This is a complete timeline for Book 7.
Continue carefully if you don't want to be exposed to spoilers.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Below are the dates of the scenes in the episodes. Everything happens in the episodes exactly as they aired. Some scenes are continuations of things that aired.

Completely new scenes are in red.

Scenes in blue happened as they did in the show and are used either to remind the reader of the actions, or have been given more depth or expanded.

Scenes in black happened as they did in the show, but are not shown in the story and are only mentioned to give the reader a sense of when things are happening.



9/19/99 - Sunday - Liz is shot and healed by Max

9/20/99 - Monday - Max wonders what he will tell Liz - Max and Liz talk at school - Kyle sees the handprint - Max reverses the connection to show Liz

9/23/99 - Thursday - Liz writes in her journal five days ago I died

9/24/99 - Friday - Valenti shows Liz the picture and she confronts Max - Valenti gives the dress to Agent Stephens - Stephens tells Pierce about the shooting - Crash Festival

9/25/99 - Saturday - Agent Stephens assigns Topolsky to the investigation, code name, West Roswell High

Morning After

9/27/99 - Monday - Liz considers her relationship with Max - Michael stakes out the Sheriff's office - Topolsky shows up - Liz sees Topolsky with Michael's file - Max and Liz talk about Topolsky and Max investigates her - Sheriff puts the key in the thermos - Michael goes to Sheriff's to 'sell candy'

9/28/99 - Tuesday - Geometry class Topolsky gets info wrong - Max sees Topolsky with the Sheriff - Max and Liz in the eraser room to watch Topolsky - Michael sees Stephens taking Valenti's files - Valenti takes the thermos with the key inside - Max and Liz stake out Michael's trailer - Michael breaks into the Sheriff's office and gets the key

9/29/99 - Wednesday - Topolsky tells Liz she is the new counselor


10/11/99 - Monday - Maria gives Isabel a ride and hits the Sheriff's car - start of Future Week - Max tells Topolsky that he is the one behind the tree - Isabel goes to the Crashdown to make friends with Maria - Max and Isabel talk about their real home

10/12/99 - Tuesday - Max goes to the UFO museum & meets Milton - Isabel visits Maria's dreams

10/13/99 - Wednesday - Max's second interview with Topolsky - Max goes back to the UFO museum - Liz tells Max not to worry about Maria spilling the secret

10/14/99 - Thursday - Maria sees Isabel and her mom at the auto repair shop - Valenti meets with Maria

10/15/99 - Friday - Max's first day working at the UFO museum

Leaving Normal

10/19/99 - Tuesday - Liz writes in her journal - Max stops by the Crashdown for an 'alien blast' - Kyle's friends beat up Max - Max decides to stay away from Liz - Pierce reads Stephen's report

10/20/99 - Wednesday - Michael starts his revenge on the jocks - Liz's grandmother arrives and has a stroke - Liz calls Max from the hospital - Max comes to the hospital to see Liz and Kyle warns him off

10/21/99 - Thursday - Michael continues his revenge on the jocks - Isabel subs at the Crashdown - Liz asks Max to help her grandmother

10/22/99 - Friday - Kyle apologizes to Liz because his friends beat up Max - Liz dumps Kyle - Max connects with Liz's grandmother so she can say goodbye


10/24/99 - Sunday - Liz's journal disappears - Michael has a dream of the dome

10/25/99 - Monday - Maria accuses Alex of taking Liz's journal - Alex tells Topolsky about the missing Journal - Milton gives Max 'Among Us' by Atherton - Liz tells Max the journal is missing

10/26/99 - Tuesday - Kyle tells Max 'I'm on to you' - Max discovers Kyle has been in Liz's room

10/27/99 - Wednesday - Michael displays his art - Topolsky briefs her agents on the search for Liz's diary - Max & Liz and the FBI all search the Valenti house - Topolsky meets with the Agents after they searched Valenti's house

10/28/99 - Thursday - Michael remembers he has Liz's journal and returns it

10/29/00 - Friday - Isabel sees Atherton with the dome on the book jacket

285 South

11/9/99 - Tuesday - Michael gets the idea to break into the UFO museum - Michael breaks into the UFO museum

