Roswell Original Music

This is music composed for Roswell episodes and can be heard in the background at various times.

It is all credited to John Ernst as the composer on IMDB, but I'm pretty sure it was a mistake. He may have written some of the music, but Joseph (Joe) Stanley Williams was the main composer for Roswell since the Pilot.

You can find an article about him - here

I also know that Max and Liz's theme (that can be heard on the DVD menu as well as in various episodes), was written by Joe Williams and Snuffy Walden and played by Greg Arreguin.

All of the clips on this page were taken from the DVDs, edited together and saved by the amazing kel163. It is by his hard work that we have these themes.

I'm not going to post all of the themes here, there are TONS of them he has saved. I'm just going to put up some of the more recognizible ones.

If you'd like all of the Roswell themes kel has saved, you can download these zipped files.
Be sure to save them to your computer.
Only Max & Liz themes - 25 files 50MB
All music files - 94 files 190MB
An additional extended version of the Max & Lix theme here - here

I am not sure if the music has official names, the names given below were assigned by kel as far as I know. The songs are named with the episode code, so a song with 1x1 is from season 1, episode 1.

He took the songs from season 1, but a lot were played all three seasons.
Most of the songs are pretty short, less than a minute, a few run 2 - 2.5 mins.

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