This part of the story isn't revealed until Book 10.
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In my story Lonni didn't lead Liz, Maria and Michael didn't find the real 'destiny book' translation. It had too many things in it that she didn't want them to know, so she changed it to a lot of irrelevant gibberish about abduction scenarios.

But Max and Liz figured out that it isn't the real translation and have it re-done.

Below is the translation according to my story.


You are the Royal four. Zan the King, Ava his Queen, Vilondra his sister, Rath his Counselor. You were created from the genetic material of your alien predecessors and human subjects. You were given human form so that you could live safely on this planet undetected until the time comes for your return.

I, King Zantor Tageonant, write this in hopes it will never be used but with the escalating hostilities, coupled with Ava’s predictions, that now seems impossible. But working together, we, your predecessors, have devised a plan that will give us a second chance to defeat our enemies.

This book is not meant to be a comprehensive instruction manual but simply a brief outline, a starting place, in case anything goes wrong. You have been sent to Earth with four, loyal, shape shifters, who will protect you from danger and keep you hidden, and a powerful machine called the Granolith.

The source of its power is unknown but practically limitless and its uses are many. However the Granolith was not meant to be used as a weapon and should never be corrupted in that way. It is easily converted to different tasks, including being used as an additional power boost for the transport. Even when not used with a ship, the Granolith is capable of transporting the entire party back to Antar in about an hour.

To control the Granolith, simply create a six-sided, six inch crystal, using a silicone-based material, and direct the intended actions into it with your powers. Insert the crystal into the Granolith’s base and the action will be carried-out immediately. For example, one could specify a departure time and destination for the return to Antar.

A control crystal is not always required for the Granolith. Ava and I are both capable of contacting and directing the Granolith through our connection. We have turned to the Granolith in times of difficulty. It can help focus powers and make minds clear.

The Granolith is very special and should be carefully protected. The chamber containing your hibernation pods and the Granolith has been hidden away from human settlement. It can only be accessed by the four of you and your protectors.

You have also been given communications technology which will allow you to access information from your true home. Three orbs with the symbol of Antar were sent to Earth with you. Be wary of using the orbs to send messages because the signal is easily tracked and could lead our enemies to you. Retrieving messages sent from Antar can be safely done by simply focusing your energy into one of the orbs.

Your hybrid bodies will have capabilities of both humans and Antarians but the limitations and benefits are largely unknown. Procreation is possible between the pairs, but the exact length of the term is unknown. Based on the Antarian pregnancy term of sixteen months and the human term of nine months, the scientists have estimated that a hybrid pregnancy term will be twelve months.

Offspring will appear human but will have powers like any Antarian child. Unlike you, they will have powers from birth, so be careful to keep them hidden from humans, until they are able to control themselves.

Study and learn all you can about the history of Antar and Earth, focusing on warfare, politics and law. Use the memory retrieval devices to regain the experiences of your other life. Develop your powers and special abilities to gain precise control, because they weaken and become unreliable with disuse. But do not even consider returning home until you reach your mid to late twenties. The scientists estimate that you won’t gain the full extent of your powers until then.

In closing, I offer one final warning. Do not trust our enemy Khivar or any of his underlings or followers. Do not believe any truce or treaty he may offer because he is treacherous and false in all of his dealings.

The task before you may seem overwhelming but the fate of your friends, family and subjects on five worlds are depending on you. Trust in your hearts and instincts and you will prevail.

Alpha & Omega
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