11/10/99 - Wednesday - The gang gets the biography assignment - Topolsky talks to the gang's teacher about the assignment - Michael 'abducts' Maria in the Jetta - Max, Isabel & Liz follow in the Jeep - the agent follows the Jeep - Liz suggests calling their parents for help - Maria and Michael go to the motel - Liz, Max and Isabel find the motel - Kyle arrives at the motel

11/11/99 - Thursday - The gang arrives at Atherton's geodesic dome and get his files - Topolsky takes out the Sheriff

River Dog

11/11/99 - Thursday - Topolsky talks to Stephens on the phone - Pierce orders the files taken from the Evans' house - Atherton files are stolen from the Evans house - Deputy Hawk recognizes the symbol on Isabel's necklace as coming from the reservation

11/12/99 - Friday - Liz goes to the reservation - River Dog wonders about Liz and dreads his next meeting with 'visitors'

11/13/99 - Saturday - Eddie brings Liz the message from River Dog - Max & Liz return to the reservation and see the writing in the cave

11/15/99 - Monday - Pierce reads the files from Atherton's house

Blood Brothers

11/17/99 - Wednesday - Max & Liz in the car accident - Topolsky orders her agents to get evidence in the hospital - Isabel tells Liz they need to replace Max's blood - Liz asks Alex to give them his blood - Liz reluctantly tells Alex to go home - Kathleen calls her friend in the FBI lab

11/18/99 - Thursday - Max and Liz talk about their relationship - Michael & Maria search the FBI agent's hotel room - Topolsky gets Alex's blood

11/19/99 - Friday - Liz asks Alex for help - Topolsky gets the results of Alex blood test - Alex & Liz expose Topolsky - Kathleen reports to Stephens that she was exposed

Heat Wave

11/30/99 - Tuesday - Liz sees Michael & Maria making out at the Crashdown

12/1/99 - Wednesday - Liz learns about the party at the soap factory - Valenti and Amy talk outside the counselors office - Liz tries to talk to Alex

12/2/99 - Thursday - Maria tries to cover her hickey with a turtleneck - Isabel asks Liz about Alex - Amy & Valenti meet at the Crashdown - Liz writes in her journal - Isabel goes into Alex's dreams

12/3/99 - Friday - Isabel tells Alex to meet her at the party at the soap factory - Max gets ready to go to the party - Liz and Alex go to jail - Isabel and Max talk about telling Alex - Liz tells Alex the truth

12/4/99 - Saturday - Alex talks to Maria and Liz - Max & Liz's first kiss


12/10/99 - Friday - Michael goes to the reservation to find River Dog - Max and Liz date at Senior Chow's - Michael gets sick in the sweat - Maria and Liz talk about kissing

12/11/99 - Saturday - Michael gets sick again - Max and Liz go to find River Dog - the gang takes Michael to the reservation and with River Dog's help heal him - Kaldar sees Michael at the reservation - Max takes a step back - Kaldar arrives home

12/23/99 - Thursday - Liz decides to give Max the knife she bought him for Christmas even though they are not together

12/25/99 - Saturday - Max considers the gift he would have given Liz

12/27/99 - Monday - Kaldar starts searching Goddard High for Max, Michael & Isabel

Toy House

1/3/00 - Monday - Max puts out the fire - Isabel and Max talk about the fire

1/4/00 - Tuesday - Diane starts watching old videos - The gang goes to the basketball game - Liz takes the pie to Kyle - the Sheriff meets with Diane

1/5/00 - Wednesday - Michael tries to apologize to Maria - Max repaints the ceiling - Michael, Max & Isabel meet at the quarry

1/6/00 - Thursday - Diane asks Isabel about her and Max's past - Michael breaks Maria's woodshop project - Kyle comes to the Crashdown to apologize to Liz - Valenti meets with Diane again and tells her about the shooting at the Crashdown

1/7/00 - Friday - Diane asks Max about the bird - Michael, Max & Isabel meet at the quarry again - Michael gives Maria the napkin holder - Max goes to the Crashdown to talk to Liz and tells her that she can date Kyle, and they end up arguing

