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Part 2


I woke up with a smile on my face, feeling so good and relaxed. It had been too long since I’d indulged myself with some good, hard sex.

In the past, whenever I’d gotten the urge, I’d picked out one of good-looking guys at school who were always coming on to me and ridden them until I was satisfied. It was so easy to put ideas in their head of things I wanted them to do to me, and I could make them stay hard until I was ready for them to finish.

Afterward I’d simply alter those pesky memories, making them think it was all just a dream. After all, it’s not like I wanted to be known as the town slut.

Of course I knew I’d have to keep it from Max that I’d been with other guys. It was clear he wouldn’t like it, especially after his reaction to Liz sleeping with Kyle. I’d have to be careful. But it wasn’t like we were dating either. He didn’t have a right to expect me to stay pure for him, but I was pretty sure he would.

I shrugged. It’s not like he would find out, and even if he did, I could just use a little power on him to remove that bit of information from his mind.

But really, the time I spent with other guys was for Max too.

Even before I came to Roswell and met Max, I’d decided that I would learn everything I could about sex. I was curious sure, but I thought when I did find my husband, he would appreciate the work I’d done for him. He wouldn’t find a shy virgin, but a woman who wanted him completely and was ready for his total possession.

So not only did the guys I was with satisfy my cravings but I was learning how to please a guy. I was experimenting and honing my technique so when I finally did find my husband, I could give him the most amazing sex.

When I’d met Max and found out that he was already involved with someone and thought he was in love, I used my knowledge to try to seduce him and bring him to me. I was sure I could use sex to bind him to me so completely he’d never think of being away from me.

I knew he was a virgin, and I thought he’d jump at the chance for some uncomplicated sex. But I’d underestimated him, or perhaps overestimated. My sexual aggression scared him off.

I know it sounds stupid, but the sex dreams I’d sent him hadn’t worked, and trying to seduce him hadn’t worked, so I had to try a different tactic. Then Liz had come to me and given me something to use on him.

She’d told me to back off, to let him come to me. To be his friend.

Granted, it was slow going, but I thought I was making progress with him.

On that night I’d found him when he’d seen Liz in bed with Kyle, Max had actually let me comfort him.

Since that night, nothing had happened between us, but he seemed a little less uncomfortable around me, and the four of us aliens had hung out a bit more.

So I had neglected my needs, trying to be available in case Max wanted me for anything. He hadn’t yet, but I wanted him to know I was there for him.

And it must be working. He had brought me to New York with him.

I knew I probably wouldn’t have been his first choice. He’d done it because he was mad at Isabel and Michael, and also probably to make Liz jealous, but really I didn’t care. Max could use me for anything he needed.

I was still confident that someday he would come to me. And when he did at least both of us wouldn’t be fumbling around sexually. I’d be happy to take control and teach him what I’d learned.

But because I’d been concentrating on being friends with Max, I hadn’t been with a guy for a while. And clearly I had gone too long without a good fuck if Rath had turned me on so much.

Granted, he had given me three amazing orgasms. I must have sensed that about him even through his rough edges and even though I was revolted by him initially.

I didn’t regret the sex with him. It had been the best I’d ever had. I needed to get him out of my system and I had. I just had to pay more attention to my body’s needs in the future. Who knew how long it would take before Max and I were finally together.

But maybe I could help him along a bit.

After last night I felt sexy and maybe I could help Max see that too.

Getting up I put on a matching black lace bra and panties. Yes, they were probably more for me than for him, because it was unlikely he’d see them, but they made me feel even more sexy. I shimmied into a deep red pleated miniskirt that hit me mid-thigh, and topped it off with the black scoop-neck blouse that Liz had suggested I wear. I slipped into sexy sandals and used my powers to do my hair and makeup and make my nails the same red as my skirt.

Looking in the mirror, I took a moment, studying my reflection. Liz must have suggested this top because she knew Max was a boob man, and I had to admit, it did show my generous breasts to perfection. My chalk-white skin was just begging to be touched.

I looked as good as I felt.

