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Part 12


The idea that I could be queen without Max had stayed with me, and grown the more thought about it. And now it was practically consuming me.

What if after we got to Antar we worked to make Rath the king?

Sure we would still have to get Max to start the granolith, but after that I really didn’t need him.

I knew from the summit that the other leaders considered Max to be a stupid boy, so it probably wouldn’t be that hard to get them to support someone else. And the Michael Worshippers would support Rath.

The people of Antar would probably support anyone who opposed Khivar. If they couldn’t have their beloved king, then his second in command would do just as well. And with me, the former queen at his side, we couldn’t lose.

It was a perfect plan. I would be queen and have the man I wanted, and Max, well did it really matter what happened to him? Maybe I would give him to Khivar, or maybe I’d leave him on Earth.

It still made me angry that Max would rather be with Liz, but I since I was getting everything I wanted, I could be generous.

Why not? It might be satisfying to know that while I was the Queen of a planet and living a fabulous life with anything I desired, Max and Liz were living their boring little human lives in Roswell, New Mexico with two-point-five little brats, PTA meetings, and a mini van.

It made me smile just thinking about it.

But then Max told me he was going to the prom with Liz.

Outwardly I didn’t let him see my jealousy and anger, but inside I was seething. After everything I’d done, all the progress I’d made with him and he still couldn’t get Liz out of his head.

It took me a while to calm down but when I did, I starting making a plan. Max would go to the prom with Liz, but I’d make damn sure he didn’t leave with her, and I would destroy any chance they had at happiness.

Luck was on my side the next day. I was working with Max on his memories and he hugged me. I was really surprised, but it quickly turned to satisfaction when I saw Liz outside the window. She witnessed the hug, and the look on her face was so perfect. Pain and jealously were written so clearly on her, and I knew I could use that jealousy to destroy Max’s precious Liz.

I had to work fast, and started that night, mindwarping her to amplify that insecurity, jealousy, and pain. I sent her dream after dream of me and Max together. I sent her dreams where he cheated on her with me, and dreams where he chose me over her, and in all of them she was forced to watch us happy together while she was left completely alone.

It was really too easy.

The night of the prom, when we met at the Crashdown, I could see the strain under her forced smile. It would only take a few more pushes and I’d have her right where I wanted her.

When we got to the school, I mindwarped her again and again, forcing her feelings to overwhelm her.

It was actually pretty satisfying. Liz has been in my way since the first day I arrived, and I was finally having my revenge on her. There were so many times I had fantasized about getting even, but I never did because I worried that Max would find out. But now that didn’t matter. I could destroy her.

As the night went on I could see her falling apart right before my eyes. She might be with Max on the most romantic night of the year, but she was completely miserable, and I couldn’t help silently gloating.

It was turning out to be one of the best nights of my life.

I actually enjoyed going to the dance with Kyle. He was funny and handsome, and so eager to please. Between bouts of mindwarping Liz, I danced with Kyle, and we got our pictures taken.

I looked spectacular, and I noticed several guys checking me out. I even considered luring a few of them down a deserted hall and having my way with them. Wouldn’t their dates be furious if they knew that I could just crook a finger and have their guys panting after me?

I even fantasized about making a few of them fuck on the table right in front of everyone. The looks on the girls’ faces would be priceless. I laughed with the thought.

For the first time in a long time, I felt like myself. I felt beautiful and desirable, and powerful. I was in charge and I could do anything I wanted, have anyone I wanted. I truly felt like the queen I am.

With a smile I excused myself from Kyle and headed to the restroom. On the way I considered the possibilities. I could have any man I wanted tonight.

But only one man kept returning to my thoughts. It wasn’t really a surprise. He was in my mind most of the time anyway. And whatever happened tonight, I knew I would end the night in bed with him.

Suddenly I was grabbed from behind and pulled into a dark classroom.

I smiled wider as I spoke. “Couldn’t keep away?” I asked as he pressed me into the wall.

“I wanted to see what you wore for the scrub,” he hissed in my ear from behind.

He started pulling up the skirt of my dress. “I wanted to see him undressing you with his eyes, and thinking he might just have a chance with you.”

I giggled as I gripped my skirt, keeping it out of the way. I felt powerful. Rath was jealous of Kyle. “Maybe he does have a chance,” I teased.

Rath barked laughter as he slammed his hips into me, holding me to the wall. I felt his rough jeans against my bare ass, and he reached around, cupping my sex. His clever fingers stroked over my clit making me shiver with desire.

“Have you had the scrub?” he said, licking my ear. He laughed again as he roughly pulled my sensitive nub. “Of course you have. You had to have someone to keep you occupied while you tried to seduce the king.”

I was already so wet and his fingers were driving me wild.

He rubbed my clit in quick circles and his other hand pushed the top of my dress aside and grasped my breast, pinching my nipple. “So how was he?” he growled, and then didn’t wait for me to answer. “I’ll tell you how he was, not fucking big or good enough, was he? He might give it to you a little better than the king, but still not how you need it, does he?”

