(Episode - End of the World)

(Wednesday, October 25, 2000)


Max stumbled blindly away from Liz's balcony, the sight of her in bed with Kyle, the only thing he could see.  He wasn't capable of rational thought, the grief of losing Liz so suddenly and unexpectedly, overshadowed everything else.  He walked away from the building, giving no thought to a destination, just knowing he had to get away. 


Unmindful of how he got there, he eventually found himself in the park and collapsed onto a bench, his strength suddenly leaving him.  He still couldn't believe what he had seen, but the scene played over and over in his head, forcing him to acknowledge the truth.  He felt as if the world had suddenly turned on its side and everything he had ever believed was a lie. 


Liz, his best friend, his love, his soul mate, had betrayed him in the worst way possible and things would never be the same again.  Even though they were not together, he had known there would never be anyone else for him or Liz.  They loved one another too completely to ever contemplate being with anyone else.  Max had felt with a soul-deep certainty that it was just a matter of time until Liz stopped fighting him and they would be reunited.  She loved him as much as he loved her and the only reason she had insisted on keeping them apart was because she thought it was for his own good.






Tess walked through the park as she often did in the evenings contemplating the events of the day.  Max had been on her mind so much lately that it didn't surprise her to see him, but she was surprised by the state she found him in.  She slowly approached him but Max was so absorbed in his misery that he didn't even notice her until she spoke to him, "Are you okay?"


Surprised by Tess' appearance Max answered truthfully, "No."


Tess was unsure of what to do.  Max looked like he had lost his best friend and even though she knew she was the last person he wanted to talk to, she really didn't think he should be alone.  "Can I sit down?"


Max looked at Tess strangely, her question catching him off guard, "Sure."


They sat in silence for a few moments and Tess wondered what could have done this to Max.  It wasn't like him to fall apart.  He was usually so controlled but she could tell he was on the edge.  "Do you wanna talk about it?" she asked softly.


"No," Max said, his grief making his voice gruff.


Tess winced, interpreting his harsh tone as being directed toward her.  Maybe Max really wanted to be alone and felt she was intruding.  She hesitatingly asked him the question she had been dreading, "Do you want me to leave?"


Max looked at Tess, sitting next to him.  He didn't know what he expected but it wasn't the vulnerable look he saw in her eyes.  He had always thought she was so single-minded about their mission that she never had a doubt, never questioned her place in the grand design.  But as he studied her, he could see that she was scared too.  She had asked him if he wanted her to leave and his first impulse had been to say yes, but he could tell she was asking not just about this night but about their lives.  What she was really asking him was did he want her to leave his life.


Suddenly Max felt ashamed.  Tess had no friends or family other than Isabel, Michael and himself and he had made her feel like an outsider in her own family.  He had treated her like she had no place among them, like she would contaminate them somehow, and he was sorry.  Tess had nowhere else to go, and being the leader, he was ultimately responsible for her.  "No," he said softly, answering her question.


Tess could practically feel the grief pouring off of Max and she instinctively wanted to offer comfort, but she was not sure of how Max would receive her gesture.  She reached out tentatively and gently placed her hand on his shoulder, ready to pull it back immediately if he was offended.  But when he looked at her with his tear-filled eyes, she knew he had accepted the gesture in the spirit she had offered it. 


Tess suddenly felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from her.  She had struggled all of those months trying to get Max to see her and now he finally had.  It meant the world to her that the man she loved had finally accepted her as a friend.


Max let her hand rest on his shoulder and turned and looked out into the night, not ready for her to see the extent of his grief.  "Liz slept with Kyle," he said in a broken voice. 


"What?" Tess asked.  She couldn't have been more surprised if Max had said the moon had fallen out of the sky.  But then she remembered what Liz had said to her when she had offered to help with Max. 




Tess, I am sick of living like this, and I'm not gonna be free to move on unless I get Max to move on.




Tess remembered that Liz had been almost desperate for Tess to accept her offer of help.  Tess had believed Liz to be sincere about helping her with Max, but she hadn't realized the lengths Liz would be willing to go.


Max continued as if Tess hadn't spoken.  "I can hardly believe it's really true, but I saw it with my own eyes."  His voice became softer as he spoke and he ended the sentence in a whisper.


Tess was genuinely surprised by the extent of Max's grief.  Max had told her many times he loved Liz, but Tess had never even suspected that his feelings for the human ran so deep.  "I'm so sorry Max," Tess said sincerely.


