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Part 7


I talked to Alex for a couple of hours not really understanding a lot of what he was saying, but he seemed to be pretty excited about a new supercomputer at the University of Las Cruces.

He thought that it might have enough power to do a translation.

I couldn’t believe my luck. What were the odds that I would meet just the person that night who knew what to do? It was destiny.

After I got all of the information that I thought he had, I mind warped the conversation out of his head, only leaving the part where we’d bumped into each other in the park.

I would ask him to keep it to himself, but I didn’t know what he might tell Isabel.

Smiling, I started home. Now I had something to tell Lonni and Rath when they showed up. I just had to hope it would be fast. I had gotten used to having Rath, and I knew the boys at school weren’t going to keep me satisfied for long.

When I got home, Kyle was on the sofa watching some kind of sports and I noticed his eyes widened and lingered on me. He was remembering that ‘dream’ again.

Sitting down, I decided to tease him a bit. I scooted over next to him and pressed my body to his, wrapping my arm around his and shivering. “It’s freezing outside,” I purred.

“Well,” his squeaked, his voice much higher than usual before he cleared his throat nervously, “do you want me to get you a blanket?”

“Oh no,” I said, pressing even closer to him, “you’re so nice and warm, I’ll just sit here with you.”

I started to rub my hands up and down his thigh as if I were trying to get the circulation back in them. I went higher and higher, closer to his equipment and I watched carefully to see any signs of it starting to grow.

With another squeak, he leapt up. “I’ll just get you that blanket.”

He threw it at me from the hall and disappeared into the bathroom, and I broke out in giggles.


Three days later I was still waiting for Lonni and Rath to show up and I was getting hornier by the minute. I hadn’t had a guy since Kyle. I’d been pleasuring myself but it wasn’t nearly enough and I was going to have to indulge in a guy pretty soon or go crazy with lust.

I didn’t know which was worse, being at school surrounded by guys and not being able to do anything about it or being home with Kyle and those hungry looks he kept giving me.

I must have made his ‘dream’ of us having sex pretty vivid because he looked as horny as I felt. I was actually considering having him again just because he was convenient, and not worrying about what the consequences might be. But I didn’t want him falling even more in love with me. If it went any farther, I’d have to mind warp that away from him too.

So at school that morning, I went from class to class practically in a daze because I was checking out all the guys to see who I wanted next.

Some I ruled out and I some I kept on the list.

In the hall I passed Ian. I’d had him and he was not only small but kind of hairy. He was definitely out.

In my next class I saw Joe. He’d been pretty good, he might be worth another tumble.

At lunch I found myself focusing on Tony. He was pretty built and I hadn’t had him yet. New blood might be just the thing I needed.

Then I remembered that Tony had gym the same period I did and a crazy plan started to form in my mind. What if I mindwarped him to come into the shower where he could ‘catch’ me naked and we’d have a good, hard fuck against the wall.

It was a risk but the idea wouldn’t go away, it was so exciting and I was going insane with lust. I was willing to take a chance.

Concentrating on Tony, I placed the overwhelming idea in his mind that he wanted me so much that he would come into the locker room looking for me.

I saw his eyes shift to me as the idea took root and his face darkened with need. I smiled at him, letting my hand linger near the low-cut neck of my shirt, and instantly his eyes went to my breasts.

Easy as pie, I thought with a smile.

In gym class, I hid in the back of the showers until the other girls left and I was alone. I turned on the hot water on several of the showers and steam quickly filled the area, and then I stripped off my towel and waited for my rendezvous.

After a few moments I heard the sound of the door squeaking open and it made my whole body pulse. I was going to have just what I needed.

Footsteps came closer and I waited, practically breathless as he came around the corner, emerging from the billowing steam, but frowned when I saw who it was.

“Michael? What are you doing here?”

The illusion dropped immediately, shimmering for a moment, and Michael morphed into Rath.

My heart raced and I swear I felt my whole body melting. “You’re here finally,” I said stupidly, shaking my head.

But he didn’t seem to be in the mood to chat. Crossing to me, he took me in his arms, pressing me against the tile slick wall of the shower so I could feel his erection through his clothes.

His teeth sank into my neck. “I sent your boy toy away,” he growled as he unfastened his pants, “now that you have what you really need.”

Grabbing my ass, he lifted me and impaled me on his waiting cock, making me climax instantly.

He chuckled into my neck. “Damn, what kind of scrubs are ya’ fucking that I can make you cum just by filling you up.”

I was panting for breath. “They’re not aliens,” I pointed out.

“And they’re not this fucking big either, are they bitch?” Pressing me against the wall with his body, he started to move inside me.

It gave me the opportunity to ask the burning question. “So is that your natural size, or did you do something with your powers?”

He grinned. “It’s all me, sweetheart,” slamming into hard, and making me cry out.

