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You may want to read this first to understand what is going on. Explains the political system on Antar and the origin of the Granalith, gives a background on the different races of people and sets tone for Book 11.

des-ti-ny -
1 : a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency

de-sign -
1 : to create, execute or construct according to plan
2 : to conceive and plan out in the mind
3 : to devise for a specific function or end

bane -
1 : killer, slayer, poison, a source of harm or ruin


DISCLAIMER: Some of the dialogue used was taken from the episodes and I am not claiming credit for having written it but used it simply to set up the tone of a scene or show parallels between lives and realities.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the story of Zan and Ava on Antar. What happened between Vilondra and Khivar and the events that led to the deaths of the Royal Four.

1. What was the relationship between Zan and Ava?
2. Did Vilondra betray her family for her lover, Khivar?
3. What happened to the Royal Four?


Who's Who & Name Pronunciations


Tageions (tauj'-ee-ons) - people inhabiting the north lands
Royal Prince Zantor Tageonant (tauj'-o-nant) - (Zan) - Max - heir to the Antarian throne
Royal Princess Vilondra Tageonant - Isabel - Zan�s sister
King Zantar Tageonant - Zan & Vilondra's father
Queen Nedra Tageonant (ne'-dra) - Zan & Vilondra's mother

Tageonon (tauj'-o-non) - the capitol city of Antar, where the King's palace is located
Sodan (so-dan) - Nasedo - Zan's most trusted protector
Jensto (jens-toe) - a scientist in Zan's employ
General Toaks - named Zan's second in command after Rath died - Queen Nedra�s head General in the resistance against Khivar
The Sephtafus (named for the Antarian mythical goddess of good fortune) - the ship sent to Earth with the pods and the shape shifters

Sir Alarath Varros (Rath) - Michael - Zan's best friend and second in command
Kaldar - Tic Tac - Rath's most trusted protector
Duke Colrath Varros - Rath's father and a Senator
Sir Aladar Varros - Colrath Varros' uncle and Rath's great uncle - a leading scientist who headed the project to destroy the red giant

Telos - The providence over which Duke Telnada oversees
Lady Avalynd Telnada (Ava) - Zan's young bride
Royal Governor Duke Hortos Telnada - Ava's father
Duchess Celyn Telnada (say'-lin) - Ava's mother

Lady Chanya Santas (shawn'-ya) - Vilondra's friend
Udac (oo-dac) - Chanya's handmaid and protector
Sir Feron Santas - Chanya's father and senator

Harcions (Har-see-ons) - people inhabiting the south lands
Sir Khivar Roistar (roys'-tar) - Senator in the Council
Royal Duke Plavar Roistar (pla-var') - leader of the Harcions - Khivar's father
General Calles Nicaron (kal-ees) (ni-ca'-ron) - Nicholas - Khivar's right hand and head general
Lieutenant Scorene - (skor-ra-nay) - Courtney - Rath's childhood friend
Major Grester - T. Greer - head of the Vilondra project
Colonel Jafto - Walt Crawford - Nicholas' second in command
The Leptes (the Antarian word for Vengeance) - the ship Khivar sent to Earth with Nicholas and the skins

Shape Shifters sent to Earth with the Pods
Sodan - Nasedo - expert in hand-to-hand and weapons combat and a pilot - special ability energy blasts
Letras (le-tras) - Zan's former tutor, expert in philosophy, history and military tactics
Cuerena (soor'-ren-ya) - Serena - scientist and Granolith expert - special ability illusion
Kaldar - Tic Tac - expert in hand-to-hand and weapons combat - special ability empath

Leaders of the other planets in the Antarian system
Larek - Brody - Royal Duke of Talros (tal'-ros)
Hanar - Minister of Sofek (so-fec')
Sero - Chancellor of Yedom (yea'-dom)
Kathana - Royal Duchess of Ravok (ra'-voc)

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