Liz Fans

There were tons of Liz fans, and they celebrated her in all kinds of ways. .

Liz Mythers

A large majority of Liz fans, including me, were Liz Mythers.

Liz Mythers believed that Liz was more important and more involved with the aliens than was ever revealed.

If you are interested, you can read all about it here - Liz Myth Theories

Liz Parker Guardian Angels

There were a few different Liz hate groups. Some thought she was too robotic or too stupid. Some made fun of her slight speech impediment. Others thought that she shouldn't be a main character on the show.

In reaction to the hate groups some support groups started started up. One was LPGA - the Liz Parker Guardian Angels

Displaced Dreamers

Displaced Dreamers were former Dreamers who started hating Max during the end of season 2 when he was treating everyone so poorly and then slept with Tess.

Displaced Dreamers felt that Max had changed so much that he didn't deserve Liz, especially after everything she had done for him. She had saved his ass more than once and he betrays her.

Here are some quotes I saved from a Displaced Dreamer board.

Liz is the 'uncelebrated' hero on Roswell" - basically pointing out how Max would be DEAD if not for her perseverance!

'Cause Liz deserves better than S2 Max. We're sick of waiting for the real Max to show up and come for her!

So in the meantime, we're . . . exploring other options. We may be dreamers at heart in the classic sense, but for now, we're all about having some fun and filling King Liz's court with people that are her equals, friends and otherwise.

Buddha Boy is rocking my world lately. He's loyal, he's compassionate, he's a great friend, he defends his family, and he's a man of action when necessary. In the immortal words of our resident Royal Handmaiden, "He's turning out to be a great guy." Hehe. Yay Kyle!

Awww, and look what he did for her, no questons asked. And she looks HAPPY for once in her life!

I think we should start a campagn to give the Queenly role to KYLE! He has been this season's most Shining example of a friend and all round nice guy! You know Kyle means something like chief. King, Queen, hey Why not. JK has explored all possible avenues! WHY not make Kyle Queen? Yeah, Max better be WASHING Liz's feet. Some Bowing & Kowtowing would be nice too.

I hereby propose that we place BOB in charge of Liz's royal army. Bob, oh stalwart, tried, and true Bob, we have ever so much faith in you! You have proved your worth time and again, and we bestow upon you, beloved Jeep, the honor of being Liz's private carriage and military confidante. No one has been as steadfast and valiant as Bob!

Forget dog boy - I vote for Brad

Here Here Sterlingsilver!!! I humbly join the ranks of the Displaced Dreamers. A Big Yes for Liz as King of the World and wonderful brave stand up Kyle makes a lovely Queen.He has such a kind heart and even in Season 1 he didnt give up on Liz-he put her interests and safety before his own. Kyle is the Man err Queen I mean.

Alex-was Liz's equal in every sense of the word-what a guy. Can he be her spiritual advisor from the great beyond? I would love that.

I think Max makes a fine handmaiden and he should possibly alternate as a stable boy-he seems to have a fondness for pigs and shoveling manure-so I say go revel in it Spaceboy.

I nominate RiverDog as her wise and trusted Advisor. Remember he warned Liz that she wasn't like the others(yeah way more brain power) and to make sure Max earned her trust. No wiser or truer words have ever been spoken.

Doug Shellow was a sweet guy. He just wanted a normal date! And archeology, that's kinda . . . sexy. Hehe. As far as River Dog goes, Advisor he is! You are darn right. He told her to make sure Max was worthy of her trust from the get-go, didn't he? Sound advice, sound advice. Congratulations, River Dog, welcome to the palace.

Liz, Alex, Kyle, and Bob are the real Royal Four

Liz would make a beautiful King and Kyle a handsome Queen. Now Max is kind of like Liz's "Water Boy"? (High quality H2O.....sorry Adam Sandler on the brain.) Now as for Mikey G. and Isabel, I think the role of the Royal Pet must of course go to Tess. She is the the true gerbil of the group. Now what about Maria? What shall she be? Liz's Second in Command? or Chief of Staff?

Sean! We mustn't forget about Sean! Since it's his duty to help Liz "grow", I nominate him royal gardener. Let him cultivate and care for the sprawling acres surrounding the palace.

Michael G is her cook and bottle washer! I love it! I don't know if I would keep Isabel around... too much attitude. Though maybe.... She gets to be the receptionist/butler?. She can scare off anyone who would try and interrupt Liz's feet washing?


Introducing their Royal Court-
Max Evans as....foot/toe rubber, dishwasher, gardner, personal driver, receptionist, and in general, King Liz's personal assistant.

Isabel Evans as....Dream Stylist to Queen Kyle. She will be ordered to dreamwalk Queen Kyle through as many Playboy Playmates dreams as the Queen desires. No complaints or attitude will be accepted.

