Roswell Series Dictionary

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Below is an explanation of all those crazy things in Roswell!!!

Here is a list of terms and items from season 1 & 2, and their significance, in alphabetical order.
I've also included some things that never made it to the show but were supposedly in earlier script versions or
cut scenes - abbreviated as (CS) cut scenes

Season 3 is such a piece of crap, I'm not motivated to reference it,
and I prefer to pretend it doesn't exist

I have done tons of research for my writing, gathering as many details as I could to make things as
accurate as possible. I've decided to make a place to easily reference all of that info.

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4 Square - 509th Bomb Group - 11100100100111011001
Alice - Alien Abyss - Alien Book - Alien Herpes - Alien Hunter - Alien Mafia
Alien Powers - Alien Ship - Alien Signal - Alien Takedown - Aliens are Among Us Thing
Among Us - Aqua Bra

The 'B' Team - The Balance - Behind the Tree - Beth Orton Concert Tickets
Binary Code - Bitter Lake Daily Journal - Blind Dream Date - Buddha Boy - Buddhism
Buddhism for Beginners - Busty Biker Babes

Cadmium-X - Cave Map/Painting - Cedar Oil - Cement/Cemented - Christmas Dog Show
Christmas Nazi - Comets - Communication Orb/Communicators - Concert Tickets
Connect/Connection - Constellation - The Convention - The Crash Festival - Cypress Oil
Czechoslovakians - Czechoslovakians can�t resist temptation

Deputy Dawg - Destiny Book - Diary - Do a Max - Dream Girl - Dreamwalk - Dupes
EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) - Emancipation - Enigma
Essence of Rosmary Oil - Exploding Triangle - Extraterrestrialist

Father's Camping Weekend - Fearless Leader - Feebee Goons - Flash/Flashes
Follow Your Heart - Four Square - Frick & Frack - Future Week

Ganderium - Geodesic Dome - Gidget & Moondoggie - Gomez concert tickets
Granolith - Granolith Crystal/Granolith Key - Green Around the Gills - Green Jello Shield
Green Rod (aka. The Greenis) - Grief Relief

Harvest - Healing Stones - Heckle & Jeckle - Holiday Pageant - Honey Bear
Hot Alien Sex - Hot Buttered Run - Hunger Drive - Husks - Hybrid

I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep - I Know an Alien Club
Ice Princess/Ice Queen - I the stud - I'm Teflon, babe - Incubation Pods

Jeep - Jetta - Journal

KROZ - Kase Security - Key
Leanna is not Leanna - Little Green Men - Liz's Journal - Lost Treasures - Luminous
Map - Maria Filter - Martian - Massacre at Sunset Villiage - Mesaliko Tribe
Metal Book - Michael Worshipper - Mindwarp - Moisture Chamber - Mom-o-Gram
Mr. Squishels - Ms Texas - Mud

National Interrogator - Necklace - Negleria Filarae - Not of this Earth
The Once & Future King - Orbs
Pendant - Pentagon Device - Photo of the Corpse with Silver Handprint
Photo of Milton next to the 'alien shadow'
The place by the thing that we went that time with what's-her-name - Planet Vulcan
Pod People - Pod Squad - Pods - Possessed Humans - Powers - Prince Charming

Quasimodo - Queen Amidala
Robert Frost Poem - Roswell Daily Record - Roswell Gazette - Roswell High
Roswell High Gazette - Roswell Missle Crisis - Roswell Tribune - Roswellian
Royal Four - Royal Seal

Sergeant Martian - Senior Presidente - Shapeshifter - Shield - Sighting - Signal
Silo Murder - Silver Handprint - Skins - Slag you with my death ray eyes
Smooth-skinned Ovoid EBE - Space Boy - Special Unit - Stone Wall - Summit
Sunshine Committee

Tabasco - Tres Dias - Trithium Amplification Generator
The UFO Convention - UFOlogist - Universal Friendship League
V-Constellation - Venus - Vessel - Vibrator - Vilondra Project
Whirlwind Galaxy Symbol - The Whits

Ylang Ylang


4 Square

see 'Four Square'

509th Bomb Group

The military group that Richie and Hal were in, that was stationed at Eagle Rock Military base in the episode �Summer of '47". They were sent to help clean-up and then cover-up the crash in 1947.


See 'Binary Code'



The mocking nickname that Sean Deluca has for Alex in the episode 'We Are Family.'

Alien Abyss

The term Maria coined, in the episode 'The Balance'. We are never told exactly what it means but Maria says it when Alex has been told about the aliens and looks to Isabel for answers.

It could refer to the humans being intrigued by the aliens and drawn into their lives and problems, or it could refer to the humans all falling in love with the aliens.

Alien Book

See 'destiny book'

Alien Herpes

In the episode 'Baby it's You', when Max tells Michael about having sex with Tess, he mentions there was a problem. Michael's first guess is alien herpes, obviously assuming that Tess gave it to Max.

That Tess just gets no respect.

Alien Hunters

In the episode 'Morning After' Maria and Liz suspect that Kathleen Topolsky might have been sent to spy on them. Maria calls her an alien hunter.

In the episode 'Crazy' we learn that there is a branch of the FBI, called the Special Unit, was formed to investigate alien activity. Alien hunters.

See Special Unit for more info

Alien Mafia

In the episode �Baby It�s You�, Michael tells Isabel she can�t leave town to go to school, and he is speaking for Max. Isabel says she can't believe he would do that, and it is like the alien mafia.

Alien Powers
Complete list of Alien Powers

Each of the aliens have some general powers, moving things, changing colors, etc. Max calls it molecular structure manipulation.

But each alien also seems to have a special or unique power. Max can heal and make a shield, Isabel can enter people's dreams, etc.

The guys' unique powers seem to be more physical, and the girls have more psychic or mental abilities.

Alien Ship

We don't know much about the ship that came to Earth other than it flew across space from Antar with two sets of pods, the granolith, and at least 4 shapeshifters. It is unclear when the ship arrived on Earth, but for unknown reasons, on July 4th, 1947 the ship crashed near Roswell, NM.

The ship was described as a flying disc in Betty Osrio's Notebook in the SHP.

Alien Signal

In the episode 'Into the Woods' an alien sends a signal, burning it in the ground in Frazier woods.

Although it is never said for sure, it is generally accepted that the signal was sent by Nasedo. And in the Roswell soundtrack info, it says that Nasedo left the signal to announce his return.

In the episode 'Blind Date' Michael thinks they should answer the signal, so he and Isabel go to the Roswell Library, where Michael has calculated one of the symbols on the cave map is indicating, and they burn another signal into the ground.

They don't think they have been answered, but after they clean up and leave, an alien reignites the signal and burns a picture of the three aliens, Max, Michael & Isabel in the flames.

Alien Takedown

The name of the promotional wrestling match at the UFO Convention, in the episode 'The Convention'.

In the match, one of the wrestlers is dressed as an alien and called the Alienator, and the other is a human. The Alien Takedown is sponsored by Amy Deluca.

