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I've collected some Roswell stuff over the years and I have extras that I'm willing to sell if anyone is interested.

What is shown is all I currently have available.
This list was updated:

If you are looking to buy a lot of items, I will make you a good deal, and I do combine shipping.
If you are interested in buying something, check out the Terms at the bottom of the page and email me.

I buy some Roswell items too. Check out my Wanted list.
***If you don't want your Roswell stuff anymore & want to donate it I'll be glad to pay the shipping and make sure it gets a good home***

The things in this section, I got from a former production assistant (PA) who worked on Roswell.

As far as I know the script was not cast used but is directly from the set because it were copied by the PA. I've bought many scripts over the years, but I've never seen any with this cover sheet, so it is pretty unique.

$10.00 + $4.00 shipping

A poster that was used on the set that the PA obtained from the set dresser. The PA thought it was from the Crashdown but I have been unable to find it in screencaps of the show, so possibly he was mistaken. It is a flower print, which doesn't seem like something that would be in the CD. Maybe it was used in the Parker's house. It is a bit bent because it wasn't stored properly, but a nice little item if you really want something from the set. (When I got this item, I rolled it and has been stored rolled. So hopefully it is in a bit of a better condition.)

Cat not included :)

A mileage form that the cast and crew used to report the mileage they drove to get to shooting locations. They have the Roswell logo on them.

Roswell Props
These postcards were given to me by a guy who was on the crew of Roswell.
He told me they were screen-used props from the Crashdown and UFO Center.
You can see them in several episodes if you look closely.

Nice way to own a little piece of Roswell!

$10.00 including shipping for 4 post cards as shown below

You can see the postcard with the alien ship in this screen cap from the show.

I have these US and foreign magazines that feature Roswell.

$10.00 each including shipping

Am I the only one who thinks it was freaking cool that the Roswell aliens were on the cover of Life magazine?

French mags - in French yes
If you are unfamiliar with French fan magazines, you should check them out. They have huge pics, post cards, and posters most of the time. They are awesome.

This one has stuff from Dawson's Creek, Buffy and Roswell, among other things.

Roswell Scripts
I have a few scripts for sale. I believe they are all copies and not originals.
$10.00 + $4.00 shipping.

Ask Not
End of the World
Toy House
Heart of Mine
We Are Family
Sexual Healing
Meet the Dupes
The Departure
To Serve & Protect

Also, if anyone is interested in additional scripts, I have all scripts from season 1 & 2 in my personal collection and I will be glad to make copies.

Roswell Clippings & Posters
I have a ton of Roswell clippings, Levis Lot 53 ads and posters taken out of US and foreign magazines.
If anyone is interested in them let me know and we'll work out some very reasonable prices.

Posters and ads shown below, but there are far too many clippings to show!

Prices & shipping depending on how many you want.

I only have the Shiri on the chair from the group on the right

Roswell Trading Cards

Currently I have one set of Roswell cards - 1-90. - $5

I also have a ton of single trading cards. So if you are looking for some cards to complete your collection, just send me the numbers you need.

Or if you want some cards to use in a project, or cards of a character or couple, let me know and I will make you a nice package.

I buy up boxes of Roswell cards when they are cheap, and make sets to sell to all you ravenous fans out there - lol.

If anyone has single cards they don't want, please consider sending them to me.
I might be able to use them to make sets for other fans.

If you just need a few cards, I won't even charge for them.


Just a few rules I've put in place over the years of selling on ebay.



I only take paypal for payment. No personal checks.

If anyone wants to purchase anything, I will be happy to list it on ebay, so you have the guarantees they provide.
But please, if you ask me to list something on ebay, be serious about buying.
It costs me to list an item, and I have to eat the cost if it isn't purchased.
(Just a warning - If I do post an item on ebay, I have no control over who might bid on it or how high the price could go.)

If you don't want it listed on ebay, I can send you an invoice through Paypal, which at least provides a record of the sale, or if you feel okay about just sending me the money, that is fine too.



I only ship to the continental US, no AL, HI, APO, territories, etc. Sorry, but I've had a lot of bad experiences with foreign shipping, so I don't do it any more.

Shipping is expensive these days. I have no control over what the post office, UPS, Fed Ex, etc. charges. I don't jack up shipping charges.

I ship by the most inexpensive means the U.S. Postal Office offers. This means your items WILL take longer to arrive, sometimes up to two weeks for some places in the US. If you want your item more quickly, let me know BEFORE I send it. I can do nothing to speed it up after it is sent. And if you do want a faster mode of shipping, it will cost more.

I pack things well, but I have no way to guarantee they will arrive to you in the condition I sent them. I also have no way to guarantee they will arrive at all. Once something is mailed, it is out of my hands, and I can't replace any missing or damaged items.

If you want special shipping or insurance, it will be extra. If you have purchased insurance and something does go wrong, you will deal with the post office to recover any damages.



All sales are final, so look at the pictures and ask any questions before purchase.

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