"I love her so much," he continued, "and she loves me.  How could she have done it?  Didn't she have any faith in me, in us?"


Tess answered honestly, "I don't know."






(Liz's balcony)


Song Playing: Without You Feels by Seven Mary Three


Liz stopped her spin and turned back to the older Max, but he wasn't where she expected him to be.  She looked around, but suddenly the truth of the situation struck her.  Max was gone.  The plan had worked, they had changed the time line and he was gone.  She wavered unsteadily on her feet, feeling as if she might faint, more alone than she had ever been in her life. 


Automatically her eyes were drawn to the sky, and a shooting star passed overhead as if it were heralding Max's death and carrying his soul into the heavens.


Liz stood in shock, unable to believe that Max was really lost to her forever.  Intellectually she had known she would never be with her Max again, but now that the Max from the future was gone, she knew the end had come.  She could no longer pretend she would have a future with Max, she couldn't let the world be destroyed because she and Max loved one another.  So she had traded her life with Max, for the safety of everyone on Earth.  And even though Liz thought the satisfaction of saving the planet should have been enough, she was already grieving the loss of her love. 


It had almost killed her to have to cause Max so much pain.  Liz could still see the look of horror and agony on Max's face as he had gazed through her window and she knew it would haunt her the rest of her life.  As he had stumbled away, it was as if Liz could feel the pain Max was experiencing.  It felt like a physical object had crushed her chest, driving the air from her lungs, and for the space of several heartbeats she thought she would die. 


Liz had thought it had taken all of her courage to turn away from Max at the cave last summer, but she had been horribly wrong.  She had been forced to summon a strength she didn't know she possessed to stop herself from running after Max when he had seen her in bed with Kyle, wanting nothing more than to soothe the lines of agony from Max’s face.  Loving him like she did, she was willing to sacrifice anything to stop Max's pain, and the only reason she stopped herself from telling him the truth was because Max himself had asked her to do it.


She would have rather died herself than pretend to betray him, but the older Max had been convinced it was the only way to save them.  Liz hadn't wanted to believe him but she had come to the conclusion that she could not be with Max when she had heard the message from his mother in the cave.  Even without the message, Liz would have done anything he asked of her; he was Max and she loved him with everything she was. 


She couldn't believe how unfair life was.  Even though she had not been with Max, she had known they would always love one another.  She had told him they couldn't be together and she had really believed it was for the best, but she knew that Max would never stop loving her.  And she had held on to the hope that one day it would be possible for them to be together, somehow.  But now, after what she had done to push him away, she had given up hope.  She had killed Max's love for her, and eventually he would turn to Tess.


Liz collapsed onto her lawn chair and she let the tears that had been threatening for days, flow freely down her cheeks as she mourned her lost love and the heroic Max from the future who had sacrificed himself to give them a better life.






(Episode - Harvest)

(Thursday, October 26th, 2000)

(West Roswell High School)


Song Playing: It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing by Shania Twain


Kyle watched Liz closely throughout their History class.  Last night she had been so devastated after Max left, she had barely said a word.  He had wanted to stay and make sure she was okay but she had obviously been anxious for him to leave.


Today it seemed as if all of the life had been taken out of Liz.  She moved in a slow, jerky manner as if she were in physical pain, and the light of curiosity and intelligence that usually shined from her eyes had been replaced by a spiritless, unseeing stare.  She was obviously still deeply affected by what had happened the night before.


Kyle had recently read a quote by the Buddha that he thought described Liz perfectly.  Good people shine from afar, like snowy mountains.  As he studied her, her could still see the golden light shining from her but it was dulled like a dark cloud blocking the light of the sun. 


He didn't know why Liz had asked him to help her make Max think they had slept together, but she had been so desperate when she had come to him yesterday, that he couldn't deny her.  He'd wanted to find out what had really happened so he could comfort her, but he knew she wouldn't allow it.  She had deflected all of his questions by simply saying she couldn't tell him.  He didn't know what had happened to make her think she needed to take such drastic action but something was definitely wrong. 


Even though he had originally thought that Max had come between himself and Liz, Kyle had been forced to admit some time ago, it wasn't the truth.  Max and Liz had something special between them and they would have found one another eventually.  Liz had explained her reasons for leaving Max over the summer, but Kyle had always thought it was only a matter of time before they got together again.


