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Part 10


After my encounter with Rath, unfortunately I had to drive back to Roswell and it gave me time to think. I only wanted to concentrate on the time I’d spent with Rath, but Alex’s words about the translation being finished soon kept coming back to me with more and more urgency.

I realized while I had been fucking Rath every chance I got, that I had been neglecting Max. Sure I’d made a few half-hearted attempts to be more of a friend to him, but if I was honest I hadn’t done as much as I could or made much progress with him.

I needed to make more of an effort or I’d end up mind warping him to go back. I wanted to him go back because he wanted to, wanted me, not because I forced him to. I’d just have to try harder to get close to him.

Although, I was running out of time, so maybe a few suggestions planted in Max’s mind wouldn’t be a bad thing. I could start him on the right track anyway.

I hoped I’d have time to start out slow and work on Max. He was powerful and I wasn’t sure how long my powers would last on him, and I hoped I didn’t have to find out.


I sat in the back seat of Max’s Jeep and studied his strong profile, letting my eyes roam over his handsome face. It was rare that I got to look at him as long as I wanted, but he was talking to Isabel who sat next to him and he couldn’t see me.

I sighed with happiness. He would soon be mine.

In the two weeks since Alex had told me about the translation finishing soon, I done everything I could to be Max’s friend, and I made sure to show up where he was as much as I could. I’d also been subtly using my powers to make him think of me as a friend.

And it seemed to be working. I didn’t mean that Max had asked me out or tried to kiss me or anything, but he did seem so much more comfortable around me.

I felt so much happiness that he was finally seeing me. It had never happened before.

I’d also continued to go to Las Cruses every few days, but I was glad that it would soon be coming to an end. No, the translation still wasn’t finished, but Alex had been right. The computer was starting to find matches in the symbols. It was taking much longer than everyone wanted, but it was really happening. I just hoped it would be long enough to get Max to turn to me.

But it did mean that Alex didn’t need to be on the campus. He could monitor the computer’s progress online, so he could come home.

I was glad because I wouldn’t have the burden of the commute and all the mindwarping to cover my tracks, and I could have Rath more often.

I didn’t know Lonnie’s exact plan for when they were returning to Roswell, but I knew it would be any day now. I just had to be patient.

Turning my attention back to Max, I smiled. It wouldn’t be too much longer before we were back home on Antar, King and Queen as we were always meant to be.

Not for the first time, I let my eyes roam over his muscular body and imagined what it would be like when we finally made love. I couldn’t help but find him physically attractive. He was beautiful and ripped, but I also couldn’t help but wonder how big he was. I had quickly become obsessed with Rath’s massive member and I didn’t know if I could be satisfied with anything else.

And just thinking about Rath made my whole body shiver with desire.

I hadn’t had him in a couple of days and I was having withdrawal symptoms. I needed a fix soon, but I didn’t know when he and Lonnie were bringing Alex back. At this rate, I’d be calling him like some love-sick teenager.

Maybe I could get him to talk dirty to me on the phone while I took care of myself.

I imagined him giving me commands over the phone, telling me where and how to touch myself. He would slowly make me work myself up more and more until I was begging him to let me cum. Just thinking about it made my core pulse, aching to be filled, and my nipples drew to tight points. Shit, I really needed to get fucked.

I was concentrating on my fantasy about Rath so much that I hadn’t noticed the Jeep had stopped. I only came back to reality when Max got out and tilted his seat forward to let me out at the Valenti’s house.

My legs were a bit shaky and I stumbled out of the Jeep. Max caught me but put me away from him quickly.

“Are you alright?” he asked, quickly looking away from my eyes.

I was about to answer when I saw that he noticed my aroused nipples that were clearly visible through my shirt, and he blushed as he looked away. I thought it was cute, but he was obviously uncomfortable.

I guess some reaction on his part was better than complete indifference, but I really needed to get him over his shyness. I’d have to start working on that next. Maybe another notch up on my powers would get him over his shyness.

Finally I realized that he was still expecting me to answer. “I’m fine,” I assured him.

He nodded, quickly climbed back into the Jeep.

So much for feeling comfortable around me, I thought. He couldn’t get away quickly enough.

“See you later,” Isabel called out, but Max didn’t look at me again.

I heard Isabel instructing Max to drop her off somewhere, and I was frustrated by the lost opportunity of being by ourselves. Of course he had taken me home first so he didn’t have to be alone with me.

With a sigh, I started into the house. I could never understand why Max didn’t want me. I was beautiful, I had a killer bod, and I had let him know that I was willing to let him use it any way he wanted. What more could he ask for?

