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Below is some info on a few of the more popular smaller UC ships.

Other UC ships than listed below have fans and some fanfic written about them, but the ones below were the larger groups.
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Liz/Kyle - Loyalists
Ava/Kyle - Alleyleader
Maria/Kyle - Remedialist
Liz/Alex - True Blue
Sean/Isabel - Deviant
Tess/Alex - Fifthwheel
Brody/Maria - Pepperjacker
Michael/Courtney - Stimulator
Liz/Sean - Lanewalker
Alex/Maria - Groupies
Alex/Ava - Outcasts
Michael/Tess - Mental Vibrators
Liz/Khivar - Traitor
Isabel/Khivar - Viper
Max/Maria - Ground Zero
Rath/Maria - Streetwalker
Kyle/Isabel - Incrowd
Max/Isabel - Outsider
Alec (Dark Angel)/Liz - Xtremer
Dean (Supernatural)/Liz - Drifter

Liz/Kyle - Loyalists

The Loyalist ship was never that big, but there were a few fanfics written, and even a few fansites.

The Kyle/Liz Relationship by piper47

Kyle and Liz's relationship lasted for about four episodes. In the timeline of things, they were together about 4 to 5 months. My best guess is that it about 5 months. The show kind of downplayed how long it was and made it seem like weeks, when it was months.

Kyle first asked Liz out at the end of their freshman year in the janitor's closet of all places. It was where they shared their first kiss. They spent the summer together. Kyle's not used to real relationships as part of his insecurities. He's afraid to show Liz how much he really cares about her, or to do romantic things with her. All of this was pretty clear in those first few episodes. Even later in the season, Liz makes reference to being with Kyle when he got really drunk over the summer. Liz at that time couldn't have known that Kyle wasn't some idiot drunk jock. But like most people, we want to hide who we really are. A huge theme on Roswell was about how we hide who were are as people. Most only see that in the aliens, but even the humans hid their real sides. Clearly this was the case with Kyle and his relationship with Liz.

I don't want to say that Kyle loved Liz. We'll never know that for sure. When they were together as a couple, no Kyle didn’t love Liz. He didn't know what love was although, his feelings for Liz were strong. Strong for someone his age. Most people don't see that when they watched the show, but an example of his strong feelings for Liz is in 285 South. Kyle followed Liz on her road trip with Max and Isabel. He was worried about her, he knew that his dad was looking up on Max and assumed that Max was up to no good and corrupting Liz. He didn't want to see anything bad happen to her. He wanted to protect her, even if she didn't want it. No ex-boyfriend in high school is going to do that for just come girl he was 'casually' dating. He cared about her more than he wanted to admit, and more than she wanted to accept.

The episode Leaving Normal was a pinnacle moment in their relationship. It was the episode where they broke up. Liz broke up with Kyle for Max. She told Kyle that wasn't the case, but she was lying to herself and him. What she saw was the end of a casual relationship in hopes of pursuing something more. What Kyle saw was the end of something that could have been something more. For the rest of the first season, we see this tension between them both. Each not sure how to go around each other, what to say, what to do. But both still cared about one another, Kyle more so than Liz, but that's the theme of their relationship.

Eventually, by the episode Toy House they are able to rebuild their friendship. It's rocky at first, but they have reached a point in their relationship where they can be friends, and only friends. Kyle still looks at her and sees the girl who could have been forever, but he'd rather have her as a friend than not to have her at all.

Kyle: Anyway, about...what happened with us...I just wanted to say, you...you were pretty straight with me. And you...you told me it was over, and...and...and I, I didn't listen. I didn't let it go.

Liz: Is, um, excuse me? Are you apologizing to me?

Kyle: I guess.

Liz: Wow. I...you know, I wasn't aware that this was part of your repertoire.

Kyle: I didn't either.

Liz: So, then, what changed?

Kyle: I don't know. I, I was, like...I was just laying there for like 2 days, and it gave me some time to think. And then there was this whole thing on Sally Jessie. You know, "ex-es on a rampage," and it just...it gave me some perspective, so...but anyway, I just...I think it would be great if...you know, if we could, you know, maybe we could be friends.

Liz: Well, it...um...sure. We could...you know, we could work towards that.

