Q: On the dvd's when yuu click on episodes there is a certain instrumental thats on them its not the guitar one, but some weary creepy sound. do u know it at all and how i can find it online???

A: I know the song you mean. I am actually not sure if I have it or not.

I do have some music that another fan pulled from the shows and DVDs. You can find it here - http://roswelloracle.com/musicorig.html

On that page, toward the top is a large zip file of music he recorded. It is possible it is in there.


Q: Back in the day, I distinctly remember reading on one of the Roswell sites that Emilie De Ravin had signed on to return for "Three" episodes to closeout Season-3. Some time later, it was posted that the network was cutting short the season. As a result, the Tess character only appeared in the one episode. Do you know anything about this and might there be additional un-shot episode scripts lurking about?

A: There were so many rumors flying around about season 3, it is hard to know what was really true.

I remember reading several things predicting the return of Tess at various points in season 3. As for Emilie being signed up to do three episodes, it is possible.

Because of bad ratings from the start of the season, it was up in the air whether there would even be an entire season. It was cut to half a season, and then because of another campaign by the fans, around mid-season UPN said they would finish out the season. So really the season was extended to 18 episodes at that point, not cut back.

Maybe because of that they had to change their long-term plan for Tess' character - if there even was a plan.

I've often wondered how they planned a season. Did they know a general outline of the whole thing, or were they just winging it as they went? It often seemed like the later.

Your guess is as good as mine as to whether there are more scripts, but I've never heard of any out there. I would bet though, that they weren't thinking that far ahead.


Q: According to Roswell Episode Scripts and your opinion, what is the proper way to spell 'Kivar'?

A: I believe you are probably correct with Kivar. I just don't personally like that spelling, so I've come up with my own - Khivar. I have also seen people spell it Kevar and K'var.

I do have a script with Khivar's name in it. I will check. Yes, it is spelled Kivar.


Q: The music on your list is not the music on my DVD. Is your list wrong?

A: When the Roswell DVDs were released, the studio felt that using the original songs from the series would make the DVDs too expensive. So they made the decision to replace a lot of the songs with ones from mostly unknown bands.

I have lists of the music from the series as it aired and the music on the DVDs on the Music and Soundtrack page - http://roswelloracle.com/music.html


Q: Where do I find Merchandise for sale

A: There used to be a few places on the internet that offered Roswell merchandise, and that is were I got most of mine. But they are all closed now. You hardly ever see official Roswell merchandise around anymore, sometimes on ebay, sometimes a person will contact me through the site if they don't want their Roswell stuff anymore.

I have a Cafe Press store where I sell original Roswell merchandie, if you are interested. Here is the link - http://www.cafepress.com/galaxygraphics


Q: I just learned that 'Departure' was originally an 88 min ep, but the network had them cut it to 44 min so as to sabotage the series, or something to that effect. I have also read that there is an uncut ep out amongst the fan community.

A: Yeah those rumors have been around for years. Here is what I know.

There were only 21 episodes in the season because the network considered only doing half a season and then canceling it if the numbers weren't high enough. The show was doing pretty well for the first part of the season so then agreed to add a few more episodes to the end. How they came up with 21 instead of 22 is anyone's guess.

Jason Katims did ask the network for a two hour episode for Departure, and they said no. But it isn't like they needed to sabotage the show, they were already planning to cancel it anyway. More likely they just didn't see the point is spending the money doing a two hour episode for a show they weren't continuing.

There was extra footage shot for Departure (and other episodes too) that never made it in the show, but to my knowledge, no one has ever seen it and no one in the Roswell community claims to have it - so I don't believe it was ever released. I've been looking for 10 years and have never come across anything.

We know a scene was shot where Liz tells Max about future Max and the end of the world thing and that is why she pretended to sleep with Kyle. We know this because fans were at the site when it was shot, but no footage has ever been seen.

Also in an interview with Shiri, she says that Liz loses her virginity and gets married in the episode Departure, so a sex scene must have at least been in the script at some point. Whether it was shot or not is unclear.