I left my room just as Max came out of his. I watched eagerly as his eyes raked over me, but felt a rush of disappointment when he stuffed his hands into his pockets, and looked away. It was what he did when he was nervous or embarrassed. I guess I was still pushing him too fast.

I sighed but put on a smile. “So what’s on the agenda for today?” I asked brightly. Max had a list a mile long of things he wanted to see in New York. I really didn’t care what we did as long as I could spend time with him.

Instantly he perked up a bit. “Well,” he started, “there’s the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Wall Street, Central Park, the Guggenheim, the-”

I laughed, cutting him off. “We can’t do all that in one day.”

He smiled. “I guess you’re right. We really don’t know how long we’re going to be here. Lonni and Rath are being kind of cagey with the information, but I’ll ask them again what’s going on.”

I nodded. “I’m starving. Let’s see what’s for breakfast.”

Max smiled. “If there is anything.”

I had to agree. It was certainly unclear if they had any money, and we’d seen them stealing things. Maybe that is how they got all their food.

But when we went into the kitchen, we were surprised to see the table piled high. There were pastries, breakfast sandwiches, fruit and of course a large bottle of Tabasco.

Rath was sitting at the table stuffing food into his mouth, and I was surprised that I blushed when I saw him. I was also surprised that felt a rush of desire.

He winked at me, but motioned to the food on the table. “Yo, Lonni brought this back with her when she came home, so dig in.” He jerked he head to the side. “Coffee’s on the counter.”

Reaching the coffee first, Max poured a cup and handed it to me, before getting one for himself. We both sat at the table and helped ourselves. I took a pastry and some fruit, and Max grabbed one of the breakfast sandwiches, heating it with his powers before loading it with Tabasco.

As we ate, I tried not to look at Rath, but I couldn’t seem to help myself. He sat across from me grinning, his eyes roaming over my breasts.

I didn’t want to be aroused by him, but I didn’t seem to be able to help myself. I met his gaze to see desire smoldering in his eyes, and I felt my nipples harden to tight points. Of course Rath noticed instantly.

He was looking at me like I wanted Max to, but Max seemed oblivious of my . . . assets.

Max attempted to start a conversation a couple of times with Rath about the summit, but he played dumb, saying that Lonnie could answer his questions better.

After that we mostly ate in silence.

As I picked at my pastry and fruit, I noticed that Max ate two of the enormous breakfast sandwiches, a large pastry and generous helping of fruit. Rath ate almost as much, and I wondered how much he’d eaten before we came in. Of course, he was a big guy and he needed to make up for the exercise we’d indulged in last night.

He had no manners at the table, not that I’d expected him to, but it didn’t seem to matter to my body. I wanted him just as much as I had last night. I’d just have to have more control over myself.

As I was finishing my coffee, Lonni came in. Immediately Max started peppering her with questions but she leveled bloodshot eyes at him. “Let me get a couple of cups of coffee into me first,” she purred, but I thought I detected annoyance in her tone.

Rath smiled and turned to me while Lonni and Max were distracted. Slowly his tongue peeked out of his mouth, sliding across his top lip and teeth before disappearing back inside.

I felt another rush of desire, and was annoyed with myself that such a simple gesture on his part could have my body throbbing with need. I didn’t want to be aroused by him, and I decided to get away from him so I could get myself under control again.

Turning to Max, I said, “I’m going to go for a walk.” I motioned to Lonni with a subtle jut of my chin, letting him know I was leaving them alone to talk. “How about I meet you by the subway stairs in an hour and we can go wherever you want?”

He nodded agreeing.

I didn’t look at Rath again, and instead rushed down the hall to my room, gathering my purse and a few things I thought I might need. Then I made my way as quickly as I could down the tunnel. If I had some time to myself, I was sure I could clear my head of this ridiculous need for him.

I certainly couldn’t call it attraction, because I wasn’t attracted to him. I didn’t even like him, but it didn’t stop me from reacting to him.

It was slow going through the tunnel as I had to step carefully in the near-darkness trying not to trip over rocks and debris that littered the floor. I thought it was a good thing I knew where I was going. Someone could easily get lost in the maze of dark tunnels.