-Toy House

Through the rest of the first season, we see elements of their rocky friendship. Especially when Liz warns Kyle to stay away from Tess. He's still trying to get over Liz by any means possible. That means dating any pretty girl that happens to walk by. Liz knows that Tess could potentially be their enemy, so she forewarns Kyle. She could have said nothing, but she'll always care about Kyle, and had to tell him to stay away, she didn't want him to get hurt.

By the time the second season comes along, Kyle becomes the person Liz can confide in, the person she trusts above everyone else because he's been hurt and thrown off kilter just like she has. Things are rocky for them, and quickly go badly for Kyle in the episode End of the World. Liz needs Kyle to pretend to have sex with her, to finally end things with Max. Kyle never learns the real reason behind all of this, never learns that what he did, was to help the world from ending. All he needed to know was that Liz needed him and he was there for her. The rest of the season he becomes the outcast. The only two friends he really has is Alex and Tess. He tries to keep things going with Liz, but she's distant. So he confides in Tess, the girl who becomes his family. He's betrayed by Tess, just as Liz is, but in a worse case for him. He witnesses Tess killing Alex. Then she wipes his memory so that he doesn't remember it. It's Liz, who in the season finale puts the pieces together and helps him remember the tragic event that will scar Kyle for the rest of the series.

In season three, Liz and Kyle have a bond. They've become very jaded and their perception of the world has changed. Liz is barely holding on to her sanity, trying to make things work with Max while he searches for the son he had with Tess. Kyle has lost a lot, his family is torn apart, he lands himself a crappy job and has lost interest in school and his sports. By the mid Season, Liz and Kyle understand each other, and Liz is able to lean on him when things with Max go badly. In Ch-Ch-Changes, Kyle is the only one who understands what Liz is going through. She begins to show signs of alien powers, as a direct result of having been healed. Kyle is the one she goes to and the one she confides in, when she can't handle it.

Kyle: Liz. You're not alone in this. If you need anything, call me.

Liz: Thank you.


They never cross over the line of friendship again, but they have a connection that no one can take away from them, and one that no one could ever understand.

Why Kyle/Liz?

I didn't get into this paring until after the show was over, but I think the draw to it is that it's real. They were the only two humans on the show to ever have a relationship and it was realistic. There was no seeing into each other's souls. No undeniable love, and no destiny. It was simple, but at the same time, there was so much going on beneath the surface. They had so much potential. I think, had the aliens not come along, they still would have broken up. Liz never saw him as anything more than the jock persona that he had. Which is sad, because given time, Kyle could have opened up to her, and there could have been something more there, they were just never given the chance.

If any couple of the show was doomed it was them. It took the aliens coming into their lives to make them open up and see who they really were inside and become the people they should have been. By that time they had moved apart and although Kyle still cared deeply for Liz, he had nothing extravagant to offer her. It's tragic because there are so many relationships that we have in our own real lives that reflect this. We love, but sometimes we don't love enough or don't realize we love until it's too late.

That's why I get into this paring so much, because it's not easy but it's something we can all relate to on some level. They weren't given a fair enough chance, but I guess if Kyle and Liz had been together, there wouldn't have been much of a show.

Some Loyalists Quotes from Season 1

Morning After

Kyle: Listen Liz, I think it's important that we are honest with each other. I was talking with Tommy Hilligan, and he agrees with me. A person should be on time, Liz. I know we left things casual, and I understand that, but you did say that you would meet me at the Crash Festival. I just feel that if you care about a person, which I do, then you should be on time. The truth is if you were just some girl and you stiffed me like you did, I would walk in a second, but you're not

Leaving Normal

Kyle: Max... I know that something happened between you and Liz the day of the shooting. That you helped her out or whatever. She was shaken up and you calmed her down and I appreciate that. But what I don't appreciate is that ever since then, you've been all over her. I see it, Max. My friends see it, the entire school sees it. Now, I like Liz...a lot, and I don't want you around her.


Kyle: Oh, friends. Well, that is a popular position these days, Liz...isn't it?

Kyle: You know the best part about being broken up, Liz? I don't have to try anymore.

Kyle: That's why I want you to know that you can ask me anything, Liz. I don't have any secrets from you.

What secrets are you so afraid of me knowing? The truth about Max Evans? About why you've been so weird ever since that day at the Crashdown? Is that what your secrets are?

Kyle: We all want something back, Liz. It's too bad life isn't always fair.

