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Part 3


When I woke up, I had a pleasant ache in my muscles that you get from fantastic sex. Rath had been as good as his word and given me the promised ride of my life.

He had an enormous appetite for sex and it seemed like he could go forever. He had impressive control and even when he did cum, he was ready to go again within minutes. It must be his alien constitution. I’d barely been able to catch my breath between bouts. We fucked for hours and he’d given me so many orgasms that I couldn’t even remember them all. It had been amazing.

Finally he’d been satiated and left and I’d collapsed into deep sleep.

As I came more awake I could start to feel other aches related to last night. I had his bite marks and razor burn all over my breasts, shoulders and neck, and my nipples and clit were tender from being rubbed and pinched repeatedly.

It was a shame, but using a swipe of my hand, I erased the evidence of Rath and our sex from my body and went to take a shower.

I realized it was later than I usually slept and I hurried in the shower, and then quickly dressed and headed to the kitchen. I felt an excitement and it wasn’t that I was eager to see Rath. I wanted to see Max.

I went into the kitchen to see that Max was the only one there, and I felt a little disappointed. But that was silly I told myself. The person I really wanted to see was there, and I smiled at my husband.

“Hi,” Max said shyly, motioning to the food on the table. “I don’t know where Lonni and Rath are but I found some breakfast.”

There was coffee, frozen waffles and fruit, and I fixed myself a plate. Max stayed to talk to me as I ate, but instead of enjoying the conversation, I kept catching myself looking down the hall toward the bedrooms.

It was stupid. It wasn’t like I was falling for Rath or anything, I just couldn’t stop thinking about all the pleasure he gave me.

Just as I was finishing breakfast, I started to hear the unmistakable sounds of sex from down the hall, and I felt a slash of jealously.

No, I didn’t have feelings for Rath, I was just sorry it wasn’t me getting impaled with that huge cock of his.

The sounds brought back vivid images from our encounter last night and I started to fill with desire. My nipples hardened to painful points and I felt slickness between my legs.

Max heard the sounds too and started to move uncomfortably. My eyes locked on him as he fidgeted in his seat and I thought how spectacular it would be if we could just go into my room and take care of our raging hormones.

But his must not have been raging the way mine were. After a moment, he turned to me and motioned to the main room with a jut of his head. “Want to see if the news is on or something?”

I felt like sighing with disappointment. Any other guy would have been all over me. Max was a normal teenage guy. Didn’t he any sexual urges?

Well he did for Liz Parker, but it seemed like not for me.

Here I was ready and willing and all he wanted to do was watch TV.

I nodded. It was the last thing I wanted to do, but I really had no choice. Max wasn’t going to have me and it seemed like I couldn’t stay and listen Rath and Lonni have sex, or even better, watch them have sex, so I smiled at Max. “Sure.”

We watched TV for over an hour before Lonni and Rath appeared, both eating frozen waffles.

Lonni approached us, talking with her mouth full. “You’ve got an errand today,” she said to Max.

He brow creased. “Errand?”

“Sure,” she said. “Time to meet that Emissary I was telling you about.”

“Now?” Max asked, suddenly nervous. He looked from Lonni to me and back at Lonni.

He’d been so eager before but now it seemed like he was so unsure.

“This afternoon,” Lonni said smoothly. “Rath will take you.”

Her eagle-eyed gazed slid over him seeing his nervousness, and she went to him, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, Max,” she purred as a sickly-sweet smile lit her face. “We’ll take good care of you.”

I don’t know why but her words sent a shiver down my spine.


After they got back from seeing the Emissary, Max had a haunted look in his eyes.

My eyes flicked to Rath but he seemed amazed as he sneaked glances at Max, and I couldn’t help wondering what had happened.

Going to Max, I put my arm around him.

“Are you okay?” I asked softly.

He nodded but stayed silent.

“Do you want to talk about what happened?” I encouraged.

He looked around, seeing Lonni and Rath and for once they took the hint and left us, heading toward the kitchen. They probably wanted to discussed what had happened too.

We sat on the couch and I waited for him to speak.

He haltingly told me the whole story, and I felt a bit of awe as I looked at him.

“So the seal is stenciled on your brain?” Without even realizing it, I reached up, meaning to touch his forehead, but he shied away, turning from my hand.