I wish they would have added some of those cut scenes to the DVDs when they released them. There are plenty of fan who would love to see them.

On my site I do have two cut scenes. One is a short clip of an alternate ending for Leaving Normal. The other is a rough scene cut out of End of the World that really shows how bad it was getting between Max and Tess. They are here -http://www.roswelloracle.com/cutscenesvid.html

I also have written cut scenes that were taken from scripts here - http://www.roswelloracle.com/cutscenes.html

The only other cut scenes I know of that are out there are on the season 1 DVDs, from the Pilot. You might have seen them when you were watching them. Where Sheriff Valenti takes a yearbook to the two nosy tourists who were in the Crashdown and they identify Max as being there when the shooting happened. And a longer scene between Liz and Maria about the shooting. I need to get a clip of those and put them up on the site.

Sorry I didn't have better news. If you ever find out anything more, please let me know, so I can pass on the info.

My best advice would be to stop watching Roswell now, and read fanfic. Season 3 is absolute crap and nothing like the previous two seasons. I wish I'd never watched it.


Q: When Alex decoded the book, all of a sudden, the crystal that activated the Granolith just appeared out of nowhere. Where did it come from? Why did that automatically happen when they decoded the book?

A: As for your question, it is kind of complicated. This is one of those big unanswered questions that brings up a whole lot of other stuff. I personally think the writers just got really lazy, because a ton of stuff in those last episodes just makes no sense.

It was never explained where the crystal came from.

The crystal was just sitting on the table in that rental house where Michael, Liz and Maria found the computer that had the translation on it. The scene is in 'Baby It's You' toward the end. They find a bill in Leanna's dorm for the rental house, and go there, and are nearly blown up by the blinking red triangle. Liz prints the translation off the computer and Michael finds the crystal. Not a word is said about it.

Since we found out it was Tess who mindwarped Alex to decode the destiny book, most people assume that Tess had the crystal all along and left it in the rental house for Liz to find.

When you think about it that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. How long was that crystal just sitting on the table? Anyone could have found the crystal in the house and taken it, or that exploding triangle could have blown it up. And how would Tess know that Liz would even find that rental house in her investigation? How did Tess know Liz had even gone to Las Cruces to investigate?

Maybe if Tess was following them while they were investigating she could have planted the crystal in the house, but we know she wasn't following them because she was pretending to be sick with the baby so Max would stay with her. There is just no way Tess could have been in Las Cruces following Liz, and it is ridiculous to think Tess left the crystal in that building just in case Liz found it. Supposedly it was the only key to the granolith and it could have been stolen or destroyed and then Tess' plan to go home is over pretty quick.

That is one reason why I've always thought Tess must have had help keeping tabs on Liz's investigation into Alex's death. It is just a theory of mine and it was never even hinted at in the show that she had help, but it makes a lot of sense. Tess would have had a hard time doing ALL that stuff by herself.

Sooooo, I hope that long-winded explanation helps. I tend to get chatty about these loose ends.


Q: Back when the show was airing, I would always read about feuds on set, actors wanting out of the show and stuff like that - any truth to those rumors?

A: As for feuds on the sets, I haven't heard anything that I thought was credible. Some fans say that Shiri started hating Jason and Katie because they were dating. But why would she unless she was in love with him. No one in the cast ever said that was the case. I think if any of it was true, Majandra would have said something. She was very outspoken. I think some fans confused real life with the show relationships.

Majandra did say when she first met Brendan that she didn't like him, and asked Katims not to pair them up because she would never kiss him. Guess she got over that pretty quick because they were dating in real life for most of season 1 and 2. They were a little on and off, so maybe they had a feud or two. lol

I did hear about the cast playing a lot of jokes on each other and having a lot of fun on the set.

As for the cast wanting off the show - yes. Brendan and Majandra both thought it was holding their careers back and pretty much told every interviewer that they wanted it to end so they could move on. Majandra wanted to prusue singing and Brendan thought being on a tv show was stopping him from getting movie roles. He also said he'd never do a full-time gig on tv ever again. Majandra said she would never do tv at all again.

