Covina Real Places Map

Of course, a lot of Roswell was shot on the Paramount Studios lot, but many of the exterior scenes were filmed in the town of Covina, and other places in California.

These are maps of several of the real places that Roswell was filmed, in and around Covina.

Most of the info was taken from this great Japanese site.
Sorry I don't know the name (can't speak Japanese). I've lost the link so I'm not sure if it is still open and couldn't ask permission to repost (again the non-Japanese speaking problem). Someone from the site had come to the LA area and went looking for all these shooting locations, taking a ton of great pics!

Other locations were given to me by a British fan, Softie, who got them from a former Roswell crew member. Other locations I found on Google maps.

A Spanish fan, David, contacted me in 2011 with pics that he took of the Roswell filming sites from his trip in 2010. He has given permission to post them on the site, so you can check them out here -
Covina 2010 Pics

A fan named Rex D. Werking contacted me in Feb 2015 asking about Roswell filming locations, and I was able to point him to the maps on my site. Rex took a trip to see the Roswell filming sites and took a ton of pictures and has given permission to post them on the site, so you can check them out here -
Covina 2015 Pics

You can see that the props and special effects department 'spiffed' up and added things to a lot of the sites so they are hardly recognizable, unless you look really closely.
The people who found some of these original sites did a really amazing job!
Thanks for all your hard work!

***If you know additional locations, please send them in and I will add them!!***

***Maps on these pages were drawn by RoswellOracle.***
Do not use without permission.

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Covina, CA Locations


The pics from the location are first or on top, pics from the show second or underneath.

1. Bowling Alley (HOM) - 1060 W. San Bernardino Rd

2. Alex's House (CYN) - 402 N Cedar Dr, just north or W Palm Dr.

3. Evan's House (various) - 163 Valencia Pl
    Courtney's apartment (EOTW, H) - across the street

4. Summerhaven Park (various) - on N. 4th Ave between W San Bernadion Rd and E Badillo St
        see closeup map below

5. Roswell Library Sign (BD) - Civic Center Park
      on Citrus Ave between E. San Bernadino Rd and School St
    also Christmas Tree Lot (ARCC)
    and where Max and Tess meet the dupes to go to NY (MTD)

6. Ghost Dad's House (ARCC) - Puente St, E of Citrus
    Brody's House (ARCC) - Puente St, E of Citrus

7. Chez Pierre (BD) - 116 E. School St.

8. Pinecrest Mental Hospital (WAF) - 170 E. School St.

9. Hardware Store (ARCC) - 307 N Citrus Ave.

10. Maria's House (various) - Italia St, between 2nd & 1st Ave.

11. Madame Vivian's (EOTW) - 133 W Cottage Dr.

12. Crashdown Cafe - 223 N Citrus Ave. (various)
Crashdown painting and back stairs - the alley behind the building (various)
alley where Pierce talks to Alex (C)
and alley where Max confronts 'Isabel' in the (MTD)

13. Max running shirtless (AN)- 236 N. Citrus Ave
      Shoe Service (SH, TL&V) - 222 N. Citrus Ave
      Alley where Courtney dies (W) - back of 222 N. Citrus Ave
      Morgue where Alex is taken (CYN) - alley behind 222 N. Citrus Ave

14. City Hall (EOTW, W, CYN) - 185 E College St
      Alley where gang sneaks across to UFO Center (W)
      Sheriff's window where Michael breaks in (MA)
      Where Max makes fireworks & where Liz calls for a ride (BD)
      Roswell Sheriff's Station (various) - 147 E. College St

15. Liz & Kyle walking back from video store (LN) - corner of Citrus & College
      also the empty intersection Liz and Maria find (W)
      Max and Isabel talk to Michael about Hank (ID)
      Liz running for the bus (HOM)

