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There are really only six Conventional Couples and each one has at least one name created by the fans.

Many CC couples had sites dedicated to them and fanfic written about them, but by far the two most popular CC couples are Dreamer (Max & Liz) and Candy (Michael & Maria). Tons of fanfic exists that feature both couples, and they both still have a loyal fanbase.

Overwhelmingly, Conventional couple or CC fans are a much bigger group than Unconventional couple or UC fans. Although the CC ships Stargazer and Lamptrimmer have always been small, and I'll bet the larger UC groups are at least as big if not bigger.

When fanfic first started to be written, it was by far Candy related, but over the years, Candy fics have declined in number and for a long time Dreamer has been the biggest ship.

I have set up seperate sections for Dreamer, Candy, Lamptrimmer and Stargazer. The other two CC ships, Barely Legal (Isabel & Jessie) and Untuckables (Amy & Jim) just had so little following that I have hardly any info. What I do have, you can find at the bottom of this page. If anyone has additional info, please send it in.

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