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Part 11


It was obvious that making Max jealous with other men was not working as I had hoped.

He pretty much ignored me after the day he caught Rath and me fucking, and I wondered if he somehow remembered part of it.

For two weeks I had sent him sex dreams of me being worshipped by other men in bed, but it seemed to have no effect. So I changed tactics and sent him more dreams of the two of us together.

I simply worked off my memories of encounters with Rath, changing him for Rath in the dreams. I knew the rawness of our sex might scare him a bit, so I dumbed them down a little. I sent new ones to him every night and never did I wish more that I could see his reaction.

I imagined the look of desire in his eyes as he woke up with a painful erection and thought of me as he worked it to completion.

But things didn’t work out like I imagined. He kept as far away from me as he could. Whenever he saw me, he would turn and go the other way, sometimes taking ridiculous length to avoid me. He was such a little boy. How could he not be tempted to find out if what happened in his dreams was close to reality?

How could he resist thinking about sex with me? But it seemed like he was doing everything in his power to do just that.

Of course I couldn’t help but think it was because of Liz. He was still so wrapped up in his little human that he wasn’t tempted by what was right in front of him.

So I decided to forget the dreams and try a more direct approach. I bought him a sweater and took it to the UFO Center when he was working.

He instantly rejected my gift, and I knew I was right about Liz.

Liz! Liz! Always Liz! What the hell did she have that I didn’t?

I lost my temper with him. I was doing everything I could think of to get him to naturally fall for me, but it wasn’t working. I’d obviously have to resort to stronger measures.

I knew I was right about Liz hours later when we’d been taken hostage by Brody and Max said that we’d ever been in love. After all this time, Max was still in denial about us, hoping to be with her.

So I took the first opportunity to give Max some of my memories of us together from our other life. When he was healing Brody, I started a mindwarp, putting all of my power into it, and made him think he was getting the images from connecting with Brody.

At first it didn’t seem to be working. Max was more concerned about Liz than he was about me, but later that night, there was a knock on my window.

I thought it must be Rath but when I looked up, Max was in my room. He looked strange, like his whole world had come tumbling down around him. I was shocked to see him. “What’s happened?” I asked.

He shook his head. “When I healed Brody, I saw these flashes, of him and Larek, but also . . .

Suddenly I knew the flashes I planted had worked. “But also what?” I prompted.

Max sat down next to me. “I remember you,” he whispered.

I was so happy, I wanted to leap off the bed, and I just knew everything would turn out like it should. But I knew I had to keep playing my part. I even managed to shed some tears.

He reached out and touched me so tenderly to wipe the moisture from my face and I realized that was how to get through to him. The only time he’d really paid attention to me was when I was vulnerable, so that is what I would play with him from now on.

“What did you remember?” I asked breathlessly.

He shook his head. “Just images really, cliffs, three moons, a red ocean, and you.”

I’d sent him images of us having sex under those moons. I knew he wasn’t likely to mention that, but it was something I could build on.

I produced more tears. “I’m so happy you r-remembered,” I said with a hitch in my voice. “I’ve felt so lonely being the only one.”

I wanted to suggest to him that we work together, but I didn’t want to push. The idea had to come from him. I planted the seed in his mind, and he ran with it.

“Maybe we can work together,” he said, “to see what else we can remember.”

So we started working after school to retrieve his memories and I was in heaven every moment we were together. True, he still treated me like a friend, but since I was only giving him memories of the two of us, I knew it was only a matter of time until we were together again.

But after that night he made excuse after excuse not to come to my room, and I was pretty sure it was because of him seeing me with Rath. That had really been a mistake, and almost completely driven Max away.

It didn’t stop me from being with Rath, it just stopped me from doing anything that might remind Max about it.

After a few weeks, we were making some good progress together, especially since I was basically feeding my memories to Max, and after one session he even hugged me.

I couldn’t remember a time when he’d voluntarily touched me, but he hugged me because I’d helped him remember. Maybe I was finally starting to make some progress with him.