1/8/00 - Saturday - Max meets Diane in the park - Isabel & Max meet at the quarry

1/10/00 - Monday - Kaldar finds Max's Jeep in the West Roswell High parking lot

1/20/00 - Thursday - Liz decides not to show Max that she is pining for him

Into the Woods

1/25/00 - Tuesday - Kaldar sends the signal

1/26/00 - Wednesday - Liz is getting a cold - Milton tells Max about the sighting - Valenti interviews the witnesses - Maria sports the aqua bra - Max & Isabel decide to go on the camping trip - Jeff talks Liz into going on the camping trip

1/28/00 - Friday - Sodan sees the sighting story in USA today - Liz pays Maria to go camping with her - Maria tells Max & Michael about the 'dates with men' - everybody meets at the buses to go camping - River Dog tells Michael 'it is time' - Sodan drives to New Mexico - the gang goes into the woods to find the site - Kaldar watches the gang find the signal

1/29/00 - Saturday - Sodan calls Alyssa to tell her he found the others - Pierce kills Stephens

2/2/00 - Wednesday - Hubble reads about the sighting and heads to Roswell

2/3/00 - Thursday - Sodan is in Roswell taking pictures of the three

The Convention

2/4/00 - Friday - Sodan decides to leave town while the convention is going on - Hubble arrives - Jennifer and Larry arrive - Max tells Milton he wants more responsibility

2/5/00 - Saturday - Jennifer is upset about Larry - Max looks up info on Hubble - Valenti visits his father - Larry tells his story at the panel - Hubble talks to Larry about the Crashdown shooting

2/6/00 - Sunday - Isabel tells Alex he is suffocating her - Alien takedown - Valenti goes to his father again - Max 'convinces' Hubble to be on the panel and they drive to the murder site - Michael gets Larry to tell him what he told Hubble - Valenti shoots Hubble

Blind Date

2/9/00 - Wednesday - Liz wins the blind date contest

2/10/00 - Thursday - Kyle and Max bond over fries - Maria auditions for Alex's band

2/11/00 - Friday - Liz gets interviewed - Maria and the Whits audition for the concert

2/14/00 - Monday - Maria shops for the band - Michael & Isabel go to the library - Liz goes on her Blind Date with Doug Shellow - Isabel and Michael burn the symbol at the library - Kyle & Max get drunk and break in to Liz's room - Max and Liz run away and he tells her she is his dream girl - Max kisses Liz at the blind date party and sobers up - Sodan re-starts the fire and burns the picture at the library

Independence Day

2/15/00 - Tuesday - Liz tries to explain to Maria what happened with Max the night before - Michael has a black eye - Sodan arrives at the apartment with the photos - Kaldar is worried that he hasn't seen Sodan - Max & Isabel invite Michael over for dinner and Monopoly - Maria & Liz catch Valenti and Amy together - Michael goes home and a drunk Hank confronts him and Isabel and Max - Michael goes to Maria's - Hank is killed

2/16/00 - Wednesday - Valenti asks Michael about Hank - Amy tells Valenti that Michael was at her house - Max goes to Liz's for support, afraid that Michael will leave - Max gives Michael the healing stones - Michael leaves town

2/17/00 - Thursday - Michael makes breakfast for the Evans and asks for help

2/18/00 - Friday - Philip rushes Michael's paperwork through - Michael is granted emancipation - Kaldar buries Hank

Sexual Healing

2/20/00 - Sunday - Venus reaches the correct position in the sky - Liz has her Max fantasy - Max goes to the Crashdown, unable to stay away - Max and Liz kiss and Liz has her first flashes

2/21/00 - Monday - Max & Liz are given detention for disrupting class - Pierce orders Michael's apartment monitored - Michael & Maria conduct their own experiments - Max & Liz get caught making out in the eraser room where Liz sees the crash - Liz and her mom have 'the talk'

