Arms of an Artist Part 2


Part 2


(This part is entirely in Zan’s POV)

I stood next to a worktable in a shop, watching the artist use a fine tool to sculpt. But my mind was focused on other things.

Since I realized that I want to marry Liz, I have been thinking a lot about the future, and I’ve been making plans for us to be together.

The errand I was on was directly related to those plans. It had taken up a lot of my time lately, but it had also made me think about other things.

One of the biggest things on my mind was that I was ready to propose to Liz, and I have never met her parents.

I knew Liz talked to her parents at least a couple of times a week. Many times I’d caught the end of her cell phone conversations with them as I’d come home from an errand, or when I met her after her classes.

Her parents had never called the phone in our loft, they always called Liz’s cell phone, so I hadn’t even talked to them. Not once. I’d never even been introduced to them over the phone. It seemed unusual to me, but maybe I was wrong. It’s not like I had a lot of family experience to compare it to.

But it made me think that Liz’s parents didn’t want to talk to me. They probably didn’t approve of our relationship. Perhaps Liz was trying to shield me from them because she was worried about what they would say to me.

I’d never really asked her about it, and I have to admit it was selfishness on my part.

From the beginning I’ve wanted Liz completely to myself. I wanted as much time alone with her as I could get. Sure, sex was a big part of it, but it wasn’t the only thing. I loved spending time with her, doing everything with her. Even from the first time I saw her, I wanted to build something between us, a closeness, a bond. And I knew it would happen so much faster if we weren’t interrupted by other people, even Liz’s parents.

But the fact that I wanted to marry my angel changed everything. We wouldn’t just be two individual people living together. I would, in essence, be asking to join their family. And I should probably meet her parents, or at least be introduced to them first.

That wasn’t the only thing on my mind though. Another concern was the proposal.

I wasn’t worried about Liz’s answer. She loves me, I knew she would say yes. What was worrying me was the proposal itself.

It’s not like I had ever considered proposing to anyone before. I never believed I would get married, never even thought about it, and I have to admit I was a bit nervous.

I had all kinds of plans rolling around in my head, lots of ideas about how I could do it. I just didn’t want it to be like a scene in a cheesy chick flick. No rings cooked into cupcakes, or inside balloons, or anything else equally corny.

No, I wanted it to be wonderful for Liz, romantic, a moment in her life that she would always look back on as one of the best. I wanted it to be perfect for her.

I just wasn’t sure what I was going to do, yet.

And okay, maybe I was a bit worried about Liz’s answer too.

I’ve never been afraid of anything, but since Liz has been in my life I have discovered one fear. I am scared to death that I’ll lose her.

Somehow I don’t feel like I’m good enough for her, and I don’t deserve her. She should be with some Ivy League-educated guy, who comes from old money, a doctor, or lawyer, or a Congressman, instead of a punk like me. I am amazed every day that she loves me.

It was almost funny to me that I’ve turned out to be a cliché; an abandoned child with abandonment issues.

Who knew I was insecure?

The artist in front of me finally finished what he was doing, pulling me out of my thoughts. He turned to me, showing his results, and I examined the piece carefully, turning it around, looking at it from every angle, before I nodded.

We shook hands, and he gave me a business card.

As I left the studio, I caught my reflection in the window with a smile, and I automatically thought about Liz’s parents again.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Liz’s father wouldn’t like the look of me. Hell, if I had a daughter, and some guy who looked like me showed up at the front door, I wouldn’t be happy either.

I examined myself critically.

My hair wasn’t that unusual, but probably a bit on the long side for Liz’s conservative parents.

I wore a short beard, just a couple days worth of growth. I know Liz likes it, but I was sure her parents weren’t into the scruffy look.

Tattoos are becoming more mainstream, but I’d bet Liz’s parents wouldn’t see it that way. Most of my tattoos were hidden by a t-shirt, but the one on my forearm would be clearly visible to them unless I constantly wore long-sleeves.

And they certainly wouldn’t like my facial piercings. The eyebrow piercing had been a whim, but the diamond in my chin was special to me.

For a moment I considered what I should do.

Even though I had just replaced my chin stud with another diamond, I wouldn’t easily give it up. Not only did it have sentimental value, but I knew Liz liked it, and I liked what I could do to her clit and nipples with it.

The eyebrow piercing could easily go and I wouldn’t miss it, but there was nothing I could do about the tattoos even if I would consider getting rid of them. Each one of them had special meaning to me.

