This is a complete timeline for Book 11.
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: There are 10 months in the Antarian year with 38 days each, giving the Antarian year 380 days.  The dates are in the form (month.day.year)








(Earth date December 14th, 1932)
- Zan sees Chanya for the first time - Khivar and his father discuss Vilondra - Larek introduces Chanya to Zan - Vilondra meets Khivar - Zan and Chanya kiss - Khivar kisses Vilondra - Chanya considers her future with Zan - Larek and Zan discuss Chanya - Vilondra thinks about her evening with Khivar - Khivar and his father discuss their plan

5.35.23625 - Zan and Chanya tour the city together



over the next few weeks - Vilondra and Khivar become lovers but agree to keep their relationship a secret - Vilondra becomes best friends with Chanya - Zan decides that he doesn’t love Chanya



7.19.23625 - Chanya throws a fit when Zan dumps her and Udac warns her to be careful using her powers on Zan - Khivar thinks about his relationship with Vilondra



8.03.23625 - Peace treaty signed



5.19.23625 - After touring the regions, Zan and Rath arrive in Telos - Zan meets Ava - Vilondra has a confrontation with Nicaron - Nicaron tells Khivar his father is dying



6.27.23625 - Zan and Ava discover their connection



6.35.23625 - Zan is recalled to the capitol and proposes to Ava

6.36.23625 - Zan tells his father about his plans to marry Ava

6.37.23625 - Khivar tells King Zantar that he can stop the attacks

6.38.23625 - Duke Roistar dies



8.03.23625 - Zan and Ava's betrothal is announced - Chanya vows to get Zan back - Rath swears that no one will ever know that he loves Ava - Khivar proposes to Vilondra - Ava tells Zan about her vision

8.04.23625 - King Zantar dies & Zan is crowned - Khivar puts his plan into action



9.02.23625 - Zan & Ava marry - Khivar sees Chanya's disapproval of the marriage


1.09.23627 - Zan proposes changes in the government to the Council - Vilondra discovers Khivar's plan - Chanya makes her lover resemble Zan



3.12.23627 - Khivar's recruits are eager to fight - Rath reports to Zan that the uprisings are getting worse



5.24.23627 - more uprisings make Zan more determined to change the government



6.37.23627 - Vilondra confronts Khivar

6.38.23627 - Vilondra tells Zan and the family about Khivar's plan - Ava has a vision that science is the key - Khivar decides to get a spy in the royal household



7.01.23627 - Chanya makes a deal with Khivar - Ava asks Cuerena about her studies on the Granolith



8.05.23627 - Vilondra & Rath's betrothal is announced - Khivar confronts Vilondra about the betrothal



over the next couple of months - the investigation into Khivar's actions is stalled - the council is stalling on Zan's reforms - the riots are getting worse



11.27.23627 - Chanya considers her relationship with Ava



1.12.23628 - A scientific breakthrough on cloning is made and on Ava's advice Zan asks his mother to head the special project to clone them



2.08.23628 - Rath is approached about betraying Zan and gets proof of Khivar's treachery - Zan's mother conceives the plan to send them to Earth - the Royal Four discuss strategy



2.09.23628 - Vilondra tells Chanya that Zan is going to arrest Khivar - Chanya reports to Khivar that Zan has proof and is going to arrest him - Khivar escapes Tageonant - Rath commands Zan's troops against Khivar's army - Zan addresses the Council about Khivar - the battle goes badly and Zan pulls the troops into the city - Khivar convinces Chanya to open the city gates - Vilondra goes to Khivar and begs him to spare Zan - Nicaron follows Vilondra and accidentally kills her



2.10.23628 - Zan is devastated by Vilondra's death - Vilondra is buried and her essence cloned - Zan makes Ava promise to leave the palace when he tells her



2.11.23628 - Khivar renews his attack - Khivar gets into the palace - Zan hides Ava - Chanya tells Khivar where Ava is hidden - Ava warns Zan that Khivar is waiting for him – Zan and Khivar fight - Chanya watches to make sure that Khivar keeps his part of the bargain - Zan is forced to evacuate the palace and is injured - Ava reaches the rendezvous but Zan isn't there  and she goes to find him


2.16.23628 - Zan wakes up - Ava begs Zan to never make her leave him again - Chanya learns of the plan to send the clones to Earth & tells Udac - Rath is killed in battle – Chanya and Udac learn more about the plan

2.17.23628 - Rath is buried and his essence taken for cloning - Zan has a strategy meeting and Chanya overhears and sends the details to Khivar - Khivar takes the camp 

2.18.23628 - Sodan returns to the camp to discover everyone is gone and he heads to the palace



2.20.23628 - Zan makes a wish on a dead star that he and Ava will be together after death - Khivar kills Zan and Ava and betrays Chanya - Chanya has Udac gather her genetic material and claim it is Ava's - Sodan and Udac take the genetic material to the secret lab

2.21.23628 - Khivar presides at the funeral for Zan and Ava & is crowned King

2.22.23628 - Udac and Sodan arrive at the lab - Udac disables the memory retrieval devices and gives Sodan the necklace

2.23.23628 - the pods are sent to Earth - Khivar discovers the Royal Four's plan



3.18.23628 - (Earth date December 5th, 1935) - Khivar sends troops to Earth



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