Why couldn’t he just be like any other guy and take what I was so obviously offering him?

It was really frustrating to know that I could have pretty much any other guy at the snap of my fingers, but Max was the one I really wanted and he was resisting.

Using my powers to open the door, I called out, “I’m home,” but there was no answer. The house was completely silent. Then I remembered that Kyle had mentioned something about coming home late and Jim was working.

Going into my room, I put my school things aside and looked at myself critically in the mirror. I was beautiful. Max certainly couldn’t deny that.

I took off my clothes I looked critically at every inch of myself in the mirror. I turned my body in different poses, looking for any flaw, but could see none. I was small, but I had large breasts and womanly curves. My skin was soft and pale, every inch of me flawless due to the liberal use of my powers. I certainly didn’t see anything for Max to object about.

Cupping my breasts, I stroked over my already-hard nipples, making them draw to even tighter points. I looked wanton and sexy, and I thought that Max just needed to see me like this, and I was sure I could easily make him mine. I just needed to find a way where he could stumble across me naked. Maybe a sleepover at their house. I was sure I could make an opportunity for him to find me just coming out of the shower or getting dressed.

It actually seemed like it would be pretty easy. Just like when I’d arranged for my car to break down last year. Sure, I’d had to use my powers to make him kiss me, but I didn’t think I’d have to use too much persuasion to get him to take advantage of my naked body.

I was just starting to make a plan when I heard the window open. Thinking it might be Kyle or even possibly Max, I turned eagerly, determined to give whichever one it was the ride of his life. But I was pleasantly surprised to see someone else pushing through the curtains.


His heated gaze quickly took in my naked body and he smiled. “That’s what I like to see. A fine piece of ass just waiting for me.”

I was so turned on that I was practically desperate to have him. Going to him, I grabbed him, swinging him around and pushing him down on the bed. With a chuckle and a motion of his hand, his pants opened and his giant cock sprung free, jutting into the air.

I instantly took advantage of the situation, climbing astride him and sinking down onto him, taking him completely inside. He felt so good, filling me up so perfectly, but I didn’t take time to savor, I started to ride him for all I was worth.

“Oh shit,” he growled as he slapped my ass. “That’s it, little slut.”

I threw my head back in pleasure as his length inside me hit a particularly sensitive spot, and I concentrated on moving the same way to repeat the sensation. It felt so good that I almost didn’t hear the curtain being thrown back again, but the movement caught my eye.

I was in complete shock to see Max coming through the window. “Tess! Are you okay?”

He stopped, taking in the scene in front of him, his eyes darting from me to Rath. “I-I’m s-sorry,” he stuttered, looking down at the floor, “I saw someone come through your window, and I thought . . .” Suddenly his head snapped back up and his eyes narrowed as he focused on Rath.

“Michael?” he asked, obviously confused, but then shook his head. “Rath?”

He looked back at me, “Tess, what-”

I realized that his first thought was that someone was coming to attack me, and he still wasn’t sure what was happening. But then I saw him notice that I was on top of Rath and he was realizing the truth. Not only was I not being attacked, but I was the aggressor in this scene and I was enjoying myself having enthusiastic sex.

Max’s eyes narrowed and a look of disgust twisted his face.

I’m not sure what he would have done next, but I didn’t wait to find out. Instantly I started a powerful mindwarp that suggested to his mind to just blank out, and I practically collapsed in relief as his eyes unfocused and his face went slack.

I was surprised that it worked so easily, and I suspected that he was in shock or possibly he’d been so surprised or horrified at what he’d seen that he’d welcomed the darkness I sent him.

Still underneath me, Rath howled in delight. “Hoooo-aaaaahh. I always did wonder what that scrub would do if he caught us, and now I know. He didn’t do shit.”

“I didn’t give him the chance,” I said, trying to get off Rath, but he held my hips down, keeping me in place on his cock.

I tried to get up again, but Rath held me tight, pumping his hips up into me, sending pleasure through my whole body. “I came to fuck,” he said, “not get interrupted by that bastard.”

I shook my head. “I don’t know how long I can keep him like that.”

Rath chuckled. “It won’t have to be that long.” He motioned to Max with a jut of his chin. “Now that you have the scrub as an audience, I bet you’ll cum pretty fast.”

He rolled us so I was under him, “You concentrate on keeping him out, and I’ll do all the work.”

Getting up, he climbed off the end of the bed and yanked me down to the edge, spreading my legs wide. With a powerful thrust of his hips, he was completely inside me again, and I wrapped my legs around him.

