Fan's Crashdown Kitchen

A Roswell fan named Brandi contacted me with pics of her kitchen that she has transformed into the Crashdown!

It is super cool. Take a look.

I was really interested in the process and did a bit of an 'interview' with Brandi. Here are my questions and her answers.

RO - How did you get the idea to make your kitchen into the Crashdown?

Brandi - I've wanted to make it since I first saw the show back in 2005. Every game I play that allows for customization, like Animal Crossing, I have to make a Crashdown. As someone who also loves Mid Century vintage the 50s diner vibe speaks to me.

RO - How did you find things that you bought? Or did you have things in your collection already?

Brandi - I've collected Roswell memorabilia on and off for a long time through eBay so some of it I already has such as the Gandarium Crystal, a toy alien robot from the set, and the Roswell bumber sticker. I've bought and sold other pieces but the one I reget selling the most was the burned Isabelle video tape from season 3. I also have the original Antar necklace but shout out Katsumi (AntarianShapeshifter) to on Etsy for the screen accurate replicas he makes. He sent me the broken version I used to hang with the key and the print out to the Atheron house.

RO - Which things did you make things for it?

Brandi - Everything else was handmade or reproductions I made in Photoshop and printed.

RO - Did you have the mural curtain custom made?

Brandi - I hired someone on Fiverr to make the vector image and colored it myself in photoshop and had them made through

RO - Any other stories or info you think is cool or interesting.

Brandi - This was a really fun project to work on and something I HAD to get out of my system. It's a bummer I didn't get to have it last forever but my love for Roswell will never die.

Here are some before and after pictures.

Sink Area



Stove and Refrigerator Area



Table Area



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