Suddenly I was grabbed from behind, and I started to scream, but a large hand covered my face as I felt myself lifted off my feet. Panic filled me as I started to struggle but the person holding me was so much stronger and quickly pulled me through an opening I hadn’t seen in the wall.

I was slammed forward against the concrete wall in the side tunnel and pressed hard against it from behind.

I felt hot breath on my ear a moment before his voice hissed out. “Bitch you wore that shirt just to tempt me, didn’t you.”


I hadn’t worn it for him. I’d worn it for Max. Hadn’t I?

His hand cupped my side below my breast, and started slowly down my body.

“You couldn’t help teasing me, could you?” he hissed again, licking my ear as he pressed more fully into me so I could feel his erection.

Shivers raced through me. I was so aroused I was practically on fire.

“And you got Max and Lonni out of the way so we could be together.”

I shook my head. That’s not what I’d intended at all. Was it?

His hand reached my hip and he started pulling up my skirt. “But you don’t have to play games if you want a fuck,” he growled. “I’ll take care of you any time you need it.”

I felt the cool air of the tunnel on my thighs and ass as he raised my skirt higher. I was panting with need, but I tried to explain. “I-“

But he cut me off as he grasped the waist of my underwear. “Don’t wear panties any more,” he ordered as he ripped them off. “It will just take me longer to get inside you.”

I actually found myself nodding, and wondered if the desire was driving me crazy. I still had some thought that I didn’t want him and would stop him, but I couldn’t seem to do it. My lust seemed to have taken over completely.

He put my torn panties to his nose, inhaling loudly. “Hot and wet for me like I’d knew you’d be.”

“Yes,” I gasped.

Finally I realized it was no use fighting. Who was I kidding? Not my body and certainly not Rath. I would just indulge myself with him one more time and that would be the end of it.

And now that I anticipated having him inside, I grew impatient. Reaching back, I pulled at the fastening on his jeans as I spread my legs. “So shut up and fuck me already,” I hissed. “And lose the pants this time,” I ordered. “Your buttons practically rubbed me raw last night.”

His hands worked his belt as I used my powers to undo the buttons. He chuckled. “How about this time bitch,” he grunted in my ear, “I fuck you raw.”

His words sent shivers through me and I grasped at the wall as my knees suddenly felt weak. I had just a second’s notice as he bent down enough to line up our bodies and then I was filled with his huge cock. I cried out as pleasure shot through me, arching back, almost climaxing on the spot.

Instantly, he set a fast rhythm, hammering into me. He was so much taller than me that each of his thrusts practically lifted me off the ground. It felt so good that it nearly took my breath away, and I flew over the edge with less than a dozen of his strokes.

But I knew he wouldn’t let it end there.

He didn’t slow or even falter in his pace but his hand snaked between me and the wall, sliding under my shirt and bra, going directly for my breast. He squeezed it hard before roughly scraping his thumbnail over my hard nipple.

I arched into him as the slight pain turned to pleasure.

He chuckled. “I knew you’d like it rough,” he rasped in my ear, pinching my nipple and making me cry out.

He alternated between scraping his nail over my nub and pinching it, leaving me trying to anticipate his next action and sending jolts of electricity down to my clit with each touch. My hips bucked with the sensation and when I felt his fingers slide over my aching clit, I climaxed again.

Still he didn’t slow down, but went even faster.

“I can make you cum any time I want,” he breathed into my ear.

His fingers brushed my clit again, making my whole body stiffen in pleasure. I was so wet that I could feel it starting to spill down my thighs.

“I can make you cum as many times as I want,” he said, his hot breath tickling my ear. He rubbed my clit in fast circles and I came again.

Instantly I was with him again and he sped up even more, grunting with each thrust, slamming into me so hard it left me gasping for breath. He rubbed my clit hard as he pounded inside me, pulling at my nipple.

There was so much pleasure rushing through me that I thought I might pass out. I grasped at the wall but there was nothing to hold on to.

I was breathing so fast that my breath was coming in gasps and he was growling with each surge into me. Vaguely I thought that Max would no doubt be able to hear us if he happened to pass by, but then Rath slammed into me even harder, chasing all other thoughts out of my head.