He bit my shoulder making me moan. My hips bucked against the wall. I wanted him to fill me already. “The scrub doesn’t know you like it good and hard and rough, does he?”

“No,” I agreed.

Pinching my clit painfully again, he quickly rubbed the sting away into exquisite pleasure. His lips were on my neck, sucking, biting, adding to my desire. I gasped as I felt the climax coming, and then he stopped.

I panted, trying to catch my breath. “Please Rath.”

He chuckled, sliding his fingers down to my throbbing pussy, “I could make you cum,” he said, his breath tickling my ear as he dipped two fingertips inside me, “but we both know that it would feel so empty without me filling you up.”

I nodded. “Yes, Rath, please.”

His thumb stroked over my clit, sending more shivers through me. “That’s what I like to hear, you begging for my cock. Begging for me to fuck you.”

“Please Rath,” I whimpered, as my hips pumped against him, desperate to have him inside. “Please fuck me!”

Rath’s hips moved back, and I heard his jeans drop to the floor, before his naked flesh pressed into me.

His fingers slid back up to my clit and he rubbed my wetness on it. He started moving, rocking against me, and I automatically moved with him. I pushed back against him, urging him to come inside.

He slid down my body and his thick cock slipped between my legs. I thought he would finally take me, but as he continued to rock, his erection rubbed across my pussy. It was such pleasurable torture, feeling his hardness slide against me, so close to where I really needed him.

I tried to angle my hips to bring him inside but he held me too tightly.

His breath brushed my ear again.”You haven’t had that scrub since I came to town, have you?”

I was shocked. He really was jealous. “No,” I assured him. “It was like you said, just a distraction, but after I had you I never had him again. I never wanted him again. Why would I? After I had you, all I want is your big cock.”

He chuckled. “And this is all you will ever want,” he said arrogantly as he pushed his tip to my opening. “Once you go Rath, you never go back.” He slammed inside me and I arched back, taking him all inside as the orgasm broke over me.

“Yes!” I gasped.

His chuckle filled my ear. “Now that’s the way to do it. A one fuck cum.” He roughly rubbed my clit. “Tell me the scrub ever did that.”

I shook my head, but I don’t think he really cared about the answer. He started hammering into me and I couldn’t do anything but clutch the material of my skirt.

With the sensations still rushing through me it only took seconds for me to be right there with him again. He continued to play with my clit and breast and within just a few strokes I was close again.

He fucked three more orgasms out of me before he finally came, and he stayed inside me as we worked to catch our breath.

I wanted to assure him that he had no reason to be jealous of Kyle, but I wasn’t sure what to say. I settled for, “That was spectacular. The best part of the evening.”

My words seemed to be what he needed to hear.

“You know it,” he crowed. He smiled as he pulled out of me and turned me around. With a quick swipe of his hand he fixed my clothes and makeup, and hid the bruises he’d just put on me.

“Don’t be home too late,” he ordered. “You’ll need me to fuck the stank of high school boys off you.” And then with a wink, he pushed me out the door.

I went back to Kyle with an even bigger smile on my face. This was turning out to be the perfect prom and the best night of my life. I just needed to finish it off.

I resumed my mindwarping on Liz, pushing her harder and harder, and I saw her sinking into pain and depression as the night went on.

And then I saw it happen.

Max and Liz were slow dancing and she looked at him with so much pain on her face that I almost felt sorry for her. There were tears in her eyes, and though I couldn’t hear what they were saying, it was obvious.

When she left Max, they both looked destroyed, and I’d never felt so much satisfaction and power. It was all turning out just as I’d planned.

So I moved in, taking a seat next to Max out in the hall, where he was licking his wounds.

“You look sad,” I said softly.

“I think it's really over,” he said.

I really had to try not to roll my eyes. I put on my best sympathetic voice. “You mean with Liz.”

“Yeah.” He continued, “I mean I, I realize . . .”

I let his words flow into the background as I started mindwarping him. I didn’t need to hear him whining about Liz again, I just concentrated on forcing feelings on him.

It was harder than the last time I’d forced him to kiss me. His powers must be stronger than they were that day in the rain, or maybe he’d learned how to fight me more. But he hadn’t practiced his powers as much as I had, and I was able to overcome his resistance.

After a few minutes he broke off and looked at me. “I remembered something else. I don't know how to feel about it.”

I smiled. This was what I’d been steering him to. The memory I’d been feeding him over and over again in our memory retrieval sessions. “What do you remember?” I asked, as if I didn’t know, and strengthened the mindwarp on him, leading him into my trap.

He continued hesitatingly, “Our first kiss. It was at a party. Late at night. And you...”

“I leaned in,” I said as I leaned toward him, echoing my words, “and whispered in your ear, and then you touched my cheek.”

I forced feelings into him to match the memory of our first kiss, and made him reach out to me. His hand shook with the last remnants of his free will, but he leaned in, touching my face.

He continued, “And then we just . . .”