There was a publicity party to kick off season 3 and Brendan didn't even show up, and the studio sued him. Jason didn't show up either, but apparently he actually had something else he had to do, so he didn't get in trouble.

Jason Behr was a lot more low key and didn't really publically say the show was ruining his career, but he wanted to do movies too and was ready to move on when Roswell ended.

I never heard that Shiri or Katie wanted off the show, and Nick was really sad to see it end.


Q: Is it true that Max's Jeep had a name? Was it Bobby? And how and when did it get a name....in the Roswell Series?

A: The Jeep never had a name on the show, but the fans on the internet did nickname the Jeep Bob.

I am not exactly sure when this happened, sometime pretty early in season 1, and I've never met anyone who can remember why it was given the name Bob.

I heard a speculation from someone that it was named Bob because the letters BOB were on the license plate, but they are not. There were actually 2 licence plates on the Jeep, season 1 - MX7 984, and season 2 - 384 X74. No BOB in sight.

Some people believe the name Bob came as a result of a vote taken on Fan Forum years ago as to what we should name Max's Jeep.

There were even groups of fans of the Jeep who called themselves Bobbers and TOOB (the Order of Bob).


Q: Have tried contacting Jason Katims?

A: No, I haven't tried contacting him, but it would be interesting to see if after all these years if he would give away some secrets about Roswell.


Q: So how do people know what Antar looks like and that it has 3 moons?

A: In season 2 in 'Off the Menu' we see an image of Antar from Brody's head, I believe when Max is trying to heal him.


Q: I heard that Roswell fans saved the show. Is this true?

A: Technically Roswell was on the verge of cancellation four times and was saved by the fans. Once in the middle of season 1 and again at the end of season 1. The fans saved it both times by sending in mail and tabasco. Then for season 2 it was only put on for half a season to see if it would do well enough to do a whole season. The fans ran several mail and advertising campaigns to save it again, and got the rest of the season made.

Then at the end of season 2 the WB network did cancel Roswell. The new network UPN was interested in picking up Roswell and the fans sent them all kinds of mail and tabasco, and they decided to do the show for season 3.

Season 3 was so terrible and it lost so many viewers over the season that probably nothing could have saved it, although there was a smaller mail campaign then too.


Q: I think Roswell started airing in the middle of the book release schedule so I always figured they only had new covers for the later books. Do you know anything about this?

A: From all my research the show was put into the TV schedule sometime after the release of book 5, so I am pretty sure 'original' covers were never done for books 8-10.

I'm not even sure the orig covers for books 6 & 7 made it to print. They may have just been concept art that was never released because they wanted the books to be republished with art from the show. I have never actually seen book 6 or 7 with the original art and I have been looking for years. Also, I couldn't find an exact release date for books 6 or 7 before the show aired. 6 and 7 were both announced but postponed, so I am not positive they were released before the show aired. They may have been held to be released with the art from the show.


Q: Okay, future Max comes back & tells Liz you have to make Max fall out of love with you so Tess can get closer to the group because basically the group is not strong enough when Tess leaves & the world ends, basically because Max & Liz stayed together pushing Tess away.

Liz completes the gut wrenching task of making Max fall out of love with her & the story rolls on....HOWEVER - in the end, Tess kills herself to save her son & the group.

SO, now Liz & Max are together & Tess is gone. BUT THE PROBLEM STILL REMAINS - NO TESS = WEAKENED GROUP.

Now Liz started showing signs that she has powers thus making her take Tess's place ad the 4th alien. BUT WOULDN'T FUTURE MAX KNOW THAT???


A: I agree, it is confusing. Roswell fans have been debating this for years and there is no real answer because it was never discussed in the show. It was like they just completely forgot about the End of the World in season 3.

