Roswell Jewelry

I have kind of been obsessed with charm bracelets since I was a kid. I have over a dozen bracelets and I am always looking for new charms. I have several themed bracelets and I had even bought charms that reminded me of Roswell. But one day, I thought, why not make a Roswell themed bracelet?

Of course, when I started looking at charms, I had all kinds of ideas, and I ended up making several Roswell bracelets - lol.
I also started getting into the newer floating locket charms and I've made several of those too. :)

So I thought I'd share.

This is a general Roswell bracelet. It has charms that represent the characters and other things in the Roswell world.

Starting in the upper right -
● Sheriff start - Sheriff Valenti, of course
● Jeep
● Bottle w/red jewels - tabasco/Crashdown
● microscope - Liz
● 5 stars in 'V' formation
● silver handprint - Max
● comet - West Roswell High mascot is the comet
● star w/swirl pattern - reminded me of the swirl pattern on
    the destiny book and necklace
● flying saucer
● art easel - Michael
● 5 amber beads - healing stones
● dress - Isabel
● football - Kyle
● book - reminded me of the destiny book
● shooting star

I still need to get charms for Maria and Tess

This is a Roswell ship bracelet. It has charms that represent the characters and ships.

Starting in the upper right -
● Motorcycle – Michael
● Candy – candy ship (Michael/Maria)
● Music notes – Maria
● Snake – viper ship (Isabel/Khivar)
● Strawberry – Liz
● Dream – dreamer ship (Max/Liz)
● Silver handprint – Max
● Megaphone – Alleyleader ship (Kyle/Ava)
● Ship – I just thought it was cute to represent
    that it was a ‘ship’ bracelet
● Alarm clock – Awakened dreamer ship (Zan/Liz)
● Lipstick – Tess
● Lantern – Lamptrmmer ship (Kyle/Tess)
● Buddha – Kyle
● Mountain goat – Cliffhanger ship (Michael/Isabel)
● Guitar – Alex
● Telescope – Stargazer ship (Alex/Isabel)
● Dress – Isabel
● Ice Cream cone – Douple Dipper ship (Max/Liz/Zan)

This bracelet has charms that represent the Roswell fanfiction I have written.

Starting in the upper right -
● Tombstone – I’m Dying Tonight
● Three hearts – Never Underestimate Destiny
● Bouquet of flowers – Mistakes of the Heart
● Pencil – A Day in the Life of the Eraser Room
● Cupcake – Cravings series
● Wing – Soaring with Angels
● Omega – Alpha & Omega
● Sucker – Lollipop
● Palette – Artist series
● Syringe – Getting Well
● Wine glasses – Anniversary
● Glasses – Watching
● Lips – Price of Lust
● Brick – Brick
● Star with hourglass – Waiting
● Circle with ‘R’ – for RoswellOracle

I still need to get a charm for Queen of Pain

This is a floating charm locket that represents Zan and Liz’s relationship in my Artist stories.

● The locket itself reminded me of the necklace
    that Zan gives to Liz in the story
● Bathtub – there are several scenes in tubs,
    including one of my favorites
● Books – Liz in college and Zan helping her study,
    not to mention some scenes at the school
● Rose – Zan fills their place with roses for Liz
● Dress – Liz and Zan shopping, their dates, and Zan’s
    openings they attend
● Palette – Zan’s talent, passion and love for Liz

This is a Dreamer ship locket.

● Star and Moon – aliens, star-crossed lovers, and some
    of the great scenes that happened at night
● Dream – for the dreamer ship
● Heart w/ an Arrow – reminded me of the one Max
    drew on Liz’s wall
● Silver Handprint – Max’s love for Liz exposing
    himself to heal her
● Strawberry – Liz and Max’s passion for each other
● Diary – Liz’ diary and the secrets they keep
● Believe – ‘I Shall Believe’ was the song playing at the EOTW,
    one of my favorite episodes

This locket has charms that represent Roswell fanfic I wrote. It has a lot of the same representations as the bracelet.

● Glasses – Watching
● Palette – Artist series
● Hourglass – Waiting
● Puzzle Heart – Never Underestimate Destiny
● Omega – Alpha Omega
● Pencil – Day in the Life of the Eraser Room
● Wing – Soaring with Angels
● Lips – Price of Lust
● Teardrop – Queen of Pain
● Gold bar – Brick
● Sucker – Lollipop
● Chocolate Strawberry – Cravings series
● Tombstone – I’m Dying Tonight

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