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Back in the days when Roswell was on, there really were no DVRs, or recordable DVDs, or on-demand cable or streaming services, at least nothing that was generally available. So if you wanted to watch the episodes again, really the only option you had was to record the episodes on VHS tapes.

Of course if you missed an episode and hadn't recorded it or didn't have access to any tapes that a friend had recorded, you were kind of out of luck. The episodes might rerun over the summer or they might not. But waiting until the summer to try to get the episodes you missed would have been torture. lol

Soon fans started to ask online if anyone had recorded episodes that they would be willing to share or sell. So it didn't take long until the budding internet fandom started to offer a solution - tape exchanges.

A lot of early Roswell sites had a tape exchange section or even a tape exchange message board. If you had tapes you would submit what episodes you had, and if you wanted tapes you would submit which episodes you needed. The person wanting the tape would usually pay a minimal fee to cover the tape and shipping.

It was really great. Roswell fans helping each other out!

Here is an example from the defunct site Rozwell The Australian Roswell Fansite

Tape Brigade
Below is a list of fans who are willing to make copies of episodes for you if you happen to be missing some from your (prized ) collection. This isn't just for Aussie fans - if you're from another country and interested in this type of thing, contact us at the address below.

You will need to work out with the person you contact how to send/receive the videos, payment details, etc. And please keep in mind that Real Life can affect every single one of us, so patience is the key. :-)

Also, this shouldn't need to be said, but please be polite when asking about possibly having episodes copied.

Last but not least, if you'd like to be listed here as a taper, please send your name, email address, general location (state and/or country), and what episodes.


There was a table with names, emails, locations and episodes they have available

Here are some examples from the episodes available:
- Any of the ep's that have aired here so far, except for Blood Brothers.
- I normally have the latest episode for a week or two - just not much longer than that
- I have all eps from "285 South", but "Blind Date" video is wavy... (bad connection).
- Any of the ep's that have aired from UFO Convention onwards, except for Blind Date.

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