoying, but I was actually enjoying the trip. It made me want to take Liz somewhere exotic and tropical with white sandy beaches, where we could be completely alone.

And I’d do just that when she got a break from school.

I looked around the plane interestedly as we boarded. I caught a glimpse of the cramped seating in coach and was glad again that I’d taken my agent Steve’s advice and paid the extra money for first class. The seats were more like recliners, comfortable and spacious.

Liz squeezed my hand. She knew without me telling her how excited I was.

I smiled and motioned for her to take the window seat.

“No,” she said. “You’ve never sat by the window.”

I shrugged. “I can see around you, and it just gives me an excuse to be close to you.”

It was true, but it was also my protective instinct kicking in. What did Liz need to be protected from on a plane? Probably nothing, but Liz always brought it out in me.

I let her go in ahead of me and I put our bags in the overhead before sitting down and buckling myself in. I was glad Liz was here to share this with me. I wanted to share everything with her.

She leaned into me. “We’ll be there soon,” she said apprehensively.

I knew she was worried about what might happen, and I changed the subject to take her mind off of it. “At least I’ll get to see more of Florida than I did of DC. You can show me around.”

“Yeah,” she said, as a smile raised her lips.

“It’s warm there,” she purred, “and I’ll take you to the beach.”

“It will be a great vacation,” I said. “We can spend every minute of every day together. Just the two of us.”

“And when we go to the beach,” she lowered her voice, “I’ll wear the new bikini I bought.”

I chucked. “I don’t think I want you wearing a bikini in public.” I kissed her head as I stroked her arm. “Your beautiful body is just for me to look at.”

She laughed. “It’s not like it’s a thong or anything. It covers more of me than most of the underwear you buy me.”

“Maybe I’ll let you wear it,” I teased, “just so I can take it off of you later.”

Wrapping her arm around mine, she snuggled in even closer. “Don’t flirt with me,” she whispered. “I want you so much already, and it will be hours before we can be together.”

I nuzzled her ear, whispering. “Even though it is a complete cliché, I might consider initiating us into the mile-high club if this plane wasn’t so damn full.”

“Zan,” she gasped. But I could tell she wasn’t shocked.

She put her hand on my thigh. “You’re so bad,” she purred.

I chuckled. “And you love it.”

“I’ll show you how much when we get to my parent’s house.” She sighed. “Only three more hours till we’re there,” she said, stifling a yawn.

I knew she must be tired. It had been a long day and she was stressed-out from her exam and her worries about her parents.

Stroking her hair, I put my arm around her, fitting her into my side. I spoke softly in her ear. “Why don’t you put your head on my shoulder and get some rest, angel?”

(Liz’s POV)

I was tired, and I let my head rest against his chest. I wasn’t planning to sleep, but it couldn’t hurt to close my eyes for a few minutes.

My mind kept playing scenarios about what my parents might do, but I pushed them away. I’d rather think about Zan.

I knew my parents would never let us stay in the same room, but I had a plan all worked out. After I was sure they were asleep, I’d sneak into Zan’s room and have my way with him.

We hadn’t been together since last night, and just knowing I wouldn’t be staying with him made me want him even more. If he’d suggested joining the mile-high club, I would have said yes.

I was already wet and had a throbbing ache between my legs that only Zan could cure, and having to wait a few hours was going to drive me crazy.

Taking a deep breath I tried to think of anything else.

It was Zan’s first time out of New York, and I knew he was excited by the prospect of a vacation, so I made a mental list of places he might want to go, beaches, restaurants, clubs, galleries. I was so happy and thrilled for him, I wanted him to have a good time.

I was honored that I got to experience it with him. I wanted to repay him in any small way for all the wonderful things he does for me.

He is so sweet and loving, he supports me, and he’s always helping me and giving me things.

I smiled remembering two days ago.

Zan was waiting for me when I got home from school. He had a sketchbook open before him on the table and I recognized it instantly. It was the book where he drew pictures of us making love.

The sketchbook was just for us, and no one else would ever see it. In it, Zan drew all kinds of positions, and drew his fantasies of me, and sometimes we used the book to choose what we wanted to do.

In the six months we’d been together he’d practically filled the book with sketches, and I noticed he was just finishing a drawing on the last page.