For several long minutes we moved together, and I felt the pleasure building inside me until it was almost too much. His thrusts were starting to go wildly fast and out of control and I thought he wouldn’t last much longer. He pinched my nipple and clit at the same time and I flew over the edge again, crying out his name.

“Fuck yeah bitch,” he growled as he bucked against me and he exploded. I felt his cock twitch as he emptied himself into me, his hips still jerking, and finally coming to a rest against me.

We gasped for air, riding out the sensations and I couldn’t help but think it was even better than it had been last night. But this time I didn’t let myself get lost in the pleasure. I had to stay awake.

Rath continued to lazily stroke my clit, sending more shocks of pleasure through me, making my hips jump and making his softening length slide inside me.

He chuckled in my ear as he squeezed my breast. “That scrub Max doesn’t know what he’s missing,” he said. “You’re a good little piece of ass.”

I know I should have been offended, but I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ll let him know,” I said sarcastically.

“You do that,” he teased, pinching my clit again before withdrawing from me.

I stayed facing the wall, not wanting to look at him. I heard him fasten himself back into his jeans, and I expected him to say something, but he was silent.

Too silent.

Turing one way and then the other, I looked for him in the tunnel, but I couldn’t see anything. He was just gone.

Of course he knew these tunnels like the back of his hand. He probably just slipped down another hallway I couldn’t see.

Suddenly I remembered that I was supposed to be meeting Max.

I had no idea how long our encounter had taken, so I quickly put myself back together.

Our mingled juices were starting to flow down my thighs, and it was almost a shame to clean it off. It was proof of the incredible fuck we’d shared. But I used my powers to eliminate every trace of sex from me, even including the bruises which no doubt were starting to show on my breasts.

I ran a hand over my makeup and hair to put them back into perfect condition, and then did the same with my clothes. Of course I didn’t have any underwear on because Rath had taken them.

When I was presentable again I slowly made my way to the tunnel entrance and attentively listened for any sound. After a moment, when I didn’t hear anything, I carefully stuck my head out and looked around.

Being in the near-dark for so long had made my eyes grow more accustomed, and I could see fairly well. I was sure no one was in the main tunnel, and I moved quickly, hurrying toward the entrance.

I spied a clock as I climbed the steps into daylight and sighed with relief. I still had fifteen minutes until I was supposed to meet Max. Going to a nearby bench, I let myself collapse onto it.

The pleasure was still rushing through me like an electrical current and I felt alive and very satisfied.

Of course it was the last time.

That thought sent something like a hunger pang through me. It was kind of sad to know that I’d have to give up the best sex I’d ever had.

But I was already making plans of how I could plant ideas in Max’s head and teach him how to please me, once we started having sex of course. I was sure it would be relatively simple, and I’d have him giving me mind-blowing orgasms in no time.

With that thought rushing through my head, I saw Max emerge from the subway, and gave him a big smile as I went to him.

“Well,” I said, “what do you want to do first?”


Hours later, we returned to Lonni and Rath’s underground home.

We’d done everything we could squeeze in a day, and were both exhausted, but it had been nice to see Max look so excited about something and be a part of it with him.

He’d talked more than I’d ever heard him over a late dinner at a greasy spoon just down the street from the subway entrance. He hadn’t even mentioned Liz all day. Although I had seen sadness creep into his eyes a few times when we’d passed happy couples, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out why.

After dinner, we slowly walked back, looking at the seemingly endless lights. It had been the closest thing to a date we’d ever shared.

We walked through the subway tunnel and arrived at Lonni and Rath’s place, but it seemed to be empty. I was glad. The last thing I wanted was to see Rath.

I was also hoping that Max might want to continue the evening. Maybe a kiss or two, or something more. I’d even be satisfied with talking to him for a while.

But it’s like he shut off when he realized we were alone.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets and mumbled an almost incoherent “Goodnight” before disappearing into his room.

For a moment I considered following him and offering him anything he wanted, but I knew it wouldn’t work. It would also damage the small amount of progress I made with him. I sighed. It was obvious he was still in love with Liz, and I started to wonder if he’d ever get over her.

I went into my room and shut the door. Putting my things aside, I started to undress, smiling when I remembered I wasn’t wearing underwear.