2/22/00 - Tuesday - Liz gets the glowing hickey - Max & Liz meet at Michael's place to 'continue looking for clues' - Liz 'sees' something important being buried - Maria interrupts them and Liz's mom catches her sneaking in - Liz and Max sneak out and dig up the orb - the orb senses it was uncovered and sends a signal - Max and Liz wonder if someone will come - Kaldar sees the light from the orb - Liz and Max spend the night in the desert

2/23/00 - Wednesday - Max & Liz see Kaldar in the desert and go home to face their parents

4/14/00 - Friday - Pierce leaves for Roswell

4/16/00 - Sunday - Topolsky escapes from the mental hospital and takes the orb from the Special Unit evidence vault


4/19/00 - Wednesday - Tess contemplates her new home - Kaldar sees Topolsky talk to Max and Liz at Buckley Point

4/20/00 - Thursday - Ed counsels Tess on how to approach the others - Tess' first day at school - Kaldar searches Topolsky's room - Isabel introduces Tess to Michael and Max - Kaldar sees Liz meet Topolsky at Senior Chow's - Pierce listens to the agent's report

4/21/00 - Friday - the gang meets at the quarry - Topolsky to meet Liz outside the theater but she doesn't show so Topolsky goes to the Sheriff - Kaldar follows Topolsky to the Sheriff - Tess considers her plan

4/22/00 - Saturday - Sheriff goes to see Max - Max & Liz / Michael & Maria double date - Pierce tries to get Alex - Tess and Isabel girl's night - Kaldar sees Topolsky meet Michael at his appt. - Pierce sees Topolsky meeting Michael on the camera

4/23/00 - Sunday - the gang meets at the quarry again - Kaldar gives a message to Michael - Kaldar as Margolin visits the Sheriff - Michael and Maria go to meet Topolsky and the others follow - Kaldar goes to meet Topolsky - Topolsky is taken by Pierce

Tess, Lies & Videotape

4/30/00 - Sunday - Max has a vision of kissing Tess in the Crashdown

5/1/00 - Monday - Tess and Isabel talk about Max and Liz - Max has a vision in the science room - Fire at mental hospital - the Sheriff calls Margolin

5/2/00 - Tuesday - Sheriff goes to see Max - Michael checks out Tess - the Sheriff gives the orb back to Max - Isabel goes to Tess' house - Tess ambushes Max in the rain and they kiss - Michael and Max find camera

5/3/00 - Wednesday - Pierce watches more tapes from Michael's house - Liz tells Max she saw him kissing Tess

5/7/00 - Sunday - Alex gets the camera to work - Liz goes to Tess' house - Max goes to rescue Liz - the gang sees Tess using powers on the camera - Agent Marley sees the Sheriff staking out the Harding house - Ed Harding sees the men staking out his house

Four Square

5/8/00 - Monday - day after end of TL&V - Isabel starts dreaming of Michael - Ed takes the camera to the police - Isabel considers the dream she had of Michael - Pierce finds out that Harding visited the Sheriff - Isabel investigates Tess in the registrar - Tess goes to Isabel's house and does the trick with the sugar cubes - Michael stays over - dreams for Michael & Isabel that night

5/9/00 - Tuesday - Liz and Max look up the constellation & see Tess with Kyle - Michael & Maria / Isabel & Alex get together - Whitaker calls Pierce - Isabel dreams of Michael again - Tess visits Michael and shows him Pohlman ranch

5/10/00 - Wednesday - Liz tries to warn Kyle - Ed checks out the men following him - Max & Liz follow Kyle & Tess to the library - Isabel dreams she is pregnant - Max dreams of Tess and she takes him to the pod chamber

5/11/00 - Thursday - Michael & Isabel find Max with Tess at the pod chamber

Max to the Max

5/11/00 - Thursday - (entire episode in one day) - same day as last day in four square - the gang talk at the pod chamber and Tess shows Michael the 'destiny book' - Tess and Ed argue at the pod chamber - Pierce watching footage from the camera - Fisher comes to town - Max talks to Tess about Isabel's pregnancy - Nasedo kills the agent and takes Liz - Max and the others follow Nasedo and Liz to the carnival - Max is taken by Pierce

