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Part 4


I sat in the kitchen eating breakfast, and I barely heard a word Max was saying. I couldn’t stop thinking about sex with Rath.

I had no attraction to him whatsoever, and I didn’t think I ever would, and I certainly had no romantic feelings for him. I didn’t even like him. But I was quickly becoming obsessed with having sex with him.

He was just so good at it.

He gave me so much pleasure that I could hardly think of anything else.

And having sex yesterday while Max had been sitting just a few feet away had been the most exciting thing I’d ever done. I wanted it again.

Then Rath had come to my room last night and I’d had him several more times, but I still wanted more. A shiver went through me just thinking about it.

After the summit tomorrow, we’d be going home, and I was starting to wonder what I would do when I didn’t have access to Rath’s huge cock. I’d only been away from him a few hours and I was already starting to have withdrawls. I guess I’d have to find someone in Roswell who could satisfy me. If that was even possible.

If it were up to me, I’d take Rath back with us, just so I could have him whenever I wanted. Unfortunately it wasn’t going to happen, and we would leave and I’d never have him again, but until then I planned to indulge myself as much as possible.

Rath hadn’t appeared this morning yet, and I guessed he was still asleep. I had an overwhelming urge to wake him up and take advantage of the morning erection I was sure he was sporting.

I glanced at Max, his presence and droning voice annoying me now. With Max and Lonni around, I wouldn’t be doing anything with Rath.

Of course Rath had said he’d take care of me if I asked. Maybe I could make up some excuse to get Max to go out for a while, or I could go somewhere and arrange to meet Rath.

“So what do you think?” Max asked, bringing my attention back to him.

I hadn’t been paying attention for a while but he had several city guides spread out and he’d been talking about more sightseeing destinations. “It all sounds good to me,” I said noncommittally, picking at my food. “I’m good with whatever you want to do.”

I couldn’t believe he was still so excited about seeing New York. There were much more important things going on.

Okay, granted, practically all I was thinking about was sex, but at the moment, it seemed like the most important thing in the world.

Glancing at my watch, I let out a silent sigh. It was approaching ten o’clock. I knew Max would want to leave soon and I was starting to worry that I would have to wait until after we got back to have Rath.

Max got up and started to clean, taking his dishes to the sink. I sighed again. It wouldn’t be long until we left. But just as Max was finishing, Lonni and Rath came into the kitchen and headed for the coffee.

Rath gave me a searing look that sent another shiver through me.

“Well,” Lonni drawled as she poured steaming liquid into a cup, “are you excited about the summit tomorrow?”

Max looked as surprised as I felt. Lonni and Rath had been keeping very tight control of information about the summit.

“Tomorrow,” Max said. “Is it far from here?”

Lonni shrugged, taking a gulp of her coffee. “Not far. We can walk there.”

Max focused on her. “Who is going to be there?”

Rath grabbed a loaf of French bread, heating it with his powers, and pulled it out of the cover as he spoke up. “All the planets are sending representatives.”

Max’s brow creased. “All the planets? How many are there?”

Rath nodded, taking a bite of his bread, and talking with a full mouth. “The planets on the royal seal, like you saw yesterday.”

Max shook his head, confused, and Rath motioned into the living room. “Come on, duke. I’ll show you.”

The four of us went down the hall and into the other room. Rath took a piece of wood off the floor and used his powers like spray paint, making a rough sketch of a ‘V’ with five circles in it.

When he was finished, Max motioned to the drawing. “So this is the royal seal?”

Rath bobbed his head, pointing to the board with his loaf of bread. “You got it. And these are the five worlds of our star system.”

Max pointed to the bottom circle. “And that one. That's home? Home.”

I was surprised to hear his tone. It was like a completely foreign concept to him. Like he’d never considered anywhere other than Earth to be his home. And then I almost laughed at myself for being surprised. Of course Max had never thought about it. He was practically human. I’d have to work on that.

“Bingo,” Rath continued. “That's how the emissary knew you were the real deal. You got the royal seal stenciled on your brain.”

Max brushed aside that information. “And these other four worlds,” he said, focusing back on the drawing. “They'll all be sending a representative to the summit?”

Rath nodded. “Well, they'll be doing the possession thing again, you know, like the emissary.”

I was surprised they weren’t coming. We were important after all. “Why don't they come in person?”

Rath focused on me for the first time and I could see the mischief in his eyes. “You see, little girl,” he started out in a mocking tone, “space is what we call very, very big. You know, it's not easy to get places. People just don't zip around the galaxy like on Star Trek.”

