Grand Opening Funny Screen Caps

I made the below caps for the Roswell Heaven Grand Opening
Great Screencap Caper in Aug 2006


What does the Granolith do?
(caps courtesy of Roswell Screen Grab Gallery)

So how does the Granolith work, Max?

It says you just put in the crystal and make a wish.
*scoffs* Yeah, it's like Aladin's lamp or something.

*he inserts the crystal with a sigh*
How is this going to help us?
I just wish all of our problems would go away.

*the Granolith sucks Tess inside*

*and shoots her into space*

Whoa! That really works.
I wish it were Christmas all the time.

Whoo Hoo!

I wish for my greatest desire.

*singing* Feelings...
Thank you, thank you.
You're a great crowd
*singing* Nothing more than feelings.

Michael's New Powers
(caps courtesy of Roswell Screen Grab Gallery)

Michael! Have you been drinking?
I told you it was dangerous!

No way Max. You were totally wrong.
It's not dangerous.
It gives you extra powers.

Check this out.
I can shapeshift now.

See. I look exactly like Maria.

R i i i i i g h t.

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