Suddenly my head snapped up, and I looked myself in the eyes in the reflection. What the fuck was I doing?

Sure I wanted Liz’s parents to like me, but I wasn’t going to change who I was for them, or anyone. I’d just have to prove to them that Liz was in good hands with me, no matter how many tattoos or piercings I had.

With a smile, I glanced again at my hair. I had actually been considering a change for a while. Maybe I’d get it shortened up a bit.

On my way home I stopped and got some lunch at a deli, and then walked the couple of blocks back to the loft.

Now that I’d started thinking about Liz’s parents I couldn’t seem to turn it off. The deli had an advertisement for catered Thanksgiving dinners, and for the first time I realized that the holiday was less than a month away.

Liz hadn’t mentioned to me what her plans were, and I couldn’t help thinking that her parents would expect her to come home. I’d have to ask her. It would be a perfect time for me to finally meet her family.

I put the key in the loft door, and pushed it open, calling out. “Angel, I brought some lunch.”

She stepped out of the bedroom, waving to me and pointing to her cell phone she was talking into.

I nodded, put the bag on the table, and started getting out plates while she finished her call.

Taking a beer out of the fridge, I popped off the cap and took a gulp as I sat at the table. I really wasn’t trying to listen to Liz’s conversation, but some of her words carried out from the other room.

“Mom, he’s just a friend,” she said. “We’re studying together.”

I nearly dropped the bottle I was holding, and beer splashed down the front of me.

What the fuck?

A friend?

I sat the beer safely aside as my mind raced.

Liz obviously hadn’t even told her parents we were dating, much less that she lived with me. And suddenly I realized that’s why her parents never called the loft. They might not even know Liz had moved out of her apartment.

What the hell was Liz doing?

Was she lying to her parents because she knew they wouldn’t approve, or was it something else?

She didn’t mind being seen with me on campus in a strange town, but her parents didn’t even know of my existence. Was she embarrassed of me?

I was ready to ask Liz to marry me, and I know she loves me, but maybe she wasn’t in the same place. Maybe she wasn’t even thinking of anything long-term, but simply a college fling.

She was young, and we’d never actually discussed marriage, but many times she’d said she wanted to spend her life with me. I’d been so confident that she’d want to marry me, but maybe I was moving too fast.

At that moment, Liz came out of the bedroom.

“What did you get for…” she trailed off as her eyes focused on my face. “What’s wrong?” she asked breathlessly. “You’re white as a sheet.”

“I’m a friend?” I said, my voice sounding low and gruff. I knew I should be angry, but at the moment I was having a hard time breathing, thinking I might lose her. “You haven’t told your parents about us at all.”

The color drained out of Liz’s face and her eyes grew huge. “I…” she whispered. “You weren’t supposed to hear. I…”

I spoke over her. “I wasn’t supposed to hear that I’m a dirty secret?”

Tears welled in her eyes. “No, Zan…”

I continued, cutting her off, my voice soft and dull, almost emotionless with shock. “I’m good enough to fuck, but not to tell your parents about.”

She rushed toward me, dropping to her knees at my feet and taking my hands in hers. “Please Zan, it’s nothing like that,” she said tearfully, looking up into my stunned face. “Let me explain.”

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t. I could hardly breathe.

“Please,” she begged, her grip on my hands tightening. “Please understand, I couldn’t tell my parents. I was so afraid they would do something to break us up.”

“What?” I asked incredulously.

“I love you,” she rushed on, as tears ran down her cheeks. “I love you so much, and I was afraid they would do something to make you leave me.”

My brow creased in confusion. Maybe I wasn’t understanding her. She thought if she told her parents, they would do something to us?

“What could they do?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she gasped, as she held my eyes. “I thought maybe they might hire a detective. Maybe there was something in your past they could use against you, ruin your reputation so you couldn’t sell your art, or even get you arrested. Or maybe they’d cut off my money and I couldn’t afford to stay at school, and they’d make me come home.”

Liz shook her head frantically. “I didn’t want to take the chance. I love you, Zan. All I want to be with you.”

Relief flooded through me, making me feel almost faint. I should have known better. Liz was always so open with her feelings, I can’t believe I doubted her for even a moment. I was just in shock from hearing what she said, and maybe a bit of my insecurity was showing through.

I slid out of the chair, kneeling in front of her, putting us eye to eye. Reaching out I cupped her cheek, holding her, making her look at me. “Baby, there is nothing your parents can do to us. We are both adults, we want to be together, and they can’t stop us.”

