Roswell Video Games

Okay, technically there is no Roswell video game, but some creative people have found ways to include Roswell in existing games.

Roswell Sims Skins

For those who don't know, The SIMS is a game where you can create characters who interact in 'real world' type of scenarios. You can get a job, go to school, go shopping, buy a house, etc.

An enterprising Roswell fan made skins for the main Roswell characters so you could include them in your SIMS game.

These were made by Gorky, and submitted to the site 7 Deadly Sims

Sorry, I am not sure who made this Sims skin, but it is a nice close-up view

Unknown Game

Sorry, I don't know which game this is - possibly an updated version of the SIMS, or possibly just digital art, but it is a really cute image.

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