Looking up, he had a smile on his face he couldn’t contain, and immediately I could tell something was up.

Smiling back, I moved into his arms. “What’s going on?” I asked.

He’d kissed my head. “I have a surprise for you, angel,” he said.

I glanced at the book, looking at his latest drawing. It always turns me on so much, seeing how sexy I am in his eyes. The sketch showed us both completely naked, making love outside in the grass, under a tree.

“You finished the book,” I said.

“Yes,” he murmured, nuzzling my cheek, “but that’s not it.”

Grasping my butt with both hands, he held me against him as he kissed me, and I could feel his obvious erection.

I wrapped my arms around him, kissing him back. “Mmmm,” I hummed, wiggling against him, “I love this kind of surprise.”

He chuckled. “I’ll keep that in mind, but that isn’t the surprise either.” He pulled me closer, growling, “Or at least it isn’t your whole surprise.”

I kissed his chin, smiling, and reached between us, stroking him through his jeans. “But I can have that too, right?” I teased.

“Oh yeah, baby,” he said with a wink. “As much as you want.”

Keeping his arm around me, he took us the few feet over to an easel covered with a cloth, and with a flourish, he revealed a painting I’d never seen.

Instantly I recognized the two of us. We were naked, making love in a semi-seated position with him on top. That wasn’t unusual. What was unusual were the colors he’d used.

We were a regular skin-tone on most of our bodies, but from where we were joined, up to our chests we were covered with vibrant colors in a sort of abstract pattern.

For a second it confused me, and then I remembered. Zan and I had made love with paint covering us and it had blended together as our bodies met. Zan had even commented at the time that we made art.

He’d mentioned it was a fantasy of his to have me covered in paint, and obviously it had stuck with him because he’d put it on canvas.

“It’s beautiful,” I gasped.

The angle mostly featured me, but he was clearly recognizable in profile, and he’d captured us perfectly. His hard body flexed and strained as he stroked inside me, and my softer form arched into him.

Our bodies were smeared with paint where they touched and we had matching mirror images on chests and stomachs. The rhythm of our movement had combined the colors, making it look like an intentional pattern.

“It’s wonderful,” I said. “It looks exactly the same.”

I kissed his cheek. “I love it. You’ve captured a perfect moment in our lives.”

He grinned. “It was perfect, a fantasy come true. It’s definitely a day I’ll never forget.”

“Me either,” I said, hugging him.

Kissing the top of my head, he spoke softly. “But that isn’t all of your surprise, angel.” He turned to another easel and removed the covering cloth to reveal another paining.

I gasped again. This painting was an image of me diagonally across the entire canvas. It showed my body down to just below my navel, and even though I was the only one seen, it was obvious that Zan was making love to me. He’d captured me arching back, hands grasping the sheets as I was climaxing. My eyes were heavily lidded, my lips parted, my hair fanned out around me, and I looked so sexy and wanton. It was incredible.

Zan wrapped his arms around me from behind me, and purred into my ear. “See how beautiful you are when you cum, angel?”

He kissed my neck. “I had to put it on canvas. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

I turned in his arms, standing on tiptoe and kissed him hard. “You are the sexiest, most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen, and I wish I could draw you, and show you how I see you.”

He smiled. “You show me every day, angel. You show me by the way you look at me, and touch me, and respond to me, and by how much you want me. And you tell me every time you say you love me.”

“I do love you, Zan,” I said fiercely. “And I always want you.”

Putting a hand to my lower back, he held me to him. “I know you do, baby,” he said, with a soft smile.

“I want you right now,” I said, sliding my hand across his chest, making sure to stroke over his nipples. “I want your beautiful, naked body in our bed, right this minute.”

With a growl, Zan grasped my ass, picking me up. “I think that can be arranged,” he teased.

We made slow, sweet love for hours, exploring each other, taking our time. It was wonderful. It seemed like every time we were together, it just got better.

I went to sleep that night feeling better than I had in a while. I knew Zan loved me, and nothing could keep us apart.

But in the light of the next morning, all of my doubts came rushing back, and they were getting worse as we got closer to my parents.

It was true, I couldn’t change how my parents thought. All I could do was put my faith in Zan and our love.

Coming to that realization made me relax a bit, and I wrapped my arm across Zan’s stomach and leaned against him fully. His arm tightened around me, as he kissed my head and I sighed in contentment.

