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The three seasons of Roswell were released on DVD in several countries at various times.
I've collected all of the art I could find from different countries and different editions.

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quality art, please submit them and I will credit you.

Below are the English language editions.
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Here are the DVDs released in the U.S.

Season 1 - released February 17, 2004

Season 2 - released October 5, 2004

Season 3 - released August 9, 2005

US Collectors Edition Box Set
released - unknown

I bought these DVDs on Ebay. I had never seen the artwork before, and asked
the seller where they were from, but he didn't know. He bought them from another collector.

I'm not sure if they are real or bootleg. If they are bootleg, they were well done.
They were professionally printed, not done on a home printer.

I examined the covers closely, hoping to see some sign of where they were from.
The only clue is the Fox website address, so I'm guessing that if they are real,
they were released directly by Fox, and were only available through their website.



US Special Edition Box Set
released - unknown

I saw these DVDs on Ebay. I had never seen the artwork before either, and asked
the seller where they were from, but he didn't know. They were a gift.

US Complete Series
released - unknown

These were listed on a site similar to Craig's list.
I have no idea if they are official or bootleg, but I have never seen this cover anywhere else.

US Re-release

Fox decided to re-release the Roswell DVDs to take
advantage of Katherine Heigl's growing popularity.

The new artwork on the DVDs features KH, and they have a
sticker that says "Starring Emmy Winner Katherine Heigl"

Season 1 - released April 29, 2008

Season 2 - released April 29, 2008

A new cover was issued with Shiri instead of William
repackage - released April 6, 2010

Season 3 - released April 29, 2008

The three seasons were also released together in an exclusive box set by Best Buy
released - I'm not positive, but I believe it was late 2008
Costco also started to carry the sets, I believe in 2010


Season 1 & 2 combo pack, available exclusively from Sam's Club.
Released 2010


Seasons 1, 2 and 3 in thin packs.
Released 2012

UK Boxsets

Season 1 - released April 26, 2004

Season 2 - released Aug 9, 2004

Season 3 - released Oct 11, 2004

UK box sets that included seasons 1-3 - released Oct 31, 2005

released - unknown

Australian Box Sets

These are the Austrialian releases

Season 1 - released April 2, 2004

Alternate cover for season 1 - released March 15, 2006

Season 2 - released February 7, 2005

Alternate cover for season 2 - released March 15, 2006

Season 3 - released March 15, 2006

All 3 seasons in 1 box - released April 19, 2006

Individual packaged discs for seasons 1 & 2 - released unknown

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