Roswell Actor Fans

When Roswell was on, there were tons of sites dedicated to the talented actors on the show. Most of them had biographical info, filmography, pics and stuff like that, but some fans started groups where they could worship or pay homage to their favorites.

The stuff posted below is from the later groups who actually did a bit more.

If you are interested in the names the actor fan groups gave themselves you can find it here - Roswell Actor & Character Fan Names List

Jason Behr Fans

I had so much info that I made a separate page for Jason Fans

Shiri Appleby Fans

Here are some things I saved from Shiri fans.

Nick Weschler Fans

Here are some things I saved from Nick fans.

The Nick Weschler Research Institute

The largest group of Nick fans were collected in the The Nick Weschler Research Institute. They had a small website and discussed Nick on Nickology Project threads on the Roswell board.

(Here is some info from the site) Abstract

The Nickology project involves the careful and cautious study of the actor known as Nick Wechsler. With his body and his psyche taken apart piece by piece, the Nickologists hope to unravel the man, the myth, and the mystery. Through concientious, and sometimes raucous, discussion and appropriation of Nickological resources, the Nickology project will hope to create a better understanding of the Nick Wechsler prototype.

Subject's Vital Statistics

Name: Nick Wechsler.
Genus/Species:Homo vulgaris.
Birthdate: September 3, 1978.
Hair: Light brown.
Eyes: Blue.
Height: Approx. 5'7
Weight: Possibly 160 lbs of Greco-Roman wrestling.
Original Habitat: Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Current Habitat: Greater Los Angeles, California.
Hunting Grounds: Unknown.
Current Visibility: "Roswell", Mondays at 9 PM, the WB.
Past Visibility: "Chicks, Man" (film), "Team Knight Rider".
Marital Status: Single

They also were going to have a Nicktionary, but if it was ever complete, I didn't see it.

Majandra Delfino Fans

Here are some things I saved from Majandra fans.

Majandar fans liked to debate her hairstyle a lot. There were threads for long or short, blonde or brunette, curly or straight.

Brendan Fehr Fans

Fehrian Followers Fellowship or Triple F

(This group was started at the Alien Abduction fansite. They even had t-shirt made, but unfortunately I don't have a pic.)

You are probably wondering just what exactly the Triple F is!

Simplely put The Triple F is the Fehrian Followers Fellowship!

Our motto : If I'm gonna go to jail at least let it be for peeking in on Brendan showering or something!! (Thanks Holli!)

This is basically for anyone who wishes to aspire to Brendan stalking!

But just to make sure we don't have any of the dreaded Max lovers sneaking in here and trying to keep us down a little pre-admission test is in order. Simply PM one of us the answer and you are in. THat's it! Simple and easy. No pain invovled! (Unless you are into that!) No answer, no post. Its really that easy!

Just PM us and let us know what one of his tatoos is of!

Simple no?

Have fun and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Additional Mottos
"School bad. Brendan good." - Sho *Well the obviousness rightness of the statement speaks for itself!
It's not stalking when the Brendan gives out the information.
"jail with Michael aint so bad.... espeically when I drop my soap"

The Triple F Pledge
All rise for the reading of the Triple F Pledge:

For the love of Brendan we solemly pledge:
To understand that Spiderman movie release dates are sacred holidays.
As are the release dates of your movies and your birthday.
To know that all Metallica CD's go in order of release date,
and big ears Max can kiss your delicious ass.
This we pledge...
Until you throw us in jail for stalking you.

Katherine Heigl Fans

Here are some things I saved from Katherine fans.

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