“But Michael is normal size,” I argued.

His brow rose. “You been checking out the competition?” he asked, amused. “How is my double in the sack?”

“I didn’t fuck him,” I denied. “I asked his girl friend how big he was?”

He accepted it with a nod. “So who was that scrub coming in here?” he said, biting down on my breast.

I gasped with pleasure. “Just a guy. How did you know he was coming for me?”

With another chuckle, he spoke around a mouthful of my breast. “I saw you looking at him while you were eating and I followed you, and here he came looking like he was kinda fucked in the head. Doesn’t take much to figure you musta mindwarped him to come here.”

He bit down on my nipple and I cried out with pleasure as his tongue stud flicked over it again and again.

“So you’ve had him before?” he asked as he sped up inside me.

“No” I gasped as I felt another orgasm coming.

He sped up even more, sucking my breast hard, and I climaxed again.

Instantly he stopped and pulled out of me, making me groan from the loss, but he spun me in his arms and pressed me to the wall from behind. With a harsh grunt he was inside again.

I closed my eyes as he pounded into me, practically lifting me off my feet with each hard thrust. Oh shit it felt so good.

His hands slid between me and the wall, one going to my breast and the other to my clit. He pinched and pulled at them both as he filled me again and again, each small stab of pain turning instantly to overwhelming pleasure.

My body slid against the cold tile covered with droplets of condensing steam. The feeling was almost shocking against my skin, but so erotic. Just another sensation that was adding to my pleasure.

As Rath continued to pound into me, my hands kept moving on the wall trying to find something to grab on to. Finally I settled for splaying them against the tile and giving Rath complete control. He really was a master of my body and he would get me there.

His teeth sank into my neck again as he went even faster. His hand started rubbing my clit in fast circles and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. “Oh shit,” I breathed.

He licked my neck. “That’s right, bitch,” he growled. “All you need is big Rath inside you.”

Somehow he pounded into me even harder, and just when I thought I couldn’t stand any more pleasure, I exploded. Crying out, my body kept moving with him as he pumped inside me a dozen more times and then stilled as he came with a growl and emptied himself into me.

“Damn” he said, still playing with my oversensitive nipple. “If that’s what you do in gym class, I’m sorry I skipped high school.”


I wanted to leave with Rath and have another round or two but he reminded me that everything needed to look normal so we didn’t raise suspicion. And he pointed out that me leaving with Michael would be unusual.

So I suffered through my last two classes, counting the minutes until the bell rang.

Hurrying to my car I almost missed Max calling to me.

“Tess wait,” he said, jogging across the parking lot toward me.

I wanted to scream in frustration. Of all the times he wanted to chat. But I took a deep breath and turned toward him with a pleasant smile. “Hi Max.”

He looked a little uncomfortable. “Um, I just wanted to make sure that you’re okay,” he said, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “That there are no, um, symptoms or anything from what Lonni and Rath did to you.”

In a way it was nice that he was concerned about me after my ‘attack’, but I noticed that he didn’t offer to heal me. Maybe if I’d pretended to be injured . . . but then I reminded myself that he didn’t heal me after Whitaker had beaten the crap out me either. I’d been forced to use my own feeble healing ability on myself.

“I’m fine Max,” I assured him trying not to let my annoyance show. “Just a little tired. I thought I might take a nap before dinner.”

As excuses it wasn’t brilliant, but Max accepted it readily. I knew he couldn’t wait to get away from me.

Of course, instead of driving home, I went to the address Rath had given me, and stopped in shock when I saw it. I was expecting a run-down apartment or duplex, maybe even a boarded-up house but was quite surprised to see that it was a big, modern-style house.

Lonni opened the door seconds after I knocked and I wondered if she hadn’t been waiting for me. She really was eager to go home.

I glanced around, hoping to see Rath, but he wasn’t in the room.

Lonni didn’t bother with a greeting but got right to the point. “Did you find out anything?”

“Kind of,” I said.

Her look was eager, almost hungry. “Well?” she demanded.

“Remember the human guy you met, the one who’s obsessed with Isabel?” I started.

Her eyes narrowed as she searched for the memory. “Opie?”

“Right,” I agreed. “Well he’s some kind of computer genius and he thinks this new computer might be able to translate the book.”

She wasn’t pleased. “He thinks? It might? Not the good news I was hoping for.”

My eyebrow rose. “Well I don’t hear you coming up with anything else.”

I saw fury in her eyes as she looked at me, but almost instantly it was replaced with what looked like surprised respect. And then she smiled. “So this Opie will help us?”

I shrugged. “He will. He was very excited about it.”

“And,” she continued, “he won’t run and tattle to Isabel?”

“That’s the hard part,” I admitted. “I think he’d keep it a secret for a while, but he admitted he didn’t know how long the translation would take. It could be weeks or months. I don’t know if he could keep his mouth shut that long.”