“But you don’t know my Dad,” she continued in a rush. “He won’t approve. He’d be bugging us all the time, and I thought you might get sick of how much trouble it would be, and decide you were better off without me.”

I shook my head. “It’s never going to happen.”

With my thumb, I wiped at her tears. “You know I already have more money than I need, and if your father did cut you off, I’d take care of you. Your scholarship covers most of your school expenses, you already have a place to live, and I’d make sure you had anything else you need.”

“I couldn’t let you do that,” she said breathlessly. “I won’t take your money, Zan. I don’t want you to think that I’m only with you because of the money.”

“Angel, I know you love me, not the money.”

I kissed her forehead. “And all that other stuff, Liz, it’s just not an issue. You know all about my past. There is nothing anyone could really use against me. Your father can’t do anything to me that would make me give you up.”

I couldn’t believe that she’d worked herself into such a state and I hadn’t known anything about it. But she’d kept it from me because she was genuinely scared that her parents would keep us apart.

“It’s okay, Angel,” I soothed. “Nobody is going to take you away from me.”

“Zan,” she whispered, as more tears spilled down her cheeks, “I love you so much. All I want is to stay here with you.”

Leaning in I kissed away her tears. “I love you too, angel, and neither of us is going anywhere.”

My lips met hers and all the anxiety I had felt about losing her was turned instantly in desire.

Liz must have felt the same way too, because her arms wrapped around my neck as she kissed me hard.

I growled into her mouth and she scooted forward, straddling my legs, pressing her body to mine. Holding the back of her head I devoured her mouth as her hot core settled over my rapidly hardening cock.

She rocked against me, her hands going to the hem of my shirt, and I broke our kiss briefly to help her pull it over my head. Our mouths crashed together and I felt Liz’s small hands stroking over my chest and stomach, wandering lower. When she reached my belt she pulled at it, fumbling to unfasten it without looking.

Obviously she wanted me, and I always wanted her.

While she worked my belt open I slid my hands under her shirt, caressing up her back to unfasten her bra. Then I pulled at the hem of her shirt, sliding it and her bra strap down one arm, making her pause in unsnapping my jeans.

She wiggled out of her shirt and bra and I worked on her unfastening her jeans.

Liz lifted her hips and I slid two fingers into her panties, stroking her. I considered for a brief moment not bothering to remove the jeans she was wearing all the way, but I really wanted her completely naked.

I got up, taking her with me and carried her into our room and to the bed, placing her on it. She quickly she shimmied out of the rest of her clothes, and while I watched her, I discarded mine as well.

She rose up on her knees, reaching for me and I didn’t keep her waiting. She kissed me hungrily, pulling me onto the bed, and used her body-weight to turn us so I was kneeling on the bed too.

“Let me show you,” she said between kisses, “how much I love you.”

I was surprised but pleased, and let her have her way.

She didn’t wait for an answer but resumed her place on top of me, gripping my erection and taking it inside her wet heat.

I’d planned on a bit more foreplay, but my angel couldn’t wait, and how could I deny her.

Her hips swayed slowly, keeping me deep inside, and as she moved she continued our kiss.

I cupped her cheek, holding her close, and my other hand went to the small of her back. Her skin felt like silk under my fingers, and I slowly caressed up and down her spine.

One of her hands gripped the back of my head, while the other stroked over my chest. After a moment her lips left mine, kissing down my chin, across my neck.

Her soft lips felt like feathers on my skin at first, and then she kissed me harder, sucking, nipping and I knew she would leave a mark.

My fingers slid into her hair, holding her. She felt so amazing.

Her whole body was pressed to mine as she continued to move on me. The hard tips of her nipples raked across my chest, her silky thighs encased my legs, and her velvety pussy slid over my cock.

“Oh baby,” I moaned.

As her lips moved lower, her hand smoothed down my chest brushing over my pecs. Her mouth followed the same path, scraping her teeth across my nipples before drawing her tongue over them, worshipping my body.

She started to move a little faster, undulating her hips as she kissed her way back up to my neck again.

“You feel so good,” she said between kisses.

I smiled. “Angel, you can ride me any time you want.”

Tipping her chin up, I pressed my lips to hers, kissing her lingeringly. I know she wanted to show me how much she loves me, but she didn’t need to. She shows me in so many ways every day.

I was more concerned about making her cum.

When she’s on top, she always climaxes so quickly, and I wanted to get her there again and again.

