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This is a complete timeline for Book 12.
Continue carefully if you don't want to be exposed to spoilers.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: There are 10 months in the Antarian year with 38 days each, giving the Antarian year 380 days. The dates are in the form (


(Earth Date - Saturday, June 8th, 2002)
Antar date - 2.28.23692

- Max and Liz get their memories back
- Khivar has Isabel's connections with Max and Liz blocked
- Rath asks about Liz and Ava
- Khivar tells Tess that the gang knows her true identity
- Khivar considers how to keep Isabel from her family
- Max and Liz tell Nedra they regained their memories
- Ava discuses her life with Maria and Kyle
- the gang has a meeting about how to rescue Isabel
- Khivar wonders about his relationship with Isabel
- Max and Liz offer to help Michael recover his memory
- Ava asks Rath what he remembers about his other life
- Liz wonders if she will ever see her parents on Antar again
- Isabel decides to go to Khivar
- Liz assures Max that she still wants him

- Ava wonders about her parents on Antar
- Michael recovers his memories
- Isabel sees Tess
- Michael wants to get rid of Ava but Liz objects
- Kranon recovers a memory from Hale
- Tess thinks about her relationship with Max
- Alex and Maria ask Liz about her past life
- Isabel asks Khivar to help with her memory
- Maria worries that Michael won't love her anymore now that he has his memories back
- Liz offers Ava a chance to recover her memory

- Ryan tries to get Michael to join the Michael worshippers
- Tess is reunited with Udac
- Alex wonders if he has a chance now that Isabel knows that Hale is Khivar
- Max and Liz consult the Granolith again

- Max gets a message from the spy
- Isabel wonders about Khivar
- Liz can t sleep and goes to the library and Rath kidnaps her
- Max figures out that Rath took Liz
- Kyle tells Max that he heard Liz call out

- Rath offers Khivar a deal
- Ryan tries to convince Michael to join them because Max has lost it
- Rath thinks about his plan
- Nicaron wonders about Isabel's memories
- Michael tries to talk to Max
- Isabel asks Khivar about her mother and she decides to marry him
- Udac regrets that Tess is not the same
- Nicaron goes to police a riot
- Max has a dream of Liz and the necklace

- Khivar greets Liz
- Alex discovers the transmitter in the pendant and suggests projecting a consciousness into Raltos and Hale to get info
- Rath visits Liz
- Khivar announces that Isabel is on the planet and they are getting married
- Nicaron considers Tess' powers
- Michael talks to Maria about their relationship
- Kyle dreams of Liz

- Kranon recovers memories from Raltos about Nicaron being a shape shifter
- Michael thinks losing Liz will destroy Max and he tries to figure out how to get her back
- Sean reminds Max that he isn ' like Khivar Michael tries to get the Michael worshippers to help
- Maria talks to Max

- Kyle tells Michael that he's dreamed of Liz for two nights
- Nicaron visits Liz
- Khivar and Isabel talk about the future
- Tess discovers Liz
- Under Michael's instruction Kyle contacts Liz
- Nicaron asks Tess to help him erase Isabel's memories
- Max talks to Liz through Kyle

- Rath confronts Nicaron about his position
- Khivar tells Liz that he will erase her memories of Max
- Max feels Liz's fear and becomes enraged and tells Michael he is going to get Liz
- Max breaks through the block in the connection with Liz and tells her he is coming
- Michael takes over Max s troops
- Max travels toward the palace
- Kranon and Alex broadcasts Nedra's message
- Isabel sees the broadcast that shows Max is on the planet
- Nicaron briefs Khivar about the broadcast
- Kyle and Ava follow behind Max, helping the shape shifters
- Liz worries that Khivar will come back before Max can get to her
- Michael's troops let the former Michael worshippers into the city
- Isabel confronts Khivar
- Max takes down the shield on the gate and enters the palace
- Kyle and Ava sneak into the palace
- Max and Liz are reunited
- Ava finds Udac
- Tess takes the baby to Max
- Cuerena enters the palace and finds Ava and Udac
- Michael and Ryden reach the palace
- Kyle follows his connection to Liz
- Ryden and his men get into the palace through the secret passageway
- Max's spy tries to assassinate Khivar
- The battle for the front gate continues
- Ryden and Rath make a deal
- Max discovers that the baby is not his, Kyle is the father
- Cuerena fights Nicaron
- Tess escapes, Max sends Ava, Udac, Kyle and the baby to safety
- Tess follows Max and Liz
- Nicaron goes to warn Khivar that Max is coming
- Max confronts Khivar
- Larek joins the air battle
- Ryden kills Rath
- Max beats Khivar
- Tess, Idos, Khivar and Nicaron escape
- Max calls for Khivar's troops and Kathana to surrender and they find Cuerena still alive
- The victory celebration, Max asks the people of Antar to work together and thanks Michael and Ryden
- Isabel meets her mother
- Liz thanks Alex and Sean and is reunited with her parents
- Michael asks Maria to marry him
- Kyle asks Ava to raise the baby with him
- Alex tries to comfort Isabel
- Max thanks Larek and they figure out that Kyle can see auras
- Michael is reunited with his father
- The gang discusses Tess and Khivar and their plans for the future

3.19.23692 - Max and Liz talk to the Granolith and she shows them their other lives

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