Aliens are Among Us Thing

how Kyle refers to finding out there really are aliens, in the epi 'Ask Not'

Among Us
A Critical Appraisal of the UFO Problem
by James Atherton
Atherton's Biography

A book about aliens that Milton Ross gives Max in the episode 'Missing'. It was published in 1955.

On the back flap of the book there is a picture of Atherton's home, a geodosic dome, that leads the gang to Marathon, TX, where they find Atherton's files, and the necklace with the swirl symbol.

Max quotes from the book to Michael and Isabel.

"It's just Atherton. Listen to this. He says...this guy is nuts...that aliens wouldn't possess the lung capacity or brain capacity for more than short-term survival on Earth. Brain capacity?"

Aqua Bra

The bra that Maria 'unveils' in the episode 'ITW'. Presumably it is a sort of push-up bra filled with water instead of padding. She wants to try and make a break from the aliens and start living her life, and uses the bra to try and get other male attention.

But there was at least one problem with the bra. On the camping trip in 'ITW' Maria mentions that she is now wearing an ice bra.


The �B� Team

What Kyle calls Alex in the episode 'Blood Brothers' because he thinks Liz has sent Alex to find out what he knows. Kyle is insulted that she has only sent the 'B' Team.

The Balance

In the episode �The Balance�, Michael gets sick after he attends a Native American sweat ceremony.

When Michael's balance is disrupted he first collaspes, then his eyes turn white. He starts running a really high fever (112+) and goes into a sort of coma, where he has visions. Then his whole body is covered with a substance that resembles webbing. He had to be healed by the healing stones or he would die we presume.

Having nowhere else to turn, Max and Liz go to see River Dog to get help for Michael.

River Dog explaines that Nasedo also got sick in the same way, and told River Dog his secret so he could heal him.

This is what River Dog says that Nasedo told him.

�Wherever you are from. He said that his body carried the same energy that's in these stones. He called it the balance. He said that the heat from the sweat disrupted it in some way.�

�He told me to hold the stones until my energy activated them, and the balance would be restored. Healing requires energy. The more we have, the faster we heal."

�He warned me, though, there was a risk. The balance can pull you in. It's a force that can change both your body and your mind unless you navigate it properly."

"Now everyone take your place in the circle. There's a line for each of you leading to the center.� Michael is placed in the center of the circle. River Dog gives a stone to each of the group to hold. He gives them a bowl to drink water from. "Now, clear your mind...and drink from the bowl. By drinking from the same bowl, we begin the connection. Don't change the way you feel about your friend, and you'll come out on the right side.�

Liz is scared for Max and River Dog sees this and tells her, "You're afraid...not of the healing. Your fear runs deeper. You fear for someone else, someone you care for a great deal. Take a step back. You cannot stop the flow."

River Dog starts chanting and the others join in. They are taken into Michael's vision where they see him. And somehow Liz is there too even though she didn't drink or chant. They hug Micahel and are able to pull him out of his coma, restoring his balance.

How much of this ceremony is from Max's planet and how much was native American is up for debate. The symbol on the ground and drinking the water from the bowl seem to be native American, since they were drinking from a similar bowl in the sweat ceremony, and that symbol is often seen in native American art, but we are never told for certain.

In the episode 'A Roswell Christmas Carol' Max is haunted by the ghost of a man who died in front of him. The ghost blames Max for not saving him, and says Max can't get rid of him until he restores the balance.

Perhaps Max was haunted because his balance was out of alignment, or perhaps the ghost was refering to a different type of balance, like the balance of the universe.

In any case, once Max heals the children with cancer, the ghost is satisified and leaves Max.

But we were also left with many questions.

- Is heat the only thing that can upset the balance?
- How does the webbing fit in?
- Would Michael have died or stayed in a comma?
- Is there anything else that can set the balace right besides the healing stones?
- How is human energy able to help the balance an alien?
- The balance can change your body and mind. Does that mean it can physically alter you? Like give you an extra head or change your appearance or something? Or is it more like the collective consciousness in the books?
- The balance can pull you in if you don't navigate it correctly. What does that mean? Will you be trapped in that comma with Michael or go into a comma of your own or something else entirely?

Behind the Tree

In the episode 'Monsters', Max has a counseling session with Kathleen Topolsky, the sudent counselor at West Roswell High School as part of Future Week. She shows him a picture, and asks which child he is. Max responds that he is the one behind the tree.

Kathleen advises him to start living life. Do something small at first, but come out from behind the tree.

Beth Orton Concert Tickets

In the episode �Cry Your Name� Liz finds the concert tickets in Alex�s room, and believes that they prove conclusively that he didn�t commit suicide.

The tickets were purchased the day he died, and she assumes that he was planning to take Isabel to the concert.

Binary Code

In the episode �Cry Your Name,� Liz is convinced that Alex didn�t commit suicide, but is having trouble getting anyone else to believe.

She talks to the guy who delivered Thai food to Alex just before he died, and says to tell her if he remember anything else.

The delivery guy brings Liz the credit card receipt for Alex�s food, which he signed not with his name, but with binary code. This is proof to Liz that there is more to the circumstances surrounding his death.

Bitter Lake Daily Journal

Sheriff Valenti's father kept a clipping from the paper about the death of Shelia Hubble.

Blind Dream Date

The Blind Dream Date is a contest sponsored by Roswell local radio station KROZ 107.2, in the episode �Blind Date.�

Maria enters herself and Liz, and Liz wins. She is set up by the radio station, on a blind date with Doug Shellow, for Valentine�s night. The station provides dinner at Chez Piere, the nicest restaurant in town, and then a concert with a surprise band performing.

Alex�s band �The Whits� wins an audition to open for the mystery band, and performs with Maria singing lead vocals.

Buddha Boy

The nickname Tess gives Kyle in the episode 'Ask Not', because Kyle came back from his summer at football camp studying Buddhaism.


In the episode 'End of the World' Kyle tells Liz his version of Buddhism.

"It's really about approaching life through a spiritual place and becoming in tune with different planes of existence."

He burns ylang ylang to open his mind, hangs wind chimes in his back yard, and releases fish he caught. He stops hanging out with his friends and stops dating.

Buddhism for Beginners

A book that Tess finds under Kyle�s bed in the episode �Ask Not.�

Busty Biker Babes

One of the 'skin magazines' that Tess finds under Kyle�s bed in the episode 'Ask Not', along with Hustler and Jugs

As far as I can tell from the little research I did on the internet, it is a fictional mag. Of course Hustler is real, and I discovered that Jugs is real too.



A substance that doesn't naturally exist on Earth, but is produced sometimes as an after effect of the aliens using their powers.

When Michael kills Pierce, it is infused in Pierce's bones.

In the episode 'Skin & Bones' Pierce's bones are discovered in the desert, and Max has to alter the Cadmium-X on the bones and age the bones so they won't be linked back to Michael or the group.

Just as a curiosity it was called Boron-X in spoilers for the episode.