I must have drifted off, because the next thing I knew, Zan was speaking my name to wake me, and we were landing.

(Zan’s POV)

After exiting the plane, we quickly collected our luggage and got the rental car I’d reserved. I’d requested a convertible Mustang and I was excited to drive it. Living in New York all my life, I’d never owned a car, and rarely drove, so it was going to be fun driving a fantasy car from my childhood.

“How long to your parent’s house, baby?” I asked as we got in the car.

She turned toward me, speaking softly, “About twenty minutes.”

“Zan,” she said, looking worried, “I don’t know what my parents are going to do when we get there, but give me a chance to…”

I cut her off by pressing my finger against her lips. She was still worried. “Angel, they can’t do anything that will chase me away.”

She nodded, but she still looked upset.

I couldn’t do any more to reassure her other than stay by her side through whatever her parents had planned.

I pulled the car out of the parking lot and followed Liz’s instructions about where to go. They were the only words she spoke and I knew her mind was on overload.

A sudden thought occurred to me. Was that one of the reasons Liz kept asking about my past, because she was worried there might be something her parents could use against me? She’d said they would try to chase me away, and I really hadn’t taken it too seriously at first. But as I saw how worried she was, I reconsidered.

Liz didn’t freak out about small things like some women. She wasn’t into drama. If she was that worried about what her parents would do, then we were probably in for a bumpy ride.

For example, there was no doubt in my mind that Liz and I would be sleeping in different rooms. I was sure Liz’s parents wouldn’t want to appear that they approved of us living together, and they could at least pretend their daughter wasn’t sleeping with me.

But that meant Liz and I had a week of long, lonely nights ahead of us.

I was so used to having her in my arms while I slept, I didn’t know if I could sleep without her. Not to mention the fact that I was used to having her at least a couple of times a day.

It had been almost twenty-four hours since we had made love, and I wanted her badly.

I looked longingly at each hotel we passed. It would be so easy to stop and get a room where we could make, quick, urgent love before going on to Liz’s parents.

Unfortunately they knew what time the plane got in, and it’s not like Liz could claim to have gotten lost on the way to her own house. Not to mention I wasn’t sure she’d be in the mood with how worried she was. Although, a good hard fuck might have been just the thing to relax her.

A rush of desire surged through me as I pictured having her against the door of a hotel room, sucking her sweet nipples as I plunged into her liquid pussy. Shit I wanted her, but I quickly pushed the thought aside. It wasn’t going to happen, and the last thing I needed was an erection while I was introduced to her parents.

No, I’d just have to be patient, and take advantage of any opportunities when her parents left us alone.

Reaching out, I took Liz’s hand and held it.

The closer we got to my house, the more nervous I became. I kept thinking that my parents would do something to chase Zan away tonight, and I’d never see him again.

It made me determined to hold on to him, and it made me desire him too. I love sex with Zan, and never feel like I get enough. I wanted to jump him right in the car and blow his mind with great sex so he wouldn’t leave me.

And I would have done just that if we weren’t driving down the freeway at sixty-five.

Instead I squeezed his hand.

I was trying not to think about the negative.

Zan said my parents couldn’t chase him away, and I believed him. I was just afraid that he underestimated them. But maybe I was underestimating Zan. He was tough, and I knew he wouldn’t give me up without a fight. I just hoped he could outlast my parents.

He said that he was going to try to win them over, and I had to do everything I could to help make it happen. I just didn’t know what that was yet.

More quickly than I liked we came to the exit, and drove into my neighborhood, pulling into the driveway. Zan turned off the car and I took a deep breath. It was time.

Liz used her key to open the front door, calling out as we went inside. “We’re here.”

I had a moment to look around the interior. The house was large, with a clean, classic style. It looked like a house in a magazine, with everything new and expensive.

Liz’s parents came rushing into the entryway and swept Liz into their arms. She hugged both of them tightly, greeting them warmly before she turned to me. “Mom, Dad this is Zan.”

Mr. Parker’s eyes instantly narrowed on me, and I could see I’d been right. He didn’t like the look of me at all. He took in my piercings and the tattoo on my forearm almost as if he had been expecting them. Then his eyes raked over my clothes and landed on my hair, before meeting my eyes.