His eyes held mine, letting me know he wanted me, even if he was acting like a complete jerk. Lonni was the one who really answered my question. “No one's coming back here again in person unless there's a good reason.”

Rath shrugged. “Like to bring us home.” He paused, looking around to see the effect his words had.

This time I was completely shocked. Home. The word echoed through my head. It was the first they’d mentioned that there was even a remote possibility we might be able to go home. “We can go home?”

“Yeah,” Rath said, “we can.” He motioned to Max, “If the man here cuts a deal at the summit.”

Suddenly Max looked suspicious. “What kind of a deal?”

Stepping closer to Max, Lonni purred. “A deal to bring peace back to our world.”

Rath picked up right where she’d stopped. “And in our world, blood on the streets, baby. That dude Khivar that took your throne, people hate his ass!”

I didn’t know about Max, but to me this was starting to seem rehearsed.

Lonnie continued. “Our mother sent our pods to earth for safekeeping, hoping we'd come back one day.”

Rath picked up on her cue again. “And that day is now. The word is that Khivar's desperate, and he'll do anything to end the fighting.”

Lonni nodded, “Including let us come back home.”

Max looked stunned by this revelation. “Home,” he said the word like he’d never heard it before. “I never thought,” he shook his head. “Not this soon.”

He seemed to go introspective for a moment and my first thought was he must be thinking about Liz. He shook himself out of it quickly though. “What about Michael and Isabel?”

His mentioning the others made me think of her. “And Ava,” I said.

“They're expecting the royal four, not the royal seven,” Lonni said, trying to dismiss the question with a joke. Her words were light, but I could hear her annoyance.

I think Max could too, because he spoke up, “I am not leaving Michael and Isabel behind.”

Lonni tried to soothe him. “Look, Max. Max, they seem so happy in that cute little town.” She saw immediately it wasn’t working and changed tactics. “Chill, chill. It'll all be okay. You'll see. It'll all fall our way.”

Suddenly she changed again, looking sly. “Unless they bring up the granolith again.”

I was surprised they knew about it, but I was even more surprised when Max played dumb. “The granolith?” he asked smoothly, as if he’d never heard of it.

I could see Lonni and Rath watching him carefully.

“Yeah, yeah,” Rath explained. “It's this stupid religious thing.”

This time Lonni picked up his thought. “The protector told us it's like the holy grail. Some piece of junk people on our planet worship for some reason.” She focused on Max’s face. “You ever heard of it?”

I had to admit that if I didn’t know the truth, I wouldn’t know Max was lying. “No.” he said simply.

Lonnie continued to watch him. “No,” she confirmed.

I couldn’t tell if she believed him.

Rath’s eyes narrowed. “That's too bad.”

“Yeah,” Lonnie agreed, still studying Max. “Would have been a nice bargaining chip if you had.”

Max shrugged. “I haven't.”

Lonni seemed to relax. “No problem,” she purred. “Probably won't even bring it up anyway.” She seemed to be finished with the conversation and started to turn away, but Max spoke up, his question making her face him again.

“What time tomorrow?” he asked.

I could tell she was annoyed by her slow blink before she spoke. “Early,” she said. “Ten o’clock.”

This time she did leave, and Rath followed close behind her.

I looked to Max, wondering why he lied, but not willing to ask the question so close to the others. But I saw that he’d turned introspective again and wondered if he would have even heard me if I did ask.

I knew he was worried about Michael and Isabel, and of course Liz. He was worried about his life and family on Earth, not about what was waiting for us on our own planet.

I wanted to say something to make him see how important our mission was and how it would only really start when we were back home. But I didn’t know what would possibly make a difference to him.

So instead of speaking, I just stood there with him. He paced a little, seeming to see nothing around him, and I wondered if he was trying to think about ways to get out of our mission.

But for me it was the best news I’d ever heard. I’d been waiting for it all of my life.

Since I came out of the pod, Nasedo had told me about our home, and I even had a few fleeting memories of my other life. And I wanted it back. I wanted my family, my husband, my title. I wanted everything I used to have, not this poor excuse for a life I was living now.

And yesterday after Rath had revealed our complicated past together I couldn’t stop thinking about it. You would think I’d remember something so intense as the interaction between us must have been. When he’d told me it did seem kind of familiar, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t remember anything.

And I wanted to remember. I wanted to know what it was like for my other self. How much she’d enjoyed Rath. How much she’d enjoyed cheating on her husband.

I watched Max as he continued to move around the room, and I willed the memories to come. I tried to imagine what she’d felt. Was she like me? Did she grow up knowing they were to be married? Had they been friends before they fell in love, or was it love at first site? Or did she love him only to find out he didn’t love her?