285 South

Kyle: Just the way Liz is when she's with him. There's always something weird going on.

Ava/Kyle - Alleyleader

The Alleyleader ship was never that big, but there were some loyal followers. It was most popular when Tess was exposed as the bad guy, and fans turned from her, but still thought she and Kyle made a good couple. So the obvious choice was to pair him up with Ava.

There are a few fanfics you can find here and there, including a couple of mine. :)

Maria/Kyle - Remedialist

A smaller ship, but with a few fics.

Liz/Alex - True Blue

Another of the smaller ships, but you can find a few fics here and there.

Sean/Isabel - Deviant

The Deviant ship went through a bit of popularity for a while and several fanfics were written about them.

Tess/Alex - Fifthwheel

The Fifthwheel ship also when through a bit of a popular phase, with a few fics written about the couple.

Though I've never read any fifthwheel fics, I am assuming they are either set before Tess killed Alex ;) or are set in a semi-AU story that went a different direction.

Here are some Fifthwheelers in their own words.

I know that some people can not see Alex and Tess together. They are just too different to work well as a couple. For me, their differences are what make them so perfect for each other. Alex was the picture of loyality. In her whole life, from what we saw on the show, no one had ever been loyal to Tess. At least, not before she arrived in Roswell. After all, Nasedo, her protector and father-ish figure, was using her as a means to an end. I also see Tess as hothead underneath all of that control she'd developed over the years. She'd be the one to go rushing into dangerous situations, where as Alex would be the one to turn towards for some logical reasoning.

I guess that it all boils down to those two characters acting as a perfect balance for one another.


Alex and Tess having very similar senses of humor and being able to get along and be at ease with each other. And of course, there�s the idea of them both being on the outskirts of the group (as has been addressed in many Fifth Wheel fics, and obviously evident in the shipper name chosen for them) and the possibility of them bonding over their feelings of rejection.


I've always been strongly pro-Tess, and loved the idea that there was a lot more to her than we had the chance to see on the show. We knew she had vulnerabilities, but they never got fully explored, or even addressed, and while I loved Kyle and the idea of he and Tess together, I could definitely see the possibility of Alex being the type of support and stability that Tess needed. Tess would have given him a chance, because she desperately needed to have somebody on her side, and Alex was exactly the type of person to support the odd man out.

Brody/Maria - Pepperjacker

This pair had a tiny following, which was always surprising to me because they were so cute together on the show.

I can't remember seeing even one fic written about this couple.

Here are some Pepperjackers in their own words.

Aww, Brody was so sweet with Maria!


Because Brody is just the sweetest, cutest guy in Roswell (besides Kyle of course!) and he would treat Maria like the Princess she is!


Brody is just plain adorable. Sweet and smart and kind.

I think Brody would treat her better than Michael does, and in doing so would bring out Maria's better qualities.

It's mostly because I'm not a big fan of Michael and Maria together (or more specifically, the way Maria is with Michael).

Michael/Courtney - Stimulator

It seemed like hardly anyone liked these two together, but I always thought it would have made for an interesting direction on the show.

I've never seen a fic written about this couple either, but I've always liked the idea of Michael/Courtney and Brody/Maria. Maybe I'll write a fic with both couples. :)

Here are some Stimulators in their own words.

You gotta admit there was some really sizzling chemistry between Courtney & Mikey G


And at least she was loyal to him. SHE wouldn't have dumped him cruely when she decided to try and *find* herself.

Liz/Sean - Lanewalker
aka Lanerunner, Lane Dancer, Fryer, Fry Pan, Pillow Fighter

This is another couple that never had a big following, although they were kind of together on the show.

There were even a few stories written about them.

Alex/Maria - Groupies

Not a large ships, but there were some fanfics written.

Here are some Groupies in their own words.

Alex is such a great guy, a standup guy, and he would treat Maria great. And Maria needs a stable, honest, caring kind of person.

I just think they'd be a great fit and a cute couple.


my favorite human/human ship by far. They make such great friends, have had a couple scenes that suggest they could have had more. And at the beginning Kyle and Liz were going out so I almost wonder if there wasn't the start of something between them before the Aliens became part of their lives.

Alex/Ava - Outcasts

Another smaller ships, but with a loyal following. Very few fanfics were written though.