Cave Map/Painting

see Map

Cedar Oil

In the episode �The Morning After� Maria is freaking out about the posibility of Ms. Topolsky being an alien hunter, and Liz tells her to sniff some cedar oil. (possibly Liz meant cypress oil, which Maria sniffed in the Pilot to reduce stress.)


The term Future Max used in 'The End of the World' meaning to make love. He tells Liz that the night of the Gomez concert things between them were cemented, that they made love.

Christmas Dog Show

One of the holiday activities that Isabel participates in.

The Christmas Nazi
More Pics & Info

The name Max and Michael call Isabel in the episode 'A Roswell Christmas Carol' because of her fanatical Christmas requirements and preparations in the pursuit of having a perfect Christmas.


The mascot of West Roswell High School, where the gang attends school.

Communication Orb/Communicators

see 'Orbs'

Concert Tickets

see 'Beth Orton Concert Tickets'
'Gomez Concert Tickets'


In the Pilot, when Max heals Liz, he forms a connection with her mind and sees images and feels her feelings.

Max mentions connecting with people, as one of the powers the aliens have. In later episodes we see that Michael and Isabel can both do it too.

It seems kissing is the easiest way to form a connection, but Max can also form a connection by healing, and by a simple touch. Max is also able to touch Liz and form a reverse connection, so she can see into his mind.

The aliens can block the connection so the people they are kissing can't see into their minds. In the episode 'Departure', Michael admits to Maria that he has been blocking her, but he is ready to let her see him.

Although it is never specifically spelled out in the show, in the episode Max in the City, it appears that Liz uses her connection with Max to reach out to New York in order save him.

The Convention

see UFO Convention


see V-Constellation

The Crash Festival

In the Pilot, the 10th annual Crash Festival takes place Friday, September 22nd, in 'The Pit', and is MCed by Jonathon Frakes.

This is where Liz sets up Sheriff Valenti, to throw his suspicions off Max by faking Maria getting hit by a car and healed by an alien.


A device used to measure isotope ratios. In the episode "Skin & Bones", Congresswoman Whitaker takes the bones that Grant found in the desert (Pierce's bones) to the University of Las Cruces Particle Physics Lab to be analyzed in the cyclotron to determine how old they are.

But Max is able to slip into the cyclotron and alter the age of the bones so they appear to have been from around 50 years ago, the time when nuclear testing was being done in the desert.

Cypress Oil

In the Pilot, Maria sniffs cypress oil after the shooting in the Crashdown, saying it reduces stress.


The word Maria coins in the episode 'The Morning After' to say instead of aliens.

Czechoslovakians can�t
resist temptation

In the episode �Tess, Lies & Videotape,� Maria suspects that something weird is going on with the new girl Tess and Max.

Liz assures Maria that she and Max are happy.

But Maria is still suspicious, and says to Liz, �Max isn�t human. What if Czechoslovakians can�t resist temptation?� (meaning, that because he is an alien, he might not be able to control his urges)


Deputy Dawg

What Grant Sorensen calls Max, in the episode 'Surprise',when he finds Max and Sheriff Valenti searching his room without a warrant.

The reference is from a cartoon of the same name that aired in the 1960s to the early 70s about a dog deputy.

Destiny Book
Destiny Book Translation

The term 'destiny book' was coined by the Roswell fans on the internet.

It refers to the alien book that Tess takes out of the library wall in the episode 'Four Square'. The book is in an alien language and has pictures that supposedly show the 4 aliens, and their pairings.

The book is in an alien language, and Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess can't read it.


see 'Liz's Journal'

Do a Max

In the episode 'Toy House', Isabel says they can't 'do a Max,' or passively watch.

Dream Girl

In the episode 'Blind Date' when Max gets drunk he calls Liz his Dream Girl.


The alien ability Isabel has that allows her to enter the dreams of others, and interact with them.

She uses a photo of someone to concentrate on them in order to connect with them more easily.

Isabel visits Maria in her dreams and tells her, 'I'm not really a part of your dream. I can't change it or anything. I just wanted to see what you were thinking.'

More Info & Pics

In the episode 'Summer of '47' Michael discovers that two sets of pods were sent to Earth.

In 'Meet the Dupes' it is revealed that the other set of pods contained duplicate hybrids, who were identical to Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess. The duplicates, Zan, Lonnie, Rath, and Ava, were sent to New York where they were 'born' and still lived.


EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity)

EBE is a term that Jonathon Frakes uses to describe an alien supposedly encountered by a witness at the UFO Convention. EBE stands for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.


In the episode "Independence Day" it is revealed that Micahel's foster father Hank has been phsyically abusing him. With the help of Phillip Evans (Max and Isabel's adoptive father) who is a lawyer, Michael petitions the court and is granted emancipation from his abusive and alcoholic foster father, thus making him an emancipated minor solely responsible for his financial, educational, and medical decisions.


Okay, yes, this is from season three. But I thought it was kinda interesting.

In the episode �A Tale of Two Parties,� Egnima is a secret New Year�s Eve party that is hosted in a different location each year. The only way of attending is to decipher the clues left around town.

Max, Maria and Michael try to find the party.

The first clue is at West Roswell High, written on the board of Mr Seligman's classroom. (How they know the 1st clue is there is never explained)

The clue is - Hut Hut Zero Twenty-Four Seven Zero Hike

Maria figures out this is a place called Bud's 24/7.

She and Max go to Buds, and Maria sees a fake menu for the Crashdown Caf�. Maria points out that there is no Blue Moon Quesadilla on the real menu, and Max determines that Enigma must be in Blue Moon canyon.

Jeff Parker mentions that the Enigma party has been going on since before he was Liz's age.

Essence of Rosemary Oil

It is never mentioned in the show. It only appears in an early version of a script for 'Monsters'. Maria mentions that Essence of Rosemary Oil is supposed to be very calming, but it's not working and all that happening is that she smells like a leg of lamb.

Exploding Triangle

In the episode, �Baby It’s You,� Liz, Michael and Maria discover that when Alex was at the University of Las Cruces decoding the �destiny book�, he emailed the finished translation to Leanna, aka Jennifer Coleman.

Liz, Michael and Maria go to her dorm room to look for her, but she is gone. They discover a bill for a rental house and when they go there they find a compter.

The exploding triangle is an alien device that was set up to guard the computer.

aka. UFOlogist

A term for someone who studies UFO phenonenum


Father�s Camping Weekend

An annual event in January, sponsored by West Roswell High School, for Father�s to take their children camping.

In the episode �Into the Woods,� the Camping Weekend starts on a Friday, and takes place in Frazier Woods, near where an alien sighting was reported a few days before.

Maria & Liz go with her Liz's father, who wants to spend quality time with Liz. Max and Isabel get their father to take them because they want to check out the sighting to see if it's real. Alex gets his father to go so he can be close to Isabel. Sheriff Valenti takes Kyle, so he can be close to Max.

Fearless Leader

Michael's mocking nickname for Max in the episode 'Ask Not', refering to Max being the leader, or king.

