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(West Roswell High School)

Hi. You may not know me, but I am the Eraser Room at West Roswell High School.

How can a room be talking to you, you ask? Well with all of the activity behind my closed door, and all the energy it gives off, I’m amazed I haven’t exploded.

What kind of activity?

To put it bluntly, sexual activity.

And no, it’s not me who’s getting all the action.

I have become known as a great place to go when you and your significant other want some . . . ummm. . . alone time.

See, I was created to contain the dust of cleaning erasers. So I’m out of the way, I have a door that locks from the inside, and I’m relevantly soundproof, in case you tend to get, loud. So amorous couples have discovered that I’m the ideal place to get together.

Believe it or not, occasionally someone does come to me to actually clean erasers, but by far the majority of visitors are couples. Which couples? All types of couples. Over the years I’ve seen it all; girls with girls, guys with guys, but especially girls with guys.

Usually I have the company of at least one amorous couple a day, and sometimes a lot more. Once I even had one young woman, Pam Troy, come in with four different partners!

How do I know names, you ask?

Unfortunately it is usually through the moaning, gasping, cries of those visiting me.

Although I have to admit that there are some who I never know their real names. Their partner calls out the wrong name in the heat of the moment, and then the other party goes running angrily out.

And not only do I learn names, but I overhear the conversations.

I know more about the students and teachers of West Roswell High School, than I care to know. I could tell you who is dating whom, and who is cheating on whom, how far they have gone, what they like.

As the teens would say – TMI.

I would shudder with horror if I wasn’t part of a building.

But as annoying as that can be, I’ve gotten quite good at reading people over the years. I can tell who really cares for whom, and I can even give a fairly accurate estimation of how long a couple will last.

Pam Troy, for instance, her relationships rarely last beyond the time it takes her suitors to get what they want. I’ve even witnessed her getting dumped twice immediately after a consummation.

But she doesn’t seem to care. I often wonder is she’s trying to sleep with every guy in the school.

Of course, Pam and her suitors aren’t the only ones. I get visited by a lot of couples.

And even though it is typical for me to see a lot of ‘action’, today was my busiest ever. I barely had a free moment. It was like I had a revolving door.

First thing this morning it was Pam Troy again, with yet another guy. Paulie Del Bianco, this time. They have both visited me with more partners than I care to remember.

During their visit, it was obvious to me there was no love between them and little affection. Their joining was merely to ‘scratch an itch.’

The second couple was Vicki Delaney and Tommy Hoeig. Vicki usually doesn’t date guys for more than a couple of weeks, so I wasn’t surprised to see her with Tommy. She has now been through every member of the West Roswell High Basketball team, so she’ll be free to move on to another sport.

If I could speak, I would warn Tommy that if he gets a mysterious itch, he should visit a doctor quickly.

Next it was Ms. Hardy and Mr. Krewlick. They’ve hardly been able to keep apart since the heat wave a few months ago.

At least twice a week they sneak away on a ‘break’ and meet to ‘discuss course planning.”

Of course, little discussion actually happens in the meetings, other than single-syllable and unintelligible words. Theirs is more of a ‘hands-on’ approach.

After lunch, I was visited for the first time by Isabel Evans and Alex Whitman. Isabel finally decided she wanted to move forward with their relationship, and I was pleased to see that Alex wanted to take it slow and make things special for her. He must really care about Isabel.

But Isabel didn’t want to wait. She took the initiative and ‘melted the ice.’

They were quickly interrupted however, by Michael Guerin and Maria Deluca.

Those two have been on-again-off-again visitors for a few months. I never know if they are together or not from day to day.

Fighting, making up, fighting, making up. Some call it passion, I just call it exhausting. It seems like the type of relationship that would quickly burn itself out.

I guess today was an on-again day, because Michael announced that he and Maria are going steady.

But the way Michael and Isabel were acting with each other, it made me wonder what was going on between them. By the way they avoided looking at each other, and the quick way they were talking, it was obvious they had some unfinished business.

Would I see them together, visiting me later?

After that I got a bit of a break, and I was wondering if my busy day was over, but then my door cracked open again.

I was dreading who the next couple might be, until I saw them, and sighed in relief.

This couple always makes my day when they visit.

They are so caring and so obviously in love. They are the most special couple I’ve ever seen.

You must know who I’m talking about. In a high school filled with puppy-love and hormones, this couple really stands out.

Max Evans and Liz Parker, of course.