I could practically hear what he was thinking. My appearance was confirming his worst fears.

And he wasn’t stupid. He knew if Liz was living with me, it meant she was sleeping with me. In his mind I had taken his little girl’s innocence.

He gave me a slight nod. “Zan.”

Liz’s mother was cold as well, but at least she tried to sound polite. “Zan, welcome to our home.”

I smiled. “Thank you Mrs. Parker, Mr. Parker. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

Reaching into my carry-on bag, I pulled out a small mailing tube, and held it out to them. “I brought you a gift.”

Liz looked as shocked as her parents. She didn’t have any idea of what I had planned.

I was hoping a little politeness, respect and charm might help convince Liz’s parents that I wasn’t such a bad guy after all.

Mr. Parker took the tube and pulled off the cap, tipping it up so the contents slid into his hand. He unrolled the paper, holding it out so both he and Mrs. Parker could see.

It was a sketch of Liz I had done for them.

I’d put a lot of thought into how I should draw her, and where. I didn’t want to make Liz look sexy or wanton, and I certainly didn’t want to place her in the loft. There was no point in rubbing her parents noses in the fact that she was sleeping with me.

Finally I’d decided to sketch Liz studying.

I didn’t want to brag, but I had perfectly captured her expression of eager curiosity. She had a pile of open books on the table around her, and while she was reading from one, she was writing in her notebook.

I’d actually drawn her while she was studying in our loft, but instead of the homey furnishings that really surrounded her, I replaced them with the towering bookshelves, and long, institutional hallways of the NYU library.

Liz squeezed my arm as her parents studied the sketch closely, and after long moments her mother was the first to meet my eyes.

“This is wonderful,” she said with a smile. “Thank you, Zan.”

“You’re welcome, Mrs. Parker,” I said.

I’d was hoping that she might at least ask me to call her by her first name, but since she didn’t I knew I just had to keep trying.

Liz smiled. “I told you he was very talented.”

Mrs. Parker nodded in agreement. “Yes, you’re right.”

“Well,” Mr. Parker said after another moment, putting the sketch aside on a table without a comment, “I know you’ve had a long day, and you must be tired, so let’s get your stuff up to your rooms.”

And there it was, I thought to myself.



I almost couldn’t stop the smile that was threatening to break out. I’d been right.

But it also meant I wasn’t going to have Liz tonight or tomorrow morning. I wasn’t going to have her soft body against me as we slept, or wake up with her in my arms.

We’d just have to wait until her parents left for work, and then we could make up for lost time.

Both of Liz’s parents worked.

Liz told me her mother was a partner in a real estate agency.

Her father owned a local chain of stores that sold space memorabilia, souvenirs, books, telescopes, toys. He also owned a café, which according to Liz, was his pride and joy. But unlike the stores, the café didn’t focus on the local space industry. It had an alien theme to reflect the name of the city where they lived, Jupiter Beach.

The Cosmic Cafe, it was called. Liz had worked there from the time she was a child, all the way through high school.

Luckily for us, Liz’s father always worked the breakfast and lunch shift at the cafe, so Liz and I would have the whole house to ourselves for hours. It would just give us something to look forward to every morning.

I shouldered my carry-on bag, picked up the two larger suitcases, and waited for Liz and her parents to go upstairs ahead of me.

I was disappointed that Liz’s father hadn’t said anything about the sketch, but not really surprised. I’d been prepared for his hostility. He wasn’t going to warm up to me quickly.

When we got to the top of the stairs we all turned right and headed down the hall.

Liz was staying in her room of course, and I put her suitcase next to her bed, barely getting a chance to look around before her parents led me to my room.

We went down the hall, back past the staircase, to the other end of the hall.

I was staying in one of three guest rooms. Again I suppressed a smile when I saw that they hadn’t put the in the empty room across from Liz, but in the one at the opposite end of the hall, near the master bedroom.

I’d have to walk right past their room to get to Liz’s. Not to mention there was a patch of floor that squeaked right outside her parents’ door. They were trying to make it as difficult as possible for me to sneak into her room at night.

Not that I would have done it anyway. The last thing I wanted to do was piss them off by trying to make love to Liz where we might get caught. They would never forgive me.

After a moment, Liz’s parents left us alone, and she came close, pressing against me and spoke softly so only I could hear. “I thought they’d put you across from me, and I was going to come to you after they were asleep.”

