Saving Max

TITLE: Saving Max

AUTHOR: RoswellOracle

RATING: Mature, eventually Adult

CATEGORY: M/L, CC, AU w/o aliens

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Any additional characters or situations not mentioned in the show are the creation of my dementia.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a story purchased in the Support Stacie Stocking Stuffer Author Auction in Dec 2008. Fanfic authors volunteered to have their writing services auctioned off to raise money to help fund Stacie's cancer treatments.

Lizevansroswell was the highest bidder. She had the idea for the story, and lots of suggestions about what she wanted to have happen, and we worked as a team to put it all together. The auction was for short fics, so this will only be a few parts long.

A NOTE FROM Lizevansroswell: Thank you for taking time to read this story. Please enjoy.

ADDITIONAL AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm not sure if I should be flattered as well as disgusted, but someone started to plagiarize this story on Apparently they substituted Veronica Mars characters for the Roswell ones, but that was pretty much all that was different.

Thanks to Lora who spotted the post and spoke up, and let me know.
I guess you've reached the 'big time' when your work gets stolen, although it doesn't really feel like an honor.

And to the person who posted the story - Come on, really? Try writing one of your own and think of how you would feel if someone claimed your hard work as theirs.

SUMMARY: Max is a retired NBA player with a problem.

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Feedback for Saving Max


Great start and I'm happy to read another fic by you! And I agree with the others on their viewpoints in regards to Tess. Well I can't wait to read more, so please post more soon!
- clueless


Great story! I can't believe how bat-shit crazy Tess is. Can't wait for things between Max and Liz to heat up even more. Please post again soon.
- cornflakegirl


What a wonderfully twisted little story you are writting!! Tess a crazy stalker. Liz, a bodyguard. And don't forget poor defenseless Max. Love it!!!
- Addicted2AmberEyes


Great start! I love the story idea. Tess is the craziest stalker ever and I love the idea of Liz as a bodyguard that I hope, will kick her ass! I also love the back story of Liz being secretly in love with Max in college. Could she possibly be the same girl he was thinking about, as well? It sounds like he has lead an emotionally empty life, except for all the sex of course! I hope Liz can change all that. Looking forward to the next part!
- Smac


Just found this story and enjoying it very much. Tess is pretty messed up! Can't wait to see when Max realizes who Liz is! Can't wait for more!
- LilLoucfer


OMG! You are freakin incredible! I LOVED that story!! Hands down without any doubt you write the sexiest damn Max ever! I'm not just saying that either, no one and I mean NO ONE writes him the way you do. I'm seriously in awe of your talent, whether its Max or Zan you just level me every single time. What an original story too, such a great idea. We are all so lucky to have your amazing fics to read, thank you so much for sharing your brilliant imagination with us.
wow...just wow
that was just awesome!
- Jake17


Oh now I'm really loving this story!!! Okay first of all I love the way Liz is fighting to stay professional and I can't wait to see when Max finally works out who she is. She seems proficient in what she's doing but the real test will come when Tess enters the scene. I can't wait to see Liz kick her skanky, stalker butt!!!!!
- Janetfl

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Best Villian (for Tess)

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Best Leaving Normal Fic
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Best Leaving Normal Fic
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Best Leaving Normal Fic
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November 2-8 2009

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