The name fearless leader is originally from the cartoon 'Rocky & Bullwinkle', refering to the dictator of Pottsylvania, who is Boris & Natasha's boss.

Feebee Goons

What Sheriff Valenti calls Agent Stephens' FBI Agents underlings.
Feebee is a slang term for FBI agents. The 'FB' in FBI is turned into fee-bee.

list of flashes

In various episodes Max and Liz gets flashes or visions when they touch or kiss. With the help of alien powers they form a mental connection and are able to see images and feel emotions from inside each others heads.

Max also explains that when things get intense or heightened he can sometimes get flashes from objects. In the episode 'Missing' Max gets a flash when he touches a CD. He sees that Kyle left the CD in Liz's room.

Follow Your Heart

The advice that Liz's grandmother gives to her in the episode 'Leaving Normal'. She says to "follow your heart wherever it takes you. Trust it."

Maria also gives this advise to Max in the episode 'Ask Not' when he asks her what he is supposed to do as a leader. Maria tells him, "just try and follow your heart. I mean, isn't that what the great leaders always do?"

Four Square

The term Four Square is the name of the episode where Max, Isabel and Michael discover that Tess is the fourth alien they have been looking for. She was incubated in the pods with them, and is part of their family.

Michael uses the term in the episode to describe the symbol that shows the four pods, and the one Tess made of sugar cubes to show Isabel.

Frick & Frack

A derogitory name Michael uses to refer to Liz and Maria in the episode 'Toy House'.

Future Week

In the episode �Monsters�, Ms. Topolsky, the new Guidance Counselor has an event she calls Future Week to get the students thinking about their path for their future. It includes a computer profile and individual interviews with the students.

She uses the interviews as an excuse to get close to Max, and speak to him about his past. This is where she gives him the adivce to come out from �behind the tree.�


More info & pics

The ganderium are introduced and dealt with in the four episodes of the 'Hybrid Chronicles' ('To Serve & Protect', 'We Are Family', 'Disturbing Behavior', 'How the Other Half Lives').

The Ganderium function as a hive with a Queen in control of her drones. The Queen somehow got inside Grant Sorensen and occasionally takes control of his body to force him to do what she wants. She uses him to look for and kidnap Laurie Dupree.

In 'How the Other Half Lives' Larek explains that the ganderium are parasites used to combine the alien genetic material with human DNA to make the hybrids. But they weren't meant to be let loose into an ecosystem.

The ganderium have one purpose - to infect human cells. Fewer than 1 in 50 million people have the genetic flaw needed by the Ganderium to infect them, but Laurie Dupree has the flaw. Larek tells Liz, Isabel, Max and Tess that if the Ganderium succeeds in infecting Laurie, it will make a virus that will kill everyone on Earth.

Max, Isabel, Liz, Tess, Alex and Kyle go into Frazier Woods to find the Ganderium hive and destroy them. Kyle and Alex find the hive and the Ganderium seal them inside.

Grant tries to fight the Queen's influence over him, but is unable to, and forces Sheriff Valenti to kill him so he won't harm anyone else.

Liz figures out from a conversation with Kyle that the Ganderium needs oxygen to live, and Max passes the info to Michael, which allows him to kill the Queen. When the Queen dies, so does the rest of the hive.

Geodesic Dome
More pics & info

This is the thing that Michael keeps seeing in his visions after he touches the key he stole in Sheriff Valenti's office, in episodes 'Morning After'. He thinks it might be something alien, and obsesses about it, making drawings, and eventually a painting.

It is in his art class where his art teacher, Mr. Cowan sees the drawing and tells Michael it is a Geodesic Dome.

Michael doesn't know what that is, and Mr. Cowan explains, "A geodesic dome. Perhaps before your time. It's a type of house, architecturally postmodern."

It turns out to be the house where James Atherton lived.

Gidget & Moondoggie
More info & pics

Maria uses these names to refer to Max and Liz in the episode 'Crazy'.

The names are originally from the show Gidget. Moondoggie was Gidget's boyfriend.

Gomez Tickets

In the episode �The End of the World�, Liz is still refusing to be with Max because she thinks she will stand in the way of his destiny.

Max won�t give up though, and tries to tempt her to go out with him by asking her to the Gomez concert. The Gomez song �We Haven�t Turned Around� was playing when Max and Liz first kissed.

The date of the concert is October 25th.

Later in the episode. Max comes to Liz�s window with the tickets, and sees her and Kyle in bed together apparently naked. He drops the tickets, and leaves, assuming they have slept together.

More info & pics

The granolith is first mentioned in the episode 'Suprise'. Vanessa Whitaker demands that Isabel give it to her, but Isabel has never heard of it.

Later in the episode, Isabel finds it in a secret room behind the pods in the pod chamber.

When Future Max comes back in time in 'End of the World', he tells Liz that although the Granolith was not meant to be used as a time machine, they were able to alter it to send him back.

In the episode 'Baby It's You', Michael, Liz and Maria find a translation of the destiny book that says the Granolith is one-use, transport back to Antar.

Granolith Crystal

In the episode 'Baby It's You', Liz, Maria & Michael discover the crystal in Leanna's rental house with instructions on how to use the granolith.

In the episode 'Departure' Max inserts the crystal into the base of the granolith, and it acts as a 'starter key' that activates the granolith. Once it is inserted into the base of the granolith, it takes 24 hours for the granolith to prepare to return to the alien's home planet

Green Around the Gills

In the episode 'Skin & Bones', Max refers to himself, Isabel, Michael and Tess as being green around the gills, meaning they are alien hybrids.

Green Jello Shield

see Shield

Green Rod
(aka. The Greenis)

We are never given an official name for the green rod. The fans on the internet nicknamed it the Greenis, because of the position where it sticks out on the alien.

In the episode 'Wipeout', the Skins put it in the UFO Center billboard located at Chaparell turnout. They use it to create a green haze over Roswell that makes all the humans disappear, so they can find the aliens easily.

Courtney explains it.
Time exists in multiple subset dimensions on our planet. Nicholas must have a technology to impose one or more of these here.

It's like being on Pacific and Eastern and Central and Mountain time all at once. Human bodies can't function. They simply disappear. Another dimension, another plane of existence. I don't know where. They seem to have just...shifted.

Liz figures out that it is an electrical field and Kyle and Maria figure out they need to overload it. They use her car battery and jumper cables to destory it. It explodes and all of the humans who disappeared, come back, with no memory of being gone.

Grief Relief

In the episode �Independence Day� when Liz is trying to tell Maria about the flashes she had when kissing Max, Maria thinks she is freaking out. She tells Liz to open her mouth and places 4 drops out of a bottle under her tongue.

Liz says it is gross and asks what it is.

This is what Maria says.

�I got it at my mother's shop. It's this herbal remedy that shocks the body back into reality when the mind's gone into overload. Veterinarians use it to calm wild animals.

Here, you can have this, and any time you feel yourself spiraling out of control, put 4 drops under your tongue, ok?�

In an early script version of the epi 'Independence Day' it is called Rescue Remedy



The harvest refers to the time that the Skins new husks will be mature and ready to wear.