I tried not to take it personally but I did feel a slash of pain.

I’d thought we were making progress but I guess not enough to make him comfortable with touching him like that.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, “I just . . .” he trailed off.

I wasn’t sure what he meant, but I didn’t push.

“Are you sure you’re okay,” I asked with genuine concern.

He nodded, but I felt like he wanted to say something and just waited.

Looking down at his hands, he started. “I know we saw in that message from my mother in the cave, and she said that I am the leader, but it never felt real, until today.”

He met my eyes for a moment, and I nodded.

Looking away he continued. “It was outside confirmation I guess, and suddenly I’m being called ‘your majesty’ like some movie or something.”

I smiled. He was finally starting to realize his importance and the seriousness of our mission. “It’s what I’ve been telling you Max, you are the King.”

He shrugged. “I guess so. It’s just now I feel all of this pressure to be this King that everyone is expecting and I don’t know if I can do it. I’m not ready. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready. I don’t know if I even want to be a leader.”

I was so happy he’d opened up to me and I reached out and touched his shoulder. “You’ll be great.”

He shrugged again. “It also makes me realize how alone we are. Michael and Isabel aren’t here for the biggest thing I’ve ever done, and I just don’t know . . .” he trailed off. “It seems wrong. And it’s Thanksgiving and –“

I cut him off. “You’re just feeling homesick.”

He met my eyes with a hopeful look, “You think so?”

I nodded. “We should find a restaurant that’s serving Thanksgiving dinner and we will have our own celebration.”

He nodded.

I sighed silently, feeling a little annoyed. He needed to get over things like this and just be a leader. He was so sentimental, so human. I couldn’t believe he was upset about missing Thanksgiving. It was just a stupid human holiday. It had nothing to do with us.

And he couldn’t be depending on Michael and Isabel for everything. They might not always be there for him.

It wouldn’t hurt for him to be a bit more like Rath at times like these. I was sure Rath wouldn’t be feeling homesick or worrying about being in charge.

Almost immediately I stopped my line of thinking. Max would be a great leader, I was sure of it. When the time came I knew his instincts would take over and he would be exactly like the great King and husband that Nasedo had told be about all my life.

Lonni and Rath came back into the room and I faced them. “We were thinking about getting Thanksgiving dinner. Do you guys know a good place?”

Smiling slightly Lonni’s calculated gaze raked over Max as if she was looking for all his weaknesses that she could exploit, and it made me wonder what Rath had told her about their encounter with the Emissary.

After a moment, her eyes met mine. “Sure,” she purred. “There’s a diner just up the street.”

Nodding, Rath instantly joined in. “Damn straight. They have a killer turkey dinner.”

I was surprised. “You guys celebrate Thanksgiving?”

“Fuck no!” Rath barked, and then smiled. “But that don’t mean I can’t appreciate a good meal.”


Max was pretty quiet as we ate and I watched him picking at his dinner as he glanced around the diner with a forlorn look on his face. Maybe it hadn’t been such a great idea to bring him. It seemed to be reminding him of what he was missing at home.

I wasn’t sure how else to help him.

He was so human, and even after living with the Valenti’s for a few months, I still didn’t really understand that stuff.

Max just didn’t get that there were much bigger things at stake.

I’d been purposefully ignoring Rath since they got back, so I could concentrate on Max, and not think about what my body was craving so badly, but my eyes met his across the booth, and I felt like I was practically knocked out of my chair.

Desire like I’d never felt instantly consumed me. I felt it race through me like a bolt of lightening. My heart was racing, my breathing quickened, and my body was instantly ready for him.

And he saw it too. His eyes darkened and filled with that look a man gets when he knows you want him.

It was stupid, I knew. I wasn’t even attracted to him at all, it was just lust, but it was powerful. And as I held his gaze, I wondered if he would come to my room again tonight. Even if he did, I’d have to wait for hours for him to take away this ache deep inside me.

A knowing smile lifted the corners of his mouth. He liked being able to cause this reaction in me, and I was sure he liked knowing he could do it to me even when I was sitting next to Max.