Kyle/Tess - Outcasts

Here is an oldie. The Tess and Kyle ship has had many names, but I found an old banner from a fansite with the old Outcasts ship name.

Michael/Tess - Mental Vibrators

A very small ships, but with a few fanfics.

Here are some Mental Vibrators in their own words.

The whole they both kinda outsiders, and Michael has problems with the whole power thing and Tess can use them in her sleep. And that scence in skin and bones where he blows up the rocks. Sexual tension all over the place!


Michael and tess got so screwed. And half of the time I don't think max and Isbael get how lucky they got it. *huggles Michael and tess* i really do dove this couple.

Liz/Khivar - Traitor

One of the smaller ships, but you can find a few fanfic with the couple.

Here are some Traitors in their own words.

Picture this...Liz starts becoming an alien, and runs away when she can't control her powers, and Max can't teach her how. She runs into a dashingly handsome man that *can* teach her to use them, and they fall in love...*grins wickedly* That could be fun...


Because that would absolutely kill Max if he lost Liz to his worst enemy!

Isabel/Khivar - Viper

Still a small ship but a bit bigger, probably because they were kind of together on the show.

There are a few fanfic out there for this ship, including a couple of my own. :)

Here are some Vipers in their own words.

I like Izzy and Kivar...they were pretty cool together. Of course, it also helped that Kivar was pretty damn hot to boot!!!

Max/Maria - Ground Zero (mostly shortened to GZ)

Another ship that was fairly popular for a time, mainly due to the fanfic of Midwest Max.

Here are some GZs in their own words.

Why do I ship Max & Maria? Well, Max! I think that says it all. Maria is just so dynamic, unpredictable, and interesting.


max and maria make a brillent pairing shes crazy and he keeps her on the ground and in turn max is way to seriouse some times


Max & Maria scenes

Skin and Bones

Their scene
Back of the Crashdown

Max, Maria, Isabel, and Alex are watching the Congressional Hearing about the Secret Unit of the FBI. We'll skip the boring talk about Nasedo and Camdian X...Maria turns off the TV.

Maria:(standing up) All right the show,s over. I gotta change into my uniform. My shift's starting.

Everyone leaves except Max.

Maria:Girlfriend, (placing her hand on his shoulder) I know that we bonded over the summer, but I’m not quite ready to show you the bod just yet.

Max:(looking around to see if anyone else can hear him) No I was just wondering if you’d heard from Liz yet.

Maria:Not since you asked me an hour ago. No.

Max:I heard you on the phone with her.

Maria:Max, a little advice. The girl goes off to some aunt in Florida for the entire summer and barely says goodbye to you. In lay man’s terms, she blew you off big time. I mean, and look at you. Look, you’re like a groveling dog. (doing a little dog impersonation) Have you heard from Liz today? Did Liz call?(shaking her head) No that’s no good. Look, you've gotta play it cool, all right? Let her come to you.(she walks away)

Max:(doubtful) Let her come to me

Max:(looking at her skeptically) Wait, didn’t you just tell me that you left like 5messages for Michael in the past two days?

Maria:What’s your point?


1. From the conversation it is implied that Max and Maria spent a lot of time together “bonding” over the summer.

2. By the way Max was looking around to see if anyone would over hear him ask about Liz, it is obvious that he’s only comfortable talking to Maria about it. This would be evidence that Max is closest to Maria right now.

3. From their conversation it appears that they have talked a lot about Michael and Liz, sharing their heartache, and helping each other deal with it. They understand each other.

4. They tease each, other a sure sign that they are close and comfortable with each other.

5. Maria said she wasn’t ready to show him the bod JUST YET. Just yet, implying that maybe down the road she'll be ready and willing to show him the bod.

6. In the last scene at the Crashdown, Maria is sitting in the booth, and Max is standing right next to her. Of all the places to stand in the Crashdown he choose to stand right by her.

Ask Not

Liz and Maria talk about Max
Congresswoman Whitacker’s Office

Maria is looking out the window, but turns around to talk to Liz who is looking at a file.

Maria:Hey, I think I know why Max and Tess were, you know, together last night. He was just playing bodyguard. He was walking her home in case the killer was following her.

Liz:(pushing by Maria) You know you don’t have to make excuses for him.

Liz sits at the desk.

Maria:Who’s making excuses? I’m just trying to help him. Help you. You know, help the situation.