But it seemed like no matter what memories I gave him, or how many sex dreams of us together I sent him, he was still holding back. He treated me like an old friend or a sister, and not like the wife and lover I was.

And I knew it had to be because of Liz.

No matter what I did, she always seemed to come first with him.

I needed a plan to get rid of her. No, I didn’t mean I was going to kill her. Although, maybe I’d save that as a final resort if I had no other choice. What I needed was to get Max to turn from Liz.

Of course she’d already slept with Kyle, and that hadn’t done it. I’d have to come up with something else really good.

So lying in bed, trying to catch my breath after a spectacular fuck, I asked Rath what he thought.

He chuckled. “Well I’ll fuck her if you think it would help.”

Instantly I was jealous, but I knew better than to let him see it.

I shrugged. “You wouldn’t have a chance with miss goody-two-shoes.”

“I don’t know,” he said, nuzzling my breast. “You told me she did the deed with jock boy. Maybe she’s branching out and would appreciate a real man.”

“Well,” I said, trying to sound casual, “it’s not like you can just show up and try to seduce her. First thing she’d go running to Max.”

“True,” he admitted. “But it would be totally epic to see the look on Max’s face if he knew I’d had both his women first.”

I looked at him a bit confused. “You don’t think Liz slept with Kyle?”

Rath shook his head. “That’s not what I meant, but now that you mention it, if I didn’t know better I’d say she was still cherry. She just has that whole innocent look about her.” He chuckled. “But after I gave her a good, hard fuck and a few dozen orgasms, she’d turn into a greedy slut just like you.”

But I wasn’t really listening. I was still thinking about what he’d just said about her never sleeping with Kyle. Now that was an interesting thought. I wondered if I could make Max believe that Liz had only pretended to sleep with Kyle to break up with him. If he thought she’d faked the whole thing he would be pretty pissed.

I also had another problem. Rath didn’t like the time I was spending with Max.

I reminded him again and again that it was necessary if we wanted to go home. After all, Max was the only one who could start the granolith, but Rath didn’t like ‘sharing’ with Max.

He became more aggressive and reckless, showing up multiple times every day, showing up where he could be seen, taking me in practically out in the open. He acted like he didn’t care if we got caught.

It was dangerous but it made it all the more exciting. I guess I was pretty reckless too, but just the thought of having Rath inside me practically removed all other thoughts from my head. He was just too good, and I wanted him too much.

We were going at it at school every day, anywhere we could find a bit of privacy, the eraser room, the bathroom, the equipment room, even under the bleachers. He would also come to me at night and we would fuck until we were exhausted. It seemed like we couldn’t get enough of each other.

Today, he’d taken me on one of the tables in the chemistry room during an off period. It had made me smile to remember the mindwarp I’d sent to Max of practically the same thing when I’d first come to town.

But unlike Max, Rath had pounded three orgasms out of me before he crawled out the window with a shit-eatting grin.

After that I had trouble concentrating on the day. I was even too preoccupied to do much with Max at our memory session. I sent him some half-assed memories of us together and then used the excuse that I was tired to leave early.

I wanted to get home and call Rath to come over.

But as I started to my car through the dark night, I never made it. I was grabbed from behind, and would have screamed but a large hand covered my mouth. Instantly I knew it was Rath, and I was only slightly surprised that he carried me to Evans’ fence and used his powers to let us into the dark back yard.

There were no lights except what was coming from the house windows, and he stopped just beyond the edge of the faint glow.

When he released me, I turned to him. “What are you doing?” I whispered.

I could barely see him smile in the darkness. “We’re going to see what your scrub boyfriend does,” he hissed, “while I’m fucking the shit out you.”

The idea was insane, completely reckless. What if someone came out to do something? What if someone heard us and decided to investigate? We could get caught going at it like a couple of rabbits and undo all the progress I’d made with Max. But it did excite me.

But Rath didn’t ask me what I wanted. He was already roughly stripping my clothes off.

“I want you buck naked,” he growled, “and I want you on all fours so you can see in the window. See what a jackass the boy king is.”