16. Movie theater (RD) - Badillo & College
      Max and Liz walk, looking to see who is following them (BB) - 104 N. Citrus Ave
      Alley where Liz & Maria finds a piece of skin (W)
      Night on the Town building where Max climbed on the awning while drunk (BD)
      also where Liz sees Max walks Tess home (AN) - 125 N. Citrus Ave
      Max & Isabel walking talking about Grant
      Max sees Liz waiting for Whitaker(S&B) - 134 N. Citrus Ave.
      and Whitaker's office

17. Michael bought candy to pretend to sell (MA) - 160 E. College St
      Michael calls Nasdeo from a pay phone (S&B)
      Where Tess & Kyle overhear gossip about Valenti (DB)

18. UFO Center Building (various) - 137E. Badillo St (torn down in 2003)
      Bus Station (AN) - in the rear of the UFO Center
      Steak-out with Isabel, Maria, and Michael (BB) - 114 E. Badillo St
      Alley where Kyle's friends beat up by Max (LN)

19. WRH Staduim with Alex shrine (CYN) - Covina District Field stadium
      on E. Puente between 3rd & 4th Ave.
      also bus pickup for Father's Camping Weekend (ITW)
      and where Isabel and Liz do their pedicure and talk about Alex in (HW)

Closeup Covina Park Locations

1. Where Max talks to his mother and gives her the toy house (TH)

2. Where Max tells Isabel and Michael about Liz's missing journal (Mis)
also where the Christmas pagaent and midnight mass take place (ARCC)

3. Liz goes to talk to Kyle while he is playing basketball (Mis)

4. Bench where Max finds Tess upset about Nasedo dying (AN)

5. Where Tess and Max were walking when they think they see Nicholas (W)

6. Bleachers where Isabel, Max and Michael discuss what to do about Brody (AN)

7. Bench where Tess finds Max upset about Liz sleeping w/ Kyle (EOTW)

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area Locations


The pics from the location are on top, pics from the show underneath.

1. Bridge where Isabel takes Max when he is upset about the baby being sick (BIY)

Milikan High School Locations

Where most of the West Roswell High School exteriors were shot


1. Exterior, Liz & Maria saying Alex is no James Bond (MA)

2. Exterior, Max, Michael and Isabel are eating when she sees the dome on the book cover (Mis)

3. Where Alex was standing while Liz & Maria were saying he is no James Bond (MA)

4. Where Max saw Topolsky talking to the Sheriff (MA)

5. Exterior shot of school (P)

6. Where Topolsky confronts Liz about Michael skipping class (MA)

7. Maria confronts Alex about taking Liz's diary (Mis)

8. Liz sees Kyle and Topolsky talks to her (Mis)

9. Where Maria and Liz talk about Alex taking her diary and he interrupts (Mis)

10. Hallway behind Liz when Max runs away from her (P)

Agua Dulce Locations

Area around the pod chamber rock formation (Vasquez Rock)

1. Sultan's Hide Away Motel where Michael and Maria break down (285S) - 12117 Sierra Highway
    also motel where Hank stays (Summer of '47)

2. Church where Max and Liz are married (Graduation)

3. Where Isabel's Jeep breaks down (M) - Agua Dulce Air Park 33638 Agua Dulce Canyon Rd.
    also the road that is seen in the Roswell opening credits
    and the road where Michael and Maria get pulled over (285S)
    and the Liftoff Gas Station where Michael steals Maria's car (285S)
    and Pepper's Cafe where Hubble' wife was killed (TC)
    and the Cafe where Michael, Maria and Laurie eat (DB)

4. Store where Max, Liz and Isabel stop (285 South) - 33355 Agua Dulce Canyon Rd

5. Big pointy rock formation that houses the pod chamber (various)
    also where the radio tower is located (SH)

6. Tunnel where Michael is hitch hiking (ID)
    also when the gang is walking to the pod chamber after destroying the Jeep (D)

7. Where Nasedo, posing as Max, dumps the FBI Agent's body at mile marker 67 (MTTM)

8. Bridge where Max and Liz jump (D)

9. Quarry where the gang meets sometimes (TH,C)
This location was sent in by Softie, who got it from a former crew member on Roswell.
There are many open pits there, so it is hard to be specific about which one was the actual filming location.

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