When the bell rang signaling the end of class Kyle followed Liz into the hall and pulled her aside.  "Liz I don't know what happened last night," he held up a hand to stop her objection, "and you don't have to tell me."  He released a sigh, "But Liz something is wrong, I know it is, and if you ever need to talk or just need a friend, I'm here for you."


Liz smiled.  Kyle was becoming a really good guy just like the Max from the future had said.  She touched his arm, "Thanks Kyle."






(Congresswoman Whitaker's Office)

(Roswell, NM)


Song Playing: With or Without You by U2


Liz stayed behind after the others had left, claiming that she needed to straighten up, but she really needed a few minutes to collect herself after Max's accusations.  Never in her wildest imaginings had she thought that Max would stop trusting her, but he obviously had.  Somehow word of Whitaker's death had gotten out and she had been Max's first and only suspect.  She supposed she should have suspected it was possible he would lose faith in her, but they had been through so much together, she simply hadn't expected him to turn on her so completely.


A solitary tear ran down her cheek and she brushed it impatiently away; she had to be stronger than this if she were to convince Max it was true.  She had to harden her heart against his remarks and grieve his loss in solitary.  She knew that in Max's mind she had betrayed him in the worst possible way and she deserved to suffer.  He was simply striking out because of the pain that she had caused him. 






Song Playing: Breathe by Greenwheel


Max sat behind Liz and studied the back of her head as she drove the Jeep down the dark road, toward Copper Summit.  He had been up all night last night, trying to figure out what he had really seen at Liz's house, but he was still no closer to a solution.  He had seen the evidence with his own eyes, but he just couldn't accept it and the more he thought about it, the more he was convinced it couldn't be true.  Everything in his heart told him the Liz he knew would never have betrayed him. 


As she drove, Liz could feel Max's gaze burning into the back of her head, and she nervously glanced in the mirror at him.  "I'm, I'm okay up here, if you want to get some sleep."


"I haven't slept since I saw you with Kyle," Max started gruffly, but his tone quickly changed to a pleading one.  "Liz, I know you, and I don't believe that you would do that to me.  It doesn't make sense.  Tell me what happened."


Against her will, Liz's eyes were drawn to Max's image in the rear-view mirror.  She could hear the anguish in his voice and more than anything she wanted to tell him the truth.  A piece of her died every time she saw evidence of the suffering her betrayal had caused him; the sharp tone of his voice, the pain in his soulful eyes.


Her eyes met his in the mirror and she winced at the intensity of emotion she saw reflected.  Max looked haggard, crippled.  Liz felt as if her heart had been crushed and she opened her mouth to confess but she forced herself to remember why she was doing it and the words that would relieve both of their suffering died in her throat.  She closed her mouth as the tears gathered in her eyes, and left Max's question unanswered.


Even if she lost every friend she had ever had and died of a broken heart, Liz vowed she would keep the secret.  This Max would never know that everything she was doing was for him.






(Episode - Harvest)

(Friday, October 27th, 2000)

(The Crawford House)

(Copper Summit, AZ)


Nicholas put on his shy teenager act and looked around the wall at the visitors sitting on the sofa in his living room, across from Walt and Ida.  Greer had called to warn him the outsiders were coming because they had asked about the harvest and Vilondra.  Nicholas didn't know who they were but obviously they must know something.  When they arrived, Ida told him they were kids who knew Vanessa from Roswell.   


There were three girls and a guy, and Nicholas studied them as Walt kept them engaged in an inane conversation.  Nothing particular struck him about the guy or two of the girls, but the girl closest to him somehow seemed familiar.  Then suddenly she looked over at him, and when their eyes met, he recognized her immediately.  It was Vilondra. 


"Hi," she greeted him.


Nicholas didn't return her greeting, wondering if her companions were also part of the Royal Four as he suspected, and why they were here.


Ida called out to him, "Nicholas, there you are.  Come on in here.  Come on, say hello."


"No, ma'am," Nicholas answered as he silently signaled Walt to join him.  He didn't have time to sit and chat and perhaps allow Vilondra to figure out who he was. 


His mind was spinning with possibilities as he went into the kitchen to wait for Walt.  More than likely, the guy was Zan and one of the other girls was Ava, but where was Rath?  Was the other girl a shape shifter?  Ida had told him the dark haired girl, Liz, worked for Vanessa and had come supposedly to return Vanessa’s personal items, but obviously that was simply an excuse.  Why had they come to Copper Summit now? Nicholas wondered.  Did they know about the harvest?  


