Other Fans

These are a few things I saved from fans of other character/group fans.

Fans of the humans on the show

Here is a statement from their site

Max once made the mistake of telling Liz his secret and using his powers to save her life, she then told Maria, who then told Alex, who then eventually fell in love with Isabell who was also an alien, twin sister to Max, who started this whole thing in the first place. Then there's Sherriff Valenti and his son Kyle... Valenti was after the kids secret untill he found out the truth, then he was doomed unemployed and slandered the same way his father had been back around the time of the crash. Kyle was then saved by Max,and who also found out their secret. Now, Jesse, who just married Isabell knows her secret and was willing to kill an FBI agent in order to keep Isabell's secret a secret. Then there's that really strange anerexic looking girl from the hybrid chronicles, and the really strange daughter to the pilot that got in a crash with a ufo, also to the pilot himself. Ohhhh dear, what a wicked web they weve.

Sound confusing.... oh yeah I thought so, this page is dedicated to the "H-squad" the "select" group of humans who know their secret and likewise share their fate........

Fans of the friendship between Max and Maria

Fans of the Alien Mafia - Max and Michael

Fans of Roswell Women

Fans of Covina

Fans of the Crashdown

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