Sliding my hand down between us, I found her clit, stroking it. She arched back and gasped, and I knew my cock had hit her G-spot.

She started moving faster, and I pumped my hips up into her as I continued to rub her clit. I held her back, supporting her as her body continued to bow with the pleasure.

Leaning forward, I took her bouncing breast into my mouth, sucking her rosy tip. Her breath came in quick pants, and her hands clutched at me as she came.

She collapsed into my arms, and I held her tightly as the sensations rushed through her.

After a moment she kissed my neck. “I was supposed to be showing you how much I love you,” she purred.

“You did, angel,” I said, kissing her forehead. “You let me give you pleasure,” I kissed her cheek, “and you respond to me so uninhibitedly,” I kissed her other cheek, “I can always tell how much you love me.”

I pressed my lips to hers. “But I’ll let you show me again,” I said with a wink.

I lowered her back onto the bed, careful to stay inside her. Her sweet ass rested in my lap and I kissed my way across her body, lifting myself until I was sitting again. She was at a slightly downward angle and I grasped her hips, holding her, and pushed forward, settling even deeper into her.

We’d never tried this position before, but I was already liking it. I was on my knees and Liz’s whole body was displayed to me, all the way to where we were joined together. It would give me a lot of traction to move. I’d be making her scream my name in no time.

With a jerk I pulled her even closer to me, fitting our bodies tightly together, drawing a gasp of pleasure from Liz. Holding her eyes, which were wide with anticipation, I started moving.

In this position I knew every stroke of my cock inside her would hit her G-spot, and she would cum quickly. I started out slowly, staying deep within her, holding her hips as I pumped into her.

Liz moaned, her body arching. She had nothing to grasp on to, and her hands slid across the bed, briefly searching, before finally clutching the sheets.

Her breasts bounced to the rhythm I was setting, and I thrust into her harder to see them move faster.

She started to rock with me, her legs tight around my waist, lifting her hips to meet me. I thrust into her faster and faster, watching her every reaction. I could see the pleasure filling her, sending small shocks through her.

Her head started to turn restlessly from side to side, as her back arched. Her breath came in quick pants and her inner muscles began to pulse around me.

I watched her body moving with mine, straining to meet my strokes as she got closer to climax.

I sped up even more, pounding into her. She seemed to tighten all around me, her body stilling as she bowed back, and then she came.

Eagerly I watched her face as the pleasure took her. She seemed to almost glow with it, and I felt a deep satisfaction that I was the one who had given it to her.

Her pussy squeezed my cock hard, trying to bring on my own climax, but I refused to give in. I intended to watch Liz cum again.

I smoothed my hand possessively over her, slowly stroking across both breasts and down her stomach, sending more shocks of pleasure through her over-sensitized body.

After a few minutes, she relaxed and her breathing slowed. I leaned forward, pressing our bodies together and kissing her.

“Mmmmm angel,” I whispered, grazing her lips, “you are so beautiful when you cum.”

She blushed, but smiled as her arms wrapped around me. “So are you,” she said playfully, “so let me see it.”

I smiled back, kissing her again. “You’ll see it,” I rasped, “right after I make you scream my name.”

I took my time, indulging in a little of the foreplay I’d wanted earlier. My mouth closed over her right breast, savoring her sweetness. I sucked her softly, kneading her flesh with my lips and tongue.

Her fingers tangled into my hair, holding me, and she arched up. “Zan,” she gasped.

Sucking harder, I scraped my teeth across her hard nub, before laving it with my tongue. Then I switched sides. I kissed the side of her breast and then the valley between before concentrating on her other succulent mound.

Nuzzling the side, I let my short, scruffy beard rasp across her soft skin, making her shiver with desire. I kissed the round underside and slowly moved up. Avoiding her tip with my mouth, I used my chin stud to circle her areola before rubbing it over her nub. She gasped and I flattened my tongue, I brushed it hard over her tight nipple, soothing but arousing her.

At the same time I took her other breast in the palm of my hand, sweeping across her other nub with my thumb.

I felt a shock of electricity rip through her, and her liquid pussy pulsed around my cock. I groaned. I was barely holding on to my control as it was, and I had to start moving.

Being on my knees gave me an amazing amount of traction. I could easily do deep or shallow strokes and control them completely.

I pulled out of her almost all the way and then pushed inside only a couple of inches.

Liz whimpered and I knew the head of my cock had hit her G-spot. I concentrated on surging into her the same way again and again, and her hands grasped at my back as her legs tightened around me.