Suddenly I felt his shoe press against mine, and slowly he slid my foot across the floor, opening my legs wider. It was nothing really. Even though I was wearing a skirt and no underwear, no one would be able to see, but it felt so sinful to be doing it right in front of Max and Lonni.

As my legs opened inch by inch, I started to feel the cool air of the restaurant on my heated skin.

He didn’t stop until my foot touched the wall and my legs were as wide as they could go. I felt so exposed, like I was sitting naked for everyone to see, but it also made my whole body pulse with desire.

My nipples were painfully hard, and moisture was leaking out of my core. I felt like my whole body was one live wire and one touch would make me explode.

He held his foot against mine for the rest of the meal, keeping my legs spread, but didn’t attempt anything else. But that simple thing made me almost wild to have him.

I couldn’t stop thinking that his huge cock was only a couple of feet and a zipper away from me. It would be so simple for him to dissolve the table between us, and then that hard length would be filling me. I was already spread wide and so ready for him.

Somehow I got through the rest of the meal, and I must have been semi-coherent, although, I really don’t remember. Finally Lonni and Max got up to leave. I was about to follow Max out of the booth, but Rath still had my foot trapped against the wall.

His eyes bored into mine and as I looked back at him, for a moment I wondered what would happen. Quickly he reached under the table and his fingers slid beneath my skirt and dipped into the moisture at my core.

I barely registered the touch and then he was gone. I watched breathlessly as he stuck his fingers in his mouth, sucking them clean.

He winked. “Just a little dessert.”


On the way back from the diner, Rath rented a handful of the latest videos. When we got back to their place we got drinks and popcorn and Rath put one of the movies in the player and used his powers to dim the lights. With another flick of power he projected the image of the movie onto the large concrete wall directly across from the sofa.

I was really impressed. I’d never thought of using my powers like that, and the picture was so big it was almost like being in the theater.

Max was also impressed. “Wow, you’ll have to show me how to do that.”

“Sure duke,” Rath said with a jut of his chin. “When we start the next movie I’ll give you a lesson.”

Lonnie flung herself down on one end of the sofa, curling her feet under her. Max took one of the chairs that was in front of the sofa, turning it to face the correct direction and pulling it to the side a bit so he wouldn’t block anyone’s view. I went to sit next to Max in the other chair, but Rath’s hand snaked around my waist.

“Why don’t you sit on the sofa, with Lonni and me?” he invited with a purr.

Deftly he turned me, and practically before I knew it, I found myself on the opposite end from Lonni.

I was pretty sure his sudden gentlemanliness had nothing to do with being polite and more to do with something he wanted. But surely he didn’t think we could do anything while we were in the same room with Lonni and Max. Although I was so turned on, I wouldn’t have objected.

As the movie played, I was really having a hard time getting into it. There were some Romans or something fighting. It just wasn’t my thing. Plus I was horny as hell, and the thing I needed to salve the ache between my thighs was sitting right next to me, and I couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

When the movie had been going for a while Rath reached behind us and took two blankets off the back of the couch. He handed one to Lonni, who put it over her lap, and he put the other one over me and him, pulling it up so it covered his shoulders.

“Don’t want you to get cold,” he mumbled.

I guess it was getting a bit chilly, but usually guys are so warm, I thought it was weird, until I felt his hand on my naked thigh.

I sneaked a glance at him. It was completely obvious what he’d intended now, but even though we were covered by a blanket, we were still in the same room with Lonni and Max. Max mostly had his back to us, and when I looked over at Lonni and she seemed to be concentrating on the movie, but still.

I don’t know if I would have risked it had it just been up to me, but I could hardly say anything unless I wanted to give everything away. And as Rath’s hand slid under my skirt and started slowly moving up my thigh, I found myself spreading my legs open to give him more access.

Oh shit I wanted to be touched.

His fingers feathered over my inner thighs, sending shivers of desire all through me. I held my breath as he went higher and higher, wondering if he would ever get to where I really needed him.

Finally he reached the juncture of my thighs and I nearly sighed with relief.

With one finger, he stroked over my clit and my hips bucked toward him. I had to keep my mouth clamped shut to not cry out.

I wanted him to slip a couple of fingers inside me and pump them in and out until I came, but I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy with him. He had other ideas.