I was having a hard time thinking at all, but my body knew what to do, and as he started a quick rhythm, my hips moved with him. Yes I was completely turned on knowing that I could make Max watch me fucking Rath, but I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to do enough mindwarping to make him forget. And right in the moment, I didn’t care.

“Turn it into a dream,” Rath said, as if he were reading my mind. “Guys dream shit like this all the time. He won’t even question it.”

I wondered if Max dreamed ‘shit’ like that, but I didn’t argue with him. I didn’t want to, and I kept as much attention on holding Max in place as I could while I let Rath set the pace.

Rath howled again, bucking his hips wildly into me. “Look at me, King,” he mocked. “I’m fucking this fine piece of ass that belongs to you and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

He leaned over and sucked one of my breasts into his mouth, laving my nipple before biting into my sensitive flesh and making me cry out.

“Look at this body,” Rath growled as his hands stroked possessively over me. “Why the fuck aren’t you hitting this? This little slut was made for sex.”

He winked at Max. “And I had her first this time. No matter how much she mindfucks you later to forget, somewhere deep down, you will always know that.”

His fingers went to my clit, pinching it hard, making me arch back and moan with pleasure.

Rath taunted Max more. “Look at her, scrub. See her taking all of my huge cock into that hot little cunny. She can’t get enough of me. She begs for it.”

I looked at Max, seeing a haunted look on his face, and I smiled. I wanted him to know how much he’d neglected me. I wanted him to look at me like Rath did. I wanted him to desire me, to love me. And I especially wanted him to know what he was missing.

Gripping my hips, Rath pulled me even harder against him, speeding up even more. He was fucking me so hard and fast that he was taking my breath away. “And when we go home,” he taunted Max, “your little slut will keep coming to me. I’ll be fucking her behind your back every chance I get because she knows who gives it to her the best. I’ll be sliding this big cock into her all the time. I’ll be riding her until she screams my name.”

He laughed, looking at Max. “Maybe she’ll even scream my name when she’s with you.” He smiled wider. “Or maybe she’ll just get tired of your loser ass and leave you for a real man. Then everyone on the planet will know how much better I am at fucking than you are. Everyone will know that I am the man.”

Keeping my eyes on Max made me feel sexy and powerful. I could feel Rath deep inside me, each stroke of his thick length causing such delicious sensations, and suddenly I had a flash of another time.

My husband was having a meeting with the leaders of several powerful families, and I wasn’t invited. They were talking politics after all, and I what could I contribute to that? Nothing of course. I was only a pretty thing to hang on my husband’s arm, a possession like a perfect piece of art or a finely-bred hound.

I wasn’t supposed to have opinions, or mention anything other than safe, approved topics of conversation, like the weather, fashion or entertainment.

My husband told me I couldn’t attend. After all, he’d said, I’d be the only woman there and I’d just be bored.

I’d begged him to let me go with him, but he’d ordered me not to come, like I was a misbehaving child.

He made me so angry and I knew how I would get revenge.

Rath was attending the meeting, but I convinced him to sneak away and meet me in the garden outside the conference room.

At night, the garden wasn’t lit unless we were having a party. I knew that I could easily hide there and watch my husband, and no one would see me.

I hid behind a thick bush, just in case, but I shouldn’t have worried. No one in the room even glanced toward the lush, manicured garden, much less seemed interested in going outside.

I saw my husband standing in front of the group, speaking as he motioned to charts and images. My first thought was that he’d probably been right, I would have been bored, but I’d just wanted to be with him. It seemed like he never had time for me.

Tears welled in my eyes, but I brushed them impatiently aside and looked for my lover.

Rath was to the right of his King as he should be. At first it looked like he was listening with rapt attention, but I could see his eyes flicking toward the windows, searching the darkness for me.

I smiled, knowing he wanted me as much as I wanted him, and he would be with me as soon as he could get away.

I’d wondered how long he would keep me waiting, but he must have made an escape plan because I watched as he pulled out a communicator and spoke briefly in it before rising from his seat and leaving the room.

And he was completely brazen about it. He didn’t try to disguise where he was going by heading back into the palace and coming out a side door. No, he crossed the room with everyone watching, and went straight to the door that led into the garden.

Of course no one knew I was waiting for him outside, but it made our rendezvous seem all the more dangerous.

I’d told him where I’d be hiding and he headed straight for me, slipping behind the vegetation and into the darkness.

Instantly he took me into his arms, pulling me tightly against him so I could feel his erection. “You requested my presence, my Queen?” he teased.

“I did, Sir,” I said haughtily. “I have a special task that only the bravest and most skilled of my husband’s warriors can accomplish.”

