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What is a Rebel?

Rebel Alliance or Rebel is the name that the fans gave to the relationship or ship between Max & Tess.

The ship name, of course, is taken from Star Wars, because the few Max/Tess fans felt that they were fighting for their couple against the overwhelming numbers of the dreamers who wanted Max and Liz together

Rebel was never a very big ship, but the few fans were pretty rabid and vocal. Surprisingly, there was never much fanfic written about the couple. The fanfiction that does exist is almost always very Liz bashing. That is to be expected, I suppose, but more surprising a lot of time is very Max bashing as well - at least until he realizes his 'mistake' of loving Liz and turns to Tess.

Tess Fans
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My Opinion of Tess and Rebels
I have been asked what my opinion of Tess and Rebels is, since I am a huge dreamer, so here it is if anyone is interested.

(If you ask me most rebels are pretty delusional, but you can read their stuff below and decide for yourself.)

Here are some Rebel things I saved.

Rebels Views of Roswell

(Sorry, I don't remember who posted this or where)

I personally, have always liked the idea of the four aliens coming together. I liked Tess from beginning to end, and I was even cool with the fact that she killed Alex. Colin Hanks wasn't pretty enough for Katherine Heigl anyways. haha (j/k don't kick me!). Although, while I do like Max and Tess as a ship, I find that I really don't like Max a lot, unless it's an AU and he treats her a lot better than what happened in canon. They were jerks to poor Tess. Rather than pure Rebel fics/ships, I prefer a good ol' "Max-is-an-idiot-and-Tess-is-cool," or one where Max suffers a bit and pays his penance for being a jerk.

Tess is my favorite character she seemed to be more grounded. I'm a realist so maybe thats why we vibe.

Tess brought so much to the show and what I hate is that people always blame Tess for everything...Max had a choice he slept with her on purpose she didn't make him do it. I wish more people here weren't so Tess bashing.

I like that couple because this is something more interesting than Max and Liz, I think it's more complicated and more beautiful. It's real destiny. And they look great tougether. She was by his side when he need it the most, when every one left him. She always belived in him. Maybe if Nasedo wasn't her "father" she would never betrayed him...

I hated tess when she first appeared but then towards the end of second season I was like 'what the hell, might as well get used to her'

And yes she killed Alex but I don't think it was intentional and I tell you one thing....if I had grown up thinking I would soon find my family and not be so alone anymore and I finally found them and they treated me the way Max, Micheal, and isabel treated tess I might kill somebody too.

They were aweful to her, granted she got off to a bad start with trying to make them remember but hell, if my family didn't recognize me right away I might go to some extreme measures too

I don't think it was intentional either. And when I think about it I really feel for the character of Tess. She was left alone for most of her life with a man who knew no emotions. And was promised to be reunited with her family one day (Max, Isabel & Michael). Then she turns up in Roswell, learns that Max loves another girl deeply, Michael & Isabel don't even particularly like her.

And Maria & Alex? They are Liz's friends so it's obvious where their loyalties lie. Really, I'm not surprised she betrayed them in order to get to Antar and try and get a better life- She had very little to lose. The only people she was really close to were Jim & Kyle. It was probably heartbreaking to learn that he loved another girl and Michael & Isabel didn't really trust, like or accept her.

The problem with the whole Alex murder/deal with the enemy is that there was no leading up to it. It didn't make sense. Tess wasn't evil until the Departure episode. There was no leading up to it or Tess doing shady stuff before hand. Plus, to mindwarp Alex for months, everyone that would have to have known about his trip, and the I know an Alien club would have taken incredible power and well Tess wasn't that powerful and when the heck would she have had time to do all of this. She was doing things with Max and Kyle and had school. She was living with the Valentis so when would she have had time to do all of this. If she was mindwarping everyone why wouldn't they have suddenly remembered when Kyle started remembering.

Sure I didn't like her at first but that had to do with me being a dreamer. But with Tess being Max's wife from a previous life etc it was hard to go back and just pretend that it didn't matter. I didn't watch alot of season 2 when it was on because I knew that Max & Liz would never be the same even if Tess left. I bought the S2 DVD set and started watching and I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed Max and Tess scenes together and how Max and Liz scenes were really starting to annoy me. I guess for some reason I'm now realizing Tess was the victim and the one I should have been feeling sorry for not Liz. Liz was the other woman not Tess. Liz had a great life while Tess was on the run most of hers being raised by someone that didn't strike me as the most loving. She grew up believing her husband was waiting for her only to find out he wasn't. She grew up believing that Michael and Isabel would be her family and best friends and they barely tolerated her on good days.

I wish now that Tess had been given a better chance and had stayed on the show. It would have been interesting to see her and Max's relationship grow. Plus I really started watching Roswell because I was interested in the scifi angle. Max being involved with Liz meant he could ignore his alien side and pretend to be normal. I liked that when he was with Tess he stopped trying to deny his alien side. I would have loved to see more about their past lives. How they lived on Antar and what their people were like. Too bad they didn't go that route on the show. It would have been more interesting than watching Busted or I Married An Alien. O

Tess is my favorite character. Honestly, I was bored with Liz.