How he knew where Max’s window was, I wasn’t sure, but I bet he’d done some recon.

I heard my shirt tear and he practically strangled me getting my bra off. He violently ripped my jeans down my legs, pulling them and my shoes off at the same time before he pushed me down to the ground.

The air was warm and the grass dry if a little prickly on my knees, but I knew that Rath didn’t care about my discomfort. I stayed where he put me and waited for him with anticipation. He didn’t usually bother much with foreplay, and truthfully I didn’t need it. I was wet for him practically all the time, and knowing he was near was enough to get me half way finished.

I heard the rasp of his zipper, and thought I would hear him stripping his pants off, but instead he gripped my hips and slammed inside.

I gasped in surprise, arching back with the unexpected pleasure.

“That’s right, bitch,” he growled. “I give it to you so good.”

His knees were inside mine, and he pushed me wider, making me open completely for him and he slid in to the hilt.

It felt so good that I couldn’t stop the moan from escaping me.

He chuckled. “That’s right, take all of big Rathie into that pussy. You never can get enough. ”

“No,” I agreed. “I want you all the time. You’re the best thing I’ve ever had.”

“You know it,” he hissed. “There ain’t nobody who can fuck you like I do.”

He liked to play the game, but I wanted action. My aching pussy was pulsing around his cock and moisture was leaking from me. “So shut up and fuck me already.”

He chuckled as he slapped my ass. “Not yet. We can’t see Maxie boy.”

I looked in the window for the first time and saw that he was right, but then I saw Max in the kitchen. “He’s getting a snack,” I pointed out.

Rath covered my body with his, taking my breasts in his hands. He squeezed and pulled at my nipples as he continued. “So he is. Let’s see, what’s on the menu tonight? Dry wheat toast with peanut butter and a glass of milk? How fucking healthy and boring.”

He pulled out and slammed back inside me, starting a slow rhythm. “If he’d been doing something strenuous like fucking your fine pussy, he’d need a more filling meal, a double bacon cheese burger, fries and pie covered with Tabasco.

One hand slid down to my clit rubbing it hard. “Or maybe just a meal of your pussy covered with Tabasco.”

He sped up inside me, pinching my nipple and clit. “Of course he had the opportunity tonight but passed it up to get back memories of mommy and daddy.” He chuckled again. “What a scrub. He has a luscious piece of ass right in front of him, and he doesn’t do anything. We even gave him a lesson and he still doesn’t have a clue what to do with you.”

I had to agree, but I knew what Max was like and I had to go glacial slow with him or I’d scare him away. Even with all the ideas I had sent him, he just wasn’t taking the hint.

I’d sent him dreams of all kinds of positions, showed him how to touch me, and given him the amazing feeling of an orgasm while I sucked him for all he was worth. So how was he still passing up the chance to be with me?

But at the moment, I really didn’t care about Max at all. The only thing I wanted was more of Rath.

I didn’t notice that Max had left the kitchen until Rath pointed it out. “There’s the boy king, back in his room.”

I glanced at him, not really caring, but Rath gave a running commentary. “So you are in his room together, sitting on his bed and he doesn’t even try to kiss you or cop a feel or nothing.”

He was working my body so perfectly, I was quickly approaching organism. “What,” I panted, “were you watching?”

“Damn straight,” he said. “I can’t think of anything funnier than seeing the virgin king trying to fumble around with an experienced slut like you. And it would be pretty entertaining seeing you pretending to respond to his pawing.”

He chuckled. “Oh Maxie,” he mocked, using a high voice to imitate me, “touch me just like that, you stallion.” He chuckled again. “Make love to me with that tiny prick.”

I teased him back. “You don’t know his prick is tiny, he might be hung like-“

“Like me?” he asked, cutting me off as he slammed inside.

“Well,” I gasped, “I doubt he’s that big, but he could be very respectable.”

A burst of laughter escaped him. “Respectable? Riiiight.” He hammered into me even harder and faster, pulling at my clit. “And every time he makes sissy love to you, you’ll be thinking of my huge cock pounding into you.”