Of course in this life I wasn’t cheating on him. We weren’t together, yet.

And after we were together . . .

It was only sex after all.

Max looked up and seemed surprised that I was still there. “Um,” he started, “do you mind if we skip the sight seeing today? I could use some time alone to think.”

Relief flashed through me that I wouldn’t have to follow him around the city, and then annoyance took its place. He wanted to be alone, not with me. But I pasted a supportive smile on my face. “Sure. I could use some time to think too.”

He nodded. “I’ll see you back here later, okay?” He headed for the door to the tunnel outside, not even waiting for my reply.

As soon as the heavy door shut behind him, Rath emerged from the hall to the kitchen. He crossed quickly to me, a smoldering look in his eyes, and automatically I was turned on again.

As he reached me, he roughly grabbed my breast, flicking a fingernail over my aroused nipple. “I’ve got a raging hard-on with your name on it, bitch.”

I looked around him toward the kitchen, and when I didn’t see anyone, I stroked his impressive length through his jeans. “What about Lonni?” I purred.

He shook his head. “I don’t think she knows what the fuck she’s doing today,’ he said softly. “And I don’t want to wait for her to figure it out.” He motioned with his head toward the door. “I know a place though. Meet me across the street in ten minutes.”

I nodded and he headed for the door where Max had just left.

I practically held my breath as I waited, wondering what kind of excuse I could give to Lonni if she came into the room. But my brain didn’t seem to be working.

My body pulsed with desire thinking about finally having him. Time seemed to have slowed to practically a halt, and I checked my watch several times until I felt it had been long enough to go.

Hurrying through the dark tunnel, I wondered why Rath hadn’t just suggested the convenient side tunnel again, and then answered my own question. We didn’t know what Max and Lonni were doing and it was possible either of them might stumble upon us in there.

I almost ran toward my destination and finally emerged from underground into the daylight. Immediately I looked for Rath but didn’t see him, and jogged across the street, searching anxiously for him. I needed him now.

Looking one direction and then the other, I started to walk down the street, but suddenly I was grabbed and pulled into a small space between two buildings. It was practically hidden in the shadows and I hadn’t even realized it was there.

There was room for the two of us to stand face-to-face, but not much more, and the sunlight from above was completely blocked by the height of the two buildings. Only the dull light streaming in from the other end of the alley dimly illuminated us and no one from the street would be able to see us.

Rath towered over me, making me feel delicate and feminine, something Max had never made me feel, but I pushed it aside wanting to only focus on the moment.

Desire rushed through me, as I looked at him, knowing I would soon have what I needed.

Without a word, he reached for the fastening on my jeans, and I put my hands on his. I could hear the traffic and bustle of people all around us and objected half-heartedly. “Someone might see us.”

He didn’t stop his actions, bending to strip my jeans down my legs, he gave me a quick glance. “But you don’t give a rat’s ass, do you dirty bitch?”

I probably should have cared, but I found I didn’t and shrugged. Human morals might dictate that sex should be in private. But I had always taken pride in not being human and I never worried about human rules or morals. I would do what and who I wanted.

That was one thing I respected about Rath too. He didn’t care about what anyone thought. He did what he wanted.

Rath practically threw me over his shoulder as he lifted me briefly, pulling my pants off completely before standing in front of me and using his powers to reveal his rigid erection.

He smiled as his eyes flicked over me. “That is fucking sexy having you bare-ass nekkid in an alley.”

There was no foreplay, he simply picked me up and held me against the wall as he impaled me.

Wrapping my legs around him, I gasped as he filled me so completely. It was without a doubt, the best thing I’d ever experienced.

And then he started moving.

He pounded into me so hard that he made my body move against the rough brick. I could feel every inch of his thick cock each time he surged inside, filling me with pleasure. Sensations rushed through me so quickly that I didn’t have time to catch my breath.

The first orgasm came almost immediately and caught me by surprise, but he didn’t even slow down.

If anything, he went even faster and harder, filling me so deliciously. Then he reached between us, squeezing my breast before roughly stroking my rigid nipple. He moved down to my clit and rubbed it hard, before pinching it and sending me over the edge again.

As he continued to hammer into me, he kept rubbing my clit in rapid circles, occasionally pinching and bringing on a rush of pain that turned to pleasure, quickly bringing me to another spectacular climax.

It was like he was trying to make me cum as rapidly as possible.

My breath was coming in gasps and I wasn’t sure how much more pleasure I could stand and stay conscious.

“So what about you?” he asked suddenly, grunting with effort as he pounded into me even harder. “You lived with the shapeshifter all those years. He didn’t tell you about the granolith?”