So softly he brushed his fingers over my skin, up and down and around in circles, barely touching me, and not where I so desperately needed him. It was maddening.

He traced the edge of my lower lips, skipping over my clit, and just when I thought he was going to reach my core, he changed directions. I shifted my hips as much as I dared, trying to get him to really touch me, but he simply avoided me.

For long minutes he teased me, I have no idea how long really, all I could concentrate on were the sensations he was causing. I could feel heat spreading through my body, moisture pooling at my core, and I was aching with desire. I wanted to groan with frustration, but I was denied even that.

I was getting so desperate, I was considering just grabbing his hand under the blanket and putting his clever fingers exactly where I wanted them.

Then suddenly Rath withdrew his hand, and I nearly moaned at the loss, wondering why he had stopped.

He put his fingers into his mouth and licked them clean, giving me a wink.

Fuck! I was in an even worse state than I was before. I was so turned on it was painful.

He casually got up, stretching and called out, “Anybody want a refill?”

As he waited for the answers, his eyes met mine and with a small jut of his chin, he motioned behind the sofa.

I have to admit that my desire went into overdrive. Was he really suggesting we go and have a quick fuck?

He left and I stayed where I was, barely daring to breathe. Could we really do it? Would Max and Lonni even notice we were gone?

I wasn’t sure what to do, but the throbbing between my thighs was driving me insane, and the cure was just down the hall. I felt so empty, I needed to be filled with his thick cock. I shivered just thinking about it. I had to have it.

So I decided to risk it. Well, maybe decided isn’t the best word. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have done anything else than follow him.

Getting up, I didn’t even make an excuse for why I was leaving. They’d probably just think I wanted a drink or bathroom break. I noticed that neither of them even glanced at me as I left.

The room was completely dark except for the light coming from the movie, and as I approached the hall at the back of the room, I could hardly see anything. A small movement warned me a split second before that I wasn’t alone and I suddenly found myself pressed back against the wall.

I panted harshly as I felt his erection on my stomach.

“Oh bitch,” he breathed as his hands roughly stroked over me, “I’ve been wanting to be inside you for hours.”

I shivered again, and nodded. “Me too.”

I started to tell myself again that this would be the last time, but I didn’t know who I thought I was kidding. And why shouldn’t I indulge in Rath’s huge cock and sexual talents while I was here? After a few days we’d be going back to Roswell and I was pretty sure I’d never see him or have him again.

He started to lift up my skirt, but I stopped him. “We can’t do it here.” I whispered harshly. “They might hear us.”

He chuckled, leaning in close to talk in my ear. “This is the safest place. We can see if they get up. You’ll just have to keep quiet.”

And I realized instantly he was right. If we went into a bedroom or anywhere else, we risked them coming to look for us.

I saw that the light emitted from the television ended several feet away from us, and knew that even if they looked back toward us, they would see only darkness.

Rath didn’t wait for my answer, and simply lifted me up, holding me against the wall and then plunged inside.

I nearly cried out with surprise and the relief of finally being filled, but somehow kept it inside, and then I climaxed.

Rath didn’t even give me a moment to savor it though as he began pounding furiously inside me.

I couldn’t do anything but hang on, so I wrapped my arms and legs around him and let him have complete control over giving us pleasure.

As he slammed into me, I turned my head, watching Lonni and Max where they sat just a few feet away from us. The movie was loud and covered any small sounds that might be coming from us, and I wondered if Rath had chosen it for that reason.

It was such a strange sensation to be having sex so close to other people who were completely unaware of what we were doing, but it was exciting too. The thought that we had to finish before they caught us made it even hotter.

I felt my inner muscles begin to clamp down on his cock and knew another orgasm was quickly approaching. I stiffened, arching back as it consumed me, and again he chuckled in my neck.

“You really get off on sneaking around behind their backs, don’t you?” he growled in my ear. “Just like in our last life.”

I was completely shocked. Rath and Ava had an affair in our last life? “What do you mean?” I hissed.

“You don’t remember?” he said with a laugh, as he licked my ear and pounded into me even harder. “We had some damn fine fucks while your husband and my fiancé were busy with other things.”

I couldn’t believe it. “We . . .” I trailed off as he changed the angle of his hips and hit an especially sensitive spot inside me, temporarily robbing me of the power of speech.