After a few moments, Walt joined him, "What do you think, Sir?"


"I’m not sure," Nicholas admitted.  "Lets go to the UFL building."  He motioned to the other room, "We won't be overheard there and we can find out exactly what they asked Gragras and Greer." 


Walt nodded and the two of them walked up the road toward the Universal Friendship League building.  When they were out of sight of the house, Nicholas pulled out his amplifier and signaled Gragras, "Meet me at the UFL building."


Gragras and Greer were waiting for them when they arrived and Nicholas turned to Greer.  "Tell me Greer, what exactly did these kids say to you?"


Greer nodded, "They were asking about the UFL.  Asked what it is and they seemed really interested in getting a look inside the building.  And the girl asked about the Vilondra project."


Nicholas' interest was peeked, "Which girl?"


"I only saw one girl," Greer said.  "She was tall, blonde, hair pulled back, and she was wearing all black."


Nicholas nodded and turned to Gragras.  "They spoke to you first and you alerted Greer."


Gragras nodded, "They asked if this was Copper Summit and I gave them the usual spiel about the town going bust.  Then they said they were looking for the UFL building and I figured they must be with us.  I don’t know all of our people and I asked if they were here for the harvest, but they didn't know what that was."


Nicholas interrupted, "You didn't think it was odd they were asking about the building?"


Gragras shrugged, "I just figured they hadn't been back to town in a while."


Nicholas let it go and prompted him to continue.


"The girl, the blonde in black, had a letter and said they had been invited to the harvest.  Of course then I knew they weren't part of our group but I pointed out the building and called Greer."


"Why all of these questions, Sir?" Walt asked.  "Do you think they know too much?"


Nicholas smiled, "The blonde with all the questions is Vilondra."


"You're sure?" asked Greer.


Nicholas nodded, "I knew her very well on Antar.  I assure you it is her."


"Then Max must be Zan," Walt deduced.  "When they arrived at the house, all of the women looked to him to see what to do.  He was definitely in charge."


Nicholas accepted information with a nod.  "The girl, Liz, worked for Vanessa.  After she died, they must have gone through her papers and found the letter from the UFL and followed it here."


Greer spoke up, "A woman from Vanessa's office did call here yesterday.  She said she had just opened the letter and was sorry to tell us that the Congresswoman was dead.  It must have been them."


Nicholas continued, "When Vanessa disappeared, I assumed she must be a trator, but it’s obvious now that these kids must have been involved, and probably killed her.  But they wouldn't have been suspicious of Vanessa unless she tipped her hand to them.”


"What do you want to do?" asked Walt.


Nicholas thought for a moment.  "I need to get Isabel away from the others and find out what she knows.  I want the rest of you to lay low for tonight.  We don't know which of the other girls is Ava, and we don't know where Rath is.  I will find out what I can tonight, and Walt will gather everyone here early tomorrow for a briefing.






During dinner at the Crawford house, Liz was forced to watch the interaction between Tess and Max, and a sick feeling penetrated her heart, seeing how quickly and readily Max had accepted Tess.  Two days ago he could barely stand to be in the same room with her, and now he was allowing her to practically climb all over him. 


Liz knew that Max was watching her closely and suspected he was only allowing Tess' attentions because he knew it would cause her pain, as she had done to him.  She pasted on a smile and tried to ignore them, but Tess laughed at something Max said drawing Liz’s eyes back to them.  Liz had intended to try and help Tess fit into the group, but obviously Tess didn’t need any more help from her.  Liz watched as Tess ran her hand down Max's arm and suddenly she couldn't stand it any longer, she had to get away.  Politely excusing herself, Liz headed out the door. 


Walking quickly away from the house and down the main road, the scene from the Jeep last night played in Liz’s head.  She could still see the image of Tess' head resting on Max's shoulder.  Tess had never made a secret of the fact that she wanted Max and she was taking full advantage of his softening attitude toward her.  And not only was Liz horribly jealous but she felt betrayed that Max would turn away from her so quickly and so completely.  A shiver of reaction raced through her and she crossed her arms across her chest to ward off the chill.


There were footsteps behind her and she didn't have to turn to know who it was.  Max was the last person she wanted to see when she was this vulnerable.


Max had seen Liz leave the house and he had followed her as quickly as he had been able to get away.  He needed to get her alone so he could ask her what had happened. 


