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parsec - 3.26 light years
Antar is 520 light years (160 parsecs) from Earth, in the Whirlwind Galaxy

The planet Antar is in a solar system that consists of five habitable planets that orbit in very close proxmity to one another. Antar has a comparable orbit to Earth, giving Antar (and the other planets) a similar system of time to Earth. (ie. 1 Earth year = approx. 1 Antarian year, 1 Antarian day = 24 Earth hours) The Antarian year is divided into 10 months with 38 days each, making the Antarian year 380 days long.

Antarians are humanoid and are similar in appearance to humans but their lifespan is typically 350 to 400 years. Antarians progress through childhood much like humans but when the reach adulthood they age 4 to 5 times slower. Most are born with some psychic abilities that differ in strength and type with the individual. Almost all Antarians have the basic ability to alter molecular structure to some degree, but some have other mental abilities such as dream walking, empathy, mind warping, mind reading & prognostication, etc. The most powerful Antarians have the ability to sense when power is being used and can even tell who the power belongs to because each person's power has a distinctive feel.

The Antarians have built up their technology and society over thousands of years. With their advanced technology and psychic abilities they have practically wiped out disease and crime on their planet and have concentrated on space exploration for centuries.

In the course of their explorations they have discovered many peopled worlds including Earth. The Antarians were especially interested in Earth because of the similarities between humans and themselves. The Antarians believe that their race must have evolved from a race very similar to humans. One of the similarities is the size and configuration of the brain although the humans have not learned to use all of the capabilities of their brains.

In other explorations the Antarians discovered a world inhabited with shape shifters. They took genetic samples and engineered humanoid shape shifters to be used in a variety of tasks but most especially for protection. They are highly prized because they not only have shape shifting abilities but also the psychic abilities of the Antarians and must be loyal to their masters because of their genetic coding. Their base form is a small genderless humanoid being but they can form any organic object, such as animals, plants, rocks, etc. Because of their genetic engineering they are able to adapt to just about any atmosphere. Their life span is 700-800 years.

The Antarians often trade medical and technical knowledge with other worlds. Thousands of years ago the Antarians acquired the Granolith from a highly advanced race, known as the Lathens. The Granolith was to be used to enhance power for creation, healing and faster-than-light travel. At first the Antarians used the Granolith as it was intended but they started to imagine that it could be used as an enhancement to power weapons. They tried to copy it and produce others but it used technology that they did not understand and could not duplicate. War after war was waged to determine who would control its power and soon it became a symbol of the leader of Antar. Whoever controlled the Granolith controlled the planet.

There are two races of people that inhabit Antar, the Tageions, inhabiting the north, led, for thousands of years, by the Tageonant family and the Harcions, inhabiting the south, now led by the Roistar family. These families gained leadership because of the strong psychic abilities that are passed down through their lines. For millennia the two races have fought for control of the planet but for the last three thousand years the Tageonant family has had ultimate control and there has been peace. The Tageonant family was able to gain control of Antar with the power of the Granolith and through alliances with some of the other planets in the system and now the leaders of the planets bow to the head of the Tageonants as the trusted and wise leader of the five worlds.

During the wars, the people looked to the Tageonants as the saviors of the planet and a hierarchical system of government arose. The head of the Tageonant family declared himself King and appointed powerful friends and relatives to a sort of legislature, called the Council so it would appear that the people had some voice in the government but in reality the nobility only concentrated on making their own lives better. The government is mostly run by men. Women are allowed to hold some possessions but the rulers are always men.

As part of the peace settlement with the Roistar family, they were also declared royalty and were given seats on the Council.

For the last hundred years King Zantar Tageonant has ruled Antar. His wife is Queen Nedra and they have two children, the Princess Vilondra and Prince Zantor. Even though Vilondra is older, Zan is the heir to the throne because he is male.

In the past ten years, hostilities have escalated between the Tageonants and the Roistars again and some skirmishes have broken out along the north-south border. The royal Duke Plavar Roistar, leader of the Harcions has broken off diplomatic avenues and King Zantar, fearful of an all-out war has invited the Roistar family to a peace conference at his palace in the capitol city of Tageonon.


A few dates in Antarian History

Antar Year Earth Year Event
9553 12728 B.C. The Lathens give the Granolith to the Antarians
10317 - 2183 11867 - 19674 B.C. The war between the Tageions and Harcions
for control of Antar
19674 2119 B.C. Zantas Tageonant declares himself King of Antar
and forms the Council
23173 1462 The red star is extinguished
23331 1627 Antarians visit Earth
23518 1821 Zantar Tageonant (Zan's father) is crowned King


The Planets of the Antarian Royal Seal



The planets in the Antarian
Royal Seal, with orbits
compared with

the Pictogram Representation
of the Antarian System

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