Maria sits on top of the desk.

Liz:Did he send you here?


Liz:He did, didn’t he?

Maria:Not this time. I mean, no, no of course not.

Liz:Maria, I thought that you were my friend.

Maria:(sighing) This is so unfair. I care about you both. I just want you guys to be happy, and together.

Liz:Maria, would you do me a favor? (Maria nods) Would you keep your big fat nose out of this?

Maria:Message received. Man!

Liz:Look I have a lot of work to do so just... (Liz points to the door)

Maria:Fine fine. You weren’t...you weren’t serious about the big fat nose...

Liz:(pointing to the door again)Good-bye.


Maria leaves.


1.Maria says she’s just trying to help Max, and then adds help Liz, and the help the situation. It can almost be construed as an afterthought to mention helping Liz and the situation. At the very least, she thought about helping Max first.

2.Liz telling her that she thought Maria was her friend reveals that even Liz can see that Maria and Max have their own thing going on. Liz felt that Maria was pleading Max’s case, and putting his feelings above her own. A little jealousy maybe.

3.Maria admits she cares about Max. Max is no longer the guy Liz loves, or Michael’s friend. Max is her friend.

Their Scene
Roswell High
Max and Maria are sitting at a table outside.

Max:How did he know? How did Kennedy know to be tough with the Russians early but later to hang back and play it safe? Even after they shot down the U2.

Maria:I don’t know.

Max:I don’t either. That’s the problem. I’m supposed to be this this great leader, but I don’t know how to make these kinds of decisions. I don’t have that kind of insight.(pausing, he looks at Maria) How am I supposed to know what’s the right course of action.

Maria:Hmm. I have a thought. (hitting him with a book repeatedly. Max grabs the book from her) What are you talking about? Here you are giving me this history lesson, you haven’t even told me what the hell’s going on, Max.

Max:I know I’m sorry.I’m just trying to figure out how...

Maria:(hands on her forehead thinking) Yes yes you are trying to figure out how to be a leader. All right here’s a little insight. JFK he’s not so great. He cheated on his wife with tramps. Ohhhh...now there’s something you and Jack have in common you’re both involved with tramps.(resting her hand on her knuckles) How is Tess by the way?

Max:(confused) I’m not involved with Tess

Maria:Just taking midnights strolls with her?

Max:You saw us.

Maria:Yeah we saw you. As in Liz and I saw you together. (Max flinches, and lowers his head) It looked like a pretty romantic evening to me maybe a little patty cake on the front porch before you said goodnight

Max:(upset) No, it’s just...it’s a long story.

Maria:Well I certainly don’t want to hear a long story unless there’s a Kennedy involved.

Max:I love Liz.

Maria:I know you love Liz, Max. You’ve been telling me that the entire summer, but now that she’s back I’m the one who’s doing all the work here.

Max:(frustrated) What am I supposed to do?

Maria:I don’t know. Do something. Show her how you feel and please please do it now.(standing up)Look I’m sorry I know that you are dealing with this Roswell missile crisis or something. Just try and follow your heart. I mean isn’t that what the great leaders always do?

Maria walks away and Max thinks about what she said.


1.Max confides in Maria about his worries, frustrations, fears, and seeks her advice. Again this shows that out of everyone, he is closest to Maria now. It also shows that he trusts Maria, and relies on her.

2.She hits him with a book! Outbursts of violence towards another person are often signs of repressed sexual tension. Well that’s my opinion anyways.

3.When Maria stands up, Max looks up at her face. His eyes go down checking out her chest, and then back up again. I swear he does.

Their Story for Skin and Bones and Ask Not by Cariann

Rath/Maria - Streetwalker

A ship that had a pretty big following for a time, mainly due to the fanfic of RiaRath.

Here are some Streetwalkers in their own words.

Rath would behave if Maria was in his life


1: Rath has pericings...
2: Rath has tattoo's
3: Rath has the cute accent
4: Rath is probably better in bed (see " Who i did on my vacation" for details)
5: Leading in from #4 - Maria would have a better time with Rath
6: Maria puts up with too much of michaels crap; Rath tells it how it is.
7: Rath... did i mention he has pericings?


Cause Rath is just so much more the bad alien and he is hot


because he needs someone to mellow him and she needs someone that isn't so emotionally incompetant.