But, there are a lot of theories -

1. The world is still doomed. Tess is gone so they are screwed.
2. Future Max was a mind warp. If that is true then nothing he said is true.
3. Future Max was real, but he was mistaken or tricked, and it was never about Tess.
4. Since Future Max came back and warned Liz, she will warn the others and they can figure out how to save the world
5. Since Tess and Max did get together, something changed and the world is safe.
6. Max's son only seems human. He will get powers later and save the world.
7. Ava can take Tess' place in the four square
8. Liz can take Tess' place in the four square. You would think Future Max would know this if it were possible, but maybe not. What if for some reason Liz only got her powers because of the pain and anger she went through over Max being with Tess. Liz's powers got out of control when she was upset with Max in season 3 and she really used her powers for the first time when she threw Tess across the room.
9. Someone else can take Tess' place in the four square. Maybe another alien or the child of an alien can help them save the world.
10. Tess isn't really dead, she only pretends to die and will come back and help them later.
11. In Future Max's time, when Tess left, she joined their enemies and helped them defeat Max and the Earth. If she didn't help the enemies then Max and the others would win.
12. This theory is a little long and complicated but it's something I've thought about for a while (and even included in a couple of stories) - What if in Future Max's timeline when he and Liz slept together on the night of the Gomez concert they just focused on each other and didn't really want to be involved in the alien world. Imagine if Max refused to go to Copper Summit and check out the Harvest, and they didn't stop it. If all those Skins got their new husks they could have posed a much greater threat to the world. And what if Max refused to go to the summit. Who knows what might have happened. All of the aliens at the summit might have blamed him for not wanting peace and what if they all decided to attack him.

There are probably even more theories, but that's all I remember.


Q: I read your conspiracy theory about Was there a deal with Khivar?

My only question is...Could those same writers that came up with the ridiculous 'I Married An Alien' and 'Busted' episodes, be that smart? I blame the cancellation of the show on poor writing.

A: I have to agree with you that season 3 was terrible, and even season 2 started going down hill after the Christmas episode. The hybrid chronicles were certainly a waste of 4 episodes. It is so sad that they couldn't stick with a plan, and instead ended up going in all kinds of weird directions, most of which didn't even make sense.

Sure, Nasedo was shifty, and we wouldn't have been surprised to find out he was a villain, but the 'deal with Khivar' just made no sense at all. They definitely could have come up with something better.

And I have always questioned why they put Max and Tess together at the end of season 2 which was guaranteed to enrage the majority of the fans. Were they trying to make fans quit the show? It just seemed like such an out-of-the-blue storyline and almost a cop-out to quickly wrap up the show in case it was cancelled.

Having Tess pregnant served no purpose, especially since they ignored it for most of the next season.

I have read articles where Katims says that he wanted to explore having Max and Tess together, or have Max explore his alien side and that is why he hooked them up. But they didn't show that at all. Max regretted kissing Tess at the prom and told her he didn't want to be with her, but she kept after him until he got depressed enough to turn to her and sleep with her, and then regretted it the next day. How does that show him exploring anything except normal teen age idiocy?


Q: In the episode of 'End of The World', when Max is outside the window, looks ion and sees Kyle and Liz in bed together, didn't Max have two concert tickets in his hand? And if he did, to what concert?

A: He did have tickets to the Gomez concert. He asked Liz to go with him earlier in the episode.


Q: Is the crashdown cafe real, if so where is it located?

A: Sorry, no. The cafe is not real.


Q: I just saw your comment that you didn't like Season 3, I could not agree more. I read somewhere that Jason Katims was told to go a different direction by UPN, so I don't think it was his fault.

A: I am not sure what they were trying to do in season 3, create drama, appeal to everyone, become Dawson's Creek. Whatever it was, they completely failed. They even brought in Melinda Metz to consult on the stories. It definitely seems like a case of too many cooks, and not one of them had a clue.

The thing that makes me the most angry is they knew exactly what the fans wanted but said they weren't going to let the fans dictate the direction of the show. So they gave us crap instead. Makes a lot of sense. And it led to the show being cancelled. Then afterward they said they had no idea why the ratings were so low. Hmmmm, I can't imagine.