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A fan named Rex D. Werking contacted me in Feb 2015 asking about Roswell filming locations, and I was able to point him to the maps on my site. Rex took a trip to see the Roswell filming sites and took a ton of pictures and has given permission to post them on the site. It is always great to have recent pics of the filming locations.

I've posted his pictures and commentary.
Thanks to Rex for these images and information!

Covina, CA Locations

Rex's comments - "Finding the sites in Covina was so easy. I spent several hours in the park and walking the neighborhoods. Nice place. Stayed the night at a Red Roof Inn in San Dimas."

"The Park area. The Evan's House is across the street. Courtney's condo is across their street. The park bleachers are maybe 100 feet away. A couple blocks north is Alex's house."

Evan's House (various) - 163 Valencia Pl

Courtney's apartment (EOTW, H) - across the street

Covina Park (various) - on N. 4th Ave between W San Bernadion Rd and E Badillo St
This is across the street from the Evans' house

Deluca House - Italia St, between 2nd & 1st Ave.

Whitman House - 402 N Cedar Dr, just north of W Palm Dr.

Crashdown Cafe - 223 N Citrus Ave. (various)

Interior and exterior shots of the Crashdown

Night on the Town building where Max climbed on the awning while drunk (BD) - 125 N. Citrus Ave

Rex's comments - "The 'Top of the Town' has moved. One can still see where the sign was and picture where Max perched himself when he got a buzz."

More shots of downtown Covina

City Hall (EOTW, W, CYN) - 185 E College St

Roswell Sheriff's Station (various) - 147 E. College St
Sheriff's window where Michael breaks in (MA)

Agua Dulce Locations

Area around the pod chamber rock formation (Vasquez Rock)

Chruch where Max and Liz are married

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