“We can’t risk it,” I said, just as softly, “especially since I’m right by your parents’ room.”

“I know,” Liz moaned, touching my chest. “We’ll have to wait for the morning to be together. I just want you so much. I’ve been aching for you all day.”

I took her in my arms, caressing her back as I spoke in her ear. “I know, baby,” I breathed. “I want you too.”

“And we’ve never been apart,” she said. “Not even one night. I don’t know if I can sleep without you holding me.”

“I know, me either,” I admitted. “But we’ll make up for it tomorrow,” I assured her. “We just have to be patient.”

“Time for bed, Liz,” her father called out from his room. “We’ve got an early day, and breakfast is still at six-thirty.”

I knew that was parent-speak for, ‘Stop messing around with your boyfriend and go to your own room.’

Even though she was an adult, it didn’t surprise me that her parents were so protective and still treated her like a child. They would have to get used to the idea that she wasn’t their baby anymore, and that wouldn’t happen overnight.

Before I released Liz, I kissed her softly. “Get ready for bed, angel,” I said. “I’ll call you in a few minutes, and we can talk for a while.”

She nodded, and hugged me tightly, pressing her whole body to mine, and instantly I felt myself getting hard. I wanted to strip off her clothes and have my way with her, but I settled for another chaste kiss before I let her go.

After Liz left, I took a moment to look around my room. It was large, richly furnished, and there was a bathroom attached that was shared with the other empty guest room. Although I knew Liz’s family had money, it was obvious they had more than I’d expected.

That would definitely be another reason her parents wouldn’t approve of us. I’m sure they wanted their only daughter to marry into a family even richer and more prominent than they were. Hell, they probably even had a few sons of powerful families in mind, like successful businessmen, lawyers, doctors or politicians.

And I sure as shit wasn’t on the list.

It didn’t make me dislike them. Just the opposite. I was glad they loved Liz and wanted the best for her. But it would make getting through to them more difficult.

I headed into the bathroom to take a quick shower. I felt grimy from the hours of travel, and I wanted to give Liz time to get settled in before I called her.

Afterward, I toweled myself dry, and rubbed my hair with another towel, pulling on only a pair of boxers to sleep in. Usually I slept nude, but I didn’t want to risk it in Liz’s parents’ house. The last thing I needed was to run into her mother or father in the buff.

I unpacked my few things, stowing them in the empty drawers, and then set an alarm before turning out the light, and climbing in bed.

It hadn’t been very long, and I hoped I’d given Liz enough time, because I couldn’t wait any more. Pressing the speed-dial on my phone, I was pleased when it was answered after only one ring.

“Zan,” Liz breathed. “I miss you.”

She sounded like she hadn’t seen me in a week, and I felt a rush of love. “I miss you too, angel,” I purred. “Are you ready for bed yet?”

“Not yet,” she said. “I took a shower, but I haven’t found my pajamas yet.”

Smiling, I couldn’t stop myself asking. “So what are you wearing?” I teased.

She giggled. “The black silk underwear you bought me.”

“And nothing else?” I asked, practically choking as I imagined the dark fabric against her pale skin.

‘That’s all,” she whispered.

“Mmmm baby,” I groaned. “I wish I could see that.”

“I’ll wear it for you tomorrow morning,” she promised.

“I can’t wait,” I said. “But until then, I put a present in your suitcase.”

“You did?” she asked, sounding surprised.

“Yeah,” I said amused. “It’s in the zipper, on the right side.”

I listened closely, hearing rustling, and the deep sound of a zipper, and then more rustling before she gasped.

I could imagine everything she was doing; withdrawing the box from her suitcase, and opening it to find the surprise inside.

“Zan!” she started speaking quickly, and softly. “It’s the vibrator you gave me! But what if it had, you know, gone off in my bag?”

“No chance,” I assured her. “There are no batteries in it.”

“I’ve never even used it,” she said, and I could tell just by the tone of her voice that she was blushing.

My smile widened. “Well,” I started, “I thought I could walk you through it while we’re on the phone.”

“But my parents…” she whispered.

“They will never hear it, baby,” I assured her. “It’s practically silent. Put the batteries in, and try it out.”

I heard some clicking noises and then a faint hum.