His question surprised me, and I wondered if this was why he had given me three orgasms without signs of slowing down. Was he trying to lower my inhibitions with great sex and get me to slip up?

But despite the pleasure rushing through me, I was able to answer truthfully and convincingly. “No,” I gasped, as he continued to fill me, making my whole body bow back, “Nasedo never said anything about it.”

After we found the granolith, I had often wondered why he’d never mentioned it to me, but I guess I’d never know.

Rath searched my face, trying to determine if I was telling the truth and seemed satisfied, giving a jerk of his head as he hammered into me even faster. He pulled at my clit, pinching it hard, the pain giving me the ultimate pleasure.

My whole body tightened and shook and then I flew over the edge again. It was the most powerful orgasm I’d even had, and it rushed through my body again and again. I had to fight to not give in to it and stay awake.

This time Rath came with me, thrusting into me another half dozen times to empty himself, and drawing out my pleasure.

He collapsed against me, not leaving my body and still pressing me to the wall, as we attempted to catch out breath.

I knew he’d used the sex as an interrogation technique, but I really didn’t care. It’s not like we were in a relationship or meant anything to each other. We weren’t exactly enemies, but we weren’t friends either. We were both out for ourselves. I would have done the same thing to him.

He could try to get information out of me by giving me spectacular sex any time he wanted. I wouldn’t complain.

And until I had the chance to talk to Max and ask him why he’d lied, I wouldn’t say anything about the granolith.

As we came down, I fought to stay coherent. It was difficult after such an incredible round of sex. I looked to the nearby street, surprised again at how close we were to the people on the sidewalk, and yet in our own private world.

It was a really great place to have sex, and I wondered how Rath had discovered it, and how many other women he’d had in the alley. It kind of turned me on to think about it, and I started to feel that ache deep inside.

My inner muscles began to pulse around Rath, still buried within me, and he pulled back enough to see my face. A slow grin started to curve his mouth, and I felt him growing inside me again.

He pulled at my shirt and bra, ripping them and exposing my breasts to the cool morning air. “I want you completely bare this time,” he said, waggling his tongue at me, and then his hot mouth closed over my nipple.


After a few more rounds of spectacular sex, I went back to Lonni and Rath’s place to find Max. I wanted to ask him about why he’d lied about the granolith, but I didn’t get a chance.

He stayed out until after dark, and didn’t return until just before dinner, but Lonni and Rath were there and I couldn’t get him alone. I thought I’d wait until he went to bed and try to talk to him, but after he finished eating, he barely grunted a ‘goodnight’ as he headed down the hall to his room.

I hurried after him. “Max, wait. I need to talk to you.”

He didn’t even pause, but spoke over his shoulder. “Let’s just talk tomorrow,” he said gruffly. Then he went into his room and firmly shut the door.

I stood there completely confused, and I wasn’t sure what to do.

When he’d come back from wherever he’d been all day, he’d looked so lost, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out why. I wanted to be there for him but I wasn’t sure what he needed.

I hesitated in front of his door, undecided, but finally knocked softly. “Max?” I called out. “Are you okay?”

He didn’t even open the door. “I’m fine,” he answered. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

Even through the door I could hear the strain in his voice. He was in pain and he didn’t want my help.

Disappointment filled me. I’d thought we’d made more progress than that, but obviously not. He was still mourning his relationship with Liz. Maybe even hoping to rekindle it.

He’d get over it, I told myself. He’d have to when we were back on our planet. He wouldn’t have another choice. I’d just have to be there for him until then.

Rath’s arm slid around me to grasp my breast, squeezing it hard. It was still tender from the rough handling earlier, and almost made me cry out, but I was able to keep it to a gasp.

I wanted him but I was also cautious. “What about Lonni?” I whispered as I tried to pull away.

His other arm snaked around my waist and he pulled me hard against his body, rubbing his thick erection into my ass.

“She went out,” he said, nuzzling my neck, “so we’ve got lots of time to fuck.”

Even though I’d already had him several times this morning, I felt myself growing instantly wet. “You’re room or mine?” I asked coyly.

“Maybe,” he breathed in my ear, “I should just take you right here against ole’ Maxie boy’s door. Pound you into it again and again, so the door bangs against the frame, and let him hear every moan and scream I can get from you. I bet that would really get you off.”

I could picture it so easily. Rath holding me against the door with his body as he slammed into me, making the door rattle with each powerful thrust. Max is a virgin but not so innocent that he wouldn’t know what was going on outside his door. But he would be too embarrassed to object. He would be trapped inside his room, forced to listen to the sounds of our pleasure.

I nodded, and nearly came just thinking about it.



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