He grimaced when he suddenly remembered it was Friday and the night of the Gomez concert.  In his daydreams he had imagined the night many times.  He and Liz would go to dinner in a romantic restaurant, where they would recapture the easy closeness of their friendship.  They would laugh and smile, and when he reached out across the table to take her hand in his, she wouldn't object.


Later at the concert, they would sit close together on the blanket he had brought and as the night grew cooler, Liz would lean into him.  He would put his arm around her, to enclose her small frame in his jacket and Liz would put her arm around his waist and snuggle closer.  He would take her free hand in his and feel the incredibly soft texture of her skin.  Then he would cradle her head under his chin and greedily inhale the sweet scent of her hair.  And when their song was played, he would place a soft kiss on the top of her head. 


Liz would look up at him and suddenly everything else would fade into the background, like it used to, and both of them would know that nothing was more important than being together.  He would lean in, careful not to scare her, but she would sigh and close her eyes, welcoming his kiss. 


Max sighed.  That was how it should have been.  He had pictured the night so many times, in so many ways, changing the details, but the evening had always ended with he and Liz together.  Never in his worst nightmares had he even come close to imagining the reality.


"Liz!" Max called out, but she kept walking and he rushed to catch up to her.  "Liz, what are you doing?  We agreed none of us would go anywhere alone."


"Fine," Liz said stubbornly, as she turned to go back.


But Max was not ready to let her leave and he reached out to her, "Wait."


She was forced to put up an angry front to avoid breaking into tears.  "Max, look.  There's just," Liz stuttered, trying to say the words that would make him leave, "there's nothing left to say."


"Except the truth," Max said softly.


For a moment Liz was really scared.  Had Max figured out the truth?  Was the whole thing for nothing?  Liz decided to play dumb and lashed out at him, "We have already been through this!"


Liz's anger brought his to the surface, "So far, all I know is what I saw.  And what I saw can't be true, because it means everything I felt in my heart for the last year is a lie!  Now, you owe me an explanation, and I want it right now!"


Liz winced as Max's words hit her like a physical object.  She couldn't bear to tell him all of the wonderful feelings that had passed between them weren't true, but she couldn't think fast enough to answer him and stalled for time, "Please quit shouting, Max.  You're scaring me."


"That's a lie, too!" Max growled and then regretted it.  He knew something was wrong with the whole scenario and he wanted to get to the truth.  He lowered his voice, "You're not scared.  You're hiding something."


"I'm not," Liz denied too quickly.


Max immediately picked up on her slip.  "What the hell is going on with you, Liz?  We never lied to each other, never kept a secret from each other."


The conversation was quickly spiraling out of her control and Liz knew if she didn't do something quickly, Max would figure out something close to the truth.  She took a deep breath and spoke the words that would turn him away permanently, "You know, you have got me up on this pedestal, Max, and I'm not this perfect person.  I made a mistake.  Look, Kyle and I made love.  The end.  I'm sorry."


Liz's words slashed at Max's heart.  Somehow he still didn't believe Liz would have slept with Kyle but she had said the words herself, it must be true.  Max studied Liz's face wondering how things had gone so badly between them.  How could it end like this when they loved one another so much?  Without a word, he turned and walked slowly away from her.


Liz felt as stricken as Max looked and she would have given anything to spare him the pain.  But she knew the other Max had been right, this Max would have never given her up without a good enough reason.  Even now he was still pursuing her, still hunting for answers.  The only way to turn him from her was to break his heart.






Nicholas waited until Isabel had settled into her room for the night before approaching her.  He stopped outside her door and studied her face intently.  Of course she looked different than she had on Antar but it was surprising to him that she moved with the same elegant grace Vilondra had possessed.


At that moment, Isabel noticed him and greeted him with a smile, "Oh, Nicholas.  Come in.  I don't bite."


Nicholas suppressed a smile at her remark.  She was treating him like the shy child he appeared to be.  He was sure Isabel didn't recognize him and continued in his innocent role, "This used to be her room."


Isabel hung her head guiltily, "I'm so sorry about your sister."


"I was gonna visit her in Washington next year," Nicholas continued, trying to steer the conversation.  "We were gonna spend three days just at the Air and Space Museum."


"Did you get a lot of time with her, growing up?" Isabel asked.


Nicholas shrugged, "When she'd visit, she'd make time.  She always told me there's this whole wide world out there.  She didn't want me stuck in Copper Summit for the rest of my life."  He focused on Isabel to gage her reaction, "She used to tell me stories about this planet in another galaxy, how there was this war going on, like a revolution."


