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Alien Food Reference

In the books and the show, the aliens often ate combinations of food that were pretty weird by human standards. In the show, they love the combination of really sweet foods mixed with really spicy, so often hot sauce, specifically Tabasco, is involved in some way.

If anyone knows of additional weird food combinations, please send them in.

Alien food in the show

- fries and tabasco sauce (various)
- cherry coke with tabasco sauce (various)
- candy bar with tabasco sauce (MA)
- chocolate cake and tabasco sauce (RD)
- yogurt with sugar (C)
- A cake made with tabasco sauce in it (S)
- pancakes with tabasco sauce and whipped cream (TS&P)

Alien food in the books

The references from the books are taken from the now closed site 'Cave off 286 S'

Book 1
- cake and tabasco sauce
- Grape soda and tabasco sauce

Book 2
- ice cream and mustard
- mouthwash and cheesy poofs

Book 7
- hamburger and applesauce
- tortilla chips and peanutbutter

Book 8
- grape soda and soy sauce
- blueberry and jalepeno muffins

Book 10
- turkey, mustard and ketchup
- pork rinds and whipped cream

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