Kyle/Isabel - Incrowd

This couple was one of the first UC couples I remember reading, and there were a fair number of stories out there. They fell in and out of popularity, mainly due to fanfic being written about them. They had a bit of a resurgence toward the end of the series when it was revealed that Kyle had a thing for Isabel.

Max/Isabel - Outsider

(Yeah, okay they are brother and sister so yuck! and I am not a fan of the ship at all, but the supporters have some interesting opinions.)

Wait a second.......*Max* & *Isabel*? Yep, that's right. We all know that Max & Isabel Evans are not REALLY related (on Roswell, the TV series). And I personally think that they make THE cutest couple. LoL. So if you agree or have wondered "what if....?" this is the list for you.

Max and Isabel Evans have lived together as brother and sister as long as they both can remember. But For us the Outsiders we see them as not brother and sister for the little fact that Max and Izzy were designed and engieered. Meaning they have to no blood relation. Plus look at Max then look Isabel. They are total opposites in looks and behaviour.

Some people say they're disgusting. Some people say they set a bad example for society. But according to themselves, they're just observant.

Who are they? The Max/Isabel shippers, otherwise known as the Outsiders. Their arguments: 1) Max and Isabel don't act like siblings, 2) they're not genetically related, and 3) they don't think of each other as sister and brother.

Point one: Think of Isabel's unnatural jealousy for Liz. Or the scene at the end of The Morning After where the Evans family is playing basketball and Max picks Isabel up. The Outsiders' favorite piece of evidence is the last scene in Toy House, where Max and Isabel are hugging. According to some Outsiders, Max was kissing Isabel's neck. Who knows?

Point two: They weren't conceived in this life; they were created. If they were engineered in a lab, they can't have siblings, because they don't have parents. If they were siblings, according to one Outsider, that would make all computers in the world siblings!

Point three: There are people out there saying that just because Max and Isabel aren't genetically related doesn't mean anything. They were adopted together, and adopted siblings can feel just as sibling-like as biological siblings. The Outsiders have an answer for this, too. They say that the first time Isabel saw Max, she fell in love with him, and it was her rotten luck that they were adopted and the world views them as siblings.

Reasons why Max & Isabel are not siblings.
- They don't look like siblings. Call them that is streching the laws of genetics.
- They don't act like siblings!!! I mean, I can just feel the sexual tension between them! I know you can too!

Admit it, you anti-Max/Iz shipper!
- Isabel is too jealous of Liz for us to not think that she like Max.....in that way.
- He is always getting way too touch-feely with her for her to be his sister.

I know what you are going to say next:
But they came out of connected pods?
You want to know what connected pods equals to? Connected souls And you know what that equals to? SOULMATES!!!! There! I've said it!!! Max and Isabel belong together. They are soulmates!!! Meant for each other. Whatever.


Ways to tell if you are an Outsider: - You scream at everyone who says that Max and Liz are soulmates, saying that Isabel and Max were meant to be.
- You read about possible alien cultures to see if Max and Isabel could really be 'meant to be'. Or if they'll end up together even if they are related....lol.
- You write a fic where Liz dies in a horrible accident just because you hate her for being between Max and Isabel.
- You are trying to invent Anti-Liz spray..........you spray it on the TV and Liz goes away.
- You are beginning to wonder if Jack and Andie on Dawson's Creek are REALLY related...lol.
- You write Max/Isabel fics and when people e-mail you and tell you that is 'ewww', you reply back saying that you'll take that as a compliment, b/c you really are glad that you pissed them off. ALL anti Max/Isabel shippers deserve that!
- The end scene in "The Toy House" made you cry, but not because of Isabel crying, because Max and Isabel were making physical contact.
- You stay up all night working on you're Max/Isabel fic.
- You read more into scenes than you really should. (i.e. that look on Isabel's face means jealousy. Let's rewind it and put it in slow motion just to make sure)
- Everyone you tell you like Max and Isabel as a couple thinks you're a freak and you just don't give a damn.
- You sit on your computer late at night typing up "5 ways to tell if you are a Max/Isabel shipper".

Alec (Dark Angel)/Liz - Xtremer

One of the two most popular of the crossover story ships. Many stories have been written about the couple.

Dean (Supernatural)/Liz - Drifter

The other most popular crossover ship, and even bigger than Xtremer. There are more stories written about Drifters than any other xover pairing.

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