He slammed into me the same way again and again, making me gasp, while he spoke low in my ear. “Oh yeah, Rath gave it to Ava all the time. They were always sneaking away to have a quickie, and she especially loved to do it where she could see Zan.”

“Oh shit,” I panted as the sensations built quickly inside me, and then I came again, but he still didn’t even slow his pace.

His story was so overwhelming, and mixed with the fact that he was pounding into me like a jackhammer while he was telling it I thought I must be in shock. It seemed so implausible, but it would explain a lot actually.

He continued. “Yeah, the princess Vilondra had Khivar and pretty much any other guy she wanted, and Zan was always leaving Ava alone to run the planet, not to mention she suspected he had his pieces of ass on the side. Practically every woman on the planet was throwing herself at her husband. What woman wouldn’t want to be with the King? So Ava and Rath were left alone a lot.”

“And believe me he noticed what a fine piece of ass she was, and he saw her looking at him a lot. So it wasn’t too long before they started fucking behind Zan and Vilondra’s backs.”

“We did?” I gasped. “They did?”

He nodded. “The first time was at some state dinner party. Zan was trying to gain alliances with powerful families and poor little Ava was feeling neglected as usual. Rath saw Vilondra sneak off with some diplomat’s son. It’s not like he and Vilondra were in love, but he thought she should at least be discrete about her affairs since they were engaged.”

I listened with fascination and horror as he continued.

“They were both pissed as hell. Ava came into a room as Rath threw something against a wall and they just came together. He took her against the same wall in her big, frilly party dress. Lifted it up and slid right inside her, just like we doing right now,” he said with a grunt.

And strangely enough as he said it, the situation did start to feel familiar to me.

“After that,” he hissed, “they were together all the time. Whenever they could get away, or whenever they were left alone. Ava couldn’t get enough of his big cock,” he licked my ear, “just like you.”

He chuckled, “But Ava really had a thing for getting fucked where she could see Zan. She liked to have Rath inside her making her cum when her husband was close. She liked having this secret that he never knew about.”

“The first time was an accident,” he said. “They were fucking in her bedroom on a sofa against a window. He was giving it to her from behind and she facing the window, looking down into the courtyard below. Zan came back early from a meeting and looked up seeing her. She waved and smiled like nothing was happening. Then she watched her husband in the yard getting delayed by person after person, knowing she wasn’t his first priority. Rath kept fucking her and she came again and again, getting off on her husband’s ignorance of what was happening right under his nose.”

And as he said it, I looked over at Max, watching the movie with no clue what was going on just feet away, and I climaxed again.

It did feel naughty and exciting to have something Max didn’t know about. Maybe that’s why I kept fucking all those boys at school. I could pass them in the hall and know what we’d done, even if they didn’t remember, and Max would never know they’d had me.

Rath leaned in biting my nipple hard through my shirt, bringing me back to him and I thrust my hips in time with his. “Harder,” I demanded.

He smiled and drew back slamming into me again and again.

Reaching between us, my fingers found my clit and I rubbed it in fast circles. Oh shit it felt so good I came apart again. As Rath kept pounding into me, I kept working my clit as I looked over at Max.

I tired to picture him thrusting into me, giving me this pleasure, but I found I couldn’t. It was Rath’s face and body I kept seeing and Rath’s huge cock that was filling me and making me cum. I wondered why for a moment but then I shrugged and gave myself over to the pleasure.

My whole body was tightening around him and I bowed back as I felt an incredible orgasm approach. I rubbed my clit faster as the pleasure started to overwhelm me and pinched my nub hard, sending myself over the edge.

Rath groaned into my neck as he exploded, shooting jets of his essence into me as his hips continued to buck against me.

He kept me pressed against the wall as we gasped for breath and I continued to play with my clit, sending more shocks of pleasure through my body.

“Fuck,” he puffed into my ear, “we’re getting pretty fucking good at this.”

I nodded. I was tired of being coy. “Are you coming to my room tonight?”

He pulled back enough to look into my eyes, a cocky smile raising the corners of his mouth. “I’ll come, but I’ll only let you cum if you beg me real good.”

I shrugged and nodded again. It was fair after all.



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