The White Room

5/11/00 - Thursday - same day as MTTM - the gang stays up trying to find Max

5/12/00 - Friday - the gang visits the UFO museum to make a plan - Tess, Michael and Isabel go to the base and meet Nasedo - Liz goes to the Sheriff to get help - Nasedo and Michael rescue Max


5/12/00 - Friday - same day as TWR - Liz & Max are chased and sleep in the van

5/13/00 - Saturday - the gang lures Pierce to the UFO center and question him - Michael kills Pierce - Kyle is shot and healed by Max - Kyle and Valenti have a talk

5/14/00 - Sunday - the gang gets Nasedo and heal him - at 4:33 pm the gang activates the orbs - the signal from the orbs is received

- continued after the episode - Max sends Isabel and Michael after Liz - Ed infiltrates the Special Unit as Pierce - Max and Tess talk - Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess have a meeting at the Harding house - Max visits Liz

5/18/00 - Thursday - Ed leaves for Washington

5/19/00 - Friday - Liz decides to leave for Florida

5/28/00 - Sunday - Max goes to Maria

6/6/00 - Tuesday - Whitaker calls Pierce

6/23/00 - Friday - Liz thinks of Max - Max thinks of Liz

6/30/00 - Friday - Grant finds a cave with blue crystals inside

7/20/00 - Thursday - Courtney sees Michael and Tess

7/26/00 - Wednesday - Whitaker figures out something happened to Pierce in Roswell

8/3/00 - Thursday - Courtney gets a job at the Crashdown

8/5/00 - Saturday - Sacor researches Liz

8/6/00 - Sunday - Vanessa decides to hire Liz to get close to her

9/10/00 - Sunday - Liz returns to Roswell and tells Maria not to tell Max she is home

Skin and Bones

9/11/00 - Monday - Whitaker arrives in Roswell - Grant finds Pierce's bones & takes them to the Sheriff - Congressional hearing closes down FBI Special Unit - Michael goes to the excavation site and finds a skin - Deputy Hansen finds Michael's knife in the desert

9/12/00 - Tuesday - Liz takes a job with Whitaker - Michael is questioned about the bones - Isabel 'investigates' Grant - Whitaker talks to the Sheriff and finds out about the bones - Michael is arrested

9/13/00 - Wednesday - Nasedo shows up - Brody finds the source of the signal - Liz and Max search Whitaker's office - Nasedo finds a piece of skin and is attacked

9/14/00 - Thursday - Max, Isabel and Tess go to the cyclotron and Max ages the bones - Brody buys the UFO museum - the gang has a celebration at the Crashdown - Max touches Liz giving her a flash - Nasedo comes to Max's house and dies

Ask Not

9/14/00 - Thursday - same day as S&B - Max realizes the connection between himself and Liz - the pod squad tries to heal Nasedo

9/15/00 - Friday - Kyle returns from football camp - Max meets the new owner of the UFO museum - Max walks Tess home and they find a skin - Max takes Tess to Valenti's house

9/16/00 - Saturday - Liz tells Whitaker that Pierce is not coming back - Max breaks into the back room of the UFO Museum and sees the pentagon-shaped device

9/18/00 - Monday - Whitaker learns the name Tess from Liz - Michael breaks into the UFO museum

9/19/00 - Tuesday - Max and Maria talk about Jack Kennedy and Liz and Tess - Max, Michael & Isabel go to the museum to kill the owner and learn about Brody's abduction

9/20/00 - Wednesday - The gang meet at the Crashdown and are all filled in about Brody - Max tells Liz he is 'coming for her'


10/15/00 - Sunday - whole episode in one day - Tess is kidnapped by Whitaker - Isabel celebrates her 18th birthday - Whitaker invites herself to Isabel's party - Michael confronts Courtney - Isabel rescues Tess, kills Whitaker and discovers the Granolith

Summer of '47

10/17/00 - Tuesday - whole episode in one day - Isabel shows Max, Michael & Tess the Granolith - Michael is given the assignment for history, meets Hal and hears his story - Michael show Maria the Granolith - Michael apologizes to Liz

The End of the World

10/23/00 - Monday - Liz, Maria and Alex visit Madame Vivian

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