I just kept thinking, she was meant to be with Max. It was destiny. (I just wish I knew more about Zan/Ava's life together on Antar.) What type of relationship they had as a married couple.


(Sorry, I don't remember who posted this or where)

Their story

The story of Max & Tess is an epic tale of a destined love, loyalty, and ultimate betrayal.

Max and Tess are alien hybrids created from the DNA of the past (dead) King Zan and his Queen, Ava. They were cloned, regenerated with human DNA and left to gestate in "pods" for fifty years. At the time of their 'hatching', Tess was left behind as Max walked away taking his sister, Isabel and best friend, Michael with him.

Max, Isabel, and Michael grew up with no knowledge of their true existence and desperately searched for clues regarding their alien side. The search ended once Nasedo, their alien protector, and Tess came to Roswell. Soon after, Nasedo, through the use of alien technology showed them their true destiny. Max and Tess, as well as Isabel and Michael were to be together. Danger surrounded them in every way. The FBI, Alien Hunters, and their enemies--The Skins hunted them. Throughout it all, Tess remained loyal to Max; supporting him and all of his decisions.

The only problem with their relationship was that Max was in love with a human girl, Liz. She stood in the way of their destiny. Liz was Max's connection to his human side, while Tess encouraged his alien side.

Tess felt left out and wanted to leave Roswell and Max in order to start a new life. It all changed after a future version of Max traveled to the past in order to "save the world" from the destruction caused without Tess's presence in his life. Liz pretended to cheat on Max, and therefore enabled Max to be with Tess. Their love was passionate and resulted in the conception of a baby boy, who Tess named Zan, after his father.

I end the story there--on a high note, as I pretend that the preposterous ending of Season Two, as well as the stupid attempt at redemption in "Four Aliens & a Baby" in Season Three did not happen. (In my world, they live happily ever after.)

Why do I (Sensue) believe in Max & Tess?
I fell in love with the idea of Max and Tess the very instant that I discovered that she was his wife in a past life. Maybe it's romanticism, however, I truly believe in destiny. That you are meant to be with one person for the rest of your life; no matter when, where, why, or how. It was meant to be.

That alone makes me love the couple, however it was Tess's faith in Max; her utter devotion and unyielding belief that he was her husband--the man that she fell in love with. She never EVER went against anything that he decided; she was a good wife. She cared and even understood when she needed to give him space, even going so far to leave Liz alone, when everyone watching knew that she wanted to kill her for taking her man.

She has a strength--a power that makes her the perfect Queen. She knows what has to be done for the good of the world.

Max was a confused teenaged boy that questioned his own life. He didn't know what he was--human or alien and bounced back and forth between Liz and Tess. But he knew--he remembered his love for Tess. And that's something to hold onto.

True Love of Max and Tess Fan Club

The below is from the True Love of Max and Tess Fan Club

Welcome to the true love of max and tess as you already know max and tess are having a baby and i belive this shows their true love for each other. sure their a little young but this is their first child in two life times i think we should all be happy for them i also don't belive that liz and max should be together she has obviously moved on and doesn't want to be with max and more and we should respect that. and if you have some problem with my beliefs then you can e-mail me and debate about it. and oh yea about the whole alex thing i don't belive it was really tess and even if it was she didn't mean too. i love alex i cried when he died but that doesn't mean that my loyalty to tess is going to change.

They also had a count down clock for when the baby would be born.

Rebel Quotes

"When that happened before - when you fell - I guess I suddenly realized that I could lose you. All this time I thought of you as this person that just would always wait for me - forever. I've been taking you for granted. I'm sorry about that." -Max [Baby, It's You]

"All you've ever trust me, been there for me whenever I needed you. I've never done anything to deserve that kind of loyalty." -Max. "I think in that other must have been one great husband." -Tess [Max in the City]

"God, Max, that�s not who I am. That's not who I am. Think Max. You�ve seen my face before. You know who I am...You know who I am now, don�t you. You understand our destiny."- Tess [Four Square]

"I know I�m drawn to you. But I don�t � I don�t know you."- Max. "But you do, because we�re the same. You knew me before you met me."- Tess. [Max to the Max]

"...I would have felt it if something happened to him."- Tess. [The White Room]

"You were going to kill me! I was just trying to stay alive. To keep our son safe. ...Now the only way to keep him safe is to let him go." -Tess. [Four Aliens and a Baby]

"The closer that you and I grew, the worse it got with Tess, and eventually she left Roswell." -Future Max to Liz. "Because of me?" -Liz. "Because of me, and how I treated her. And it turned out Tess was critical to our survival. The four of us - Michael, Isabel, Tess, and I...we made a complete unit. We all had different gifts, and with one of us missing, we weren't as strong, and everything fell apart." -Future Max. [The End of the World]

"I can�t control myself when I�m with her." -Max (about Tess). [Four Square]

"...You know... moments when you connect with someone. And there�s no mistaking what�s going on. Like no matter who you may be with, or what you may think, that you and this other person are destined to be together." -Tess. [Four Square]

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