FHM's 100 Sexiest Women Poll 2002

ADDED: 6.16.02

Twere a couple of Roswell-related entries in the US edition of FHM 100 Sexiest Women poll:

And once again, it was Katherine Heigl who waved the flag for Roswell, with a two place rise from last year. Nelly Furtado, who appeared in Baby, It's You, also featured:

97 NELLY FURTADO (new entry)
Canada's finest
Just 23 years old, this multi-talented, multi-ethnic, multi-platinum western Canadian already owns a Best Female Pop Vocal Grammy. You can bet Nelly doesn't take success for granted, as she was humbled by eight summers as a chambermaid.

69 KATHERINE HEIGL (last year: 71)
Roswell resident
Katherine gained exposure as the precocious daughter in 1994's My Father the Hero. "Men still come up to me and say, 'You were really hot in that film!' I was 14, for God's sake!" She also bears the unenviable burden of having dated Joey Lawrence. BACK TO THE TOP

ADDED: 12.06.02
There were a couple of Roswell related babes in the UK edition of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women poll:

87 DIDO (new entry)
Thrilling triller
FHM says: Appearing on Eminem's single Stan shot Dido's career skywards faster than a firework - culminating with Best Album and Best Female Artist awards at the Brits, and the title biggest-selling British artist last year. Not too shoddy for a girl who once dropped 16 glasses of wine over Stephen Fry while working as a waitress.

42 KATHERINE HEIGL (last year: 30)
Close encounter
FHM says: She who plays the alien hottie in Roswell has a massive fan base, and not just because she's appeared in such crap-but-cool classics as Bride of Chucky and Under Siege 2 with Steven Seagal. The incredible body and fine face may also figure in the equation.

She says: "I was flat as a board as a teenager so I prayed and prayed for big boobs."

Katie was also voted into 9th place in the "lesbian vote".

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