The gang finds out about the harvest when they travel to Copper Summit to investigate the cover-up of Congresswoman Whitaker death. One of the town folk asks if they are in town for the harvest, but when they don't know what it is he acts suspiciously.

Later Isabel follows Nicholas into the stagecoach museum where she finds dozens of transparent cases that are holding the growing husks. Nicholas tells Isabel that is has taken 20 years for them to grow from a spore to a fully mature husk and they are almost ready to harvest.

Healing Stones

In the episode 'The Balance' when Michael gets sick, Max goes to River Dog for help. River Dog has the healing stones that Nasedo left with him.

River Dog explains how to use them.

�I'll need the help of all of you. Healing requires energy. The more we have, the faster we heal. Now everyone take your place in the circle. There's a line for each of you leading to the center.�

�Nasedo gave me these stones. They're from his place. And they carry an energy inside them.�

�He said that his body carried the same energy that's in these stones. He called it the balance. He told me to hold the stones until my energy activated them. And the balance would be restored.�

�He warned me, though, there was a risk. The balance can pull you in. It's a force that can change both your body and your mind unless you navigate it properly. Now, clear your mind...and drink from the bowl. Don't change the way you feel about your friend, and you'll come out on the right side.�

The stones also fit in the cave painting map on the wall where Nasedo lived. They make a 'V' shape that gives a clue on how to read the map. The 'V' shape refers to the constellation Ares and the planet Venus in the sky at a certain time of year. Using the constellation, you can plot the symbols on the map to line up with places on Earth.

Heckle & Jeckle

In the episode 'The Departure' Kyle refers to Max and Michael as Heckle & Jeckle.

The original Heckle & Jeckle were mischievous cartoon birds.

Holiday Pageant

Isabel is the director of the Holiday Pageant in 'ARCC'. Is the 23rd Roswell Holiday Pageant. It features a live band and kids in costume performing.

Honey Bear

The endearment Liz's grandmother calls her in the episode 'Leaving Normal'

Hot Alien Sex

First mentioned by Lonnie and Rath in 'Max in the City'. Rath says there is no substitute for hot alien sex, but doesn't really explain.

In 'Baby it's You', Max tells Michael a little more in reference to his night with Tess. He says that it feels like you are floating and electrical energy rushes through your body for an hour.

Hot Buttered Run

In the episode 'Cry Your Name', Michael makes some hot buttered rum for Amy Deluca, telling her it will help her sleep.

Hunger Drive

Isabel is the president of the Roswell Hunger Drive, that is held at least once a year during the holidays.


In the episode 'Harvest', Courtney explains that she and the rest of the Skins, must wear husks.

This is what she says.

My skin. This thing that I'm wearing. It never ages. It's basically a shell. It protects us from the environment.

This planet's atmosphere is hostile to our race. The husks are a lifeform technology that we can genetically manipulate to resemble human bodies. Our relationship to it is essentially parasitic.

It is alive, like the trees are alive. They're good for maybe 50 years. But the husks are dying.

The new husks took 20 years to grow.

More Pics & Info

Max, Michael, Isabel, Tess, & the Dupes are all hybrids. They were created with a mixture of alien genetic material and human DNA.

Hybrids have human skeletons and organs, but their blood is completely not human. The powers the hybrids have are human. They were engineered to be several thousand years ahead to take complete advantage of the human brain. Their alien powers come from the cerebral cortex.


I have promises to keep
And miles to go before
I sleep

see 'Robert Frost Poem'

I Know An Alien Club

In the episode 'Skin & Bones' Nasedo refers to the group of humans who know of alien existance as the 'I Know an Alien Club.'

I The Stud

In the episode �It�s too Late and It�s too Bad�, Liz and Maria are searching Alex�s room, and Liz discovers a locked file on his comupter.

Maria knows his password � I The Stud.

Ice Princess / Ice Queen

A name the fans gave Isabel because of her frosty and superior attitude.

I'm Teflon, Babe

In the episode 'The Balance', Maria tells Liz that she can get involved with Michael but still stay detached because 'I'm Teflon, babe.'

Incubation Pods
more pics & info

The aliens were sent to Earth in incubation pods, where they stayed for approximately 40 years until they 'hatched'.


More vehicle pics & info

License plate # - 384 X7A

This is the Jeep that Max and Isabel drive. It is never said in the show, but presumed the Jeep is army surplus and the Evans bought it for Max and Isabel to share.

More vehicle pics & info

License plate # - 275 Q6T

This is the Red, '92 Volkswagen Jetta that belongs to Amy Deluca and is often driven by Maria. The fans have nicknamed the Jetta Genie because Maria was listening to 'Genie in a Bottle' on the Jetta radio in the episode 'Monsters'.

It is kind of a running joke in the show that the Jetta gets damaged when the kids use it to pursue alien interests.


see 'Liz's Journal'



A local radio station in Roswell that sponsers the Valentine's Blind Date Contest in the episode 'Blind Date'.

Kase Security

The company vehicle that the Special Unit uses as a cover to transport Nasedo�s body, in the episode �Destiny.�


Michael discovers the key in Sheriff Valenti's office in the episode 'The Morning After'.

The Sheriff had the key in a file from an unsolved case from 1959. The key was taken off an unidentified corpse, with a silver handprint on the chest.

In the episode 'Missing', Max, Michael & Isabel discover that the corpse was James Atherton.

In '285 South' they figure out that the key opens a secret room in Atherton's house where he kept all of his files on aliens, and the alien necklace with the swirl symbol.


Leanna is not Leanna

In the episode �It�s too Late and It�s too Bad�, Liz and Maria are searching Alex�s room, and Liz discovers a locked file on his comupter. When they open the file, it prints out the same sentence over and over again � Leanna is not Leanna

Little Green Men

How Kyle refers to the aliens in 'Ask Not'

Liz' Journal
Liz's Journal Entires

Liz began to keep a journal or diary after Max healed her.
She knows it is foolish to write it all down, but here
are her own words explaining to Max why she started it.

What I wrote in my journal, it didn't really have anything to do with science. "That day that you saved me, I felt something that I just had to put into words, so years from now, if anyone ever, if anyone ever touches me the way that you did, I'll know what it's supposed to feel like.

In the episode Missing Liz's journal is taken. Luckily it turned out to be Michael who had it. Liz tells him he should destroy it because anyone reading it will learn all about him, Max and Isabel.

Michael says, no, they would learn about you.

After that, Liz keeps the journal hidden behind a loose brick in her room.

Lost Treasures

In the episode 'Leaving Normal' we learn that Liz's grandmother, Claudia Parker, has written an article, called Lost Treasures, that will be published in the American Journal of Archeology. Liz tells Maria it is about "the first findings on the Navajos in a hundred years."

more pics & info

The name of the West Roswell High Yearbook.


More info & pics

This is the painting on the wall of Nasedo's cave that has alien symbols and language.