“Wow,” she breathed, and then the hum stopped.

She hesitated, and I knew she was out of arguments.

“Strip off that bra and panties, angel,” I ordered, “and get in bed.”

I heard more rustling. “Okay,” she said.

“Are you naked for me, baby?” I asked.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Since I’m not there, you’ll have to be my hands,” I purred. “I’ll tell you what I want to do, and you’ll have to do it for me.”

“Okay,” she said breathlessly.

I could tell she was nervous but turned on, and I was going to make sure she got all the pleasure she deserved.

‘I started out slowly. “If I was there with you, I’d touch you all over, angel,” I said. “Starting at your neck, I’d slide my hands down between your breasts and across your stomach.”

Small noises came across the phone, and I thought she must be following my instructions. “Are you doing it, baby?” I asked.

“Yes,” she breathed.

I nodded with satisfaction, imagining her doing exactly what I said.

“Go down between your legs, but don’t touch your clit or pussy,” I instructed. “Feel how soft your inner thighs are, and slowly go in, until you’re stroking over those sweet outer pussy lips. Touch yourself like I would.”

Her breathing sped up. “That’s it, angel,” I encouraged.

“Touch me,” she begged.

“Okay, baby,” I said with satisfaction, “now go back up and cup your breasts, and let your palms slowly brush over your nipples.”

A soft moan escaped her.

“Does it feel good, angel?” I asked.

“Yes, Zan,” she gasped, “so good.”

I’d planned to take this slow, but hearing her made my intensions fly out the window. “Are you wet for me?” I growled.

“Yes,” she said.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, and put my own hand into my boxers, grasping my hard cock.

“We’d better check and make sure,” I teased. “Keep rubbing your nipple with one hand, and slowly slide the other hand down across your stomach. Spread your legs wide for me, baby, and brush your fingers across your clit and see if that sweet pussy is wet.”

There was another small gasp and then she breathed into the phone. “Yes, I’m wet for you.”

Oh shit I wanted her! I pulled on my cock. “Do you want me inside you?” I groaned.

“Yes, Zan,” she gasped. “I want you so much.”

I swallowed hard. I had to think of her. “We’re going to take it slow,” I said. “Take the dildo and rub it across your nipples.”

A few soft sounds came through the phone.

“How does it feel?” I asked, sliding my hand over my cock.

“It’s so soft,” she said, “just like you. It feels good.”

“Press it to your nipple and turn it on, baby,” I ordered.

The whir of the vibrator was followed by Liz’s whimper of pleasure.

“That’s it,” I encouraged. “Roll it back and forth.”

“Oh Zan,” she gasped.

“Mmmm yes, baby,” I hummed, “and do the other side too. Make those nipples good and hard for me.”

I could hear her panting slightly and I smiled with satisfaction.

“Now slide that dildo down your stomach, and go around your navel, and go lower to your curls, but don’t touch your clit.”

I waited a moment. “Now turn it off.”

A small sound of disappointment came through the phone.

“Don’t worry, baby,” I assured her, “we’ll get you off.”

“Now, spread your legs wide for me,” I continued, “just like I was there with you, and slide that dildo over your clit just once.”

She whimpered again, and I knew she was really turned on.

“Slide it between your legs, baby,” I growled, imagining her doing it. “Rub it over your pussy lips, and then back across your clit.”

This time she moaned.

“Does it feel good?” I demanded, pulling at my cock again. She was driving me crazy.

“Oh yes,” she whimpered.

“Mmmmm,” I growled, “rub it back and forth over your clit, and with your other hand brush your thumb across your nipple.”

Her breath came in pants. “OH!”

I could imagine everything she was doing as if I was there watching her.

In my mind I could see her with her legs spread wide, her delicate fingers wrapped around the base of the shaft of the vibrator. Slowly she moved it down across her stomach, through her dark curls until the tip touched her clit. She slid it lower between her legs, rubbing it over her slick pussy lips.

My cock jerked. I didn’t know how much more I could take.

“Turn it on, baby,” I ordered.

Instantly I heard the soft hum.

“Rub it over your clit,” I growled. “Don’t stop with your nipple. Flick it with your fingernail.”

Her whimpers came more strongly through the phone. I knew the vibrations would be intense and she would cum quickly.