His hand slipped inside my bodice, using quick strokes of his thumbnail over my nipple. “And what is this task?” he asked.

I gasped, holding on to his shoulders and continued the playacting. “It is a perilous quest fraught with danger,” I said breathlessly, “but if you overcome the obstacles, you will have a satisfying reward.”

Rath chuckled. “Overcoming the obstacle of your dress is indeed work for a skilled warrior,” he teased as he released my breast and looked for a way to fight through the billowy layers of my skirts. “Why is women’s fashion so damn voluminous and difficult to get into? It makes a quick liaison practically an impossibility.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “Probably the exact purpose,” I said.

“Ah,” said with a nod. He gripped the back of my dress and used a small burst of power as he pulled, and the material ripped, completely opening the back. I gasped in surprise as I felt the cool night air on my suddenly exposed skin, and was surprised the dress didn’t fall to the ground around me. But he’d left the top of the dress intact so it still fitted around my chest.

He spun me around and slid his hands inside the large opening he’d made in the back, taking hold of my breasts. “There,” he said, nuzzling my neck as he roughly stroked and pulled at my nipples, “the greatest obstacle has been vanquished.”

He pressed himself to my naked back and rubbed his thick erection against me. “And since you’ve done us both the service of not wearing any underclothes, I can now start the quest in earnest to claim my reward.”

I’d stopped wearing undergarments at his request, because he said it drove him crazy to know that I had nothing on under my dresses, and he knew he could be inside me that much quicker.

It also made me feel sexy to not wear anything underneath. It was so sensuous to feel my clothes slithering over my naked skin.

Rath’s hands slid across my body, sending delicious sensation over my skin, making me shiver with desire. “Too bad we don’t have time for a long, leisurely quest,” he purred as his hands moved ever lower, “but the King will be anticipating my return.”

He skimmed over my mound. “Ah, I think we are approaching the main object of our search.” His hand slipped between my legs, brushing over my heated core. “A magical cavern,” he teased, “rumored to be filled with the sweetest nectar of the gods.”

I widened my stance to give him more room and he rewarded me with more strokes of his clever fingers. With just a few of his practiced touches I was moving my hips with the rhythm of his fingers, and bending forward and I pushed back against him, silently begging him to take me.

Gently he bit my ear. “This cavern must be thoroughly penetrated and explored to make sure I’ve found every drop of treasure.”

One hand left my body, but I knew it was because he was releasing himself from his trousers, and my core pulsed as I anticipated having him inside.

Without a word he gripped my hips and pulled me back, impaling me on his impressive length.

“Oh yes,” I moaned as he filled me. Rath always felt so good inside me, but it was even better when it was where I could see my husband. I loved that he had no idea that I was so close and being pleasured so thoroughly.

Rath settled completely inside me and stopped, leaving me gasping with sensation. He bent forward over me, and his breath tickled my ear. “Do you have a good view of your King?” he asked huskily.

He knew I loved seeing my husband when we were fucking, and I suspected he enjoyed it just as much.

I nodded, clearly seeing my husband through the leaves of the plant we were sheltered behind. It looked like he hadn’t moved.

“What is he doing?” Rath asked.

“Still pontificating,” I said nastily. “Using charts to get his point across-“

But my words were cut off as I felt Rath withdraw before slamming back inside.

I gasped, losing my thought.

He chuckled. “That’s how I get my point across.”

“Mmmmm,” I hummed, “I like your way better.”

I was rewarded with another powerful thrust.

“More,” I demanded.

He chuckled again, starting a slow rhythm. “Keep watching him,” he said, “and tell me what he’s doing.”

I started to move with him. “He’s not doing anything,” I said, “just standing there talking.”

He grasped my breast, pulling at the hard nipple as he sped up. “Not anything?” he growled, licking my neck. “Isn’t he motioning with his hands, using his charts?”

“Yes,” I gasped as the pleasure intensified. “He keeps looking at the men and pointing out things on the chart and images.”

“Tell me,” he demanded, going even faster.

“Oh!” I gasped, trying to concentrate on what was happening in the room. “He’s changed to a new image and he’s pointing at something.”

“A new image?” he asked as if it were fascinating. He was pounding into me now and was practically taking my breath away.

“Yes!” I cried out, answering him and expressing my pleasure. “Now he has a different chart, and he’s . . . he’s . . .” I trailed off as I felt the end approaching. I kept my eyes on my clueless husband and let Rath take me over the edge.

But he wasn’t finished and he didn’t even slow down. Releasing my breast, he gripped my hips with both hands and went even faster.