It is first seen in the episode 'River Dog'. RD was instructed to show it only to those who passed a test. He showed it to Max after he passed the test of using his alien powers to create a light.

RD says that the visitor drew the cave painting, but he never told RD what it meant. Max asks if anyone else has come to see it, but RD tells him no.

In the episode 'The Balance', Michael sees the painting for the first time and realizes it is a map, and the healing stones fit into it, making the 'V'-formation.

In 'Blind Date', Michael figures out that one of the symbols on the map leads to the Roswell Library. He and Isabel go to the library and burn an alien symbol into the grass as a message to Nasedo.

Nasedo doesn't reveal himself to them, but Michael was correct about the location. Later Tess takes the 'destiny book' out of the wall of the library, that has the symbol on the cover that is on the map.

Maria Filter

In the Pilot, Alex uses the phrase the Maria filter, to refer to the fact that he knows to take wild things that Maria says with a �grain of salt.�


Kyle refers to the aliens as Martians in several episodes.

In the episode �We Are Family,� Kyle tells Tess that she is his �favorite Maritan.�

Massacre at Sunset Villiage

The horror movie Kyle rents in 'Leaving Normal', saying it is a classic. He explains that it's got something for Liz's grandmother, because "a serial killer hones in on this retirement community."

Mesaliko Tribe

This is the local Native Ameriacn tribe that River Dog, Eddie and Deputy Owen Blackwood belong to, and where Liz goes to find out about the alien necklace.

Metal Book

See 'destiny book'

Michael Worshipper

The term that Maria coins in the episode 'Harvest' to refer to Courtney, and her obsession with Michael.

This is what Courtney says.

"I'm not obsessed with him, ok? I follow him in the political sense."

"We're not with the other skins. We're renegades who believe that if you (Michael) were in charge instead of Max in the first place, that none of this would have ever happened."

"The short version, is that our planet was on the brink of a golden age, and then it all fell apart. You were the one who could have united our planet, pulled together the warring factions, brought peace. But you weren't on the throne."

"You wouldn't betray him. That loyalty cost your lives and those of everyone you loved. Please, just don't let history repeat itself. You're the one we need. You're our leader, our salvation."


The alien power Tess has that allows her to alter other people's perceptions to what she wants them to see.

Moisture Chamber

In the episode 'Wipeout', the Skins husks are peeling badly, and being in the Roswell heat makes it even worse. They use what they call a moisture chamber to extend the life of the husks, but we never see it.

Mom-o-gram Message

Mom-o-gram is a name created by the Roswell fans on the internet, for the message emitted from the orbs, that was supposedly from Max and Isabel's mother.

The message is viewed by the gang in the pod chamber in the episode 'Destiny'.

Mr. Squishels

Presumably this was a stuffed animal or toy or some kind, that belonged to Kyle as a child.

In the episode 'Wipeout' Sheriff Valenti reminds Kyle that he gave him the toy after his mother left, so the Sheriff wouldn't have to sleep alone.

Ms. Texas

In the episode 'River Dog', Kyle calls Liz Ms. Texas, refering to the fact that he had just followed her, Max & Isabel to Texas, trying to find out what they were doing.


In the episode 'The Convention', Max asks Michael how he stops thinking about Maria. Michael tells him to think about mud.

Later when Max is talking to Liz, he starts to fall under her charms, but breaks the spell by saying mud, telling Liz he wants to order Mud pie from the Crashdown.

Then Michael fills in for the missing wrestler, so Amy Deluca won't lose her investment. When Maria finds out, she kisses him. He breaks the moment by saying he is thinking about mud.


National Interrigator
View it here

The tabloid featured on the Silver Handprint website that had articles pertaining to several Roswell stories, Laurie Dupree's abduction, alien parasites (the ganderium), Brody buying the UFO Museum, the children healed by Max, a trucker abducted by aliens that found herself in New York (one of the possessed humans at the summit).


see Pendant

Negleria Filarae

In the episode �Disturbing Behavior,� Max asks Liz to look at the alien crystals they found in Laurie Dupree�s grave.

She says they resemble Negleria Filarae � waterbourne parasites found in the blood cells of certain species of fish

Not of this Earth

In the Pilot when Liz confronts Max about healing her, he admits to her that he is an alien, but says he prefers the term � �Not of this Earth.�


The Once & Future King

T. Green calls Max this in the episode 'Wipeout' because Max was the King of their planet in his past life, and was sent to Earth in hopes that he would return to the planet and rule again in the future.

The reference is from a book by T. H. White about King Arthur. White took the reference from the legendary inscription on Arthur's Grave - 'Here lies Arthur, the once and future king.'

aka. Communication Orb or Communicator

One orb is discovered by Max & Liz in the episode 'Sexual Healing'. Liz gets images in her mind when she kisses Max that lead them to the place where it was buried.

in the episode 'Crazy', Kathleen Topolsky tells Michael about them. "It's a communicator, and there's another one just like it. I took it from the special unit evidence vault back in Washington. Now, I know they only work when they're together."

In the episode 'The White Room', Pierce tells Max that an alien he had in captivity told him that the orbs were communicators and two were required to work. Pierce tortures Max until he tells where their orb is, and Pierce gets it. He ties to force Max to show him how they work, but Tess creates mindwarp so Max can escape, and he takes both orbs with him.

In 'Destiny' the gang activates the orbs in the pod chamber. It seems that they just need to concentrate and use their powers, and they see the 'mom-o-gram', the message from Max & Isabel's mother.



In the episode 'River Dog' Isabel finds the necklace in the secret room at Atherton's house. She recognizes the symbol on it and takes it with her.

Later in the episode, River Dog tells Max and Liz that Nasedo gave the necklace to Atherton.

In the episode 'Departure', Maxs gives the necklace to Liz to remember him by after he leaves Earth.

Pentagon Device

see 'Trithium Amplification Generator'

Photo of the Corpse with Silver Handprint

In the 'Pilot' episode Kyle sees the silver handprint on Liz's stomach where Max healed her, and tells his father. Both Kyle and Sheriff Valenti have seen something similar before.

Sheriff Valenti's father, Jim Valenti Sr., discovered an unidentified corpse who had a silver handprint on his chest in 1959. Sheriff Valenti shows Liz a photo of the corpse with the silver handprint, hoping to get her to tell the truth about what happened at the Crashdown the day of the shooting.

Later it is revealed that the corpse in the piture is James Atherton.

Photo of Milton next to
the 'alien shadow'

In 'Monsters' Milton Ross, the owner of the UFO museum, shows Max a photo of himself, taken in 1959 outside an ice cream parlor, and it appears an 'alien shadow' is next to him.

Milton claims it is proof that aliens walked the Earth.

It also might be the reason Milton is so determined to find alien life.

The place by the thing that we went that time with what's-her-name

the friend 'code' that Liz uses in 'MITC' to tell Maria where to meet her. She is refering to the fountain in front of City Hall. It shows how close they are and how in tune.