“That’s it, angel,” I encouraged. “Do it harder. Roll it in circles over that sweet clitty.”

“Zan” she moaned. “Zan.”

“I’m right here, baby,” I said. I could tell by the tone of her voice she was close. “Hold the vibrator to your clit, and make yourself cum.”

Her breath came in high-pitched gasps, and then a quick in-drawn breath.

“Let yourself cum for me, angel,” I growled.

She whimpered my name a final time and I knew instantly she’d climaxed. I’d heard it enough times to recognize the sounds.

She gasped for air, taking deep breaths, and the sound of the vibrator stopped. Slowly her breathing returned to normal.

“Zan,” she sighed, sounding satisfied, “that was really good.”

It was incredible experiencing her orgasm this way, hearing her pleasure from following my orders. I smiled. I wasn’t finished yet. I was going to make her cum again. “Are you ready to get fucked now, baby?” I asked.

I gasped in surprise, but answered him immediately. “Yes,” I breathed into the phone. “Fuck me Zan.”

He had just given me an amazing orgasm, but I was so ready for more. I ached to have him inside me.

Yes, technically it wasn’t Zan, but hearing his voice made it like he was there with me.

“Baby,” he growled, “you are going to have to be my cock, but we will make sure you cum.”

“What about you?” I said. I wanted him to have some pleasure too.

“I’ll be right there with you, angel,” he promised.

“Okay,” I agreed. I couldn’t believe how incredibly sexy it was having him tell me what to do. “But let me hear your voice. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Yes, angel,” he breathed. “I’ll tell you exactly what I want.”

A shiver of pure desire rushed through me. I loved it when he took control.

“Bend your knees, for me, baby,” he ordered. “Make room for me between those succulent legs.”

“Yes, Zan,” I panted.

“Take that dildo and rub it over your clit, up and down, just like it was my cock,” he said.

I did as he said, closing my eyes and sliding the vibrator over my clit. I imagined it was Zan between my legs, teasing me with his cock like he did sometimes. The soft head stroked my clit in just the right way.

“Oh,” I moaned, “that feels good.”

“Mmmm yes, baby,” he growled, and I knew he was stroking his cock as he listened to me. It was something I’d never seen or really thought about, but now I was determined that someday I’d like to watch.

“Now go lower,” he said, “and slide that dildo between your pussy lips. Get it slick with your juices so it glides against you.”

I moved the shaft lower, so the ultra-soft tip grazed over my sensitive lips, and gasped with the contact.

“That’s it, angel,” he said, the satisfaction evident in his voice. “Move it up and down, like I’m sliding against you, and slowly push it deeper, but not inside yet.”

I did as he said, moving it up and down over my lower lips, slowly parting them with tip. It felt so good that my hips started arching into it. I was desperate to have it inside, but I did as Zan said, and waited for his command.

As I slid it against me, small sounds of pleasure escaped my throat.

“Are you ready for me?” he growled.

“Oh yes,” I gasped. “I want you inside so much.”

“We’re going to take this nice and slow,” he said.

I didn’t know how much longer I would be able to wait. “Zan,” I moaned.

“I know, baby,” he purred. “I know you need me, but we don’t want it to end too soon. We need to make sure you are fucked the right way.”

“And how is that?” I asked curiously.

“Good and hard,” he said, and I could hear his smile through the phone, “and when you are desperate to have me.”

I giggled. “I am always desperate to have you.”

He chuckled sensually. “We’ll just make sure,” he said. “You’ll have to tell me.”

I realized that he wanted to hear my voice too, so it would be easier for him to imagine I was in the room with him. “Yes, Zan,” I said.

“Are you wet, baby?” he asked.

“Yes,” I assured him. “I’m so wet for you.”

He growled. “Press the tip to your pussy, angel, but not inside yet. Just tease yourself with it.”

I angled the shaft and rubbed the soft tip around the edge of my entrance, making my core throb with desire.

“How does it feel,” he demanded.

“I love it when you touch me,” I sighed. “You always feel so good, so soft, but so hard. You always make me want you so much.”

“Mmmmm,” he hummed, “and I always want you.”

“Then come inside,” I begged.

“Just the tip,” he said. “Only the tip inside you yet.”

I did as he said and inserted just the bulbous tip into my aching pussy, feeling it as my lower lips close around it, making me want much more.