“See,” he growled in my ear, “neither one of us is missing a damn thing when we’re not in those meetings.” His fingers slid over my clit. “This is a much better way of experiencing them.”

I watched my husband closely, a smile curving my lips as Rath pounded two more orgasms out of me, finally allowing himself to follow me. And there was my husband, still doing the same, boring thing.

As we gasped for air, Rath continued to stroke my clit, sending more shocks of pleasure through me. Still watching my husband speak, I easily admitted that this was much more fun than attending any meeting.

Rath’s fingers brushed over my nub in a lazy rhythm. “Mmmm,” he hummed, “as you predicted, the quest was fraught with peril, but the reward was ultimately satisfying.”

“You definitely earned your reward, brave warrior,” I teased. “And if you’re up for it, I have another quest you can undertake later tonight.”

He licked my ear. “Just name the time and place, my Queen.”

Coming back to the present was almost a shock because I was looking at a different husband, and a different Rath was hammering inside me. But I was so turned on from the sensations he was causing and the memory I’d just relived that I was on the edge. It only took a few more of Rath’s powerful thrusts, and him roughly pinching my clit, and I flew over.

Still looking at Max, I collapsed as I worked to catch my breath, and I realized that Rath had cum too.

The memory I’d just recovered was my clearest and longest and I thought how crazy it was that being with Rath had triggered it. It also showed me that I would have the exact future I’d pictured for myself, married to Max but having Rath whenever I wanted. It would be perfect.

Rath laughed as he continued to play with my clit, extending my pleasure. “That was even better than fucking behind his back,” he said, motioning to Max.

I nodded, still hardly believing that we’d just had sex in front of Max.

After a few moments I felt Rath starting to harden inside me again, and he slapped my ass. “Get rid of him. I haven’t had pussy in three days so we’ve got some serious fucking to do.”

He withdrew and I almost moaned with the loss. I hadn’t wanted him to stop no matter what the consequences. But Rath was right. The sooner we got rid of Max, the sooner we could continue.

I got up and I walked over to Max, making sure my mindwarp was strong. “Why are you here?” I asked curiously. He’d never just come over to see me before, and certainly he’d never come to my window.

His eyes were still unfocused as he answered. “You left a notebook in the car. I thought you might need it to do homework.”

I glanced down and noticed for the first time that he was holding it.

Rath joined me and I glanced over to see him standing proudly naked, his huge cock having grown to its full size. I felt another rush of desire, but turned my attention back to Max.

I suddenly remembered what he’d said earlier. “Did you see Rath climb in the window?” I asked. “Is that why you came in here?”

He nodded, barely moving his head. “I saw him from the end of the street and thought maybe it was a burglar, or worse.”

Rath laughed, leaning into Max so he was only inches away. “So you came to rescue her,” he sneered, lightly slapping Max’s face. “How sweeeeeeet.”

I actually did think it was sweet. Of course I knew that Max would have gone to anyone’s rescue.

Taking the notebook from him I quickly implanted a memory of him coming to the front door and the conversation we would have had if he had just returned the book. I could feel his power pushing back against me, and for a moment I wondered if it was going to work. But he finally accepted the new reality, blinking quickly. Then I turned the scene he’d witnessed into a half-forgotten dream.

I kept up the mindwarp as I slowly started releasing him so he could move. “Thanks for bringing my book, Max,” I purred.

He looked at me with a confused smile as the new memories caught up. “Yeah, no problem,” he said, giving no indication that he realized I was naked or that Rath was in the room.

Then suddenly he blushed, and I would have bet anything that the ‘dream’ had just filled his head.

I walked with him to the door and said goodbye, noticing that he’d become nervous again, and I was filled with hope. Maybe he was finally nervous because he was thinking about having sex with me, and not because he was thinking about getting away from me.

And I’d made sure that he couldn’t help but remember my body clearly from his ‘dream’ and how desirable I looked when I was having sex.

I’d even added a new part to the dream where I’d left my lover as soon as I’d seen Max. I crossed to him, showing my naked body to perfection. Tearfully I told him I’d only turned to other men because I thought he didn’t want me, but I’d been hoping he would change his mind because I only wanted him.

I’d ended the dream there so he was left with only a taste of what could be and a sense of anticipation. I thought it was a good start. I could always add to the dream later, showing him the pleasures I could give him. If I could get him interested in having sex, then I knew I would have him.

With a smile, I thought of Rath waiting for me in the bedroom, and had to admit he’d been right. At first, I hadn’t thought it was a good idea at first for Max to think about me fucking other guys, but I’d completely changed my mind. Really it couldn’t be a bad thing. It might even make Max jealous enough to do something about it.



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