Planet Vulcan

How Kyle refers to the aliens' home world in 'Ask Not'

Pod People

In the episode 'Skin & Bones', Nasedo calls Max, Isabel, Michael & Tess, pod people.

Pod Squad

The name the fans gave Max, Michael, Isabel in season 1, & it sometimes includes Tess.


see 'Incubation Pods'

Possessed Humans

see Vessel


see 'Alien Powers'

Prince Charming

The name Maria sarcastically calls Max in the episode 'Balance' because she is mad at Michael, and Max seems to be the perfect boyfriend to Liz.



The name Maria calls Michael in the episode 'Balance', because in the previous episode 'Heat Wave' he told her he didn't want to get intense.

Of course, Quasimodo is the 'monster' in the book 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' by Victor Hugo.

Queen Amidala

The name Maria calls Isabel in the episode 'Monsters' because she finds her intimidating.

Of course the name 'Queen Amidala' originally comes from Star Wars.


Robert Frost Poem
The full poem

After Alex dies, Liz is searching his room in the episode �Cry Your Name.� She finds some concert tickets stuck in his Robert Frost book, marking a poem. The lines of the poem, I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, become Liz's 'rallying cry' when she is searching for his killer.

Roswell Daily Record

The local Roswell newspaper that originally reported the UFO crash in 1947.

Roswell Gazette

The local Roswell newspaper that reported the 'Silo Murder' in 1972.

Roswell High

The name of the book series by Melinda Metz that the show is based on. Also what the show is called in Europe.

Roswell High Gazette

The name of the West Roswell High school newspaper

Roswell Missle Crisis

In the episode �Ask Not�, Max, Michael and Isabel believe that the new owner of the UFO Center, Brody Davis, is an enemy alien, and Max, as the leader, has to decide what to do about him.

Max asks Maria�s advice, comparing his situation to Kennedy and the Cuban Missle Crisis. Maria calls Max�s situation the Roswell Missle Crisis, and gives him the advice to �Follow his heart.�

Roswell Tribune

The local Roswell newspaper read by the Evans. (ARCC)


The term Maria coins in the episode 'The Morning After' to describe something strange or weird.

Royal Four

First heard in the epi 'Skin & Bones', said by Nasedo to refer to Max, Michael, Isabel & Tess, as a group.

Nicholas also uses in the episode 'Harvest'

Apparently they were known on their home planet as the Royal Four, because Max was the King, Tess was the Queen, Isabel was a Princess, and Michael was Isabel's fiance and Max's second in command.

Royal Seal

The Royal Seal is mentioned for the first time in the episode 'Max in the City'.

The symbol has five points of light that represent the five planets of the alien's star system.

The royal seal is 'stenciled' on Max's brain to prove he is King.


Senior Presidente

In the episode 'Wipeout', this is the name that Kyle mockingly calls Max, refering to the fact that he is the alien leader. But Kyle being human, isn't going to take orders from him.

Sergeant Martian

In the Pilot Sheriff Valenti is told that his father, James Valenti Sr. used to be called Sergent Martian because of his obsession with aliens.

More info

Shapeshifters are aliens that were on the ship with the pods. They are called shapeshifters because they can take on any human form, and in the episode 'Max to the Max' Ed Harding blends into a rock wall. But they can only change their outward appearance, not what is inside.

At least some of the shapeshifters were meant to be protectors of the pod squad.

We are never really sure how many shapeshifters were on the ship. Pierce tells Max that they captured two aliens alive and two dead from the crash, but there may have been others.

We don't know if all of the beings on the ship were shapeshifters, or if there were other aliens on Earth that Pierce didn't know about.

The shapeshifters' natural form is a small greyish-white-pink being that can glow brilliantly.


In the episode �Ask Not�, Max reveals a new power, a shield that he can produce out of his hand.

In 'To Serve & Protect' Max uses his shield to repel bullets.

Fans have nicknamed it the Green Jello Shield because of it's resemblance to the dessert.


A sighting of a supposed exterrestrial or alien event, like the signal sent in the episode 'Into the Woods'. River Dog mentions that he witnessed a sighting before that night, but he doesn't say when. He knew where it was and led the kids to the same spot in the epi 'ITW'.


See 'alien signal'

Silo Murder

After Everett Hubble's wife was killed, he hunted the alien shapeshifter who murdered her. Hubble convinced Sheriff Jim Valenti Sr. to help him.

Hubble knew the alien was disguised as a drifter, and they tracked him down to a silo, and Hubble killed him. But the drifter wasn't an alien.

Sheriff Valenti Sr. apparently had a breakdown, and lost his job because of the shooting.

A newspaper clipping with the Silo Murder story is dated December 08, 1972.

Silver Handprint

The silver handprint is left behind when Max heals someone. It isn't permanent and fades after a day or two.

Nasedo also leaves behind a silver handprint when he kills someone. He also left a handprint on the gas pump when he blew it up in the episode 'Max to the Max'.

Silver Handprint was also the name of the official Roswell site on the WB. It had all kinds of additional info about the history and characters of the show.
You can find it here

More info & pics

The Skins are first introduced in the episode 'Skin & Bones', as alien enemies of Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess. The Skins are under the leadership of Nicholas on Earth, and are the troops of Khivar, who ursurped Zan's throne on Antar.

They are called Skins because the Earth's atmosphere is toxic to them and they must wear protective husks or skins.

Slag you with my death ray eyes

In 'Ask Not' Tess teases Kyle when he tells her to get out of his room, by telling him she will 'slag him with her death ray eyes'.

Smooth-skinned ovoid EBE

This is a type of alien, supposedly seen by Mr. Grabowski, who tells his story at the UFO convention, in the Direct Contact Symposium, that is hosted by Jonathon Frakes. EBE (extra-terrestrial Biological entity),

Space Boy

Nickname given to Michael by Max in the episode 'Missing'.

Maria also uses the name in various episodes.

Special Unit
More Info & Pics

The Special Unit is a branch of the FBI, created to hunt aliens, and keep the world safe from them.

The SU investigates supposed alien activity and sightings, trackes UFO nuts, and investigates suspected alien killings including William Atherton.

The Special Unit is first revealed in the episode 'Crazy' when Kathleen Topolsky tells Liz of it's existance.

The SU starts investigating Max as a possible alien because Sheriff Valenti gives Agent Stephens the uniform that Liz was shot in. Valenti also tells Stephens that Liz had a silver handprint on her stomach.

In the episode 'Max to the Max' the SU takes Max and holds him, torturing and questioning him.

Stone Wall

In the episode 'Toy House', Michael tells Maria he can't get involved with her. He must be a stone wall.

The Summit

In the episode 'Meet the Dupes', the dupes are invited to an intergalactic summit to end the fighting in their solar system. Zan, the king, refused to attend, because he believed it was a trap, so his sister Lonnie and his second in command, Rath, kill him, and go to Roswell to convince Max to attend in Zan's place.