Once our lips touched, it was easier to control him. I made him deepen the kiss and when his tongue touched mine, I felt a sense of triumph. He was mine now.

I didn’t think the night could get any better, but then I saw Liz in the reflection of the window behind Max.

She watched dumbfounded as we kissed, seemingly not able to look away. I made Max continue the kiss so she would get a complete eyeful. I wanted to rip out what might be left of her heart.

After a moment of shocked inactivity, she whirled around and angrily threw the corsage that Max had given her into the trash.

I released Max when she had gone. This was just the first step, but it would all fall into place now.

I sat with Max a while longer, reinforcing the mindwarped feelings, and made a date to work on our memories. I was sure that the upcoming sessions would be a lot more interesting.

I let Kyle take me home. It was kind of annoying that he suddenly saw me as a sister. Even though I didn’t want him permanently, I did want him to want me. Maybe I had been neglecting him too much.

I didn’t think it would take very long to change his mind again, but I had other priorities. And the main one would be coming through my bedroom window later.

But it turned out I didn’t have to wait.

Going into my room I gasped as I saw a buck naked Rath lounging on my bed. His thick erection was standing proudly as he stroked it slowly.

“’bout time you got back,” he grunted as he got off the bed. He grabbed my dress with both hands between my breasts and yanked. The dress ripped all the way down, with a little help of his alien mojo and then I was as naked as he.

Grabbing me, he tossed me on the bed. “Spread those legs wide, bitch,” he growled. “I am going to ride you good and hard all night long.”

This was definitely the best night of my life.


Two days later was the worst night of my life.

Lonnie had allowed Alex to come home when the computer in Las Cruces started finding some possible matches for the writing in the book. I’d had to mindwarp Alex more than I’d ever done to anyone before. I had to wipe his mind of his time at the college and replace everything with new memories.

It had been exhausting but I’d done it.

That was months ago and I really hadn’t thought about it since, but that night Alex showed up at my house. The memories I’d given him were breaking down and he was starting to remember the truth. He was in so much pain and I didn’t know what to do.

I’m not a healer, and it’s not like I could take him to Max.

Thankfully the Sheriff was gone, but Kyle was home and heard Alex’s screams. I started to panic. It was all falling apart.

Quickly I tried to fix Alex with another mindwarp, but it wasn’t working. His mind was too weak and damaged. My attempt to help him just cause him more agony. He cried out and then collapsed.

I was so scared that I froze.

Kyle rushed forward and dropped down to help him. I don’t think I drew breath as I waited for Kyle to speak, but the look on his face told me that Alex was beyond help. He started CPR anyway.

Closing my eyes, I looked away from where he lay on the floor. I was horrified that what I’d done to Alex had killed him.

I’d never been nice to him. I’d mocked him and laughed at him, but he had been so nice to me even after he knew I was forcing him to translate the book. He’d offered to help me.

I hadn’t meant to hurt him. I never knew that too much mindwarping could be dangerous.

I glanced at Alex again to see that Kyle was still furiously trying to restart his heart, but I was sure it was too late. His brain was gone.

I’d never felt anything like it when I’d tried to fix his mind. His thoughts were scattered, broken. It was like looking at a surrealist painting. And he was in so much pain. I knew I’d never forget what it had felt like to touch his damaged mind.

And I had done it to him. I’d never forgive myself.

But it was done now, and I had to clean it up.

I started a mindwarp on Kyle, making him stand to the side, and then I called Lonnie.

She had the idea of the car crash.

It was actually kind of scary how quickly she’d put it together, and it made me wonder if she’d had it in mind the whole time. Maybe it was her back up plan if I couldn’t erase Alex’s mind. A convenient accident could take care of a lot of problems.

I had Kyle put Alex’s body in the car and drove it to meet Lonnie and Rath and they took care of the rest before they drove me home.

I still had to wipe everything from Kyle’s mind, and I tried to be extra careful as I rebuilt his memory. I had mindwarped Kyle a lot over the time I’d known him, and I didn’t want to hurt him too.

When I was finished, I checked him the best I could. I wasn’t positive that I’d done no damage, but I really had no choice.

I just wanted to go to bed, but I couldn’t because we’d told the others that we’d meet them at the Crashdown. It might look suspicious if we didn’t go.

When we got there, I had to be my regular self. I laughed as we as looked at prom pictures and pretended everything was normal.

At least I didn’t have to pretend for long. The Sheriff came in and gave us the news and I could openly show my genuine sorrow.

The rest of the evening was a blur. I didn’t want to think about what I’d done, but I couldn’t stop. It was awful.

When we finally got home, all I wanted to do was sink into the oblivion of sleep. Rath had offered to come over when I’d seen him earlier, but for the first time I’d denied him. Now I was wishing I hadn’t. Sleep wouldn’t come because of my disturbing thoughts.

I almost cried when Rath’s head poked through the window.

He winked at me. “Rathie is here to fuck all your problems away.”

A sense of relief filled me and pulled my sleep shirt over my head, exposing my naked body in invitation.



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