Other Character Haters

Here are a few things I saved from haters of various characters

Liz Haters

There were a few different Liz hate groups. Some thought she was too robotic or too stupid. Some made fun of her slight speech impediment. Others thought that she shouldn't be a main character on the show.


Here is a statement from a small group called Roswell TAIL

Roswell TAIL--Truth About Irritating Liz

Can't stand Roswell's Liz Parker? Feel the show would be infinitely better if she were as little a part of it as possible? You're not alone. Whatever irks you about that girl, however much you long for the day she meets her doom, this is the place to share it. There are several groups out there dedicated to liking this "character". Any fans of her should make their way there now, as this is no such group. We just plain don't like her. So, if Liz is your major Roswell pet peeve, too, welcome to the group and let the Liz non-love begin!

Some called her Lizbot or just shortened it to Bot, and LIVCOS (Liz Is a Vast Chasm Of Suck)

In reaction to the hate groups some support groups started
LPGA - the Liz Parker Guardian Angels

Isabel Haters

Fans hated Isabel for different reasons.

Some didn't like that she always portrayed as so sexy. They pointed out how the males in the show were always looking at her boobs.

Some thought she was taking screen time from other characters, especially in season two and into season three. They thought that since Jason and Katherine were dating that it was influencing the direction of the show. People thought the stories about her were boring and were taking the place of what could be better stories.

Some called her Isaboob or Isabore. There were also groups against her such as IERF (Isabel Evans Resistance Forces)

Maria Haters

There were a few different groups who hated Maria.

Some thought she wasn't a good friend to Liz. They thought she was jealous of Liz's relationship with Max and was trying to sabotage it. Like when she was telling Liz not to be with Max because they didn't know what would happen if they got physical, but she was making out with Michael every chance she got.

Some thought she was just too full of herself, too self involved to really care about what was happening to anyone else. Like when she was going to turn in the aliens to the Sheriff. Or when she was trying to turn Michael into the perfect boyfriend instead of liking him for who he was.

Some thought that she was a game player and more interested in making herself look cool than in being a friend. Like when she lied to Max and Michael about her and Liz having dates with college guys. Or when she entered Liz in the blind date contest without her knowledge. Or when she wore the aqua bra to attract guys hoping to make Michael jealous.

Others thought she wasn't good for Michael. They didn't like that she was always trying to change him, trying to make him into her idea of the perfect boyfriend.

In season 3 some started calling her SHFKAM (skanky ho formerly known as Maria) because she dumped Michael, who stayed on Earth for her, and then started a relationship with Billy, who people hated. A lot of people hated her for that.

Maria was the one who was always pursuing Maria. She was the one who pushed for a relationship when he didn't want one. She was the one who decided that she couldn't depend on him because he would leave someday. But then Michael changed his tune and stayed on Earth for her. It was what she always wanted, Michael, committed to her and their relationship. Then she decided that she doesn't want to be with him.

It is a pretty crappy thing to do, especially after Michael gave her what she'd been asking for the whole time. And it was so fast. Not even a year after. People really hated her for that.

Sure Michael is not perfect boyfriend material, but Maria knew that going in. Maybe she thought she could change him or that he would automatically become the prefect boyfriend. But really how much more does she want? He stayed on Earth for her. He wants to be with her, love her, be her family, but she was still mad because it wasn't the 'perfect' relationship she had in her head.

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