Lonni nodded, and I could see she was already scheming.

I continued. “I thought maybe it was something that he could get started and just let it run, and I could block it from his mind so he wouldn’t remember.”

“And how would we get the translation?” she asked.

“He said it could be emailed when it was finished.

She did smile then. “You gotta love technology.”

“It’s not a bad plan,” she admitted, “but there are a few kinks to work out, like Opie can’t just disappear without no one noticing.”

I nodded, as a strange feeling started inside me. I had never really had any feelings about Alex other than he wasn’t good enough for Isabel, but I started to almost feel sorry for him. But instantly I pushed it away. I needed him and I’d use him or any other human to get what wanted.

Then I realized Lonni was still talking and I’d missed most of it.

“I’ll come up with something,” she said. “And then we’ll put this in motion as soon as we can so we can go home.”

Her eyes seemed to almost glow and her energy was infectious. Excitement rushed through me. We would be going home soon!

Lonni’s gaze ran over me speculatively. “You are certainly more useful than Ava. All she ever did was whine that Zan didn’t want her.”

It was sort of a compliment even if it was mixed in an insult, but I took it.

She continued to focus on me. “So how is you plan to get Max to fall in line?”

I knew she was trying to upset me. “It’s only been a few days,” I pointed out.

She smiled. “So just like in your last life you go running to Rath, behind his back.”

I was surprised. “You knew?”

“Of course Vilondra knew,” she said smoothly. “She and I are a lot alike. We both like to keep our fingers on all the pulses.”

She laughed. “Your past selves weren’t as sneaky as you thought. Many times Vilondra saw Ava leave a room and then watched Rath go a few minutes later. And when they returned, they were both a bit flushed and Ava’s clothes and hair weren’t as perfect as before.”

I gasped. “Do you think Zan knew?”

She looked at me like I was stupid. “Are you kidding? Zan had his head so far up his own ass dealing with politics that he wouldn’t have noticed the two of you fucking in bed beside him.”

Lonni gave a toss of her short hair and smiled. “You know, Vilondra even walked in on Ava and Rath once,” she continued. “It was at a party,” she said, her eyes going distant as she remembered. “Vilondra was meeting a lover in the gardens but instead of him, she found Rath and Ava fucking like minks against the wall. He had her big dress pushed up and she’d wrapped one leg around him and they were going at it like they’d never have sex again. Vilondra had known they were lovers but seeing them together really turned her on. She liked seeing her lover with another woman.”

“You didn’t care?” I asked.

“Care?” she said with a laugh. “Why would I care? I had any guy I wanted, so why shouldn’t Rath do the same?”

“But Zan was your brother,” I pointed out.

“Oh,” she said, understanding. “Didn’t I care that my brother’s wife was cheating on him?” She shrugged. “What he didn’t know was his problem. Like he didn’t know Vilondra was fucking his greatest enemy Khivar any time she could.”

Maybe I should have been shocked, but I wasn’t.

“I don’t remember any of that,” I admitted.

“Somewhere in there you do,” she said motioning to my head. “You jumped Rath quick enough.” She gave me a wink. “And the way you two are fucking I’ll bet he’ll pound it out of you sooner or later.”

“You remember a lot more about the past than I do,” I said.

She shrugged. “Maybe it’s just the luck of the draw. I remember more about our past than all of the others. And that’s why I want to go back. I want the life that was stolen from me,” her eyes narrowed on me, “and I’ll do what I have to do get it back.”

I had to ask. “So you told Rath to seduce me so you could blackmail me if you needed to?”

She smirked. “He didn’t have to do much seducing, did he? But yeah, I told him to make himself available, and I thought nature would take its course. After all, the original Ava couldn’t get enough of him, and our Ava couldn’t either, so odds were -“

I cut her off. “Odds were I’d end up in bed with him too.”

She gave a dismissing motion of her hand. “I was going to say you would end up with your legs spread, but same thing. And if you didn’t respond, he would have gone into a grand seduction.”

My eyebrows rose at that. I couldn’t imagine Rath even being charming, much less attempting a seduction. Maybe Lonnie had coached him.

“Seduction?” I finally asked.

She smiled, and I was surprised it was actually a genuine one for the first time.

“Well,” she admitted, “it wouldn’t have been hearts and flowers, more like ‘spread your legs bitch, I want to fuck,’ she said, imitating him rather well.

I laughed.

I couldn’t trust Lonni and she certainly wasn’t a friend but it was refreshing that I could talk openly with her. There were so many things I could never tell Isabel or Max or anyone else because they wouldn’t understand, and if felt kind of good to say them out loud. “Well,” I said, “I can’t say I’m sorry. He is pretty great in bed.” I smiled and asked her what I was dying to know. “Is that really his natural size?”

Lonni laughed. “Every spectacular inch.”



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