RH Summer Carnival
Funny Screen Caps

I made the below caps for the Roswell Heaven WRH Summer Carnival
Great Screencap Caper in Aug 2009.


What does Kyle think about when Tess is talking?
(caps courtesy of the Striped Wall)

*Tess laughing and talking really fast*
Tess: "And then she said, 'Oh I love your sweater,' and I was thinking what a major slut she was, but I didn't say that. And then she told me that Bobby Jacobson asked her out, and I couldn't believe she would go. I mean, OMG, he is such a loser. I heard that he . . ."

Tess: "Hey! Kyle! You aren't even listening to me!"

Kyle: "Don't bother me. I'm imagining Max Evans naked."


Liz's Night of Steamy Passion
(caps courtesy of the Striped Wall)

Title: Liz's Night of Steamy Passion
Author: RosWriter
Category: UC
Rating: Adult
Summary: Liz has a night she will never forget

Part 1

Liz went through the Crashdown, eager to see her new lover. They had just met, but she already knew the sex between them would be better than anything she'd ever experienced.

Pushing open the door into the back room, her heart raced with anticipation, as their eyes met.

*Liz stops, gasping in horror*
"No way. No freaking way."

*She turns around, speaking*
"Isn't it bad enough that you fanfic writers have made me the biggest slut in Roswell? But this, *she motions behind her*, this is just too much."

"I mean, okay, sure, who wouldn't have sex with Max, or Zan, or Kyle, or even Michael."

"Then it stated getting more exotic, when you guys put me with Tess, or Isabel, or Maria."

"And then the threesomes started; Zan and Max, Kyle and Max, Max and Future Max, Rath and Zan.

Alien sex. Whew! It's enough to make a girl swoon."

"And then it got even more freaky when you put me in relationships with Rath, Khivar, Nasedo, Valenti, even RiverDog."

"RiverDog, you guys? Come on. Who thought of that? He's old enough to be my grandfather."

"But I could deal, and even enjoy myself. I mean, REALLY enjoy myself."

"But this pairing, *shakes head*, no, it's not going to happen."

"I've slept with practically every cast member, and almost every alien in existence; good aliens, bad aliens, female and male aliens, even two and three aliens at once."

"And yes, the alien sex is, *she sighs and fans herself, as she closes her eyes, remembering*, ooohhh, it's absolutely incredible."

"But I am putting my foot down here." "Absolutely, no way. I will not have sex with �

The flying jellyfish Queen!

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