They only started coming to me a couple of months ago, but I could tell almost instantly that they were different. They have that soulmate kind of love.

When they are alone they don’t just grab each other like so many other couples. No, Max and Liz take the time to touch and caress, to look into each other’s eyes, and connect on a basic level.

Of course they do get around to making out, but it feels like they are bonding and not just ‘getting their rocks off.’

Today when they came in, it seemed like they were almost desperate to be alone.

Max closed and locked the door behind them before turning to take Liz into his arms. Instantly, her arms wrapped around him as her body melted against his.

They fit perfectly together, like they were made for each other, and they seemed to draw strength from the embrace.

For long moments they didn’t move, just savoring being together, but finally Max spoke.

“With all this craziness, I miss just being with you,” he murmured. He pressed his lips to her forehead as he stroked her hair.

“I know,” Liz agreed. “It feels so good to just take a few minutes for us.”

“I’m sorry we haven’t been able to spend much time together,” he apologized.

“Me too,” she said. “I miss you.”

They seemed to move at the same time, Liz lifting her head up to meet Max’s as it descended. Their lips pressed together gently at first, as if they were tasting each other, but the kiss quickly heated up.

Max’s hand slid into Liz’s hair, holding her close, and she stood up on tiptoes, pressing her body to his.

Their lips moved together hungrily, tongues dueling, as they gasped to breathe around the kiss.

Max growled softly as his free hand slipped under Liz’s shirt, caressing the silky skin of her back. She shivered under his touch and arched into him.

Bending her backward, he left her lips and attacked her neck with open-mouth kisses.

Liz gasped and moaned with pleasure, sliding her hand into his hair, holding him. Her eyes were tight shut and she bit her lip trying to stifle the sounds coming from deep within.

Max started out nipping at her neck, but it was obvious that her reactions were like fuel on a fire. His kisses quickly became hungry, and he looked as if he were trying to devour her.

His mouth closed over throat as he sucked and licked her skin.

“Oh Max,” she panted, unable to contain herself.

His lips returned to hers and he cupped her head with both hands, holding her as they ate at each other’s mouths.

Liz moaned into his mouth and Max growled. Their kiss became more wild and out of control as if they couldn’t get enough of each other.

Without breaking their kiss, Max lifted her and walked them backward. He placed Liz on the desk, moving between her legs and pressing their bodies together.

One of Max’s hands slid down to stroke over Liz’s breast as her fingers dug into his shoulders. She wrapped her legs around him and her body arched into his touch, needing to be even closer to him.

Just when I was wondering how much farther they would go, they started to slow down.

After a few more minutes, the kisses ended, but they stayed wrapped up together, not parting an inch. Smiling and panting softly, they rested their foreheads together and caressed each others’ faces so lovingly.

“We should go,” Max said softly, stroking her cheek.

Liz nodded, but neither of them moved.

His smile widened. “I could stay in here all day with you.”

“Me too,” she agreed.

Their lips met again, a soft, lingering kiss.

“We really do need to get to class,” Liz said.

“Right,” Max said, nuzzling her cheek and kissing her again.

They couldn’t seem to part, and continued kissing, touching, and speaking softly for several more minutes.

Finally they both gathered their determination and Max helped Liz down off the desk.

“Okay,” Max said, holding her closely, “we really have to go.”

He kissed her forehead. “Are you working later?”

Liz nodded.

“I’ll come by and see you,” he said.

“Okay,” she said, kissing him quickly again. “I’ll have a Cherry Coke waiting for you.”

With their arms wrapped around each other, they moved to the door.

“Is that all you’ll have for me?” he teased, kissing her.

Liz smiled. “We’ll if you’re good, you never know.”

I watched them until the door closed between us, and sighed in satisfaction.

They are so young. Some might say they are too young to know their true feelings, but I can tell.

Max and Liz have that forever kind of love.

Even though neither has spoken the words, it is so obvious to everyone around them. Soon they’ll declare their true feelings to each other. They won’t be able to contain themselves much longer.

Life might lead them in opposite directions occasionally, but no matter how far away, they will always find their way back to each other. Their love is too strong for them to be apart for long. Neither would ever be complete without the other.

The door opened again, and I would have rolled my eyes if I could. Pam Troy was back with yet another guy.

Didn’t that girl ever go to class?

But even Pam Troy couldn’t ruin my good mood.

Yes, it does get monotonous with all of the eraser dust and horny teens. That is just a typical day in the life of the Eraser Room.

But just one special couple makes it all worthwhile.



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