Medieval Roswell

A site called Roswell Pod Squad, used to have a section called Medieval Roswell. It was never finished but hinted at a story or maybe an RPG where Roswell characters lived in the middle ages.

Anyway, all they had posted were a few intriguing pics and some links that never worked, but I always wondered what it could have been.
But they never updated and eventually the site was eaten in the great Geocities purge.

I have reposted the small amount of content they did have, so now you can wonder too. ;)

They had several advertising banners

~*~Granolith Castle~*~

~*~Medieval Roswell~*~
LOCATION: Old Roswell New Mexico
TIME: 16th Century
*King Max *Queen Liz
*Princess Isabell
*Lady Maria
*Squire Alex
*Sir Micheal
*Squire Kyle *Mage Valenti
STORY: 1947 was supposedly the first UFO crash. However, it was not the first, nor will it be the last. This is the story of Roswell in the time of chivalry, damsels in distress and knights in shining armor. The Pod Squad rules an actual kingdom, and doesn't have to wait untill their destiny comes into play on a distant planet. The King, the Princess, the knight.... the pod squad.

(The main page had a few links and only half ever worked, and the ones that did had very little content. I've posted it all below.)

*The Kings Chambers: Go here for an intimate look at King Max and the gang, including Fanfiction and fan art.

The King and Queen of Roswell Welcome you to their humble abode, and wish for you to have an enjoyable stay

*The Thrown Room (I am guessing they meant Throne Room - lol): Awards are presented and honor is given to Roswell fans and Roswell sites alike.
(This area was never open)

*The Royal Stables: A place for a knight,duels and games. A constant fued between good and evil....
(This area was never open)

*The Dining Hall: Pictures of everyone. A time to eat is a time to gossip, and everyone is there.

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