Max Fans

There were tons of Max fans, and they celebrated him in all kinds of ways. .
Here are some things I saved.

The Different Max Facets

Sweet Max... that Liz fell in love with..
Shy Max... that was afraid to come out from behind the tree..
Comforting/I'll-be-your-shoulder-to-cry-on Max... that helped Liz during Grandma Claudia's death..
Goofy Max... flagging down the KROZ van...
Drunk Max� and we now know better than to get him drunk�
Jealous Max� in BD when Liz went out with Doug Shellow
Rough Max... that really lit into Tess in Four Square..
Thoughtful Max... who constantly puts Liz's (and the others') needs before his own..
You-re-A-Pal Max... to Maria in the early stages when she was freaking over their alien status... especially when Michael and Iz were still openly hostile to the humans..
Brotherly Max... to Michael (and of course Iz) in his times of need..
Funny Max... in The Convention and Into The Woods..
Sexy Max... in Sexual Healing... 'nuff said!!
Tortured-Soul Max... in White Room where his caring nature still surfaced in attempting to protecting those dear to him..
Forceful Max... with his "I'm not letting anyone decide my destiny" stance..
Mariachi Max � serenading Liz in EOTW�
Sleeping Beauty Max� from BB when he was hospitalized after the accident� or the one in S&B... whichever you prefer..
Fearless Leader Max�
Friends-only Max� in trying to salvage burnt bridges in MITC
Tormented/I�m-losing-my-sanity Max when the ghost haunts him no end
Doctor Max� for the darling healing the kids for Christmas
Deputy Dog Max...from surprise
Old/Future Max..."do you really see gray hair?" from End of the World
Angel Max...from The Miracle (ARCC) Future Max
Channel Surfing Max
Lovesick Max
Doctor Max
Mystical Max
Concerned Max
sleeping Max
shirtless Max
jailbird max
Embarrased max
muscle-baring Max
hand-caressing Max
intensely caring Max
Gentle Max
tortured soul Max
Intense Max
behry kissable Max
Magnetic Eyes Max
Lovely Ears Max

What is the best thing about Max?

The kind of mystery side to him is really attractive
I'll go with how soft and slow Max speaks. It's very soothing and sensual.
I would have to say the shy longing looks he gave Liz in Season 1.
I have to say Max's eyes. They are so dark and mysterious and sexy. I am just drawn into them.
The best thing about Max is Jason plays the character
The way he loves Liz and the way his eyes always seem to be so full of mystery
i love his eyes...they show th eemotion of whatever point he's trying to get across
So caring Max is.
His gentleness.
I love everything about him!
I would have to say the way he loves and looks at Liz. The way he's always loved Liz.
The heart of a King, the Soul of a God, and the love of a lifetime.
His shyness, his humility, his caring, his gentleness, his loving nature, his loyalty, his beauty.
He has hands that look like he could wield a hammer and yet they are so gentle on the side of Liz's face when he kisses her.
The way he treats him Mom.
His protective side. That extends from his sister and best friend, to the love of his life and her friends.
the body and soul of a God.
He is serious, dark, tall and sensitive.. Just the kinda guy every guy should be.
Love it when he touches Liz neck and face when they kiss.