Michael Gurein as.....The Royal Courts personal cook. No using of the alien powers to prepare meals will be allowed. Punishment for doing so will result in a night out with RiverDog in the "Sauna", and this time the stones will not be used to heal.

Maria Deluca as.....Spiritual advisor to King Liz. She will supple King Liz with all the Ceder oil and herbs the king desires.

Bob as.....Bob. The sexy, older man that King Liz has a hot steamy affair with. He will inspire the King to continue writing in her journal. "Today, I King Liz Parker had the most romantic date, and with the least obvious guy.....BOB! I think that I might be in love!"

Doug Shallow as.....Royal Hair Stylist. He will aid both King Liz and Queen Kyle with their beautiful locks.

Brad as.....The Royal Boy Toy. Yes he will be available on command for any and all of the Kings needs. As well as personal Entertainment, meaning Private Strip shows for the King only.

Nasado as....Obsessive older man. He is obsessed with King Liz and will stop at nothing until she is his. Of course King Liz will destroy him after the obsessive thing gets old.

Alex Witman as....Royal Security. He will be the King's most loyal confidant, as well as Head of National Security.

Frigging Eddie! I loved him! I wish that Liz had spent last summer on the reservation checking out Grandma Claudia's book & getting to know him...well!!!!! He's GOT to be the Royal BodyGuard!!!!!! Yes!

Grandma Claudia and River Dog must be Liz spiritual advisors...They have MUCH more spirit than Maria...

Brad and Doug~ Are Liz's royal courtesans they are there for nothing more than the pleasure of our King...

Sterling~ Can we make Sean the Royal Guard of Crackers? PLEASE he so fits the job discriptio

I'm thinking he could be the jester, "the fool". After all, let's be honest folks, are any of us ever going to be able to take this man seriously again? I think not. And, can't y'all just picture Lord Katims adorned in a motley hat, tunic, and tights, holding scepter with bells in hand?

Eddie as messenger, that's perfect. And totally, Nasedo has always had a thing for Liz, hasn't he. Between MttM and S&B - oh yeah. Edsedo was such a tragic depletion of mystery and charisma. Piercedo on the other hand, man they shoulda kept him.

Some people with a little more SPIRIT than our boy Maxy who would make the PERFECT Jester as of now.So, why not have the two guys who make the clown jealous Brad and Doug,

We can't have Isabel as the cook.. She can't cook worth an alien!. She'll poison our King!..I know! I know!

The person who tells everyone what their Protocols are! like where to stand, where to sit, where to go...hmm the Protocol person? She'll be really good as the Nazi Protowoman.

! Yes, I see Izzy with a clipboard and pens stuck in hair, always scurrying around at King Liz's heels, trying to get her to sign something. The Mistress of Protocol would do, say, the seating assignments at all royal functions, keep all of the king's minions at bay, and keep the dancing boys well-fed and chipper. Would it be bad to make her sleep on a pallet at the foot of the king's bed

Michael can be court jester and Liz and Alex can be Ladies in Waiting. The Sheriff can be captain of the royal guard, GC and Riverdog as Spiritual Advisors.

Max can clip her toe nails.

Reasons Liz should not take Max back

1. Denseness, Liz is way too smart for Max. He never asks any questions. When she told him about the granilith, he never did come back to her and push her for more details on how she knew it's power. Secondly I can't believe that he never figured out that Liz never slept with Kyle. My God, earlier that day when he found out she was trying to push he and Tess together. He saw into her soul, but he believes that she slept with Kyle. And I won't even get into the dumbness of going to New York in MITC and the fact that he actually considered going back to Antar. A planet he still doesn't know the name too I might add. Those are just a few incidents.

2. I guess this one would probably go under dense too, trusting Tess. This woman mindwarped her way into his life last year, but now he trusts her implicintely. He even trusts her enough to help him retrieve memories.

3. Indecisiveness, Never knowing what to do. Or when he does do something he puts them all in danger. Once again in MITC he was actually confused and didn't know what to do. Didn't know if he should make a deal with Nicholas or not. Hello, this guy just tried to kill you a couple of weeks ago, why would you trust him?? In Harvest he hears about CWW death on TV, knowing that Isabel killed her and that the annoucement of her death is probably a trap, but he takes his people into the that trap anyway, right into a town filled with his enemies where they all could've been killed.

4) Liz deserves more than he is able of giving.

5) He has major control issues.

6) That boy has major mood swings. He's either crying like a baby or angry.

7) He's abusive, not so much physically but emotionally. The last three eppy showed that.

Max finds out Liz never slept with Kyle . . . but he never asked why he was set up for that? Can we say stupid?

Max STILL kissed Tess after he found out that Liz never slept with Kyle.

Max was going to leave Liz with an alien murderer still out there.

Max let Tess the mindwarping hellwhore off with his devilspawn.

The fact that the idiot (idiots since all of the gang trusted her too) trusted Tess after she had mindwarped and violated him before.