“Oh yes, Zan,” she panted.

Her breath came faster and faster and I felt her inner muscles flutter around me a moment before she came. But I didn’t stop. Instead I slammed completely inside her, sheathing my entire length in her before I withdrew and did it again.

I slowed down. This time I was going to stay deep inside her sweet pussy.

Grasping her hips with both hands, I held her as I slid in and out, lowering my mouth to her breast.

Liz’s fingers tightened around the muscles in my back, and she thrust her hips up to meet mine. “Zan,” she breathed, “it’s so good.”

My own breath was coming in harsh pants like I’d run a mile. I pounded into her harder and faster with every stroke. I was gritting my teeth not to cum, and I had to hurry and bring Liz again before I exploded.

Her pussy squeezed my cock and I released her breast, growling. “Oh fuck!”

I sped up even more, our bodies slamming together. Sliding one hand inward, between us, I found her clit and rubbed it quickly.

She tightened up, arching back and her nails dug into me as her pussy squeezed my cock and she came again. She cried out, her body convulsing with the power of it, and I let her take me with her over the edge.

I groaned with the incredible release, my hips surging into her as I emptied myself deep inside.

Pressing our bodies together, I nuzzled the side of her neck as we breathed heavily together. I could still feel the tremors of the orgasm washing through her for long minutes afterward.

“We are so amazing together, baby,” I whispered, kissing her neck. “It just keeps getting better and better.”

Wrapping my arms around her I brought her with me as I sat up, holding her to me. She smiled languidly, obviously well satisfied, and smoothed her small hands over my back. “Mmmm yes,” she purred.

I kissed her chin and then her lips. “I love how you respond to me, and I especially love watching you cum.” I kissed her again. “You are so incredible.”

She fitted her lips to mine. “And you are incredibly handsome and strong and talented and understanding. And I love how you make me feel.”

I couldn’t help but smile. “And how do I make you feel, angel?” I asked softly.

Reaching up she touched my cheek. “You make me feel sexy and beautiful and loved and complete.”

I kissed her lingeringly. “You’re all of that and more.”

“And how do I make you feel?” she asked.

Holding her eyes I answered solemnly. “Baby, you make me feel alive. Strong but soft at the same time, and my heart is so full. I never imagined I could feel so good.”

“I love you so much,” I whispered against her lips. “We’re perfect together, and no one is going to keep us apart. Not even your parents.”

Tears gathered in her eyes. “I love you, Zan.”

Pulling back a little I reached up to stroke the moisture off her cheek.

“But we have to tell them,” I said, holding her eyes. “I don’t like the idea of sneaking around behind their backs, hiding, like we’re doing something wrong.”

She shook her head, obviously still upset about it, but I continued before she could speak. “You can’t keep us a secret from them forever. Your parents will find out eventually, and it would be better if we told them.”

“What am I going to do?” she gasped.

I could see the fear in her eyes. She really was worried her father could chase me away.

Gently I stroked her cheek. “Hey, it will be okay,” I assured her. “Even if we have to work on your parents, it will come out okay in the end.”

“But we don’t have to tell them now, do we?” she asked hopefully.

I smiled. “What were you going to do about Thanksgiving, angel?” I asked. “Aren’t your parents expecting you to come home? And what about me?”

“I hadn’t thought that far ahead,” she admitted breathlessly.

“Let’s get dressed,” I said. “Then we can call them back, and tell them the truth. I’ll sit next to you the whole time, holding your hand, and I can talk to them too.”

She nodded but still looked scared, and I was pretty nervous myself. I’d hoped to make a good impression on Liz’s parents, but the fact that Liz had been keeping us a secret for months pretty much guaranteed to turn them immediately against me. No doubt they would blame me.

We quickly dressed and I was disappointed that Liz was covering her beautiful body, but I couldn’t be distracted by her while was I trying to make a good impression on her parents.

Liz took my hand. “I’m sorry, Zan. I didn’t mean to lie to them. I just didn’t know what to do. Everything between us is so great and I don’t want it to end. I just want you all to myself.”

I knew exactly how she felt, and I couldn’t blame her for being afraid of losing me. I just wish she’d told me earlier. “Nothing is going to end,” I promised her.

We sat on the edge of the bed and Liz picked up her phone, but turned to look at me. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

I nodded. “Yeah,” I said, with what I hoped was a reassuring smile. “But maybe,” I suggested, leaning in and kissing the side of her head, “we’d better leave out the part about how quickly you moved in with me.”



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