This is a complete timeline for Book 6.
Continue carefully if you don't want to be exposed to spoilers.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have labeled the scenes with Episode Equivalent Titles to show the reader the timing of events in relation to the timing of the episodes that aired.


Episode Equivalent - Pilot
9/19/99 - Sunday
- two men cause a disturbance in the Crashdown Cafe and Max and Michael run before the police arrive to ask questions

Episode Equivalent - Monsters
10/13/99 - Wednesday
- Max is forced to admire Liz from afar, while he watches her with Kyle

Episode Equivalent - Leaving Normal
10/22/99 - Wednesday
- Maria tells Max that Liz's Grandmother is sick - Max goes to the hospital hoping to see Liz

Episode Equivalent - Independence Day
2/15/00 - Wednesday
- Michael, Max and Isabel confront a drunk Hank
2/16/00 - Thursday - the Sheriff tells Michael, Hank was arrested - Michael tells Max and Isabel that he is leaving – Max and Isabel talk about Michael – Michael packs and leaves town – Michael catches a ride out of town

Episode Equivalent - Sexual Healing
2/20/00 - Sunday
- Max is drawn to Liz

Episode Equivalent - Wipeout
10/29/00 - Sunday
- Nicholas' troops have gathered for the harvest

11/5/00 - Sunday - Khivar decides to send more troops to Earth

Episode Equivalent - To Serve & Protect
1/26/01 - Friday
- Isabel gets her first dream about Laurie
1/27/01 - Saturday - Isabel sees the attacker's face in a dream
1/28/01 - Sunday - Isabel discovers the girl's location - Max and Isabel go to rescue the girl – Max and Isabel take Laurie to their house and decide to investigate

Episode Equivalent - We Are Family
1/29/01 - Monday
- Max and Isabel return to the grave and discover the crystals - Max tries to examine the crystals - Isabel suggests they call Liz for help - Max and Isabel decide to tell Liz the truth - Liz spends the night to keep working - Liz and Max discover how to kill the crystals - Grant breaks into the house
1/30/01 - Tuesday - Laurie leaves to visit her Grandfather - Max, Isabel and Liz dispose of Grant's body

Episode Equivalent - Heart of Mine
4/27/01 - Friday
- Prom

12/23/01 - Sunday - Michael returns
12/24/01 - Monday - Max and Isabel tell Michael that Liz knows

5/26/02 - Sunday - Max tells Michael that he and Liz are going away to college

1/1/03 - Wednesday - Sodan and Cuerena meet at the pod chamber

6/5/03 - Thursday - Max proposes to Liz

8/11/03 - Monday - Cuerena, Sam and Alyssa find Isabel
8/12/03 - Tuesday - Isabel goes to Alyssa's house for dinner and discovers their secret
8/13/03 - Wednesday - Isabel and Michael show up at Max's place with Cuerena, Sam and Alyssa - Sam tells Alyssa not to rush Max
8/14/03 - Thursday - Max tells Liz about the newcomers - Alyssa confronts Max

8/28/03 - Tuesday - Alyssa tries to seduce Max
8/29/03 - Wednesday - Max meets with Michael and Isabel about the others - Max, Michael and Isabel meet with Sam, Alyssa and Cuerena looking for answers - Sam tells Alyssa and Cuerena to back off - Max tells Liz what he learned
8/30/03 - Thursday - Alyssa confronts Liz - Alyssa tells Sam she talked to Liz - Liz tells Max Alyssa talked to her - Sam tells Max who he really is - Sam decides that Liz is getting in the way - Max and Liz decide to elope - Alyssa shows Michael the destiny book
8/31/03 - Friday - Max and Liz elope - Isabel stalls Michael about where Max is - Michael shows Isabel the destiny book
9/1/03 - Saturday - Isabel tells Max about the book and Max asks Isabel to help him with Liz
9/2/03 - Monday - Max and Liz go to confront Sam, Cuerena and Alyssa - Sam asks Michael to help get Max on their side

Over the next year – Michael and Max continually fight about Liz - Michael moves in with Sam, Cuerena and Alyssa - Max breaks off all contact with the aliens – Isabel tries to play peacemaker between Max and Michael

9/13/04 - Monday - Khivar's troops arrive - Nicholas invites Max to a summit - Cuerena and Sam decide to send the dupes to the summit - they tell Max where they are going and give him the orb - Cuerena and Sam decide to send the dupes to the summit - Cuerena and Sam tell Max about the summit and give him the orb - Cuerena and Sam get the dupes
9/14/04 - Tuesday - the summit - Nicholas kills the dupes and sends a message to Max telling him - Max answers Nicholas thinking it is a trick - the skins discover Max’s location - Sam sends Alyssa, Michael and Isabel to protect Max - the skins capture Max, Liz and Isabel and kill Alyssa and Michael - Sam and Cuerena rescue Max, Liz and Isabel - Max sacrifices himself to save Liz - Sam and Cuerena rush to the Granolith – Isabel refuses to leave Liz and Max – the skins follow the shape shifters

9/16/04 - Thursday - Sam and Cuerena reach the Granolith and find Kaldar – Cuerena is badly injured and Kaldar and Sam go back in time

Episode - Pilot
9/18/99 - Sunday
- Sodan devises a perfect solution to the problem of Liz

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