*because every trait he portrayed during season one has vanished!

*because he loves his sister a bit TOO much

*because he takes Liz for granted every chance he gets

*because he is shallow and had sex with that alien trash whore, instead of being strong and waiting like Liz

*because he thought his child living was more important than finding the person who kept alex from doing just that!

And now?? Liz is dragged through the mud by the aliens, who lets not forget that she GAVE UP HER FUTURE FOR. And on top of it her true love, the one she was saving herself for....IS USED GARBAGE!! Why on earth would she want him back now?? After what, 1 week if that of kissing Tess he sleeps with her?? What on earth was he thinking? How long did it even take Liz and Max to KISS?!?! If he's taking anyone for granteed its Liz...move on girl and get yourself I nice human fella who treats you right!! Does he even care?? How much love can one person supposedly have if all it takes is a little mindwarp to "alter" their emotions, which means those emotions where crap to begin with...come on Max where the hell are you?!?!! (ok I didn't mean that I am a dreamer, but argh she deserves better...ALOT, none of this is her fault yet its all put on her...I blame MAX.)

During the entire time Max was upset about his life falling apart he NEVER once thought about Liz. The entire breakdown scene in BIY was all about him messing up his life by sleeping with Tess and getting her pregnant. (BTW I still haven't bothered to watch all of BIY, I've just watched the Liz only parts. I couldn't bring myself to watch all the stupid Max/Tess interaction.)

He and the rest of the podsters have taken her for granted � do they not know how to say thank you for helping them, putting her ass on the line and finding them the answers over and over again? (Last night when Liz told off Max in the bio lab � I was screaming �YOU GO GIRL!!�)

He has lost too many brain cells - that is the only way I can explain why he has become so stupid this season, not to mention shown a complete lack of judgment. How come season 1 Max could figure out that Tess was mindwarping him, but he couldn�t tell that he was being completely manipulated by her in season 2? Liz, you�re too smart for him.

~ He is a jerk to those he supposedly loves, but is still upset that everyone abandoned him, when it's his fault in the first place.

~ Liz has done nothing but trust him and his judgement, (even if she does diasagree she doesn't go balistic). But the second liz does something max disagrees with he starts freaking out and doesn't trust her.

~It's bad enough that he slept with tess, he didn't use protection. Well boohoo max you got her pregnant, seems to me it could of been prevented.

~He blatantly tells Liz his feeling for tess are coming back, without even considering her feelings. Sure she's your friend max, but you know she loves you, yet you still tell her what you feel for tess?

Max is contaminated. He had tex with a gerbil. He's got gerbilitis. Stay away from Liz, until you have been properly steralized.

Max is just scaring the hell out of me at this point. He was a little too eager to go off and kill Leanna, wasn't he? Reminded me of that episode earlier in the season when he and other pod squaders were ready to kill Brody before having all the facts. Hey, I guess we gotta give this guy brownie points for being consistent.

Top 10 reasons why liz over tess

10) Liz has no hidden motives

9) Max doesn't need to pretend to love Liz

8)on earth Max silently pined for Liz for many years before they got together, Max disliked Tess at first

7) Liz doesn't need mindwarping abilites to have Max love her

6) Max is a part of Liz's life, Max is Tess' life

5) Liz can be trusted

4) Liz figures out the answers to problems, instead of creating them

3) Max still loves Liz, even after having sex with Tess, and fathering Tess' child

2) Max left Tess

1) Max stayed with Liz

Liz acts unselfishly, tess acts selfishly.

I think a big one is LIZ ISN'T A MURDERER! And the fact that Max and Liz will be together in the end and Tess will be left in the dust. Max always preferred Liz first.

9. Because Liz doesn't dress like a slut (because she doesn't need to!!).

8. Because all Tess thinks about is a planet billions of lightyears away.

7. Because Liz is smart and Tess...well, we don't need words, do we??

6. Because Liz doesn't have mood swings (evil to sorta good to e-EVIL!).

5. Because Max isn't into Liz for the sex.

4. Because Liz has real friends and not enemies.

3. Becuase Liz has no ulterior motives.

2. Becuase Tess just wanted to get pregnant.

1. Because Liz is in love.

10. Never trust a blonde.

9. It's always nice to know your girlfriend isn't a serial killer.

8. There's a difference between mindwarps and flashes.

7. Liz can take care of herself, while Tess' favorite saying is "What do we do now, Max?"

6. Because Liz jumped off bridges for Max.

5. Because Tess took advantage of him.

4. Because Tess broke the law and stole that mile marker in Kyle's room!

3. Alien Ho vs. Human Sweetheart... hmm?

2. Because Liz loved him enough to let him go

**FMax came to HER because he trusted HER

**It took Tess a whole season and the Help of FMax, Liz & Kyle to have a kiss

Because it's all about chemistry! Liz and Max are electric together!

T and Max are just plain pathetic!

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