TITLE: Watching

AUTHOR: Roswell Oracle


CATEGORY: M/L, CC, Liz POV, futurefic

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Any additional characters or situations not mentioned in the show are the creation of my dementia.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a short story for Roswell Heaven's Roswell 10th Anniversary writing challenge that took place May 2012. Here are the challenge rules.

Welcome to the Roswell 10 Year Anniversary Writing Challenge!

Can you believe it has been 10 years since the last episode of Roswell? Did you ever wonder what your favorite Roswellians might be doing after all this time?

Are they still on the run from the FBI? Have they settled down and are living normal, boring lives? Have they come out to the world announcing they are aliens? Or maybe they aren't even on Earth any more!
Whatever your fantasy of Roswell is, this is your opportunity to tell us all in a story!

Rules -
1. The basic premise of the this challenge is 'where are the characters ten years after the show ended'. So you can start in the future, or start from the show and go forward, but somewhere in the story, we want to know where the characters are in 2012 and how they got there.
2. You may follow the storyline from the show, or deviate from it at any point. For example, if you don't like season 3, leave it out, and go your own direction. But you do have to start at some point from the show.
3. Somewhere in your story have a flashback or a scene where someone relieves, remembers or reminisces about Roswell. Use it as a chance to describe your favorite scene from the show like - a couple's first kiss, when Liz was shot, when Michael is standing outside Maria's windown in the rain, or whatever your favorite scene is.
4. Your story can be any rating.
5. Your story can focus on any couple, character or group, and be CC or UC. Whatever you want.
6. The story does need to have aliens in it since it is about the characters as they were in the show. X-overs are allowed.
7. Stories can be any length and you can start posting at any time, even the last day of the contest.

That's all! Everyone is invited to participate! All entries are due at the end of May.

SUMMARY: This story follows the show up through ITL&ITB and then goes a different direction. Tess and Max slept together and she got pregnant, but Tess isn�t evil. She didn�t manipulate or kill Alex, but he was killed and they never found out who did it. Liz never went to Sweden, just like in the show, but her investigation hit a dead end.

Tess� baby was never sick, they never found the destiny book translation, and the aliens never contemplated leaving Earth. Max just made the stupid mistake of sleeping with a person he didn�t love one night, and they have lived with the consequences.

STATUS: Complete - May/2012

1 Part Story

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Feedback for Watching


Anyway, it was beautifully written and I feel better now, that they are back together! Stupid, no?

Thanks - loved it!
- begonia9508


As I started reading, I said I don't want any more of is hurting me just as much as it is hurting Liz. Life is too short to torture myself. But, I couldn't I read on.

And am I glad I did, because the ending was well worth it.

I will also say the second time around is much better because I already know the ending. Believe it or not, for once I hadn't skipped to the end first........which I often do to see if I want to spend my time reading something.

- keepsmiling7


I try not to read too many sad things, don't like them, but I'm glad I hung in there. Kids are so smart sometime and it was a lovely story. Thank you.
- Ginger


This story was beautiful. I cringed in the first half but it definitely got better at the end. I wish it was longer though because I want more. Would you consider writing a sequel?

I really want a sequel!!!
Thanks so much for writing!!! You're a wonderful writer!
- dreamerfiend


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