I’d been reminded of it throughout the day as a cool breeze had reached up my skirt, or made the material brush against my bare skin. And each time, it had reminded me of being with Rath that morning.

It had been amazing.

I still didn’t understand why I wanted him, but it really didn’t matter. It would definitely be the last time. I would have more control over myself from now on.

Getting into my nightshirt, I reached for some underwear, but then shrugged. It felt kind of sexy to leave them off. It wasn’t for Rath, or because of what he’d said. I just felt like it.

I turned out the top light before climbing into bed, and snapped on the bedside lamp, taking up Ava’s book from the table. It was a mystery about a woman cop looking for a serial killer. I tried to read it for over an hour, but I realized I didn’t have any idea what was going on. My mind kept going off in other directions, but it was nothing I wanted to think about.

I’d been horny all day remembering what had happened with Rath, reliving our two encounters over and over again. But if I wanted to have better control, I had to satisfy my . . . urges, and tonight that meant I had to take care of myself.

I turned out the light and lay back in bed, pulling the blanket up to my chin. I let my hand trail down my body and spread my legs, when my bedroom door opened and someone slipped inside, closing it behind them.

For a moment I thought it must be Max.

Reaching over, I turned on the bedside lamp, sitting up in bed.

“Rath!” I whispered. “What are you doing here?” My body instantly started to come alive, and it annoyed me. I should have more control over myself.

“Don’t have to whisper,” he said in a booming voice. “The room is soundproofed. Ava didn’t want Zan to know I was giving it to her so good that she was screaming my name, not his.”

I looked at him, frowning. “I thought you said she wanted him to know, to make him jealous.”

“Yeah, at first. But it didn’t work,” he said, coming closer. “Zan didn’t give a flying fuck that she was sleeping with me.”

I nodded thoughtfully. “So Zan didn’t sleep with her?”

“Sure he did,” he said with a jerk of his head. ”Sometimes. But he had plenty of pieces of ass on the side too. He liked his humans. Ava wanted him to love her, but for him it was just sex.”

“So she kept coming to you?” I asked curiously.

He looked at me like I was an idiot. “Bitch, why not when I could make her cum so good? She wasn’t getting it from Zan, so I helped her out. Kept it our secret because she thought Zan wouldn’t like her sleeping around.”

I raised an eyebrow, “You didn’t mind sneaking around?”

He smiled. “I liked having that secret he didn’t know. I liked knowing every inch of Ava, knowing all the things I’d done to her and Zan being clueless about it.”

I could see he did like it. He liked that he was doing something that gave him power over Zan. It put him in charge for once.

He smirked as his eyes raked over me like he could see my body through the blanket. Reaching back, he pulled his shirt over his head, making an ache start between my legs.

“You’re awfully sure of yourself,” I said. I was annoyed that he assumed he could have me any time he wanted, but I was also annoyed that I sounded breathless when I said it. I straightened up, speaking more confidently. “What if I’m not into it tonight?”

“Oh,” he said knowingly, “so you’re going to pretend that you don’t want me.” He gave me a wink. “Even though I know you are soaking wet just for me.”

I gasped, but managed to keep it inside. He could see right through me.

“Just like Ava, you think you can go back to your cold, lonely bed,” he grabbed his crotch, “after you’ve had this.”

He shook his head chuckling as he put his foot on the end of the bed and started to take off his boot. “Max ain’t giving you shit, bitch, but you know I’ve got a big, hard cock for you right here. I won’t even make you beg for it tonight.”

I was shivering with need. I couldn’t seem to control my body when it came to him. I wanted to tell him to get the hell out, that I didn’t want him, but I was incapable of speaking the words. I wanted him too damn much.

With wide eyes, I watched him push his pants to the floor to stand naked before me. His erection really was huge and my core started to pulse, eager to have him inside.

My heart pounded as he slowly pulled the blanket down to expose my body. His eyes raked over me and he smiled when he saw I wasn’t wearing panties.

His gaze met mine. “Don’t worry little girl,” he said with a smile. “The king will never know I’m right under his nose, giving his wife the ride of her life.”



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