These are definitions for the entire story.
Continue carefully if you don't want to be exposed to spoilers.



Sephtafus - Antarian mythical goddess of good fortune the ship that brought the shape shifters and the pods to Earth

Leptes - the Antarian word for vengeance the ship that brought the skins to Earth

trithium amplification generator aka. amplifier - the black, chevron-shaped device that is used by the Skins for communication and suspending the powers of Antarians among other things.

transverse thought projector - the device used by Antarians to amplify their powers to 'possess' humans.

Veritem Generator - aka. the Greenis - the device (green rod) used by the skins in the episode Wipeout to make the humans disappear

parsec - 3.26 light years

legion - a unit of soldiers containing 5000 men

squad - a unit of soldiers containing 9-10 men, trained to act together


Nantan - apache word spokesman

Hale hero

Sinclair - clear sign

Nathaniel gift of God

Alpha & Omega

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