The summit takes place in the episode, 'Max in the City.' The heads of the five planets in the aliens' system are invited. Sero, Hanar, Kathana, Larek, each representing their worlds. Nicholas speaks for Khivar who is representing Antar as the current ruler, and the royal four are invited as the formed rulers.

It is revealed at the summit that there has been war in the aliens' system for years. Hanar says, "We're here to end 50 years of misery and suffering among our worlds. Kathana attacks Kivar. Kivar attacks Sero. Sero attacks me. The situation is intolerable!"

Nicholas delivers Khivar's message. "And Kivar has a solution. Kivar will abdicate the throne and allow the royal four to return home under the following conditions: One, Max becomes king only in name. All real power and government remains in Kivar's hands, two, Max calls upon his followers to lay down their weapons and support the new government, and three, most importantly, Max returns the granilith to us."

Max refuses to give up the granolith, and Nicholas speaking for Khivar withdraws the offer.

Kathana tells Max that he made a lot of enemies, and even Larek is disappointed that Max did the wrong thing.

Of course the summit was a trap. If Max had accepted the deal, he would have been excuted when he returned to his planet.

Also Nicholas made a deal with Lonnie to kill Max if he refused the deal.

Sunshine Committee

The name of the fictional 'welcoming committee' that Isabel makes up in the episode 'Tess, Lies & Videotape' in order to get Tess' personal records from the school. Isabel says the Sunshine Committee is like the welcome wagon for new students.



The aliens have a taste for spicy and sweet together, so they put tabasco on practically everything, including in their Cokes.

In the Pilot, Valenti notices empty tabasco bottles at the Crashdown after the shooting. Later he sees tabasco bottles in Max's Jeep, and uses that 'evidence' to investigate if Max was at the Crashdown at the time of the shooting, and why he ran afterward.

Tres Dias

Tres Dias is the Spanish song that Max, along with the Mariachi band, sings to Liz in the episode 'End of the World.'

Trithium Amplification

Alien artifact first seen in the episode 'Ask Not', in the possession of Brody. The device activates when Michael gets near, throwing him across the room. But when Max finds it later, it does nothing to him. Perhaps it was turned on when Michael was near, but off when Max saw it? Or perhaps there is something about Max or Michael that makes it react.

Later in the episode, Brody tells Max about it. "That I bought, I dunno, three years ago from some guy who deals in supposed alien artifacts. I thought it was a piece of junk, and then on May 14th, that thing just came to life. It sent out this pulse. So I hired a team, had them check the entire radio telescope network for anything unusual, and they found something."

"A signal, Max. A strange high-energy microwave signal that corresponded exactly with what I saw. And you know where this signal came from? Roswell."

On that 'evidence' Brody moved to Roswell and bought the UFO Center.

We also see that aliens have recieved the signal, but somehow they are not able to track it. Only Courtney is able to find the podsquad in Roswell. How that is, we are never told.

In the episode 'Off the Menu', Brody accesses Larek's memory, and remembers what the device is called. He also remember how to use it.

The amplifier has eight alien symbols on it's face, placed in six different groupings, so likely it can do five or six different functions. We do know some of these from the show.

1. It can block alien powers (OTM)
2. It can track or at least register the signal emitted by the Royal 4's communication orbs. (D)
3. It seemed to detect Michael's prescence and tossed him across the room (AN) (although, this could have been another instance of blocking powers, because it knocked Tess and Max back when it blocked their powers)
4. and it must have an 'Off' position

So that leaves a few functions that were never explained.

It is also unclear what the range of the device is.

In 'OTM' Brody uses it to block Max and Tess' powers in the UFO Center. Michael is able to use his powers outside the building to unlock the door, but once he is inside and coming down the stairs, his powers don't work.


The UFO Convention

The UFO Convention runs 3 days, Fri, Sat and Sun. In the episode 'The Convention' it takes place the week after the sighting in 'ITW'.

Day 1 - Friday
- Jonathon Frakes arrives

Day 2 - Saturday
- Frakes gets his handprints in cement
- Direct Contact Symposium
- Catered lunch by the Crashdown

Day 3 - Sunday
- Alien Takedown
- Final Round Table Discussion

William Shatner and Patrick Stewart were scheduled to attend, but they both canceled.

aka. Extraterrestrialist

A term for someone who studies UFO phenonenum

Universal Friendship

It is first mentioned in the episode 'Harvest'. When Isabel, Max, Liz & Tess are searching Vanessa Whitaker's office, after her death, Isabel finds a letter from the UFL. From the markings on the envelope they figure out it is based in Copper Summit, AZ.

They discover it is an orginization formed by their enemies, the Skins.


More info & pics

The V constellation is first seen in the episode 'The Balance', by Michael in a vision, and then in the sky by Liz.

In the episode 'Blind Date', Max and Liz get a flash of it when they kiss. It is also seen in several more episodes, but what it means is never really explained.

Michael figures out that it is the Aries constellation, and uses it to navigate the map left in the cave, to lead him and Isabel to the Roswell Library.

In the episode 'Four Square' Liz figures out that it isn't just the constellation Ares, but Venus has moved into the right place in the sky to complete the 'V' shape.

In the episode 'Max to the Max' Tess says that "the constellations aligned and awakened our biological drives." She may have been refering to the 'V' constellation


In the episode 'Balance', Liz mentions to Max that her parents have gone on a star gazing trip to see Venus in the morning sky.

Max says that he though Venus was right in front of him.

The constellation is named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty.


When aliens on their home planets need to communicate with people on Earth, they project their minds into humans, using them as vessels or puppets. The alien can control the human as if it was their own body. The human doesn't remember what happened, losing those pieces of their life in most cases. Some have vague memories, and some believe they were abducted by aliens.


Maria says her mother would refer to Michael as a vibrator, someone who communicates by sending vibes out into the atmosphere.

Vilondra Project

The Vilondra Project is mentioned in the episode 'Harvest,' in a letter from the Universal Friendship, address to Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker. It is never explained exactly what the project is, but Nicholas mentions to Isabel that Khivar is waiting to hear that they have found her. So it seems likely that the Vilondra Project is the search to return Isabel to Khivar.

T. Greer is the Senior Coordinator of the Vilondra Project.


Whirlwind Galaxy Symbol

It is never exactly stated that the symbol on the alien necklace represented the Whirlwind Galaxy, but a lot of the fans assumed that it did because of the shape.

Nicky Chris Markos
The Whits

The garage band Alex starts. The name is obviously derived from his last name Whitman.

They are an alternative band, but Maria convinces them to do covers of pop songs for the Blind Date Contest audition, and the band is choosen to play at the Blind Date Concert as the opening act.

Nicky - lead guitar
Chris - drums
Markos - rhythm
Alex - bass
Wendy Lavley - singer
she got mono from Peter Gulla and they had to replace her (BD)
Maria Deluca - singer

The band's songs include -
Love Kills
Hurt by Love



Ylang Ylang

In the episode 'Wipeout', Valenti mentions that Kyle burns compost sticks, and Kyle correct him saying it is ylang ylang and it opens the mind. Pronounced ee-long.


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