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Ok, so we are a crazy bunch. We love Sean and there is no denying it.

He is sweet, he is sexy, he is totally into Liz. From day 1, he was there for her, even when everyone else was too busy with their own drama. Sean simply rules and we love him.

We still don't know why he went to juvie but we're sure he is as sincere and honest as they come.

So we've been discussing him and him&Liz in the last three threads. We've been posting photos, fanart, fanfic, poems, and we hope to continue.

We are called DELINQUENTS if we love Sean.
We are called FRYERS if we support the Sean and Liz together.

From popgurls
We Heart Sean, and So Should You
by eiddy, loki
Can we gush about Sean anymore?

We think we can.

Let's forget, for a moment, that many of us carry Brian Krakow baggage *cough*loki*cough* . I would like to think that we would still be in love with him. Because he does something that the other actors gave up on a while ago - he puts life into his character. He seems to care about his performance. He doesn't have, to steal a really, really disturbing saying from loki, a popsicle stick reindeer up his butt.

Okay, maybe I stole that incorrectly. This is inconsequential. You get the idea.

In a story that revolves around alien hybrids and their loves/not-loves/loves/not-loves, he brings a sense of... dare we call it "reality," to the show. He brings the humanity back. He's a real person who hasn't (or has, we're not sure, an ep was delayed) joined the "I know an alien, how about you?" club. The entire town regards him with suspicion, his cousin treats him as an outsider and the only comfort he can find in his life right now is Liz.

Because, you see, Sean is Max - or, at least, the Max from the pilot. Really, think about it. Look at eiddy�s last line - aside from the cousin treating him like an outsider, it�s a perfect description of Max. And honestly, the way Max, Isabel and Michael are always fighting - Max does seem like an outsider to them too.

But more than that, watch the way he looks at Liz. Man... that�s just... wow. Max just doesn�t do that anymore. And you know what? Liz doesn�t look at Max all swoony either. Not that she�s all swoony over Sean but there is definitely something there. He confuses her and makes her a little nervous - but once she stopped thinking about what �Max might think of this" every single second - he made her smile. Made her laugh. Made her spin and enjoy herself.

I�ve always said I hated Liz. But after that last scene - I realized that I have to rethink that a bit. Not that I don�t have my problems with the character but the writers have finally given her a bit of a personality. And that�s all because of Sean.--loki

Personally, I think the Max/Liz/Sean sandwich triangle could work out much better than the Tess/Max/Liz one. Definitely. If nothing else comes of this, Liz learns that she can be fun and have a life and Max learns that "Drama Queen" path is tired. A lot of it probably has to do with how they introduced the character. He wasn't forced on us, he gradually got his foot in the door. Yes, the dreamers were screaming since day one, but they were overreacting Oooh� big surprise there. Give his character a chance. I think you'll see that he vastly improves the balance of the show.

Sean - he makes us want watch Roswell again. We love his smile. We can overlook that he actually used the phrase "Because I don�t eat off another man�s taco platter." He creates miracles - hell, he makes loki rethink her hatred of Liz. And that is fucking incredible.

Sean - he makes us wanna be better gurls, or at least better Roswellwatchers. I admit, I was bad - I signed petitions, but nary a letter nor bottle of tobasco was sent. But now I want to write. I want to make others write. I want to spend money on stamps and force them upon complete strangers to save this show. I had given up, resigning myself not-so-sadly to a two-season series. But now that�s not good enough anymore.

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