“Is it in there, baby?” he asked.

“Yes,” I answered him.

“Take it out,” he ordered.”

“But Zan…” I started.

He cut me off with a chuckle. “You can slide it back in, just the tip,” he said. “In and out. I want your pussy aching for me.”

I took it out, and pushed the tip inside again and again. It is amazing how much that small amount made me feel. Moisture started to pour out of me and my core pulsed around it as I teased myself with it. But I needed him inside.

“More,” I said, “I need more of you.”

“Okay, angel,” he relented, “slide it inside, slowly.”

I pushed the cock into me, inch by inch, and it filled me just like Zan. “Oh,” I whispered, “it feels good.”

“I know it does,” he said arrogantly, as if he was inside me. “Now slowly pump it in and out, baby and see how good it is.”

I started moving it, careful to keep the rhythm slow even though I was getting desperate to come. I was already wet but as the pleasure built, I became slicker and the shaft slid in and out so easily. It stroked my inner walls perfectly, and felt incredible, but soon I needed more.

“Zan,” I moaned, “I want you so much. Please. Please, fuck me.”

“Anything for you, angel,” he growled. “Pump that dildo inside just like I would fuck you.”

With a whimper of relief, I thrust it into me just like I was craving. With each stroke I went faster and faster as small sounds of pleasure left me.

“Yes, baby!” Zan encouraged. “Fuck yourself good and hard.”

I withdrew the shaft and plunged it back inside again and again, my hips working to meet it. The pleasure built inside me quickly as the thick length filled me so well. It felt almost like we were really making love. “Oh Zan,” I whimpered, “Zan!”

“That’s it,” he growled. “Fuck yourself for me angel. Let me hear you cum.”

I was so close and increased the speed as I angled the tip so it brushed my G-spot. “Yes,” I breathed.

Through the phone, I could hear Zan’s puffs of breath and groans of pleasure and I knew he was working his own shaft. We were approaching the edge together, as we should.

I felt Zan inside me, over me, surging into me as he had so many times before. I spread my legs wide so he sank even deeper inside, his cock filling me completely. He always gave me so much pleasure, so much love.

“Turn it on, Liz,” his deep voice ordered.

For a moment I was surprised. I was so wrapped up in my fantasy of Zan, I almost forgot we weren’t in the same room.

Without another second of hesitation, I did as he said, and flicked on the switch. Immediately I was filled with overwhelming sensations.

It felt like my entire pussy and clit were being powerfully stimulated at the same time.

I stopped my motions, keeping the shaft deep inside me, but my hips keep moving of their own will, pumping onto the cock. I couldn’t believe how intense it was and how quickly I approached an amazing climax.

The pleasure seemed to take over so I couldn’t do anything but feel. My whole body tightened as my inner walls squeezed around the shaft and I exploded.

The soft sound of humming came across the phone as Liz turned on the dildo, along with her panted breath. The end came quickly. Her gasps of pleasure came more rapidly, until suddenly the air caught in her throat, and with a soft moan she climaxed.

Tugging at my aching cock, I came a moment later, imaging I was inside her.

“Fuuuuuck,” I groaned.

I could still hear the buzzing, along with Liz’s occasional whimpers of pleasure, and I knew she still had the vibrator inside, while she rode out the sensations.

I saw her in my head, shocks of pleasure surging through her, as her attempts to catch her breath made her breasts jiggle enticingly. Her eyes were closed, her face flushed with passion, and all the tension had left her body, leaving her sprawled sensually in the bed. She had a small smile on her lips that she only got when I made her cum.

My imagination was very good, but I determined that I wanted a repeat performance, and this time we’d both be in the same room. To see Liz pleasuring herself with the vibrator would be something I’d never forget.

Through the phone I listened as the humming sound stopped, her breathing slowed, and soft, satisfied noises escaped her. I could tell she was drifting off. She usually did after a couple of orgasms, unless I kept her awake for more.

“I love you, baby,” I whispered. “Hang up the phone and go to sleep, and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“I love you, Zan,” she murmured, already sounding half asleep. “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and do this for real. Good night.”

“Good night, angel,” I breathed, and waited until she hung up to shut off my own phone.

Even though I couldn’t be with her, I knew I’d have fantastic dreams about her, and we could act them out tomorrow.



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