"True stories?" Isabel asked breathlessly.


Nicholas could see he had her full attention.  "How could they be true?" he asked innocently.


"Did she ever mention Vilondra?" Isabel pressed.


Nicholas' gaze narrowed as she broached the subject he was interested in, "How do you know about Vilondra?"


"Vanessa told me some stories, too," Isabel replied.


Suddenly Tess appeared, "Hey."  And then noticing the intent look on Isabel's face, she realized she had interrupted something.  "Oh, sorry," Tess addressed Nicholas, in a tone that made it clear she wanted to be alone with Isabel.


"I have to go," Nicholas said, as he turned to leave.  He was frustrated to have been interrupted, but he had discovered part of what he wanted to know.  The scientists speculations had been correct.  Isabel had little or no memory of her other life and that meant the others were ignorant as well. 


He wondered why their shape shifters had not helped them with memory recovery techniques.  It was possible the shape shifters had hidden the pods and then perished in the crash.  And if that was the case, the Royal Four could be completely ignorant of who they were.   






(Episode - Harvest)

(Saturday, October 28th, 2000)

(The Universal Friendship League Building)

(Copper Summit, AZ)


It was just before dawn and all of Nicholas' remaining troops were gathered around him to hear his orders. 


Nicholas stood on the dais, with Greer on one side and Walt and Ida on the other.  "This is a great day for us,” he called out the assembled troops.  “Three of the Royal Four have delivered themselves into our hands."


Suddenly the room erupted into gasps and murmurs and Nicholas raised his hand to signal for silence.  "Apparently they have no memories of their lives on Antar and that will only make them easier to defeat.  One of the main goals of our mission has always been to bring back Vilondra alive and today that is our most important objective.  I want to make sure Vilondra is safe before we take others.  So go about your business, act normally.  At the funeral I will draw Vilondra away and then you can have the others."


A cheer went through the crowd and Nicholas let the troops celebrate for a few minutes before he called them to order again.  "If the others get, um, roughed up a bit in the struggle I will understand, but for now we need them alive.  After we get the location of the Granolith however," Nicholas shrugged, "we only need enough of Zan's body to verify his identity."






Song Playing: The World Has Turned Around by Weezer


As they drove away from Copper Summit and it was clear they weren't being followed, Max started to relax.  They'd had a really close call with the skins, barely escaping with their lives.  He hadn't realized how dangerous it would be or he would have never risked going there, and he certainly would never have risked taking Liz. 


Max automatically glanced at Liz in the rearview mirror.  He had insisted that she come with them, not because she was their only link to Whitaker, as he had told everyone, but because he wanted to be near her.  And even though she had told him just days before that she wouldn't die for him, Liz had not even hesitated to come.  Something just didn't add up about her actions, but Max couldn't put his finger on it.  Everything Liz said pointed to the fact that she slept with Kyle, but everything his heart told him said it was a lie.  The only thing he was sure of, was that something was very wrong.  


But even with everything that Liz had done, when the skins had attacked them, his first thought had been to save her any way he could.  And Max was forced to admit to himself what he instinctively already knew.  He still loved Liz with all of his heart and no matter what happened, he always would.






(Copper Summit, AZ)


In the first few hours after the destruction of the growing husks, seven skin soldiers died, and Walt and several others collapsed.  Nicholas had them taken to the ship, where they maintained their native atmosphere, knowing it was the only way to save them.  The medical staff stripped off the husks and the ailing soldiers rapidly recovered, but now they would be forced to remain on the ship until they returned to Antar.


The remaining soldiers' husks started to deteriorate rapidly and Nicholas knew they only had a matter of days at the most, before he lost them all.  The outlook was bleak but Nicholas did have one last trick up his sleeve.


They had brought with them a technology, a veritem generator, that was capable of reproducing the multi-phasal dimensions that existed on Antar, and then temporarily separating one where human bodies could not exist.  It would only work in a small area, but it would cause all of the humans to shift into another reality while they searched the town for the Royal Four.  This was the first chance they'd had to use it but it was perfect timing.  It was unlikely the Royal Four would be expecting them and with what Greer and the others had told him about their powers, they would be easily overtaken.


That afternoon Nicholas held a briefing with the few remaining soldiers.  "Tomorrow we are going to Roswell.  Just outside of town we will deploy the veritem generator.  All of the humans will disappear and the Royal Four will have no where to hide."








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