“Oh yes!” I gasped, agreeing and showing my pleasure, and then the orgasm took me.

But of course Rath didn’t cum and he didn’t stop. It only took a few hard thrusts for me to be right back with him again.

He slapped my hip, growling. “Ol’ Maxie doesn’t know what he’s missing. A wet pussy, just waiting for him. What a scrub.” He slapped my hip again. “So what do you think he does in his room at night? Cry while he’s looking at the picture of Liz he keeps in his sock drawer?”

My eyes snapped to Max in his room. “What? He has a picture of her in his drawer? How do you know?”

He chuckled, and I regretted my outburst. He knew he’d hit a nerve. “Found it when I was searching his room,” he said, biting my shoulder. “Didn’t see any pictures of anyone else.”

I knew what he meant. Max had no pictures of me.

“But don’t worry about it,” he huffed in my ear. “You can always come to me and I’ll pound you so good you won’t care what he thinks.”

He slammed into me even harder and his fingers found my clit again, working it in quick circles, sending jolts of electricity through me.

“Yes!” I moaned. I was so close again.

I knew Rath didn’t care about my feelings, he just liked having me because it gave him a sort of power over Max. I didn’t care what Rath’s motivations were, I just knew it would keep him coming back.

His tongue slid along the edge of my ear. “Maxie might dream of what could have been with Liz, but he’ll never have her. And you’ll know the pleasure of my big cock inside you whenever we’re alone. That’s the best revenge I can think of. You getting thoroughly fucked right under his nose, and him never even having a clue.”

I knew Rath was right. It was a kind of revenge on my husband, and it would feel good every time we were together, but I would also make sure Max forgot all about Liz. When we got home I would mindwarp her out of his head.

And with that happy thought, I came again.

Rath chuckled and pressed my knees even farther apart. He gripped my hips and plunged inside me again, not even letting me catch my breath, setting a quick pace.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt and gasped for breath. “Fuck, Rath,” I cried out, barely able to breathe.

“That’s what you need,” he growled. “Big Rathie pounding the shit out of you.”

I swear he sped up even more, his huge cock filling me again and again. “Yes,” I panted. “Yes!”

My arms collapsed as an orgasm suddenly took me, but Rath didn’t stop. I was on pleasure overload, but instantly was aroused again by the sensations inside me.

Rath pinched my clit, sending even more pleasure through me and a sort of whimper escaped me.

It only took moments for me to cum again, and this time Rath came with me.

“Shit,” he hissed, “Fuck!” His hips slammed into me a dozen as his cock jerked inside me, emptying his essence.

We collapsed together, panting for several long moments. Rath played with my clit, sending more jolts of pleasure through me, making my body jerk and squeeze his softening length still inside me.

He laughed. “You know what would be really funny is if I waited until he was old, like using a walker, and then I told him how many times I had you. It would drive him crazy.”

He laughed again. “It’d be even funnier if we let him catch us again. He didn’t get a proper look last time with you riding me. I’d love to see the look on his face when he saw my giant prick splitting his little wife in two.”

“Whoo-haaaa, what if I knocked you up and we passed little Rathie off as little Maxie? That would be the best “fuck you” ever.”

But I wasn’t really listening. I’d had the start of an idea and it was shifting the way I saw the world around me.

I knew why I had started the affair with Rath in our past life, but I wasn’t sure why he’d been willing to betray his king. So I asked.

“Why did you start fucking me in our other life? I thought you were loyal to Zan.”

He shrugged. “That Rath was loyal. He didn’t consider having the Queen to be disloyal. They were lonely and wanted each other and neither of them would ever tell Zan, so who the fuck was it hurting?”

I wasn’t surprised that his attitude matched my own. Neither of us were burdened with outdated morals. In a lot of ways Rath made a better match for me than Max.

Of course Max was the King. That’s what made me want him so much. All I really cared about was being queen.

But I could be anyone’s queen.



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