Reasons Max is king

1. Max is cute
2. Max is very cute
3. Liz likes Max
4. Everyone likes Max
5. Max almost killed Tess but showed incredible compassion in not doing so
6. Max keeps Michael in line... he is the only one that can.
7. Max was willing to give up everything just so he could save his unborn son
8. Max trusted the evil Tess even though he should have known better, but he wants to believe everyone is good
9. Max didn't give up the Granalith to the bad Skin guys
10. Max didn't kill Brody even when Michael and Isabel wanted him to
11. Max healed all those kids
12. Max saved Liz and Kyle's life
13. Max cried over Alex's death... awwww...
14. Max is a good guy
15. Max was torture by Agent Pierce but didn't give in
16. He was created from 'royal genes'
17. He has compassion for animals - he healed a pigeon when he was just little
18. He put Liz's life and welfare above his own safety
19. He is a loving father, even before the baby arrives
20. He takes responsibility for his actions, even though he's 'sorry in the morning'
21. He is the king of my heart!
22. He can make that hickey glow!
23. He is quietly strong.
24. He is regal,without being spoilt.
25. He has the Royal Crest tattoed on his brain.
26. He loves his high maintenance, pain in the @ss sister, who consistently sides with Michael against him and is consistently not there for him when he needs somebody. (Garbage can scene being the exception to the rule. She lost 10 points for being way too late also.)
27. He became Liz's friend again after he thought she slept with Kyle.
28. He made the executive decision to heal Liz and possibly reveal the pod squad to everyone.
29. Max-he looks at you without saying a word and...enuf said
30. Max loves Liz
31. Max knows how to cry
32. Max is his own Destiny
32. Max admits when he's wrong.
33. Max feels responsible for everyone.
34. Everyone looks to Max to solve their problems.
35. Max or FMax looks great in leather.
36. Max wants to know "Whats so great about normal"?
37. He has loved Liz since the third grade when he first laid eyes on her and he's never stopped loving her.
38. Because he has enchanting eyes.
39. Because he is the center of attention.
40. Because "whats so great about normal?"
41. Max thinks before he acts
42. Max "is glowing on the inside"
43. Max can make parking meters look like the 4th of July
44. Max is the most wonderful young man even though he isn't perfect. (Who wants perfect anyway?)
45. Max looks terrific fourteen years later
46. Because it is an 'honour' to know Max.
47. Because Max touches all who know him.
48. Because always puts himself in danger first.
49. Because he makes the best, most loyal fans.
50. Because he shows pure, agopae love to everyone he cares about.
51. He's the best ambassador for aliens on Earth they could possibly have! No more reason to be afraid!
52. Because no one does it better than Max.
53. Because he tries. Like what he said to Isabel at the end of BIY, he tries to be a good leader and do what he thinks is right.
54. Max is a hottie.
55. Max is a sweetie.
56. Max is a honey.
57. Max would make a cute bunny.
58. Max is corny.
59. Max is horny.
60. Max has HUGE EARS.
61. Max cries tears.
62. Max needs a hug.
63. Max is a big ole lug.
64. Max believes in his own destiny
65. Max is strong
66. Max listens to his heart
67. Max says "I'll take care of it" (or "I'll handle it") - and he does. Or at least he tries.
68. Max healed Kyle even though Kyle had never been anything but nasty to him (and also had dated Liz before he did).
69. Max can cry.
71. Max is shy.
71. Max has beautiful eyes.
72. Max makes us all sigh
74. Because I would gladly die in 14 years(or now) for Max & Liz to be together!
76. Because Future Max told Liz not to love him.It takes a lotta guts to do that. Also it saves Michael
91. Max has a beautiful smile
92. Max gets good grades
93. Max is good to his mother and father
94. Max is a good brother (most of the time)
95. Max is an excellent boyfriend
96. Max has a beautiful body
97. Max doesn't like to kill anybody
98. Max wears the cutest shoes
99. Max is a loyal friend who doesn't hate Michael even when he gave him grief all of 2nd season
100. Max is King because it's his destiny (and because he would look great in a crown!)
103: Because Max is brave enough to risk being laughed at while he serenaded Liz accompanied by a mariachi band.
111. Because Max told Liz "If I die tomorrow or 50 years from now; You'll always be my destiny."
112) Because Max is the man!
113) Because max went behind his tree so Isabel and Michael could have a life. While he looked after them from a far!
114) Because Max protected Liz when Brody went nuts!
115) Because Max told Liz he would talk to Valenti because Liz was upset.
116) Because Liz�s stomach growled and he fed her.
117) Because Max confronted Valenti for Liz�s sake.
118) Because Max is an incredibly, incredibly honorable guy.
119) Because Sean has no idea who Max is, OK? Because if he knew him, he would know that he is above and beyond that way of thinking.
120) Because Max�s first instinct after Alex was killed was to comfort Liz.
121) Because we could all see his hand shaking and the look of horror Max gave Liz when he realized he wasn�t acting like himself.
122) Because Max crossed over all lanes of traffic and ran over a median to get to Liz.
123) Because Max fought to protect Liz.
124) Because Max wished it could be different.
125) Because Max always thought that when they graduate he would give Liz his ring.
126) Because Max gave Liz the pendant instead.
127) Because Max immediately runs to Liz�s defense.
128) Because Max follows his heart.

Max's To Do List after Season 2

1) Get a new car.
2) Buy knee pads in order to do some major groveling
3) Get new "Staind" cd to memorize lyric of "It's Been A While" for future serenading.
1) Follow Liz around and beg for forgiveness. Kiss her feet also.
2) Beat Tess for poking a hole in my condom
3)Follow Liz around some more.
4) Buy her favorite flowers and decorate her room with them
5) Talk mom and dad into getting me a porsche.
6) Cut my hair
7) Follow Liz around
8)Learn how to play guitar so I can serenade Liz.
9)Learn the words to "Hanging by a Moment" By LifeHouse so I can sing and play guitar for Liz.
10) Laundry

1. Call answer
2. 5min later call answer
3. 5min later call answer
4. 5min later call answer
5. 5min later call answer
6. 1min later call answer
7. go over to Liz's house, get curtains shut in face
8. go home call Liz
9. write really sweet poem
10. go buy flowers
11. go back to Liz's house climb ladder to room and look cute and sorry
12. 5min later make out w/Liz
Have a heart to heart talk with Liz so BOTH can spill all.
Max : The whole Tess thing and his feeling towards Sean and why it bother him with the Kyle stuff.
Liz : Tell Max "ALL" the details for Furture MAx and why the whole "Kyle" stuff. Tell him thats why the Prom break-up and all the crazy stuff.

1-Go out and get drunk with Michael.
1)Apologise to everybody i have been an @$$ to.
2) Magically fix Bob
3)Beg and grovel to Liz
4)Do man to man bonding with Michael (drinking)
5)Organise a party to go to Antar and slap kick Kivar.
6)Clean my room
7)Get a job

1) Beg Isabel to forgive me for being an a$$
2) Find a way to save son(priority)
3) Take memory class
4) Clean up room
5) Ask Liz why she lied about Kyle
6) Find purple pumpkin
7) Get mom into AA
8) Learn to sew
9) Take memoroy class
10) Sew hole in pants
11) Talk to friends about stop eating my brotherin (Cows)
12) Listen to Michael's "BIG" news
13) Remember what I was supposed to do later in life??? something about skins???
14) Buy new animal crackers
15) Take memory class
16) Where was I?
17) Find where I parked my jeep.
18) Take memory class
19) Stop Brodi from slamming head against wall
20) Beat up Sean

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